Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 3

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 3

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+Page 1

P1b1: ah.

P1b2: uhm…

P2b1: I am Elzu Rao Roshuru.

P3b1: and i hope all of you can take a moment to listen to what i have to say.

P3b2: the whole poisoning incident was just a misunderstanding.

P4b1: my sister is here with me, safe and sound.

P4b2: and elzu will also be the person to prove that i’m the real deal.

P5b1: This whole chain of events…

P5b2: has been plotted by someone to get rid of us, the royalty.


+page 2

P1b1: you’ve given your statement, and we all heard it clearly.

P1b2: however

P1b3: there’s still no solid proof that you two are, genuinely, this kingdom’s princesses.

P2b1: we will be the ones making the final decision after thoroughly inspecting the both of you.

P3b1: that’s right!!

P3b2: eh…

P3b3: you guys….

*Roshuru Kingdom.

*Royal Guard’s Captain

*Alex Lester.


P4b1: I will be indebted to you!

P4b2: Please order your troops to retreat immediately!


+Page 3

P1b1: Gah.

P1b2: Jeez.

P1b3: He’s such a stubborn jerk!

P2b1: ….So

P2b2: What are you planning to do now?

P3b1: This whole underground dungeon

P3b2: Has only 3 levels, and it’s was just built recently!

P4b1: We have to hurry and make a run for…….

P5b1: !?


+Page 4

P1: Aaaaaaaah.

P2b1: ?!

P3b1: Hah.

P3b2: Even though I’ve written down the rules clearly at the entrance, they’re still just….

*On this particular route, please enter warily in groups of 6.


+Page 5

P1b1: Luring people into trap holes like that…. How low can you even go!?

P1b2: What do you mean?

P2b1: I’m asking you to at least fight them directly!

P3b1: Don’t other dungeons have traps like this?

P3b2: They do actually.

P5b1: I don’t understand why you didn’t choose to fight them fair and square.

P5b2: This is so dishonorable!

P6b1: So attacking a newly built dungeon isn’t, huh?

P6b2: These are two entirely different things! Stop changing the subject!

P7b1: Hey.

P7b2: In your kingdom.

P8b1: Do you have a strategist or something like that?

P8b2: What’s a strategist?

+Page 6

P1b1: It’s the person who commands different kinds of strategies and formations in battles.

P1b2: That sounds pretty worthless to me.

P1b3: No matter how strong your troops are, or how much their number can be, without “the Heaven’s Blessing”, they simply cannot win the battle.

P1b4: That’s why those puny tricks barely make any difference.

P2b1: A good strategist can make his army unconquerable in battle.

P3b1: But a great strategist can make the enemy yield even before the battle starts.

P4b1: What do you mean….?

P4b2: It’s a famous saying in my country.

P4b3: “think of a strategy to reduce your troops’ casualties as much as possible”.

P4b4: That’s what it means.

P5b1: What are you even talking about!?

P5b2: The enemy is already here!

P5b3: We don’t have time to think about casual-

P6b1: -ty……!

P7b1: Oh jeez.

P7b2: You still don’t get it, do you?

P7b3: ?


+Page 7

P1b1: They’re…..

P1b2: We still haven’t lost a single soldier in our troops, have we?

P1b3: !

P1b4: !?

P2b1: Oh.

P3b1: So they’ve finally decided to read the rules, huh….


+Page 8

*Blood Minotaur.

*Level 95.


+Page 9

P3b1: Why isn’t he moving!?

P3b2: Order him to do something!!

P4b1: He will, in a second.

P5b1: I ordered him to clean up the remaining troops.

P5b2: Remaining….?


+Page 10

P1b1: Uwaaaaaa–!!

P1b2: !?

P1b3: Gaaaaaah!!

P3b1: This trick again….!?

P3b2: If you’ve already decided to play dirty, why didn’t you just take them all out in the first place!?

P4b1: Look.

P4b2: Another squad has been drawn in because of the noise.

P5b1: You….

P5b2: You planned to lure the other squad in right from the start….!?

P6b1: If we had fought those guys right away, the others would have simply retreated.


+Page 11

P1b1: But.

P1b2: How can we make them surrender?

P1b3: Their remaining number of troops is still 1000….

P2b1: What if we dig a hole right below this pathway?

P2b2: Then they will be completely isolated.

P3b1: Then why would they surrender to us?

P3b2: Elzu.

P4b1: In order to live, what do we need?

P4b2: Isn’t it rice and food?

P4b3: Exactly.

P5b1: And do those guys have food with them right now?

P5b2: Ah….


+Page 12

P1b1: That means the only way for them to get out is to defeat us.

P2b1: Including that Minotaur and many kinds of traps in our Dungeon.

P3b1: Is it really possible to achieve a flawless victory without any casualties….?

P3b2: There goes another squad.

P4b1: Now.

P4b2: All that left is to wait for them to crawl and plead under my feet.

P4b3: Hey….

P5b1: Why do you want to make them surrender to us?

P5b2: With that hole, you can do anything you want to them, right…?

P6b1: True.

P7b1: But I refuse to let any precious life die right in front of my eyes.

P7b2: Yuki-san….

P7b3: Such a liar!


+Page 13

P1b1: You’re right.

P1b2: I need them for a different purpose.

P2b1: What is it?


P3b1: No matter how you look at it, this plan proves to be the most beneficial.

P3b2: First of all,

P3b3: I want your kingdom to acknowledge my dungeon and me, who’ll be controlling it.

P4b1: That’s why.

P4b2: I planned to ask Elzu to do the persuading part, but then she got involved into a mess like this.

P5b1: So.

P5b2: I told Elzu to take over the dungeon.

P5b3: Then she could continue with the persuasion stuff, I thought that we could still live in peace if we could manage to settle things out.

P5b4: I see.

P6b1: When we come back.

P6b2: I promise to help you in any way possible.

P7b1: Oh.

P7b2: Thanks a lot.

P7b3: However….


+Page 14

P1b1: Even if I have the troops on my side.

P1b2: There’s something I can only ask Rowan himself to do.

P2b1: Hello everyone.

P2b2: Just as Yuki said.

P2b3: I’ve figured out the truth behind this.

P3b1: Eeeeeeeh!!?

P4b1: During my investigation, I ran into this girl.


+Page 15

P1b1: Well.

P1b2: Uhm…..

P2b1: I’m…..

P2b2: In a hurry right now.

P2b3: It’s very important, so……

P2b4: Oh-?

P3b1: Going somewhere, huh?

P3b2: Why don’t you just stay here and have fun with us?

P4b1: Those huge breasts of yours are so eager to be played with.

P5b1: Hold it right there.


+Page 16

P1b1: What’s the matter, old man?

P1b2: Huh?

P2b1: Didn’t you hear what I said? Are you deaf?

P2b2: I think this guy needs to be shown a lesson!

P3b1: So.

P4b1: Where are you going, little girl?

P4b2: You look familiar, have we met before?


+Page 17

P1b1: I come from the holy kingdom of Ritea.

P1b2: People call me Lurua.

P3b1: My full name is.

P3b2: Lurua Ritea.

P4b1: Or as everyone used to call me – the Holy Maiden of Ritea Kingdom.

P4b2: Lurua-sama!?


+Page 18

P1b1: Did she just say “used to”?

P1b2: Does this mean……

P2b1: Yes.

P2b2: I am no longer a holy maiden anymore.

P3b1: There’s so many….

P4b1: Holy maidens.

P4b2: So is it some kind of a job now?

P5b1: That’s not a very nice thing to say, Yuki-san!

P5b2: You’re being extremely rude to Lurua-sama, you know!

P5b3: Lurua-sama is a very extraordinary and incredible person in the history of holy maidens across the world!!

P5b4: Oh, so there’s a history now……

P5b5: So it’s true that there’s plenty of them.


+Page 19

P1b1: I’ve somewhat guessed it out already.

P1b2: But can you please tell us what’s this all about?

P1b3: Yes.

P1b4: This whole thing is because….

P2b1: The holy kingdom of Ritea intended to….

P2b2: Get rid of Elzu-sama.

P3b1: Eh.

P3b2: Get rid of me!?

P3b3: The key factor of this whole problem was that you were the one who received Lilishu-sama’s blessing.

P4b1: The birth of a new holy maiden is fine as long as she’s the symbol of only one kingdom.

P4b2: But when her influence starts to spread to other countries…..

P5b1: For Ritea – One of the biggest kingdoms to worship Lilishu-sama, this is….

P5b2: A total disgrace, and also a huge humiliation.


+Page 20

P1b1: After hearing about this, I immediately rushed to the castle.

P1b2: Then I heard rumors about Elzu-sama being kidnapped.

P1b3: And Seria-sama also went missing.

P1b4: I really didn’t know what to do at that point.

P2b1: And then you ran into Rowan, who has successfully informed the king about everything, am I right?

P2b2: Exactly.

P3b1: ….So.

P4b1: Are they all there?

P4b2: !?

P5b1: Sister!!

P5b2: Father!!


+Page 21

P1b1: My name is Alia Las Roshuru

P1b2: I would like to express my thanks to everyone for looking after my little sisters.

P1b3: I am Roshuru the 6th.

P1b4: Why is the old man here too?

P2b1: Your father almost got assassinated too.

P2b2: Eh!?

P3b1: But I’ve was informed early enough to make my escape, so I’m safe now.

P3b2: It was all thanks to these saviors right here.

P4b1: About the problem with the guards.

P4b2: I accept what you have requested….

P5b1: But, who really are you?

P6b1: I am….


+Page 22

P1b1: Just a normal poor guy

P1b2: Who got involved into all this mess of yours.

P1b3: And I’m also the master of this Dungeon.

P3b1: Eeeeeeeh!!?

P3b2: It’s fine if you don’t believe me.

P3b3: I guess you all can finally be relieved now, but just so you know, I might not be helping you for good deed.

P4b1: …. Even though you speak plainly like that

P4b2: I don’t feel any hostility towards us!!

P5b1: So, Dungeon Master.

P5b2: What exactly is your true intention?


+Page 23

P1b1: I plan to recover villages and cities in the surrounding areas.

P1b2: That’s why I want the people…

P1b3: To remove their watchful attitude towards this place.

P1b4: And.

P1b5: proceed to live, trade and do business here.

P2b1: May I ask what is your purpose in doing that?

P2b2: So I explained to them about DP.

P3b1: So that’s why.

P3b2: It will be much more beneficial to turn this place into a peaceful residential area than a warzone, I see.

P4b1: So after considering the consequences, you’ve decided to choose this method.

P4b2: …..

P5b1: Then….

P5b2: Isn’t your position a bit meaningless right now?

P6b1: I managed to capture your whole royal guard without a single casualty from both sides after all.

P6b2: What the hell?!


+Page 24

P1b1: But no matter how you look at it, this kind of victory can only be achieved in a legendary level Dungeon like this one.

P1b2: So there won’t be any further problems as long as I return all of your troops back safe and sound, am I right?

P2b1: But if the news about the guard’s utter defeat got spread out.

P2b2: Roshuru may once again become Ritea’s main target.

P3b1: If that’s the case then…..

P3b2: Isn’t killing Elzu the simplest solution?

P4b1: Eeeh?!

P4b2: I’m still getting killed?!

*This can’t be happening

P4b3: Calm down, we’re just pretending.

P5b1: I see.

P5b2: If Ritea knows that Elzu is alive, they will definitely attack us.

P6b1: But.

P6b2: What if…


+Page 25

P1b1: We decline this plan of yours?

P1b2: I don’t really care that much, you know.

P1b3: Even if you go back on your words, all I have to do is make a new contract.

P2b1: It only takes about 20 – 23 days for this Dungeon to be fully operational.

P2b2: And with the loot I have right now.

P2b3: That’s more than enough for me.

P3b1: …..

P3b2: In such a short amount of time….

P4b1: I understand.

P4b2: We will follow your plan.

P5b1: However

P5b2: There’s one more thing….


+Page 26

P1b1: Can you please.

P1b2: Hide all traces of Elzu’s existence?

P2b1: I don’t deserve to be a father.

P2b2: But choosing between the lives of my subjects and my daughter.

P2b3: I still have to bitterly choose the first one.

P3b1: You must think of me as a heartless man….

P4b1: Not at all.

P4b2: Your decisions.

P4b3: As A king who always cares for his subjects, you have earned my respect.


+Page 27

P1b1: King of Roshuru.

P1b2: As long as you don’t betray me.

P1b3: I swear on my life to protect Princess Elzu with everything I have.


+Page 28

P1b1: What’s the matter? ….Yuki.

P1b2: That’s so unlike you.

P1b3: yuki-san….

P1b4: Thank you….

P1b5: So much….

P3b1: And in the meantime.

P3b2: I will definitely lure out the person responsible for all of this in Roshuru.

P3b3: Is that so?

P4b1: By the way.

P4b2: There’s something I want to ask you for assistance.

P4b3: What is it?

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