Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 4

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 4

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+Page 1


What are you even

Making a fuss about?

His Highness and…..

The Princess….

Have been assassinated!!


+Page 2

Quickly return to the castle and tell them I’ll be back as soon as possible!!

Yes sir!

The Kingdom of Roshuru will definitely fall into our hands.


Now all we just have to wait for Ritea to get rid of Elzu for us.

And they’ll surely reward us for it too.

This country will be a most suitable prize.

+Page 3

What are you planning to do with the troops that got stuck inside that Dungeon, sir?

They’re useless to me now.

They probably won’t make it out alive anyway.




How do you feel now, Mr. Captain?

Please say no more…..

Brave soldiers!!

You have witnessed the truth!!

Now if you believe me,

Please drop your weapons and surrender at once!!

+Page 5

My King!!

Princess Aria!

Grand General Rowal, please remain calm.


How can I even keep calm in a situation like this!?


Your Highness….

This can’t be happening….

+Page 6

…..Sorry, but….

Can you give me a moment?

I want to say my last farewell to His Highness…



Just as planned….

+Page 7

With this, our contract with Ritea is over.

The Roshuru royals are finally finished.

From now on.

I will be the absolute ruler….!!

+Page 8

It looks like I’m getting a bit rusty

For not killing men like you sooner.



+Page 9


Don’t let him die.

Yes sir!!

I didn’t even have a chance to show up.

There’s no need for you to worry about this.

The main part of this play will soon come….

Your Highness.

There’s an emergency!!

We found some of Rowan’s underlings in our army.

+Page 10


I’m not surprised.

But this matter shouldn’t be so serious to cause panic, is it?

It’s about….


She was stabbed by a sword….

She’s not going to make it!!


+Page 11



Please save Elzu, I beg you!!

Princess, please wait for a moment!!

The Maiden of Ritea is not allowed to….

She is a close friend to both of us.


There’s nothing we can do right now….


I will try my best!

+Page 12




My wounds aren’t painful anymore!!

His fever has gone down!!

Where did my back pain go!?

+Page 13

So this is….

The power of a holy maiden!?

But Elzu is still…..

You’re using too much energy!

If you continue, even you would collapse….!!



Is like a sister to me….!

I can’t…..

Let her….



+Page 14

This event is just as Rowal confessed. It was all a part of Ritea’s plan!!

We need to make an alliance with Garuts to wage war on Ritea!!

Don’t speak of such nonsense!

Garuts will surely side with Ritea on this.

Justice is on our side!!

We have to make them pay for what they did to Elzu-sama!!

Everybody calm down! War couldn’t solve anything but to make our people suffer!!

Then what do we do now!?


+Page 15



Can you listen to what she has to say?


How did you escape….!?

She isn’t allowed to be here!!


Quiet down.


Is Elzu’s friend.

I also heard that in order to save Elzu,

She used up all of her power.

+Page 16

You won’t even give her a chance to say anything?


This whole incident….


*Just remember to cleverly shift the responsibility to someone else.

*For example….

A part of the Demon King’s plan.

+Page 17

What the….

Don’t even think you can fool us with such foolish story!!

That’s right!!

This is a humiliation!!

Can you guys shut up!?

If this was a part of Ritea’s plan,

Then why

Did they even let their holy maiden to come all the way here by herself, huh!?


That’s because…..

She even mourned for Elzu.

If that was all just an act to deceive us….

+Page 18

I will execute her myself.

+Page 19


I think

We have a reason to trust them.


This is for the sake of

Elzu – my unfortunate daughter,

And also for the people of our kingdom.



+Page 20

I was wondering…

Was faking my death really that necessary?

Ritea’s main goal wouldn’t be completed until the news of your death was confirmed, would it?

Then why blame it all on the Demon King….?

If that responsibility is put on another individual or even a kingdom, war would be inevitable.

But then this could draw him in….

The Demon King has nothing to do with this.

+Page 21

We’re just using him as an excuse, and everybody seemed to go along with it so far.

Then we just push all our responsibility onto him like that?

If that could save numerous lives, then yes.

How is that possible?

That would just backfire!!

Why don’t we just gather our troops in the name of justice, and make Ritea confess their crimes….?

Was Ritea the main reason for all of this….?


That’s not the case, isn’t it?

+Page 22

It was you.

+Page 23

You were so easily used as a holy maiden.

Do you even understand that?

What are you talking about!?

Elzu-sama was the one who saved countless people’s lives….!


Does that have anything to do with our situation right now?

The number of people you’ve saved compared to those that would die in the war….

Which one is more significant, huh?


I understand how you feel right now, but don’t think of yourself as a bad omen that causes destruction.

You’re just a reason to start this war, simple as that.

+Page 24

If you didn’t become a holy maiden,

People would still look up to Lurua, am I right?

And Rowal wouldn’t plan this….

Bizarre scheme of his.



Mobu and his friends

Would still live a happy life with their families.

And the royals of Roshuru,

Wouldn’t have been assassinated…..


+Page 25


How could you even say those words to Elzu….!

I’m just simply answering her questions.

I don’t even know what to do now….

What horrible things will await me in the future?

I thought that,

If I became a holy maiden,

It would be the most beautiful dream I could have ever achieved.

Maybe that’s why

You were able to help everyone with all you got.

+Page 26

It’s true that this position brought on some unfortunate events, but….

It did save a lot of lives, didn’t it?

I guess so…

If that is the case,

Then keep on being the holy maiden that you dreamed to be.

Do it for the people who believed in that title of yours.

No matter what happens, many lives were saved because of you.

+Page 27


Who do you think is the most unfortunate to suffer from this?

Isn’t it the Demon King?

The people who truly get influenced by this…

Are the ones living here.


You hava a point….. but,

Do you have any idea how many people will become slaves after this?


All I can do right now,

Is to use my death as compensation.

Stop saying such nonsense.

+Page 28

Do you remember what I was trying to build in this Dungeon?

Cities and villages….

Do you mean….!?

We’re lucky that there’s a slave trade right now.

We can ask the king to buy them all.

Are you planning to make them do forced labor for you!?

What do you even take me for? A scumbag!?

I will give them the position of guards in certain positions.

With that, they can still have a life of their own. What do you think?

Does this mean the slaves will live a happy life from now on?

+Page 29


I don’t even know if I could make it that far,

But it’s worth a try.

I’m still unfamiliar with this kind of job,

So I’ll let Elzu be in charge of running this Dungeon for me.

Now you can have a taste of what your father have been through all these years.


Immigration Plan

+Page 30


For our first step,

Mobu and his friends

Will buy all these slaves for us.

Chapter 4: End.

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