Ibitsu no Amalgam chapter 10

Ibitsu no Amalgam chapter 10

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Ibitsu no Almagam 10


Not only the gas valve

But also the DVD

I wonder if I forgot to lock the door as well

So, please…

Crushed so easily!?


…can you let me go home early?

What’s the point of suffering here…?





I am…


I will destroy

All the villains!!

…ha, such a…

Childish reason!

You should have run away

Leaving behind all those pains, hatreds and sufferings…

Just run with all those wounds

And try to survive until they heal. Wouldn’t that be more meaningful?



Does your “justice”…

Really worth trading your life for?

Kuromizu* (*means black water)

Refers to

The dirty water

Our clan has been serving the country for generations

We are willing to taint our hands for our nation

Despite being in the dark

For each generation, no matter who we are, ninjas or spies,

We are forever the pillars of this nation

Eishuu, you are already 7 years old.

Take your sword

And begin your duty



Those are the failures of the monster implant experiments

The kid yesterday…

Went home with his friend…

That kid tomorrow…

Taking their life…

Is one of the responsibilities of the Kuromizu clan.

Don’t be afraid

With the power that you were trained for

You can kill them




My body… won’t move…

That is something you have to do

Running away is unforgivable



Throw away all of your feelings, Eishuu!

To our Kuromizu clan, “justice” is the most important

You have to absolutely trust yourself even if it means tainting your hands.

Omit all the feelings when you pierce into their hearts,

Or when you slash

and mutilate them.

Replace all those feelings

With the hatred toward evilness

And the devotion to justice.



Can we

End this game already?

Life is

So short.

Although his mind is wandering deep in memories about “justice”, what ended waking Eishuu up is…

Cowardice would let you live longer.

That principle has never ever changed…



And that stupid game of risking your life for someone else

It is just a kind of failed courage.

…who is

He talking about?


Who am I risking my life for?

Why can’t I remember that?

I only live to destroy all evilness…

What is that risking for people thing…

I’m totally not that ridiculous kind of person…


Go help the others!!

That brat…




…Damn it!

That’s right!

Back when I have to decide whether destroying his power or taking advantage of it…

I chose to take him with me and use him against the evilness.

Damn it…

It’s all your faults.

It’s all because of you that

I’m on the verge of dying like this!

How dare you…

Sleep so soundly!!?


My apology

I actually have a reason now!




It seems like you really want to know…

Why I…

Did not want to give up?

I just want to wake that idiot up

And yell at him!!



You didn’t understand

Anything I just said?

With a coward like you…

That’s enough!






Almost die.

He’s not only fast…

But he’s also positioning better than before…

Still, that’s nothing to me.



Throw away all of your feelings, Eishuu!

The most important thing to us is justice!

Don’t just…

Take people life so recklessly like that!!

I can no longer tell


And wrong…!

Because they are always mixed up…

That is the current me…!!

It’s no use trying to tell apart

The mixed up thing…

I will become the dirty water

that is true to the name Kuromizu!



Why was he…

Suddenly so strong…


Too fast…






Shit… I’m so scared, I can’t even move…


Is a member of Squad 0.

I will definitely…

Not let you guys take him anywhere.





I still…

Have one last shot…

I can still shoot once more…

I just need some times to activate it…

You know…


To crack an egg,

You have to tap it gently then open the shell up.



But I have never…

Ever crack it that way.




Gosh… damn it…

His body is not even moving…

When I was fighting with that guy, he…


Those are bones on Rokumichi’s body…!?

Hey, you idiot

Were you awaked!?

Wake up, quickly!



Was I mistaken!?

Let me call the captain first!

Hope this phone is not broken…лобановский александр игоревичсоциальное развитие детей 3 летлучшая сковорода