Ibitsu no Amalgam chapter 3

Ibitsu no Amalgam chapter 3

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Ibitsu no Amalgam 3


Hey, Rokumichi…

The meaning of this question is…

Have you ever heard about the “Mysterious Valley”?


Things that are not human, for instance, a robot or a computerized illustration. The more human-like they are, the more interests we take on them.

Yet, once they become too much like humans, we are suddenly scared of them.

This is called the “Mysterious Valley”

On a dip of a graph.

But I think it’s…

…the opposite for you

You are not yet a monster but no longer a human

So twisted!



You have fallen into the valley.

You are the mixed-breed (@PR: I think the mixed-breed part can be removed since Amalgam pretty much means mixture or blending, right? I can’t think of a better word to describe the word they used. They are trying to refer to him as a mixture of different races but in a negative way.) Amalgam.




This is…

A bad dream, eh?

Are you ok, Rokumichi Kusaba?


Waking up from the nightmare.



Was it a nightmare?

At times like this…

You should quickly forget about it.

I am Gotou Jirou,

My name is quite special…

You will soon remember who I am.

I used to go by the name of Gozu, but I prefer to be called with my real name, since I inherited from my parents.


Do you want some apples?

Ha ha ha…

What’s wrong with this guy…

He doesn’t seem bad, but…

By the way, I’m the captain of Squad 0.




Our Eishuu must have bothered you a lot.

He normally acts “like this”,

“Like this”

Kuromizu told me to come to Squad 0.

Except from those, things that can’t be announced to the public belong to Squad 0 – the secret special investigation squad.

For the peace of Japan

I am your judgment.

That means he’s Kuromizu’s boss…

Doesn’t look like it!



Erm… Gotou-san


Is this a hospital?




This is the highest floor of the General Hospital.

The secret room of the special force.

As for the moment, this can’t be publicly acknowledged,

So, I’m sorry!

Finished my bunny!

So unfortunate.


Still, it’s a blessing in disguise.

You were saved

since Eishuu accidentally meet you during his investigation.

Too bad the culprit escaped.

The culprit?


The lunatic scientist – Sarah Warren.





This was a big impact on us.

And in fact, the infiltration operation this time is also because of her.

Her joining the organization 5 years ago has dramatically boosted SAI

She is also the trump card of the experiment on implanting the monster cells.

From the beginning, SAI’s nature has always been a “Death Trader”.

A criminal organization profiting from creating and trading scientific weapons

They invented the monsters creation technology then sell the products on black market.

Those are the living weapons that are used for…

Killings, terrorism, and in the worst case scenario, the fall of the country in a civil war.

Oh my…


I’m not exaggerating.

That’s what monsters are, things with incredible powers.




Just like the thing in your body, right?

Now then

We will discuss about you.


Is this?


My school bag?


We found it near the railway

Your phone and your IDs are still there.

Eishuu also confirmed.

They seemed to never call you by your name.

This is just a guess…

But there is a high chance they haven’t got your personal information yet.


In general, you don’t have to worry too much

For at least a month, someone will be sent to watch over you.



And you, you have to change your identity.

If you live as someone else, then the problem will be solved.


The person called Kusaba Rokumichi has gone missing and assumed dead.

We will give a new identity as well as a new appearance.


Read this and sign here.

Wait, wait!

Why do I have to do this?

You just told me to not worry about this, didn’t you!?

I don’t want that!

If I do it your way, then

I won’t be able to see my family and friends anymore, right?



Are you willing to see them in this state?




You are not yet a monster, but no longer a human.

You have fallen into the valley

You are an amalgam.

Accept your fate.

If SAI ever knew about your existence, then the people around you would be in danger.

It’s impossible to hide this body in daily life, you know?



Isn’t there a method…

To turn back to be a human…




The so-called method…

There are still things unclear about the monsters’ bodies

It’s not completely impossible, but looking for a method is very time-consuming and no one is willing to do that.

If it’s you guys, will you do it?

I can wait until then, but for how long…?



Or even a lifetime.

Do you want to live under our supervision?



Give it up…

Don’t you find this troublesome?

Our job is to destroy SAI,

Not babysitting you.

There will be periodical supervisions, but at least you can enjoy your life at a desolated countryside.

Don’t let anyone see you then you will be fine.

What… I want to come back,

Not with you, I




Look at the situation, kid!



It won’t be to your advantage

Acting like this.

Otherwise, your body will not

Ever move again.

You can still live in this body.

Just try to avoid troubles.

The past is just a dream.

Just forget it already.

Rokumichi, how’s your date?

The coach just taught me a new technique

Do you want to see it, Rokumichi?

Don’t you try to run! You are a man.



Tuesday, October 25th

Shamoji: Rokumichi, are you sleeping in? I’m waiting to hear about yesterday~

Yayoi: Are you coming today? Keep your words!

Slide to open



Thank you…

Please don’t…

Give up…



I’m sorry… Gotou-san…

Giving up, to me…

Is not that simple…

Not just a casual thing…



Even if I’m

An amalgam or a twisted person

I still want to be Kusaba Rokumichi

I understood now. So, that is

The amalgam of a human and a monster cell



That’s why…

What are you planning to do?

Don’t tell me you want to break through here with this body?

But too bad, I’m in your way…




Come and kill me now!

Do you have such determination?



Too quick!

I have seen many ill-fated products…

But this is totally different.

It can’t be…

The perfect monster type…

What happened?

Just a little more

Then you will be free

This is your only chance

Because I’m finishing the paperwork to change your identity tomorrow.

I’m not



A monster…

That kills…

Yep, you are right

You are a good kid.

You can put down…

Your sword now, Eishuu



If he ever causes any trouble…

I will be the first one to take his life.


Don’t worry.

He can control the monstrous ability with his will power

He was able to stop all by himself

With that human’s volition.

As he is now,

I think he would be useful!

I have an offer for you.

Do you

Want to join the special force?лобановский политиктехнологии брендингаиз китая в украину