Ibitsu no Amalgam chapter 5

Ibitsu no Amalgam chapter 5

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Ibitsu no Amalgam 5


Take your hands off, you idiot

Do you know…

The consequences of opposing me?

That’s another story

Regardless of the consequence,

I will never give up

Such a surprise!!

Count it again

you took way more than me.

Are you trying to compete with me?

No chance, kid.

But why? You like the stuff I made that much?

How cute!?

Haha… Even if you eat this, you can’t even digest, you bone-man.

Yes I can! Don’t you dare saying that during the meal.





Who just arrived…?



Hey, you thief!!

Taste like sh*t!

You bastard!!

I gotta go check

Is that the door bell?

Probably the street vendor.

This is Toujinsou

It would be just a rusty 2-storey complex on first glimpse







Oh, where’s Eishuu?

He’s drinking tea inside

Ahahah, good kid!

Here’s food for you.


It’s not good running out here so quickly like that



I’m sorry…


It’s also my fault for ringing the door bell

Other special forces are also at the headquarter, so you can’t freely walk like that

It’s hard working in secret

Yeah… just a rusty complex on first glimpse…



The secret department of the police force.

Since this is both the headquarter and the dorm of Squad 0,

The interior was completely renovated.

I moved in here two months ago

For practice

And also, to be supervised.

There’s no vacancy

So I have to share the room Kuromizu




To summarize,

We’ve confirmed that

The criminal using monstrous power

Has finally appeared!


You can see that in both cases,

The first case is a failed product, escaped from SAI then died.

The second one is still able to keep its humanity and use the ability just like Rokumichi. That’s an amalgam.

If it’s the second case…

Then we have a big problem.



But on the other hand,

The second case means we will be able to obtain some valuable clues.

It’s much better than tracing the missing mummies and data

I feel so lost…

Why am I even here…

That’s true

But we have to focus on catching the culprit behind the murders.

That’s why…

This time, Rokumichi!

Are you willing to give us a hand?





But I only have 2 months of practice…

That’s fine!

You just have to catch the killer.

Is it any different?


What’s so funny about it?!

You will be fine!

Be more confident

You can…

Do it!


What’s this!?




What have you just done…

Attacking and defending with the re-grow ability of your left hand


It seems like the result of days and nights of practice has finally become a part of you

Your fighting ability is decent enough

We’ve been investing like two months on you.

Don’t tell me you wanna stay and eat here for free forever?





If the culprit this time is really an amalgam,

Then you would have a clue on regaining your original body.



This guy also has the same body as mine?


I will try my best.



By the way, captain,

We just have to arrest the culprit to figure out the clue?


Did you hear about that incident?

The Kijima incident.




This actually happened before you were born,

It’s fine if you guys have never heard of it.

19 years ago…

There’s a homicide at an isolated island called Kijima in the region of Kantou.

In only one night, this serial killer murdered 12 people.

This is a big case with the media at the time.

However, since the suspect was immediately arrested,

The problem quickly died down…

But if the culprit is already caught at that time

What does he have to do with this case?

The thing is, that serial killer

Is just a kid…

That’s only 8 years old.



E… eight years?!


Thus, he was protected under the Juvenile Act

So he could still be living fine out there.

Of course after he was caught…

We already took his fingerprints!


Don’t tell me…

Good guess.

Those were the fingerprints found at this crime scene.

That means…

He could be someone using the ability while losing his mind.

There, didn’t I tell you?

This is a big problem.

I have already inspected the location

Before the next victim appears

We will go tonight

To take a look at the situation.



If we find a chance…

Immediately arrest him.


I have bad feeling about this

This could be a pretty troublesome case.

Don’t say that!

Did you mean we can get hurt?

Are you scared?

Since the culprit is a serial killer?

Still better than a bony monster.


But if you see him first…




Tell me immediately…

I will take care of him.

Don’t decide so recklessly!

Let’s go!



He came to the capital 3 years ago.

Doing a part-time job

While living in an abandoned place.

Look like this place used to be a hospital

There is medicine everywhere

So he can live in a place like this?

I’ll look upstairs

You search down here

The idiots have to stay under

It’s hopeless living with a nasty guy like him…



Please don’t appear. Please don’t appear.

Please appear at Kuromizu’s location





My god…

The victims’ faces are destroyed.

The skins…

Look twisted.



Are they the victims!?

They seem to be alive but what the hell happened!?

This is horrible, I’ve gotta call Kuromizu…

Kuromizu!? Come back downstairs, fast!!!

The faceless people that Gotou-san mentioned…





You have to sit down too.

I seemed to have missed

A suffocating victim (@PR: please delete the parts in the brackets after you’ve done reading it. The original text is referring to this as a person dead because of not being able to breath – either from drowning for from being choked. I can’t find a word for it in English so I’m substituting with this term. If you find a better way, please just go ahead and change it. Thanks a bunch)лобановский александр игоревич класслобановский александр досьемтс смс центр