Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 17

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 17

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 17

B1: Hello, Miss “Black Healer”

Sfx: Smile


Sfx: Blue eyes…

H: Silky hair…

Sfx: Blond hair…

B1: Are you an angel!?

Sfx: Smile

B2: ?

T: Liliam Mene Gaia                       Light Healer
Race: Human      Age: 230              Job: Phantesma Kingdom Royal Branch
Gaia Church Healer
HP: 551/551
MP: 312/480
Status: [The Son of Gaia]
Skill: □□□
(Note to pr and editor: Can’t read the Status effect, sorry)

B3: Wait, Whaaat!?

T: Light Healer


B1: This kid is the “Light Healer”..!!?
BC: And he’s 230 years old to boot!

Sfx: Stare…

B2: Sigh…

B3: Isn’t she still a baby, no matter where you look at her?
BC: Waaah!

Sfx: Flinched

H: Wha!?

B4: Just-Just-Just-Just who does he think he is!!

Sfx: Snorts

B5: Please calm down…
Bc: Now now…

Sfx: Hmph

B6: Let me introduce him to you, Black Healer-sama. This is The Light Healer, Liliam Mene Gaia-sama


B1: I went through troubles to come and see her because you said that she’s going to be my pair, but what do we have here?
She’s just a kid

Sfx: Sigh, so disappointing

B2: Your… Pair..?

Sfx: Anxious…

B3: What, you don’t even know what that means?
I am the Son of Gaia and you are the Daughter of Gaia
It’s just common sense to bind fellow chosen ones like us

B4: So he’s talking about marriage..?
Forget about confining, they are straight out planning to crossbreed me out!


B1: We heard that even though you’re The Daughter of Gaia, you’re healing these plebeians in a filthy place like this…
So we, The Church, went to all the trouble to come from the Royal Branch to pick you up…

B2: You’ll get anything you want if you just come with us, The Church. So why won’t you come?

B3: You really believed they’ll give all you want?
It’s because I don’t believe in their lies that I’m staying here

B4: What’s with this woman, she’s so cheeky!!
BC: Hey!!

Sfx: Fwip

SFx: Now now…

B5: Please, Light Healer-sama, Miss Black Healer-sama is just a little confused right now…

B6: Both of you are the only Gaia’s Children here in Phantesma…
I think that this is Gaia’s intention for making both of you as healers…

B7: I believe The Black Healer-sama also understands this too


B1: No, I don’t understand nor do I want to go with The Church either!!
I bet you don’t even let him see the outside world either, right!?

B2: And I definitely don’t want to be like that!!

Sfx: Irritated

Sfx: Pout

B3: It’s not that they don’t let me out, It’s me myself who doesn’t want to step on the filthy outside world! It’s a blasphemy to the God to let a chosen Gaia’s Child like me to be dirtied by the outside world!!
Isn’t that right, Bernia!?

Sfx: Nod

B4: Yes, that’s truly right

B5: They’ll bring you any food you’d like to eat in seconds, whatever you want will be given to you and there’s no one to complain about that either!! Doesn’t that make me the most free person in this world?
Isn’t that right, Bernia!?

Sfx: Hmph!

Sfx: Nod Nod Nod

B6: Splendid Speech, Light Healer-sama! This humble Bernia can’t even hold his tears!


H: Even though he is 230 years old, but his way of thinking is just the same as a 10 year old boy..!

H: Just how long has this boy been under The Church’s sweet, poisoned words..!?

H: It’s because that they believed that if they hurt Gaia’s Children, they’ll occur the God Wrath and “The land will start trembling”, so they pretended to pamper them as they confine the children!

H: It all started from The Church fault, so when did everyone get deceived like this? Isn’t this just like an abuse!?

B1: Listen…
I honestly think that you really need to see and play at various places in the outside world, then think it deeply inside yourself…

B2: If you have to say something before you get what you want…


B1: That can’t be called freedom at all!!

B2: If you want to stay at The Church, then you can stay there…
However, that’s only if you teach them about the “Good and Bad” so the person himself can choose it fairly!!

B3: Black Healer-sama! Even if it’s you milady, I won’t forgive you if you try to confuse The Light Healer-sama any further!!

B4: This place is already corrupted, Light Healer-sama! Just leave it to this Bernia and please return quickly…
BC: Come now…

B5: I can’t let him be escorted back like this! And he’s definitely not a simple puppet! Because before being The Son of Gaia or The Light Healer, he is just a…


B1: Liliam!

Sfx: Twitch

B2: ..!

Sfx: Turn

Sfx: Touch

B3: If you get any more corrupted than this, your “purification time*” will be longer, you know?
*TLN: Kanji write Purification Carving here


B1: Ah, yeah…

Sfx: Turn away

H: What… What just happened..?

H: Did he get threatened just now..?

Sfx: Menacing look

B2: You just can’t keep that mouth shut, can you?
Black Healer, I’ll say it again for the last time. Come to The Church, and you won’t feel any inconvenience living there


B1: All of the important ceremonies, including healing disease and sickness, should be held inside The Church

B2: So even if it’s okay for you, Black Healer, do you really want to make troubles for the others around you?

Sfx: Fwip

B3: Reene-dono, please don’t worry

Sfx: Glare

B4: Because we are here to protect you

B5: From the time I made my oath, until this life dies out

B6: Count me in too♪
BC: Then…
BC: You helped me with that Susaugoterus beast too after all


B1: The Black Healer is under the protection of His majesty, The Second Prince, The “Golden Wargod”, Leonhardt Von Düssel Phantesma

B2: So I can’t assure you, She won’t be going anywhere

Sfx: Creak

B3: Ah..!

B4: Cyan-san..!!


B1:So the babysitters increased…
Under The Prince’s protection? Or the Prince already laid his hands on her? How deplorable…
BC: Hmph!

Sfx: Turn

B2: Please leave right now

Sfx: Slam

B3: You’re so cool Vice Commander!
BC: Pweeet!
BC: A One Hit KO!

Sfx: Waaah

H: Yeah Yeah

H: Ahem…

B4: Stop it…


B1: I just came because Annise-san let me know what happened here

B2: So sorry, Reene, but this is the best I can do to help you…

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

B3: You were already a great help!
BC: No no!

B4: We supposedly already made arrangements so that High Priest couldn’t leave the castle to find you, but…
I’m so sorry that you have to go through that unpleasant experience

B5: Ah no… He was just throwing some sarcasm at me here and there…
But overall, I’m alright, I think…

H: Hahaha…

B6: Or so I said but…

H: That is truly one of my “what ifs”


H: A big “what if” where, after being thrown into this different world, the me who has nothing but this enormous power…

H: And the first person I met was someone like that High Priest

H: Maybe I would have been the one standing beside that High Priest instead of him…

B1: I already heard the story. Sorry to make you go through all that


B1: However, please remember that even The Church can’t do anything without your acknowledgement
I called you here today just to tell you that

B2: Does that mean that they can’t take me away against my will?

Sfx: Realization

B3: Maybe you don’t realized it, but your name is already well known around the masses
Even The Church wouldn’t dare to make the masses their enemy

B4: That’s why, they’re going through all the trouble to make you want to go to The Church by your own will…

B5: And then throwing threats and sarcasm at you who refused their “good will”
But well, if they keep doing things forcefully, you could always make yourself my concubine candidate

Sfx: What?


B1: I-I’m going to pass for that…
BC: I-I-I…

Sfx: Shaken

H: He’s saying it like it’s nothing…

B2: I see

B3: I’m already making my moves to disperse the powers that are concentrated in The Church
BC: Furthermore…

B4: And thanks to you, we have successfully weaken The Church’s power this time. I believe the situation will be different soon

H: After I came to Cortea, while searching for things in the library, or when working in the clinic, I often heard people talk about “doesn’t The Church have too much power now?”…

H: Or something like “Even though our relationship with the neighboring country, Güzerbahn, is really strained right now, The Church is trying to restrict The Knight Corps and Noble’s movements”…

H: And if at the time when The Church is really full of pride like that, someone like me who can do better healing than their healers appeared, received His Highness protection and flourished outside The Church, then…

Sfx: Hmm?


H: I think I played a good move and refused to enter The Knight Corps when I met His Highness for the first time, but…

H: In the end, both choices are just in His Highness’s palms
The Knight Corps              Clinic

H: Maybe His Highness already had a plan to use me if I entered the clinic from the start..?

H: He gave me the hard choice first, so when I refused it, he can bring out a choice that made me think it’s easier to handle..

T: An advanced technique for a capable businessman¶
“Door in the Face Techinique”

H: Didn’t I read about it before in the Bussiness for Dummies book before I entered my company!?

B1: So Your Highness had already planned to use me in the clinic…
To damage The Church’s influence, from the start..?

Sfx: Ha!

B2: Ah!

B3: Please forgive me..!
BC: It was so rude of me…

Sfx: Bow

B4: So you are really as smart as I thought
And that’s alright with me
BC: Giggle


B1: I want you to know about this world first before making your decision
BC: I said this before, but…

B2: If I just spoiled you rotten and won you over by giving you everything you wanted…

B3: Then believe me, you’ll end up as nothing but a baby who can’t even make a simple judgment

B4: And what I did would be just the same as The Church that I face right now

B5: So, Liliam… The Light Healer will always be like that for his whole life..?

B6: That’s right
That is just a bird with broken wings now

B7: Even if he saw the outside world in the future, I doubt he can live without The Church supporting him… And besides…


B1: The Light Healer’s Mana is at Rank 6 and he’s already 230 years old…

B2: So it’s almost the end of his life span

H: I don’t think a person who lived that lifestyle for 230 years long will be able to do something by himself either, but…

H: But, that’s just…

Sfx: Grit

B3: Well anyways, you have learned a little about the world this time …
So I’ll hand this to you

B4: And that is..?

B5: It’s the rewards from the Demon Beast subjugation back then. Because the reward I gave you was too little to be called a reward


H: That’s right…

H: I was really surprised when I received 250.000 Yen back then but…

H: Seems like the normal rewards for a Demon Beast Subjugation at Susaugoterus class is around 5-6 Million Yen

B1: Ah…

B2: But you were just a kid who never saw money before…
So I kept it safe until you know how to use it properly

H: I bet you spent it all in no time, right?

Sfx: Thump

B3: Mom who saved her child New Year’s money!?
BC: Isn’t this just like…
BC: Well, I did spent it all, but…
TLN: In Japan and other Asian countries, children receive money at New Year, in Gregorian New Year, Lunar New Year, or Islamic New Year

H: Sigh… Looks like I can never win against this Prince…

H: Yeah, maybe he used me for his plans, but he also makes sure to treat me with care

H: And the guys from The Knight Corps are here to protect me…

H: If I was just alone with the High Priest and he made me angry just like before…

H: I wonder what would have happened to me…


B1: Well now Reene, The Church can’t make their moves directly to you because you have us to protect you now…

Sfx: Smile

B2: So listen to this…

B3: I already have a plan to go for an inspection this week

B4: And I want you to come with me too

H: Eh!?

B5: While they leave you alone, let’s spread the “Black Healer” name even further and stop their breath!

Sfx: Smile

B6: This Prince really is turning everything into profits…


B1: We’re going to spend 3 days inspecting Gran Mattise and another 5 days for the neighborhood villages, I guess

B2: But I already applied for the permission to read the Forbidden Books…
And it’s already the day for my application to be approved!

B3: I’ll make some arrangements for that then

B4: And even if you have to take a full week off from your work…
You’ll get your wages from this, so don’t worry

Sfx: Click

Sfx: Creak

B5: Yes

B6: Make a dress for this Reene here
And make it to be perfectly suited to the Daughter of Gaia, not Glamorous nor gaudy, but a neat and elegant one

H: Dress..?

Sfx: Puzzled


B1: Our destination is the Gran Mattise Castle
And it’s going to be your debut to the high class society, Reene

B2: Eeeeeeeh!?

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