Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 20

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 20

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


T: 215/288
ll: Explosion
: [Obedience Contrac

B1: Barrier!!

H: Chapter 20

SFx: Bllaaaaamm!!!

Sfx: Bzzt Bzzzt

Sfx: Rumble Rumble


B1: Thank you very much, Reene…

B2: He blew himself up in front of His Highness!

B3: Could this be..!
(Note to edit and pr: below b2)

B4: Assassination attempt..!?


B1: It’s dangerous here. Let’s move away!

Sfx: Grab

B2: Whoa!

B3: I can walk by myself just fine!

B4: Cyan-sa…

B5: Thanks to you, everyone is safe without any injury what so ever…


B1: I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Reene

B2: If we didn’t have your barrier, which we’re also grateful for at our battle with Kamiyazuru…
Then I believe we would also have causalities within my knights too…

B3: You did really well by sensing him that fast, didn’t you?
It’s even on par with us Blue Knights, you know

Sfx: Ba-dump!

B4: Err, that guy’s eyes were really weird, so I…
BC: Something like Woman’s intuition, maybe?

T:  : Explosion
[Obedience Contract]

Sfx: Knock Knock

B5: Thank God you’re safe, Reene-sama..!
I brought you more comfortable clothes, so please change into this…

B6: And you could use this room as your bedroom
I’m going to change my clothes too. To be honest, I still don’t know what will happen next, but prepare the carriage quickly

B7: Yes, Your Highness!


B1: As I thought, I’m more comfortable with normal clothes like this…]

Sfx: Phew…

B2: Please forgive me, Your Highness, Leonhardt-sama!!

B3: As the one who is entrusted with this land, please allow me to repay this shame in full..!

Sfx: Kneel

Sfx: Peek

B4: According to Marquis Gran Mattise that was sweating profusely…

B5: He quickly enquired about every single street performer in the area immediately after that incident, but it seems like their alibis are pretty solid
And that Assassin guy seems to be a last minute fill in to replace the original performer…


B1: After that assassin blew himself up, the guards immediately went to reconfirm the safety of this castle…

B2: And told us that’s it’s already okay to go back to our respective rooms…

Sfx: Sigh…

Sfx: Voom…

B3: Reene, you okay?

Sfx: Appear

B4: Noel!

B5: Yeah, I’m alright… Just a little scared with what just happened…

Sfx: Hug

B6: Noel will… protect Reene… don’t worry…

Sfx: Serious face

B7: Thank you
BC: Giggle


B1: I’m afraid of the assassin, of course…
But what I’m more afraid of is that [Obedience Contract] in his status…

B2: That contract which disregards the target’s free will and forces them to choose death without hesitation is more frightening for me…

Sfx: Gloom

Sfx: Flap Flap

B3: Reene!

B4: You really okay?

Sfx: Sway


Sfx: Ba-dump

B1: Thanks for being with me!
BC: Yeah I’m alright

H: Sorry to make you worry!

Sfx: Hug

H: The following day, His Highness’ schedule was cancelled because of that, but…

H: I was ordered to move where I do my healing to a room inside the castle where the security is better

H: And I found out that most of the people that came to my place are the ones which other healers already gave up, so…

H: I want to do my best to heal their problems!


H: On the 3rd day, we had planned to go to the neighboring villages that are a little far from the town, but…

H: As the situation deemed to be still dangerous, it also got canceled

B1: And thus…
My first little trip in the another world came to an end all to soon

B2: Reed, Laite…

B3: Guren Laite!


Sfx: Turn

B1: Clack

Sfx: Badump!

Sfx: Twitch

Sfx: Menace atmostphere

B2: Hugh!!


B1: You moved, didn’t you?
BC: Come-‘ere

Sfx: Fwip

B2: Ugh…

B3: I couldn’t stand the tense atmosphere that keeps enveloping our campsite and thus, I proposed this to them…

Sfx: Phew…

B4: “Red light, Green light” game
BC: “Red light, Green light”

“Reed, Laite; Guren Laite”


B1: On the way home – Campsite

B2: Reed… Laite… Guren, what..?
What is that, Reene-dono?

B3: Just a breather
It is just a plain children’s game nowadays, but it has a deep, interesting folklore setting in its creation

B4: Long time ago, there was this “Demon” that was trying to destroy the world by stopping time…

B5: However, Gaia’s Will that wants to protect the world, chose a few knights, and released them from the yoke of time…

B6: The Demon was really defenseless while he was chanting his magic circle for the time stop magic…
However, The Demon will sometimes turn around to check whether there are people that can still move around

B7: That’s why, the knights stop their movement and pretend that The Demon Spell is still activated when he turned around to fool him

B8: Because when The Demon saw someone who can still move, he caught them and sacrificed them to his magic circle
Even though they had to pay a heavy sacrifice, the remaining knights…


B1: Finally succeeded touching the Demon, and therefore, undid his magic circle…
And released their friends that were almost sacrificed to The Demon’s magic circle

B2: However, the enraged Demon caught one of the knights during his last moments…
And cursed the mentioned knight with a dreadful curse…

H: So he turned into…

H: The next Demon in the end…

B3: What a sad folklore that is…

B4: I can’t believe I made that one up on spot!!


B1: And well, that’s how I proposed this game to them, but…
The Knights physical abilities are surprisingly so high for this that they made a normal game boring for them…

B2: So we added a rule that we can’t stand still and have to pose in difficult posses

B3: It’s really fun seeing how everyone is so serious about this

B4: And the picture of adult knights getting both embarrassed and vexed at the same time while linking their pinky when getting “Demon” role is…

B5: Kuhh..!

B6: Cough Cough Cough Cough!!


Sfx: Pant…

B1: Forgive me, it was nothing…
BC: Please continue…

B2: Really dangerous for certain people who have that “preference”

B3: Heya!

Sfx: Divide

B4: We also decided to include tag when changing The Demon, but…

B5: Once again I got astonished by how high these Knights’ physical abilities are…


Sfx: Draw near

H: Ugh…

B1: Got you!!

Sfx: Swiish!

B2: Keep dreaming!

Sfx: Jump

Sfx: Fwooosh


Sfx: Float

Sfx: Tap

H: Y-You used magic..!?

B1: Wha..!?

H: That’s cheating, you bastard!!

B2: I see…
BC: Hmm…


B1: Seems like this game is suited for training too…

H: Let’s think how to arrange this…

B2: Eh?

B3: I unexpectedly moved around more and got more cheerful than expected…

B4: And I who got refreshed with this game…
Was finally able to ease my anxiety from the incident in Granmattise

B5: And then, we safely got back home in Cortea without any other incident

B6: Chrys-san, thank you very much for your help during the inspection

Sfx: Rattle Rattle


B1: It was really a pleasure to be able to go on a trip together with you, Reene-sama
BC: Don’t mention it

B2: And you even helped to carry my luggage to my room…
BC: Sorry to make you do all this…

B3: No need to, your dress box was already inside your luggage after all
All we did was just tidied it up

B4: Hmm?

B5: The box with dresses and clothes inside!?
BC: Isn’t that…
BC: The luxurious clothes’ box!!

B6: Those are His Highness presents for Reene-sama after all!
BC: Of course it is…

H: I also have ribbons and hair accessories too in here!

B7: Thank you very much, Your Highness!!


B1: That dress which they made me wear after the greetings with the citizens was really nice to wear after all..!

B2: The one that even though it seems simple but cost the same as my monthly salary…

B3: Thank you for keeping with us, Reene

B4: Cyan-san!

B5: Seems like you saved my life once again in this trip

B6: Ah, don’t mention it…
BC: I’m just relieved no one got hurt back there…

B7: Oh, and looks like you are permitted to visit the Red Boot Inn tomorrow, you know?
BC: However, please notify the guarding Knights if you want to go outside, okay?

B8: Really!?

B9: Finally, I can go back to my peaceful life once again..!!

Sfx: Cry

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