Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 21 – Fixed

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 21

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: A few days have passed since I got back from Granmattise

H: Chapter 21

B2: Even though I’m finally able to return to Red Boot Inn, there were a lot of problems waiting for me because the Black Healer’s name was too popular

B3: They told me that the people who want me are increasing now , and The Church sure won’t give up this easily either
And of course, I was told to be careful with abductions and assassinations from the other countries too…

Sfx: Munch Munch

B4: I’m going now

Sfx: Clatter

B5: Good morning, Reene-Dono

B5: And because His Highness Leon-sama was almost assassinated in Granmattise before, the guards around me also got reinforced right now…


B1: Good morning
BC: I’ll be relying on your help today

Sfx: Bow

B2: Could you tell me your schedule today?
BC: It’s my pleasure

B3: I’m thinking of going to the library today

B4: But before that…

B5: I want to see Kumon’s training first!


B1: I’m going to use my magic sword today

Sfx: Bwooosh

B2: Please guide me well!

Sfx: Bwoosh

Sfx: Ba-dump Ba-dump

Sfx: Crackle

Sfx: Fwip

B3: Start!

Sfx: Crackle


Sfx: Dash

B1: Haaa!!

Sfx: Clang!

Sfx: Swish

B2: !

Sfx: Dodge


H: Damn it! I was really sure that it was going to hit him!!

Sfx: Giggle

B1: Well, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Sfx: Step

Sfx: Clang!

H: Twin Headed
Flame Snake!


Sfx: Fwooosh

H: You’re amazing, Kumon..! I can even feel the warm wind over here…

H: However, it got repelled so easily with Vaan-san’s wind magic…

B1: I’m not done yet!

Sfx: Grin

Sfx: Twist

Sfx: Yell

B2: Go!!


Sfx: Smile

Sfx: Slash

Sfx: Disappear


Sfx: Swish

H: The heat even reached me..!

H: And it’s way much hotter when compared to Kumon’s before!

H: So this is the strength of the Red Lion…

H: To think that Kumon who just learned to dual wield can fight this far with him…

H: Shit, so I lose today too, huh…

H: Just how hard did you train to be able to do this much..?


B1: Kumon has become a better fighter now, right?

Sfx: Gasp

B2: Cyan-san…

B3: He’s already moving forward for good, so you should not feel any guilt towards him any longer

B4: Kumon is alright now
That’s why you should stop worrying about him

H: In fact, this guilty feeling because I made Kumon experience something so harsh that almost robbed his future is always there somewhere in my heart…

H: However, it seems like Kumon is way stronger than I thought he could be…

H: That’s why, it’s alright now…

H: What I did is…


Sfx: Crackle Crackle Crackle

B1: Let’s start the Human Powered Low-Frequency Pulse Healing now
BC: It’s going to sting a bit

B2: Can’t you do something about your face when doing this? It’s really scary…
BC: Low freku-what..?

B3: You said that you’re taking adventurer’s quest again, right?
BC: Come to think of it…

B4: Just a simple quest like gathering herbs as a warming up
I also fought some demon beasts, but seems like there was no problem with it

B5: And how about yourself? Are you still in F rank?
BC: I remember you almost reached E, right?

B6: But I think I’m able to rank up with the materials I have right now
BC: Yeah

B7: And when I’m a little bit stronger and get some confidence in my skill, let’s adventure together again!

B8: Sure!
BC: It’s a promise, okay!


B1: I guess it’s time to go to the library…
BC: Phew…
BC: I should tell Hugh-san about it

B2: Reene-dono! What a perfect timing!
BC: Oh!

B3: Eh?

Sfx: Tattara!
Den Den Den Den

B4: Just what in the world…

B5: Reene..?


B1: This voice!

B2: So it’s a kind of phone…

B3: Milly-san! It’s been a long time!

B4: The day I’ll be able to come to Cortea is almost here, so I called to tell that
I’ll visit your inn when I arrive around Fire Day next week!

B5: I’ll be looking forward to it!

B6: See you later

B7: I can meet with Milly-san again!

H: I might be able to help you


H: Next week, huh…

H: Then I should search everything I’m able to search until then myself!

H: It’s been a while since I came here…

H: Last time I came…

Sfx: Shake Head

H: I shouldn’t waste my time with recalling that!

H: My time in here is limited! I should look around quickly!


H: I want to know how the other Gaia’s Children ended up until now

H: Because I’m finally convinced after I saw Liliam and the reactions of the people in Granmattise…

H: That the Gaia’s Children are really precious and it’s truly a wonder that I could live rather freely like this!

B1: But if I want to search about the ways that can bring me home, then I should learn about how I conduct myself too!

B2: I’m going to search everything about the other Gaia’s Children’s lives! So I can break any dangerous flag of when something is going to happen to me!!


H: For now, I’ll start looking for the other Daughters of Gaia…

H: But looks like there are only 5 women that are noted as The daughter of Gaia

H: 3 of them are offensive magic users, and the remaining 2 are healers

H: One of the healers was a princess from a famous and high ranked marquis. She married the Crown Prince and became his legal wife

H: While the other one was The Church’s healer…

H: She passed away without being able to step outside The Church ever

H: The remaining Daughters of Gaia who excelled in offensive magic were taken by princes from other countries and were used as reinforcements in the war

H: After they presented many glorious war feats, they spent their later lives as the princes’ concubines


H: On the other hand, most of the Sons of Gaia married royal princesses, though there are examples of them who got one generation peerage rank and lived their lives as nobles in the royal capital…

H: Sigh, I hope they can give court rank to women too… That way, maybe I can have more freedom in choosing my marriage…

H: I mean, if I got in a relationship with someone here, won’t he became someone with power then?

H: And if I become a politician, then I should marry into royalties so I won’t get pressured or threatened by other royal families…

H: So my only choice is His Highness Leon-sama, then? Well, I don’t hate him, but I don’t feel that way toward him either…

H: And in the first place… His Highness already has a legal wife

H: Don’t worry, that’s just a political marriage…
(Note to pr and editor: the one with leon face)

H: And being a concubine is kind of scary so I don’t want that…

H: So the only way to avoid that troublesome flag and maintaining my present lifestyle…

Sfx: Ugh

B1: Is to be..!


B1: “A commoner type Gaia’s Child under Royalties protection who’s amiable and can conveniently heal any townspeople!”

Sfx: Ahahaha

Sfx: Giggle giggle

B2: Alright, this is good! Let’s construct my trade line in that direction!!

H: “The Black Healer” name which was produced by His Highness also has the same feelings with that after all…

H: I’m going to decide it with that!


H: However, I should also think about some insurance too…

H: As the other Human countries, especially the neighboring Güzerbahn which is currently hostile against Phantesma, are dangerous…

Sfx: Hmm…

B1: Maybe…

H: I should go into the Demon World…

Sfx: Shriieek!

H: *This is just her imagination of Demon World.

Sfx: Screeeech!

H: Or something..?

H: Because maybe I will probably be seen as a kind of commoner there?

B2: Wait, to begin with, can a human live in the Demon World?

H: I can’t imagine it…


B1: Our assassin this time has failed too, huh…

B2: Seems like the [Explosion] skill was also no good…
Well, that just proves that that guy was not really a useful piece after all…

B3: But he was just one step away from taking down that Golden Wargod… Just one little step more and…


B1: No matter
It’s just a simple plan that I thought of to kill time. Let’s just think about our next move

B2: However, Your Majesty, looks like it wasn’t a complete failure

B3: Tell me

B4: From the mage that accompanied him…
We got a confirmation report a certain figure’s Mana that…

Sfx: Grin

B4: Hee…


B1: Bring her to me

B2: As she was my mine to begin with


H: Hey, don’t start thinking of me only when I’m not around

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