Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 22

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 22

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Creak

H: Chapter 22

B1: What a…

Sfx: Pappakapa…

Sfx: Pakan!

B2: Nice Morning!!

H: Orning…

H: Ahem!

B3: I guess I got a little weird as it’s been a long time since I returned to my normal life…
But why wouldn’t I? Because today…

B4: I will go on an outing with Agnes!!

B5: Let’s go, Reene!
BC: Alright…


B1: I’ll be relying on you today…
BC: Sorry, but…

H: I feel so sorry going to play when you have to follow and guard me like this

H: It’s okay…
Just do what you please, Reene-dono

B2: Well, how about we go look for clothes first?

B3: Ooh!!
BC: Nice idea

B4: Then let’s buy the best clothes during our shopping today…
And go to dinner while wearing that later
BC: What do you think?

B5: Yes yes yes yes yes!
BC: Aaah!!


B1: I’ve never been in this area until night..!
BC: My heart won’t stop beating..!

B2: We’ve already decided on our clothes… So, shall we go?
BC: Alright!

Sfx: Murmur Murmur


B1: Uwaaaah!

B2: That looks so delicious!

B3: You should try dishes that use fruits in here. They are very good
BC: Cause I rarely serve sweet things in my inn

H: Mmmn!

B4: This is really the best..!!

H: To go shopping with my friend, eat together, and take a stroll in town at night…

H: Those things really make me feel that I too live a “normal” life here

H: And at the same time, I caught a glimpse on how the people in this world live their lives…


B1: Thanks, Agnes. Today was really fun for me
And sorry for making you accompany me all day long when it’s finally your holiday

B2: No need to thank me. Today was really fun for me too
It’s been a long time since I had so much fun shopping like that

B3: But you’re so beautiful, Agnes! What a waste!
BC: Eh!?

Sfx: Pat

B4: Really? Thanks Reene!
BC: Ahahaha

Sfx: Giggle

B5: What’s with that face?

B6: Just thought that you’re really Vaan-san daughter, aren’t you…
BC: Nothing?

B7: Just where did that come from, geez!
BC: Eeh?

SFx: Ahahaha


Sfx: Chirp Chirp

B1: I again have nothing to do today, so I probably should do things I thought of before while these peaceful days still continue
BC: Well now…

Sfx: Mmph!

B2: This world has an abundant amount of magic tools that can be used for anything, from illumination to cooking

B3: The principle is, by using the Mana inside Magic Stones, people can invoke regular magic with that

B4: And it seems that wearing things that can invoke regular magic is the best way to protect yourself from dangerous magic and skills here

B5: I wanted to make my own personal Magic Tools for my self-protection…
BC: And that’s why…

H: Like protecting me by reflecting my opponent’s magic or something…

H: Normally, people here use the core from demon beasts that has been turned into magic stone like disposable batteries for their magic tools…

H: But it seems that to maintain a stronger magic, it’s better to use high purity and hard gemstones for that

H: Like diamond, ruby or sapphire for example

T: Knowledge from Library


H: And it seems that “Affinities” exist between the Mages and the gemstones

H: Aquamarine is perfect for recovering physical strength

T: Depending on the Mage, the compatibility with the gemstones differs

H: Moonstone is perfect for amplifying Mana

B1: For the time being, I want to be covered with a powerful defensive layer at all times…
And of course, something that can protect me from subordination type magic

H: I mean, it will be very bad if I got hit by one of those [Obedience Contract] like that assassin…

B2: And if possible, I want [Auto Heal] too…

Sfx: Rattle

B3: Alright, I’ve saved a nice amount of money now, I guess I’ll go to the Magic Tools Shop and ask about that
BC: And order some gemstones while I’m at it

H: Excuse me…
Can I go outside today too..?

H: Of course

B4: Magic Tools Shop


B1: Can I see the magic tools that use gemstones here?
BC: Excuse me…

B2: Of course, please wait a second

Sfx: Put

B3: This is it, Miss

Sfx: Open

B4: Uwaaaah!! It’s more expensive than I thought!!
BC: Each one of them is far surpassing my whole fortune!!

B5: The price listed here is the price for the Magic Stones plus the production cost to make them Magic Tools…
Then maybe it will be cheaper if I just ask for the stones…
BC: Calm down, Reene…


B1: The Magic stones used to make Magic Tools sure are smooth and round, aren’t they?
BC: I thought it’s going to be like this

B2: You see, in making Magic Tools, it’s better to have round surface stones as it’s easier to fill with Mana

B3: So, which one are you interested in?

B4: To tell you the truth, a friend of mine from the Demon Race was talking about making me Magic Tools, so I got a little bit curious about that…
BC: Err…

B5: And it really helps if you have gemstones that can be used as materials for that…

H: I bet he won’t even believe it if a young lass like me is making Magic Tools…

H: So I’ll just tell him that

B6: Hmm, let’s see… Maybe I can spare you one or two…


B1: If it’s the Demon Race, then their Mana should be very high, so I highly recommend diamond for that

Sfx: Nod Nod

B2: So it really is diamond like I guessed, huh…

B3: And if possible, can you teach me a little bit more about this Magic Tools thing?

H: Sure, why not?

B4: According to that uncle…
The Gemstones have different tolerance level, so there’s a limit in the amount of magic that can be inserted in them…

B5: But even if the magic inserted passed their tolerance level, the gemstones won’t break or anything…
It’s just that you can’t insert magic anymore into that gemstone


H: And if you put contrary types of magic inside them, like light and darkness or fire and water together, the effect of the magic will be weakened, or so I was told

H: In the end, I begged that uncle to order the best diamond that can be bought with 10 gold pieces

H: Please! Very please!

H: Okay okay…

B1: Now I just have to wait for the gemstone to arrive, so I guess I’ll make something with the monster cores that I have right now

H: The pieces have been piling up from my adventurer jobs after all…


Sfx: Voom

B1: Play with that?
BC: Will we…

Sfx: Appear

B2: Noel!

B3: These are not toys, you know…
BC: Tchtchtch…

B4: You see, this is…

B5: Magic Tools Creation Kit (In D*raemon voice)

Sfx: Tetetere!

H: Hee…


B1: Because I think I need to make some magic tools to protect myself in the future…

Sfx: Annoyed

B2: Noel is enough to protect you anyway!!
BC: Why?

B3: Of course I’m relying on you too, Noel
BC: Giggle

B4: Well, I’m going to use this one to make illumination for practice though

B5: Magic Tools Production
Illumination, With On-Off Switch

Sfx: Voom

B6: Did I succeed in making it?
BC: I don’t see anything different though…

B7: Illumination, On

Sfx: Shine

B8: Illumination, Off

Sfx: Darken

B9: Oooh!


B1: Looks like I don’t get any skills from this, like the time when I made potions…
But I can make these with magic, so I guess that’s enough for me

Sfx: Phew

B2: I wrote the effects that I want to put inside the diamonds based on their priorities, and…

T: 1. Mana Storing (Max MP Value 2000)
2. User Limitation (Personal Recognition)
3. Prevent Subordination, Obedience, Charm Magic or Skills
4. Anti Nullify Magic
5. Auto Heal

B3: I can finally check the forbidden section in the library tomorrow, so let’s sleep earlier!
BC: Alright!

H: Yeah!

B4: What should I do if I find the principle behind the Another World Transfer tomorrow..!?
BC: My life would be so easy then!


Sfx: Gloom

H: In the end…

H: I found nothing about another world… Literally nothing…

H: As I feared before, teleportation magic for Humans in this world is limited with “Teleport to somewhere in this world”…

H: And that teleportation magic is considered as Space Elemental Magic

H: However, it’s an element that I can’t use, so I have no choice but to befriend someone from the Demon Race that can use that, and ask them whether they can return me back to Japan or not…

B1: I have no choice but to reveal to them that I came from different world!
BC: Or in the simpler terms…


B1: I know it’s really bad that I made no progress here…

B2: However, I can’t get impatient. I have to choose the best move from now on…

H: Milly-san is going to be arriving at Cortea tomorrow and meeting with me…

H: I might know someone who can help you with that matter, you know?

H: Seems like…

H: I have to prepare for the worst tomorrow…


B1: Milly-san said that she’s going to visit me at my inn, didn’t she?
Then I still have time to think about it carefully until then

B2: Sorry to make you wait, Hugh-san

Sfx: Creak

B3: Let’s go back to the inn… Huh?

B4: Wedge-san!!
BC: The guards increased!?

H: I’m here to help!

B5: We have suspicions that Güzerbahn’s activity has been rising lately…
So we increased your guard just to be sure

B6: That neighboring…
BC: Aah…

B7: Please help!!

Sfx: Shudder


B1: Don’t run bitches!!

Sfx: Bam

B2: You bitch..!

B3: Hiie..!!

Sfx: Swish

Sfx: Crack!


Sfx: Fwip

B1: Ughh…

B2: Blood stench… It’s dangerous… Reene..!

B3: Noel!?

B4: I can handle it! It will be a chaos if you appeared all of a sudden around this crowd of people!

Sfx: Growl

B5: But Reene!

B6: Don’t, Noel..!

B7: Don’t come out until I call you!


Sfx: Silent

H: Noel went really silent…

B1: I’m so sorry, Noel…
BC: I should apologize to him later…

B2: Defensive Layer

Sfx: Nod

B3: I should leave this matter to Hugh-san and Wedge-san…

B4: And focus on healing those girls who got abused!

B5: Are you okay? Don’t worry, I’ll heal you right away

B6: Thank you very… much…

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

Sfx: Teary eyed

B7: However…

Sfx: Grab


Sfx: Voom

Sfx: Disappear


Sfx: Gasp

B1: Wha!?

Sfx: Struggle

B2: What are you do-

Sfx: Click

B3: …

B4: ..!?

Sfx: Open Close Mouth

Sfx: Grip

B5: It’s futile
With that [Magic Sealer], forget about chanting magic, you won’t even be able let your voice out


H: He’s right! I can’t even feel the flow inside my body at all..!!

H: And Noel’s presence is weaker than usual..!

B1: This is bad… Very bad!!

B2: Interesting…
BC: Hmm…

Sfx: Step


B1: So after 3 months of your summoning…

B2: You finally came before my eyes, huh…

B3: Summoning!?
Then could it be that he is..!?

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