Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 23 – Fixed page 16

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 23

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 23

Sfx: Glare

B1: So this guy is…

B2: The one responsible for summoning me here..!?


H: To think that I’m unable to use any magic like this…

H: Maybe if I made a self-protection Magic Tool earlier, then I could have done something about this situation…

Sfx: Gasp!

B1: Noel!

B2: Are you okay, Noel!?

Sfx: Weakly

B3: …eene…

H: Thank God…
But his reply sounds so weak…

H: Did Noel’s power also got sealed because they sealed my magic?


B1: Wait, in the first place, where in the world is this place..?

B2: Search

Sfx: Ugh

Sfx: Voom

B3: Alright! I am still able to find out the positions of my opponents!
Even though this place really reeks of shadiness, there are so many people here…

B4: But at least I can still use my skills…


H: Anyway, I have to run away from…

Sfx: Pull

B1: So this is my princess, huh…

Sfx: Glare

B2: Seems like a pretty strong willed girl, no?

B3: And I heard that you were called by a grandiose name, weren’t you? What was it, Black Healer?
But even with all of that, all I can see is just a normal commoner girl…

Sfx: Irritated

B4: Oh, I see…


B1: You sure have a high quality Mana there…

Sfx: Sniff

Sfx: Shudder

B2: There’s no doubt that she’s the one we summoned

B3: We confirmed that she has the same Mana with the one we felt from the Magic Circle!
And she definitely matched with our summoning condition, “A young and healthy human virgin that has high Mana and is familiar with the basic principle of the Land of Gaia”
BC: Yes Your Majesty!

B4: Your Majesty..?
Then he is a king from somewhere?

Sfx: Near

B5: However, your Mana really seems to be very delicious…
Let’s see…


Sfx: Pull

Sfx: Draw away


B1: I thought that Golden Wargod had already bedded you since I heard that he took you under his care…

B2: But after looking at your face right now, I guess you’re still a virgin, eh?

B3: And your Mana is really delicious…

B4: If we mixed that with my own Mana, then I’m sure that you’ll give birth to excellent children in the future
Be glad, because I’m going to make you the mother of the next king of my kingdom!


B1: Screw you!!
Who would want to be pregnant from a villain like you!!

Sfx: Clapping Mouth

B2: Don’t be impatient like that

Sfx: Twitch

B2: I’ll make sure to pour my love in you plenty later

Sfx: Draw sword

Sfx: Pull

B3: ..!

B4: ..!!

Sfx: Slit

B5: Ouch..!!


Sfx: Slit

B1: Don’t move

Sfx: Pull

B2: Arimari merigaru, raasa du mezaia…

B3: Since you keep that rebellious attitude, then I have no choice but to bind you with a contract now, you know..?

Sfx: Voom

Sfx: Grip

Sfx: Splat


B1: ..!

B2: I order you to obey my every command with this blood pact…

Sfx: Menacing atmosphere

B3: Reene Kanzack!

B4: What are you trying to make me do!?

B5: No! I don’t want to..!!

Sfx: Fwiish

B6: !

Sfx: Nothing happens


Sfx: Collapse

B1: Why didn’t the blood pact activate?

SFx: Glare

B2: But there’s no problem with the chant nor the ritual, Your Majesty
BC: But…

B3: So probably, either she’s already tied with a contract to another that is stronger than your blood pact…
Or that her true name is not that…

B4: The probability that we pronounced her name wrong also exists, Your Majesty, as she came from a different world than ours

B5: No matter. She’s just a weak lass now as we already sealed her magic
There are a lot of ways to make her submit to me anyway
BC: Hmph!

B6: Besides…
If her heart won’t submit to me, then I’ll just need to break her until she does, right?

Sfx: Glare!


SFx: Grin

B1: ..!!

Sfx: Caress

B2: ..!!

Sfx: Glare!!

B3: Look at the nice face you’re making right now
BC: Hahaha…

B4: She’s my long awaited toy that I finally got my hands on after all…

B5: I should enjoy it as long as I can, no?


B1: To think that it’s this interesting to steal you from that Golden Wargod…
So do your best to entertain me more, my princess…

Sfx: Khukuku…

SFx: Grip!

B2: And let me see your twisted face more..!

B3: ..!!

Sfx: Shudder

Sfx: Snap


Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Gasp!

H: Thank God… It’s a safe place…

SFx: Collapse

B1: But this is just a dream…

Sfx: Tremble

B2: I can’t possibly stay in here forever…

B3: What’s wrong?


B1: Help me…

B2: I’ve been kidnaped… by that guy…

B3: I’m so scared..!

SFx: Bam

Sfx: Hug

H: Aah… I can feel my consciousness fading…

B4: Don’t go…

B5: Hurry up…

B6: Hurry up and… my name…


Sfx: Gasp!

B1: Have you awaken now, Milady?

H: Is this… a bathtub..? And the wound on my left hand is healed too…

Sfx: Ugh…

B2: I have to get out from this place..!

B3: Please calm your anger, Milady

B4: Please My Princess…
We don’t have much time because His Highness is going to visit no longer than an hour from now

B5: ..!!

B6: As I thought, I still can’t let my voice out…

Sfx: Splash

Sfx: Rattle

H: I guess that sadistic King hasn’t done anything weird to me… Well, he’s chained my hands though…


H: Anyway, I have to get out from here before he appears…

B1: But how do I escape while my magic is still sealed like this..?

B2: Sure, I can still use my Item Box and my other skills…
But the question is, where in the world am I right now..?

B3: Maybe I can find something out if I check that maid’s status?
BC: Wait…

B4: Status

B5: Ping

T: Vander
Age: 19 Job: Güzerbahn Royal Capital
Royal Castle’s Maid

B6: Wait, Wasn’t Güzerbahn the neighboring country that’s currently hostile to Phantesma right now..?
And if this place is their Royal Castle, then won’t that make him the Güzerbahn’s King..!?


B1: Calm down, Reene. You can do this. It’s okay. I’m going to be alright if I can still use my skills in here…

T: Item List

B2: And there might be something that I can use inside my Item Box too..!

B3: Is there something…

Sfx: Oh!

Sfx: Appear

T: Killer Bee’s Stinger
[Effect] Poison, Paralysis

H: I have to escape from here…

H: Before that King appears for the second time..!!

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