Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 27

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 27

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Thanks to His Highness Leon-sama’s information control, Noel can appear in public as the Black Envoy who came because of Gaia’s will

H: And that public debut plus Cortea’s Homecoming Parade has safely ended

H: Chapter 27

B1: Good work, both of you!
That was very great considering it was your first time in a parade!

Sfx: Hmph!

B2: Vaan-san!

B3: I never thought that I’ll ever experience being the center of a parade in my life…
BC: However…

B4: Then all that left is for you to go to His Highness’ office…

B5: Red Lion-dono!


B1: Sorry, seems like they need me there
I’ll send the someone to guard you, so just head there first

B2: Ah, yes…

B3: Hey, Jouet! I’m counting on you to guard Reene!

B4: Uhh, I wonder why… Do I feel nervous after all this time..?


Sfx: Fidget fidget

B1: What is this strange pressure feeling..?

B2: Seems like you’re staying in the castle for a while, right Reene-dono?

B3: Right now, you can bypass the barrier by holding hand with one of us, but…
There are a lot of barriers inside the castle, so we’re going to record your personal Mana so the barriers can recognize you, alright?
BC: That way, you can go wherever you want by yourself

Sfx: Twitch

H: Why… Why can’t I stop remembering him..?

H: I should know that he’s not around anymore..!

B4: But why..!?


B1: Is there something wrong, Reene-dono?

B2: We’re going to go through a barrier, so…

B3: Your hand, please

Sfx: Shudder


B1: No… No..!

B2: Reene-dono!?

B2: Noo..!!!

Sfx: Rustle

B3: What’s wrong?
Did they do somethi-…

B4: Ah, no!
I just got scared because I suddenly remembered about that time…

B5: Even though I know that they won’t harm me, I still got afraid and ran away…


B1: So, there’s no one to harm you now..?

SFx: Hug

B2: Yeah…

SFx: Phew…

H: I should not make him worry like this… Because I’m sure it will get worse if I do…

B3: His ***, that is…


B1; Noel..?

H: She woke up

B2: !?

B3: Just what happened here..?

Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Lined up…

B4: Have you calmed down now?

B5: Vaan… san..?

B6: You fainted all of a sudden

B7: And immediately after that, Noel flew out from inside your shadow and kept you away from us
While wrapping you between its paws like you’re now

B8: I see…
So I overlapped Jouet-san with that guy and got scared, huh…


B1: Reene
Can we stay by your side?

Sfx: Nod

B2: Can you stand?

H: I know…

H: It’s the hand which has always protected me since I came to this world…

H: It’s the hand that won’t hurt me for sure…


B1: Let’s leave the report to His Highness for later
Just go rest for now

B2: Do you feel alright now?

B3: They said that it’s better for a woman to treat you, so they brought me here

B4: Sorry for making you worry…


Sfx: Squeeze

B1: Besides, I did a cruel thing to those Blue Knight Corps members…
Whatever reason I have, reacting like that to them even though they have been protecting me all this time is unforgivable…

B2: Don’t mind about it too much

Sfx: Shine

B3: I’m sure they understand too
Right now, you can’t blame yourself nor work too hard, okay?

B4: It’s best to let nature take its course, you know?


B1: Reene!

Sfx: Creak

B2: I was supposed to return to the Demon World today so I wanted to meet you before I left…
But then I heard that you fainted all of a sudden…

Sfx: Pant…

B3: I’m really sorry, but I’m okay now…
BC: Err…

B4: Anyways! Thank you for everything, Milly-san!
I can’t imagine what will happen to me if you weren’t there, Milly-san…

B5: I mean, I won’t even be able to live cheerfully like this if I didn’t meet you, Reene!
So I’m really glad that I could be of help
BC: Don’t mind it!

B6: I’ll be sure to come again, but then, you can also come and visit us in “Fifth Town” that Gaarv governs!

B7: With pleasure!

B8: Besides, Gaarv has expectations with your skill!

B9: So do you have any plans to work as a healer in the Demon World?


B1: That Gaarv-san is..!?

H: *She only has scary images about him

B2: He’ll come back here to talk with you soon, so please be kind with him, okay?

B3: Sure, he’s a brusque guy, but I know that he cares about you too
I mean, he was really surprised when he heard that you cured me…

B4: Reene…

B5: I heard that you’re really concerned about how you hurt someone in Güzerbahn Castle…
And I’m sure it’s really hard for you who usually heals people for life…

B6: It’s really natural to protect yourself from danger
I mean, it was a situation where you had no choice but to hurt the other so you can escape from imminent danger, right?

B7: So please forgive yourself, alright..?


H: When I was still in Japan, I lived my life while avoiding any kind of conflicts

H: Even when I took quests as an Adventurer, I always made sure to not directly kill any Demon Beasts I encountered…

H: I will never forget the fact that I killed that maid

H: However, seems like it’s not enough with only that

H: I must never forget that I was able to escape like that because I decided to fight even if it means to dirty my own hands too…

H: So I can be like those who have been protecting me all this time even if it just a bit closer…

H: I can’t always rely on Noel and the guys in the Blue Knight Corps to protect me every time…

H: I wanted to be someone who can do that…

H: Who is not afraid to hurt people if it means to protect others…


H: Thank you Milly-san…

B1: Are you lonely?

Sfx: Turn

B2: Yes…

B3: But I’m sure I’ll be able to meet her again soon

B4: Right, I heard that they offered you to become a healer in the Demon World too, right?

B5: Sigh… Why can’t we accompany you to the Demon World…
I’m so worried…

Sfx: Sigh…

H: Again with his Mom Mode…

B6: Reene-dono!

Sfx: Badump

B7: Ah…


B1: Jouet-san…

B2: I’m really sorry for my rudeness before!!

B3: Err… I didn’t know that you’re afraid of guys right now…

B4: No, these guys are different from him!!

B5: Don’t remember him again!

B6: Even though I know it inside my head… Even though I have always been relying and troubling them all this time…

B7: I..!

B8: I..! I will do my best!!

SFx: Bam!

B9: …Eh..?

Sfx: Dumbfounded


B1: So that you can feel safe from the very bottom of your heart, Reene-dono…

B2: So that I can be a man that you can trust without any fear..!

B3: You can just learn from me, you know?
BC: Well…

H: The composure of someone who can get close

B4: That’s not it!
I’m sure that I’m just overly conscious with Jouet-san and the others as the opposite sex because our ages are not that far apart!

B5: So it’s not your fault at all, Jouet-san!

B6: Then… You mean..!

B7: You are okay with our senpai because all of them are old men!?

Sfx: Bam!

Sfx: Collapse

B8: Wedge-san!!

B9: That’s just because I don’t have high Mana so I don’t look young anymore… I’m only 27, you know…


B1: But that’s fine with me…
If it means that I can protect you as a knight…

B2: I’ll offer my oath to protect you as a knight, Reene-dono…

Sfx: Badump

B3: Wait, this is the same with what Hugh-san did before..!

Sfx: Collapse

B4: Ah, no, it’s a little different…

H: So that I won’t make these guys worry any longer than this…

H: I have to do everything I can..!


B1: I did it..!
BC: Khukukuku…

Sfx: Tada!

B2: Super Multi Defensive Magic Tools!
*TLN: Mamoru means defense in Japanese

B3: Isn’t that too lame..?

Sfx: Stare…

B4: It’s not lame! Or rather where did you learn that word from!?
BC: It’s..!

B5: I already enchanted it with every kind of effects that I could think of…
BC: Phew…

Sfx: Cram Everything

T: Storing (Max MP Value
ser Limitation (Personal Mana
vent Subordination, Obedience, Charm Magic
Anti Nullify Magic
Auto Heal (Sleep, Paralysis, Poison
Can heal injury too!!)
7. Can see other Magic Items’ status
8. Defensive Layer (For Magic and Physical attacks)
Automatic Repair if it breaks


B1: As expected from a super high quality diamond that emptied my saving in one sweep..!
I can enchant it as much as I can!

B2: No matter how useless I am, everything will be alright if I have this!

B3: This Mamoru-kun!!

Sfx: Grip

H: I have no weakness anymore with this!


B1: …Let’s start this meeting

B2: His Highness is… Not here, huh..?

B3: There are too many days when His Highness’ condition got worse nowadays…
We aren’t even allowed to have an audience with him…

B4: Then that’s probably the reason behind the distortion in the barrier earlier…

B5: Our King’s soul has already started to wear out, huh…

B6: Then we have to search for the “Fated Person”, the other worlder as soon as possible!
Gaia should have already called them in our world!

B7: If we don’t hurry, then not only our king, but even this world will be in danger..!


B1: However… There are very few hints about the whereabouts of that Fated Person…

B2: If it’s just about someone with high Mana or have a strange skill, then…

B3: We have searched all of Gaia’s Children very thoroughly, but we still haven’t gotten any positive results
Even that Light Healer who was born in different age that have little possibility from the start, turned to be a miss after all

B4: Gaarv, didn’t you meet that Black Healer that recently appeared?
How did it go?

Sfx: Murmur

B5: Black Healer is an another worlder


B1: However, the one who called her here was not Gaia, but Güzerbahn’s Royalties

B2: No way…

B3: And I’m thinking to let her do the [Name Presenting] Ritual

Sfx: Bam!

B4: Gaarv! What are you thinking!?

B5: We can’t just let any other worlder do that sacred ritual just like that!
The Fated Person is an other worlder soul that was brought into our world by GAIA, you know!?

B6: I understand that


B1: Of course, this is just as a last resort

Sfx: Grip

B2: However, I believe that it’s very dangerous to delay this matter for much longer
At this rate, if we don’t find any other candidates, then…


H: If it’s that girl who can cure Milly’s disease so easily while no other healers can’t in this Gaia’s sandbox…

B1: I’m thinking to entrust the fate of this world on her shoulders


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