Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 28

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 28

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Brush

H: Chapter 28

B1: ♪

B2: You sure gotten yourself really big, Noel!
BC: Phew..!

B3: So I bought this big brush just for you!

B4: And lastly, I’ll add this as the cherry on top…


SFx: Tada!

B1: Wow, you look so cute, Noel!!
BC: This is the best!!

B2: …
Noel is strong now

B3: But Noel has gotten way bigger so Noel is not cute anymore, or so Noel thought…


B1: Of course that’s not true!! You’ve became way cuter now, you know!!

Sfx:  Bam!

B2: Reene-sama…

H: Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy now?

B3: Is it really alright to do that to Gaia’s Envoy…

B4: Now now, Reene-sama, it’s almost time to…

Sfx: Clap

B5: Prepare for your trip to the Church


B1: That’s right. Today I’m going to go to the Church for the first time in my life

B2: Because in fact, seems like the guys from the Church have been sending some funds to support me or something recently…

B3: Maybe it’s all because His Highness Leon-sama’s “Black Healer” promotion was very successful, so it looks like The Church is no longer trying to confine me any more now
Seems like they intended to show their good will by sending money to support me

B4: And after the discussion between His Highness and The Church, they finally approved of me healing everyone in other places apart from The Church freely now

B5: But in return, I have to go there and pray twice a month from now on


B1: Good morning! Please treat me well today too

B2: You’re going with white dress today?
BC: Good morning

B3: Yes, I think white is the perfect color to wear in Church so I asked the maids to prepare it for me

B4: It really suits you, Reene
And it’s really a perfect match with the weather we’re having right now

SFx: Creak

B5: Whoa…


B1: It’s snowing…


B1: The real winter is still a bit away though so I think it’s going to melt tomorrow

B2: That’s too bad…
BC: Really?

B3: Even though it’s not that cold here in Cortea, we are famous for our thick snow, you know?
BC: Don’t worry…

B4: Hee…

B5: I grew up in a place where snow rarely falls, so to be honest, I’m really looking forward to that!


B1: Noel, aren’t your feet cold?

B2: No problem

Sfx: Plop Plop

B3: Well, you have this marvelous fur after all, right?

Sfx: Brush

B4: What about you, Reene?

Sfx: Flap

B5: !

B6: Thank you, it’s became warmer now
BC: Giggle


B1: They intentionally make me ride Noel all the way to the Church just to be on the safe side

H: Ooh, that’s the Gaia’s Envoy!

H: It’s so big..!

B2: And of course, it’s also to show the people that A Healer and The Gaia’s Envoy is proceeding towards the Church

B3: And not to forget, The Blue Knight Corps are also here as my bodyguards too

B4: Well, we’re going to go to a place that wants to take me by force before after all

B5: It doesn’t hurt to be extra careful


B1: It’s more “Churchy”…

B2: Than I imagined it would be!!
BC: Whoa!!

B3: It’s a Church after all
BC: Well…

Sfx: Blush

H: Oh right…


B1: Uhh… What I meant was it’s not really different from the one in my world…

Sfx: Whisper

B2: Oh? Is it that similar to the one in your world?

B3: The ones built by a religion called Christianity is more or less like this
BC: Yes

B3: Do you have several religions there..?
BC: Wait, “the ones”?

B4: We have a lot of Gods and Buddhas in my previous world
BC: Well…

H: They have a lot of Gods..!? And what in the world is Buddha..!? Is it another kind of Demon Lord there..!?

B5: So this is where bell sounds come from…
BC: I’ve lived in this world for a while but I never knew about this


H: So it’s not only their calendar that’s strangely similar to the one on Earth, but even this building too, huh… Like it was copied or something…

H: 1 Year = 12 Months
1 Month = 30 Days
1 Week = 7 Days

H: I wonder if Gaia actually knows a lot about Earth…

H: Heck, I’m not even sure if Gaia actually exists to begin with…

T: I am Gaia

B1: Black Healer-sama, Black Envoy-sama

Sfx: Step Step

B2: Welcome to our Church!


B1: We here at the Cortea Church are very glad to have you here!
BC: Now, please make your way inside

B2: It’s very nice to meet you

B3: Welcome!
BC: Black Healer-sama!

B4: Thank you for coming here!

Sfx: Nod

H: Somehow…


H: I prepared everything like I’m going to go to the enemy’s base, but…

H: Forget about bad guys, everyone are so friendly here…

B1: I guess my first impression of them was so bad that it makes me prejudiced…

H: Come with us!

B2: I’m sure the disciples would be really happy to see your presence here, Black Healer-sama

B3: And of course I genuinely hope from the very bottom of my heart to solve the unfortunate misunderstanding between Milady and The Cortea Church…

B4: …Glad to hear that

H: How else was I supposed to reply to that anyway?


H: It’s not like The Cortea Church actually did something directly to me…

H: Besides Bernia and that Light Healer actually came from the Royal Capital to be exact

H: That’s why the Head Priest can’t really apologize for anything that happened up until now to me

B1: Oh right, have you ever offered your prayers to Gaia, Black Healer-sama?

B2: I’m really sorry, but I grew in a faraway village, so today is actually my first time going to the Church…

B2: Normally, people won’t be able to manifest their magic if they never converse with the spirits from the element they belonged to, you know?
As expected from someone who is called the Gaia’s Child
BC: Oh my Gaia..!

H: Converse with the… spirit..?


B1: For us to be able to use magic, we have to converse with the spirits first

B2: Even I was also brought to pray at the Church when I was a child before I was finally able to use magic

B3: Everyone has to pray to Gaia in a room deep inside the church while asking the 7 Elemental spirits one by one

B4: And then, you will be able to wield the magic with the same element as the Spirit that answered you

B5: Because at that time, you have already established your “Spirit Link”


B1: Wait… So you’re telling me that the people here are actually able to meet with the Spirits!?

B2: As we can’t see nor touch them after all…
BC: Err, not quite…

B3: You see, deep inside the Churches of Gaia lies a room with a Magic Circle embedded into it
It was built like that to make it possible for the The Spirits to remain longer inside that room

B4: If you ever go inside that room, you’ll definitely feel the sacred aura even though there’s nothing inside it

B5: And you’ll definitely feel “someone” that will answer your prayers

B6: Hee…

H: I never imagined any spirits when I cast my magic all this time so that sounds really strange to me…

B7: That’s also the main reason why there are a lot of priests with high Mana


B1: Because Priests actually pour their mana when they’re praying

B2: And they use the prayers that are filled with Mana to maintain the Magic Circle to keep the Spirits here

B3: And thus, we’re helping to awaken other people’s magic by letting them converse with the Spirits


B1: So the Priests actually do some good work, huh…

Sfx: Nod Nod

B2: An example of a girl with a very bad prejudice about something

B3: We still have plenty of time before the ceremony starts, so we’ll have you memorize the ritual first, Milady. Don’t worry, I can assure you that they’re not that hard
BC: Well now…


B1: We only take our steps on wherever you allowed us, Oh Gaia…

Sfx: Creak

B2: As we, just like everybody else are sinners, no matter how small our sins are…

B3: We look at the bright far far away Vahalia…

Sfx: Murmur Murmur

B4: Its Shadow that has covered our heads from above. Sadness is something you need to face up to. That’s why, won’t you tell the tale about the faraway Valhalia…


B1: There are a lot of people here…

H: Ughh… I’m getting really nervous…

B2: Will we be forgiven for committing our mistakes, The Thundering Valhalia…

B3: You must have seen it, the irrefutable radiance…. You must have known it, the majestic miracle…

B4: From the Great Gaia

B5: Seems like my translation ability is not really perfect, as I heard the lyrics as a jumble of words… But that sure is a beautiful song regardless…
BC: What the heck is Valhalia anyways? A place’s name?

H: Alright!


B1: It’s alright. I have been practicing for this

B2: First, bow lightly

B3: Then put my right hand over my chest to the left…

B4: And kneel on my right knee while maintaining my posture

B5: After that, turn my gaze at the “Avatar”…

B6: Put my left hand over my right hand…


B1: And bow deeply

B2: Finally, chant the prayer…

B3: Oh Almighty Gaia…

B4: I climbed these stairs to offer thee my whole being as one disciple of Gaia…

B5: My body is only for Thee, Gaia. My thoughts are only for Thee, Gaia. My spirit is only for Thee, Gaia.


B1: My whole being is not for myself, but to serve Thee as the servant of Gaia


B1: So tired…

Sfx: Siiiiigh…

Sfx: Ugh…

B2: Your prayer was really good, you know? It was really magnificent

B3: Good job, then
BC: Hee…


B1: It was really nerve wrecking, you know? And to think that I’m supposed to do that twice a month from now on… Sigh…
BC: Come on…

Sfx: Voom

Sfx: Bwoooosh

B2: !

B3: Fall back!!
BC: Reene!

B4: This Mana..!
BC: Wait…


B1: Gaarv-san!!

Sfx: Bwooosh

B2: Please forgive me for entering your country so suddenly

Sfx: Step

B3: What happened..? And you’re even wearing a completely different outfit than before…
BC: It looks so fabulous…

Sfx: Inhale


B1: Our King is granting you an audience

B2: So prepare your things before we jump to the Demon Castle

B3: Eh..!?
BC: But it’s too sudden..!

Sfx: Hmm..?

B4: We have our reasons

Sfx: Draw near

B5: Eh?


B1: Our King has already started to descent into madness
BC: Ahem

B2: So you better think of this as your last chance to meet our King

H: Descent to… madness..?

H: Then, if it’s like what I read at the library, if The Demon King went mad, then…


H: Doesn’t that mean that this world is going to end..!?

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