Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 29

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 29

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 29

H: [Gaia holds the earth from below, while the Demon Lord supports its heart]

H: I never found out what that sentence means, and neither verified its authenticity. But I often saw that sentence inside the Library as the “truth” of this world

H: And different from Gaia, The Creator God of this world that I don’t even know if really exists…

H: He is a being that actually governs the Demon World, where the Demon Race lives. In other world, the one at the very peak of this world…

H: The Demon Lord…


H: There is only one big continent in this world. And in the center of that very continent, exists the Tree of Origin and the Demon Lord’s Castle

H: And when the time came, The Creator God Gaia birthed a being as the one and only Demon Lord in this world from the Tree of Origin

H: Demon Lords’ reigns usually span from 500 years to 7500 years long

H: And in end of Demon Lords’ life, they’ll enter a state called “Madness” as they await their death

H: The Mad Demon Lord will take the world along with him as he brings destruction everywhere, or so the legend says…


H: And it’s devastating enough to destroy an entire civilization…

H: And because of that, no detailed records that tell about that remain, and what’s known to the Human World is only this much

B1: Our King has already started to descent into madness

H: Doesn’t that mean…


B1: There’s a chance I could die here before I can go back to Japan!?

Sfx: Uwaaaaah!

B2: To begin with, is it really alright for me to go to such an important thing like that..?

H: Well, of course I’m glad with that, but…

B3: I’ll tell you the details after we arrive at the Demon World

T: She’s going to meet a very important person, so the maids made her wear this

B4: He said that when he brought me here, but…


B1: It doesn’t really feel like the “Demon World” that I imagined…
BC: It’s not that different from Human’s Countries…

B2: Uhm… So this place is the Demon Lord’s Castle, right..?

B3: Not really. It’s the [Fifth Castle]

B4: There’s something I need to ask you before we go to the Demon Lord’s Castle

Sfx: Badump

B5: Huh..?


B1: Just how much do you know about the Demon Lord’s Madness?

B2: Err… Let’s see…

B3: The world will… become bad and it’s so wicked, I think…

Sfx: Ehehe

H: Wicke-..?

Sfx: Sigh…

Sfx: Creak

B4: Become bad, huh… Well, I guess that’s not entirely wrong…

B5: You said it like it has already started, but may I ask you to spare me some more details about that..?

B6: “The Demon Lord’s Soul” that becomes exhausted from continuously supporting the heart of this world for several hundred years will start to descend into Madness


B1: The current Purple Soul King has been reigning for 823 years. It’s not that weird if he has already started to descend to Madness by now…

B2: In addition, we, The Eight Dukes that are under the King’s direct order have not given permission for an audience with the King for several years now…
It’s something that’s impossible to happen normally

B3: Furthermore…

Sfx: Bam!!


B1: You’ve heard it too, right?

B2: You see, we in the Demon World are protected by a barrier that’s erected by the Demon Lord

B3: Because he’s the one who holds the highest Mana in this world, aside from Gaia…
Normally, tremor is the last thing you can feel inside the barrier

B4: That just further proves that The King is very exhausted and managing the barrier is really difficult for him right now

B5: Furthermore, the tremors happen a lot recently
So you can think of it as that we don’t have a lot of time to spare right now

B6: Wha… Then what about the Humans? Is it really alright to keep them in the dark!?
If the legend about the King’s madness is true, then everyone is going to be..!?

B7: Contact them, you say?


B1: What can the puny little humans do about this anyway?

B2: Everyone is powerless in front of the mad Demon Lord, no matter who they are
And they won’t be able run either… As there is no place that is safe from him…

B3: All that us, the Eight Dukes can do is, put our lives on the line…

B4: And kill the Demon Lord

Sfx: Shudder

H: Gaarv-san is… going to kill the Demon Lord..?


B1: The main duty of the Eight Dukes are protecting the Tree of Origin and the Demon Lord
And when the Demon Lord has descended into madness, it’s our duty to do everything we can to kill him

B2: Someone from the Tiger Folk like me has overwhelmingly little Mana and shorter lifespan compared to the other Dukes. So originally, I was not fit to be in the Demon Lord’s side and serve him directly…

B3: However, even with all of that, I still got chosen because of my fighting skills…
And I have been given the sword from the Demon Lord himself to kill him when the time comes…

B4: However, there is one and only one way left to save my King from his demise
And that is the [Name Presenting] Ritual

B5: Name… Presenting..? But doesn’t the Demon Lord already have that [Purple Soul] as his name..?
BC: And it’s famous enough to become the age’s name in this world…

B6: That’s his title, not his name

B7: Name Presenting Ritual is an opportunity to give The Demon Lord that has nothing to bind his soul with a name that has been given by Gaia once

Sfx: Grip


B1: And what’s needed in that ritual is…

B2: You, Reene Kanzack

B3: Do you mean…

Sfx: Gulp

B4: You want to sacrifice me to the Demon Lord!!?
BC: I thought you’re one of the good guys even though you have scary face!!

B5: Don’t cut me


B1: Several hundred years after the Demon Lords’ enthronement, Gaia will choose one of the human child’s souls that’s born in a different world, wait for them to grow, and then summon them to this world

B2: That another world person will be guided by their destiny and will go on a journey to the Demon Lord’s Castle

B3: And unlike us who are just Gaia’s creations, only that another worlder is able to give The Demon Lord a name and bind his connection to Gaia
When The Demon Lord gets a name as a place to rest his soul, then that soul will be able to calm down for several thousand years

B4: That is the Name Presenting Ritual. And we call that person from Another world the “Fated Person”

B5: And you’re telling me that the “Fated Person” is… me..?

B6: I don’t know


B1: Because you weren’t summoned here by Gaia, but by Human’s hands….

B2: As there was a Demon Lord who already found his Fated Person by the time a Human succeeded in summoning people from a different world
And  the Demon Lord after that had never found his Fated Person and ended his life in a Madness state
That’s why, there’s no precedent for this case

B3: Everybody from another world has high Mana, so it’s not surprising if they were praised as the Gaia’s Child…
So I’m just letting you know, that I have already had you in my sight way before Milly introduced you to me

Sfx: Eh!?

B4: You can say what I’m doing right now is a big gamble, I guess…
Because I did everything I can for an another worlder that I have no way to prove that she was summoned by Gaia, as the last candidate when the symptoms are imminent…

B5: And now, the time has come


B1: The Demon Lord already knows about you and he said that he wants to meet you personally

B2: But I don’t know anything about the Demon Lord’s name you know!?
BC: Wha..!?

B3: I heard that you’ll know the Lord’s name naturally when The Demon Lord’s ask you for it

H: But, doesn’t that mean… that I won’t be able to know his name before the audience begins!?

H: I’m not sure I can live for long if I crush The Demon Lord’s last hope right in front of him…

H: Err… Sorry, I don’t know…

T: Demon Lord


B1: But if I succeed…

B2: Can you tell me what happened to the past Fated Persons after they presented the Demon Lord’s name?

B3: It seems that Gaia sent the past Fated Persons to their previous world after they succeeded in the Name Presenting Ritual…
But there were some of them who wished to live in this world instead

H: So it’s either I return to my previous world, or die together with this world, huh…

H: But…


H: He came to me because there are no other candidates left, right…

H: And the Demon Lord already knows about me…

H: At any rate, if I don’t do it, the Demon Lord will go mad and destroy everything…

H: So what’s at stake is not only my life alone…


B1: ..!

Sfx: Squeeze

Sfx: Throb Throb Throb

Sfx: Exhale


B1: Let me meet the Demon King

B2: There’s a chance that I will die in the process
But I will do everything I have to do!!


B1: Then let us proceed…
To the Demon Lord’s Castle!

Sfx: Fwip


B1: The Mana in this place is so strong that it’s crushing me down..!!

B2: Do you know any defensive spells?

B3: Err…

B4: Defensive Layer

Sfx: Fwing!

B5: I see, no wonder Milly has high regards of you. You are pretty good for a Human


B1: However, it’s not enough

Sfx: Fwooosh

B2: Wha..!?

B3: Amazing..! I feel so invincible that I’m really sure I won’t die even if a Dundam* steps on me!!
*TLN: You know, that big mobile suit that faced the Principality of Zeon alone…

Sfx: Whoaaa…

B4: Yeah, sure…

H: Dundam..?


B1: I’m sorry for making you, a person from different world to carry all of this alone…

B2: …
Don’t die. I’m sure Milly will be sad if you die

B3: And I’m sorry, but I can’t go with you to the audience room beyond that door. However, I will know if the Demon Lord starts to get mad by the tremor on the barrier
I’ll break in when the time comes, so use that chance to go as far away as you can from the Demon Lord’s Castle with that Winged Dog of yours

Sfx: Whisper


Sfx: Gasp!

B1: Gaarv-san..!

Sfx: Zoooom


B1: !!

B2: The Mana in this place is so strong that I can even feel it on my skin..!
It was really intense at that room just now, but the one in this place is at a different level!

Sfx: Fwooosh

H: Is that person in the back… The Demon Lord..?


B1: Reene…

Sfx: Fwish

B2: Eh?

B3: I can’t feel… Noel’s presence at all..!?

B4: So you’ve finally came
Oh Another World Lass…

Sfx: Step

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Sfx: Throb Throb

H: I…

H: I have met this person… before..?


B1: I only got in contact with The Demon Lord’s Mana but my Defensive Layer is already..!

SFx: Voom

B2: Gaarv’s Defensive Layer, huh…
What a bother…

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Crang!!

B3: Eh..?

SFx: Pssssh


B1: I heard that you want to return to your previous world, don’t you?

Sfx: Step

Sfx: Twitch

B2: Very well

B3: …But in return…

B4: What can you do for me..?

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