Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 30

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 30

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: So, Reene, The Lass from Another World…

SFx: Step

H: Chapter 30

B2: Even if I am able to return you to your previous world…

B3: What will you give me in return..?


H: I have to give something in return..?

H: Oh right, why did I think The Demon Lord is someone who would grant a human he first met their wish free of charge..?

Sfx: Pale…

H: He is the most powerful being in this world, aside from Gaia, isn’t he?

H: Do I really have something to present to someone as important as that..?

B1: Oh, right, a name!
I’m sure the Demon Lord also has that in mind!

H: But… Nothing comes up even though I looked at his face…

B2: Gaarv-san said that it will come naturally when he asks for it…
Or maybe…


H: I just can’t do the Name Presenting Ritual…

H: From the start..?

B1: Argh, I have to search for any information about him with my magi-…
Oh right, Status!
BC: Gasp!

B2: Wha!?

Sfx: Ping!

T:                                                                            Purple Soul King
Race: ???             Age: 823               Job: 37th Demon Lord

SFx: Nothing

B3: Is this thing bugged out!?

B4: Or is it because the difference between our Mana is too vast as I thought..?
I can’t see any information other than what I already know…

T:                                                                            Purple Soul King
Race: ???             Age: 823               Job: 37th Demon Lord

Sfx: Grip

H: But certainly, if someone like him seriously goes on a rampage, the world might be destroyed for good…


B1: And that also goes for Gaarv-san…
If he really wants it, I’m sure he can capture Cortea without breaking a sweat

B2: Sigh, the power balance in this world sure is poop…

H: And if I say I’ll do the Name Presenting Ritual in return and fail, all hell will definitely break loose…

H: So I’m sure that’s the reason why he hasn’t said anything about it either…

H: It’s only our first time meeting, let alone doing the Name Presenting Ritual, it’s impossible

H: So I guess I have no choice but to learn more about him as we talk…


B1: Please forgive me, but I don’t have something worthy enough to give to you, Milord…

Sfx: Fwoosh

B2: But you have this Winged Dog, don’t you?

B3: Noel!? So there’s where you were!!

B4: I heard that the Winged Dog is really loyal to its master

Sfx: Smile

B5: So, give it to me


B1: I’m sorry, but no deal!!

Sfx: Glare

B2: Noel is not an object!!

B3: …

B4: Ah..!


B1: Please forgive me then

Sfx: Chuckle

B2: Seems like my joke went too far. I didn’t have any intention to anger you from the start

H: Did he just…

Sfx: Dazed

Sfx: Blushh

H: Did he just test… me..?

H: Before it was His Highness, and now it’s the Demon Lord! Damn you old people..!!

H: Well, I know that he’s way older than me. Heck, he’s even way older than my grandparents. But still..!!

B3: Then I want to hear about your story

Sfx: Snap

Sfx: Fwish

B4: Would you tell me about the things outside this Demon Lord’s Castle?

B5: Until then, I’ll just have this Winged Dog to sleep for a while, so don’t worry about it


B1: After that, The Demon Lord and me chatted about various things for a while like he demanded

SFx: Slid Slidd

B2: About how I got summoned by the King of Güzerbahn…

B3: About the time when I realized I was in front of a forest on a different world…

B4: This isn’t… Where am I..?

B5: About the first time I used magic where I failed and scorched part of the meadow…

B6: I overdid it a little


B1: And how magic doesn’t exist in my world so I got a little too excited about it…

B2: A world without magic, huh… I can’t imagine that at all…
How do the people live over there without using magic then?

B3: Well, certainly, we don’t have any magic in our world, but in return, we have something called science that was rapidly developed in return

B4: We can’t do any teleportation like the Demon Race, but we have a vehicle that is way faster than any carriage, and we have a vehicle that can fly in the sky too!

B5: Ooh..!


B1: Furthermore, it’s not easy for us commoners to ride it, but…

B2: You see that star?

B3: We even have a vehicle that is able to reach that star, you know?

B4: Why does he keep staring at me..?

B5: ..!!


B1: I talked too much about myself..!
But that’s just because the Demon Lord is such a good listener and easy to talk with…
BC: Ah!

H: It never crossed my mind to go to that kind of place…

B2: Err, then, can you tell me about yourself, Milord..?

B3: About me, huh…
But I don’t have anything that is as interesting as yours, you know?

B4: Because I was in this from since I was born…
Nothing changed during these 800 years

B5: Now you make me curious about that!!
BC: Wait, what!?


B1: I see…

B2: I heard that Demon Lords are born from the Tree of Origin
BC: Just how in the world…

B3: That’s right
However, I guess I can say that our consciousness exists from the time where the previous Demon Lord was enthroned

B4: It probably drifted away from inside the chaos

B5: However, one time, the previous Amber King’s presence suddenly disappeared and his knowledge flowed into me

B6: And immediately after that, I finally knew who I was and for what purpose I exist…

B7: And after I listened to my instinct to rise higher, a bright whirlpool of light enveloped me…


B1: And before I knew it, I was at the Tree of Origin and got welcomed by the Prime Minister at that time

B2: When I got a body, the only thing I knew was the “knowledge” as the Demon Lord

B3: Although I didn’t inherit the Amber King’s personal memories, only his knowledge…
That person served me as the Prime Minister and helped me as my assistant

B4: Even now, that person is still serving me as one of the Eight Dukes

B5: And because he was the first guy I saw after being born and he’s also the one who’s taking care of me, I just can’t go against him…

B6: And he’s a Dragon Folk
So he has this stern look to him

Sfx: Giggle


H: The Demon Lord has started to descend into madness, right..?

H: But I just can’t see him as someone who is about to kill every living being in this world…

B1: A pretty guy this frank and this refreshing is going to go on a rampage..?

Sfx: Glance


B1: All of this is not Gaarv-san’s misunderstanding or anything, right..?

H: And he just looks like a normal person, so personally, I just want to help him if I can when I look at him…

H: Even though it merely extends the period of when his heart  is calm…

Sfx: Irritated

B2: Argh, I can’t do this! I empathized with this Demon Lord so much that I started to get irritated at Gaia who made this shitty system..!

H: In the first place…

H: Just why do the Demon Lords have to suffer from the Madness at all..?


B1: Reene…

B2: Could you present me a name?

B3: He said it!!

B4: Noel is not here
And the defensive layer that Gaarv-san gave me is also gone too
I’m sure he’ll chop my head off in no time if I made him angry even just a little..!

B5: Reene
Would you tell me what my name is?


B1: Ugh…

Sfx: Dizzy

H: Congrats for your college acceptance, Misuzu!

T: Entrance Ceremony

H: Boy, time sure flies fast, doesn’t it? To think that you already entered kindergarten now…

H: The baby girl is so small..! Hello, I’m your big brother, you know?

H: Misuzu…

H: Please take care of Noche…


B1: Noche


H: Just what was that feeling just now..? But I’m sure of it…

H: That it’s definitely his soul’s name…

B1: Noche, huh…
I see…

B2: So my name is Noche, huh…

Sfx: Badump


B1: Fuhahahahahaha!!

Sfx: Bwooooosh!!

Sfx: Bwooooosh!!

Sfx: Wham!!

B2: Guha!!


Sfx: Shine Shine

H: It’s the Defensive spell that I engraved inside Mamoru-kun before…

H: But… If it’s only this…

Sfx: Crang

B1: It won’t hold out for long..!

Sfx: Crack

Sfx: Crack!
Crack Crack

B2: Hack..!!


B1: Noche…

Sfx: Cough

Sfx: Thud

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