Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 31

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 31

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Bzzzzt!!

H: Chapter 31

B1: No… che…

Sfx: Cough


Sfx: Thud

B1: Reene..?


H: This place is…

Sfx: Fwoosh

Sfx: Blink

Sfx: Rustle

H: A dream that I always forget whenever I wake up…

Sfx: Hug

Sfx: Whisper

H: However, I don’t know… but it feels different than the usual…

H: Oh, that’s right! I met him in this place before…

H: Noche..!?


B1: …n’t die on me…

B2: Don’t die on me, Reene..!

B3: I’m… alright…

B4: Forgive me…
I was too delighted that I forgot to control my Mana…

Sfx: Squeeze

B5: I thought I would never see you again…


B1: I wonder why couldn’t I recognize you back there…
Even though we could finally meet in the real world now…

H: I see… So the Demon Lord also forgets things that happened inside the dream when he wakes up, just like me, eh…

H: But right now… I don’t know whether this is a dream or the real world and if this is because our souls got connected, but I can see everything more clearly now…

H: All this time, I could only see what happened here vaguely and feel that I just saw a dream but couldn’t remember it when I woke up…

H: But with the current me, I can remember clearly that I have already visited this place for several times now


H: What is this nostalgic feeling that makes me want to cry..?

H: I feel like I wanted to meet this person since a long time ago

H: Gaarv-san said that Fated Persons are chosen as once since their birth before, and now, I think I can understand it a little…

H: I mean, I feel really happy after I finally met him after all…

H: I’m so happy that I want to hug him and dance with joy, but…

Sfx: Gloom

H: I can’t move my body at all…

H: I feel like I used every drop of stamina in my body…


B1: Sorry, Noche…

Sfx: Cough Cough

B2: Why are you apologizing!? It was all because of my fault..!

Sfx: Rustle

B1: Take my Mana


H: Aaah…

H: Even though I have never ever kissed someone in my whole life…

H: To think that I kissed a guy I just met, although technically I knew him for a while now…

H: Am I really alright with this? With this Online Game-ish love situation..?

H: I guess it’s fine. I mean, this is just a dream after all…

H: Besides, it’s so calming and comfortable…


B1: !?

Sfx: Smoooooooch

H: I woke up!?

H: This sensation… It’s not that forest..!

Sfx: Rustle

H: Furthermore…

B2: It’s a bed!? But why!!?


H: It’s a dream and a reality at a same time!?

Sfx: Blush

B1: Thank the Gaia, you finally opened your eyes

B2: However, I have only chanted heal and poured my Mana directly, so I’m sure you’ll still feel weak for a while

B3: Heal..? Ah, he’s right, my body is not hurting anymore…
Even though I get the feeling that my bones were breaking all over back then…

B4: However, I feel so sluggish and I can’t move my body properly
I heard before that just drinking Ether to recover Mana is not nearly enough, but I guess it’s really true…

B5: You have been splendidly fulfilled your mission, Reene…
So now, it’s my turn to grant any wish of yours

Sfx: Gasp!

H: That’s right..! My wish… to return me to my previous world…


H: But then, I have to be separated from him..?

H: The one I yearned to meet for so long..?

H: Just what in the world should I do?

Sfx: Grip

B1: Just sleep for now…
My other half…

Sfx: Rustle

B2: I’ll kill you!


B1: Don’t let yourself to fall behind from that lowly bastard!

B2: I don’t want to die!

B3: I hate them!

B4: Give me money!

B5: Food, please!

H: I have always been able to listen to every sound from every living beings…

H: No matter whether it’s anger, hatred, despair, or death agony…

H: It’s rather easy for people’s emotions to materialize in this world. Furthermore, the spirits’ power who rules every single thing in this world is high

H: The Spirits will someday be contaminated by the never ending greed of people…

H: And start to go berserk sooner or later


H: In addition, negative feelings will turn into miasma and drift all over the world

H: And then they will be hardened and create demon beasts in the end

H: The Demon Beasts will trot around and start disrupting the world’s order according to the contaminated spirits’ will…

H: And that’s something that must be avoided no matter what

H: For that very reason, the world needs a being that can filter the negative feelings from every living being in this world


H: And that’s why Gaia created Demon Lords

H: The Demon Lord will take a part of every living beings’ ability and negative feelings

H: The negative feelings that went through the Demon Lord’s body will become calmer, thus reducing the bad influence to the Spirits

H: In other words, the Demon Lords are something like the cushion of the world

H: However, after doing so for a very long time, even for the Demon Lords who are really durable, their soul will break too someday

H: And that’s what we call with “Madness”


H: And finally, the Demon Lord will destroy the world together with his last breath in the end

H: So the new Demon Lord won’t be crushed with the negative feelings as soon as he is born

H: And so that the people won’t be despaired by the technology and abilities that have advanced so much that not even the Demon Lord can cope

H: With the Demon Lords’ deaths, the spirits will turn back into their “toddler” state and will grow up once again, together with the destroyed land and the newborn Demon Lord


H: However, Gaia then feels that the massacre and destruction cycle that comes every several hundred years…

H: Is just too short for a cycle, so a salvation was created

H: Gaia will picks soul from another world who can approach the Demon Lord’s soul, and summon them after they grow up to bring the Demon Lord’s soul to a resting state

H: That is the [Name Presenting] Ritual

H: However, the Demon Lords can’t do anything except wait for the one who can present them with a name to come

H: And the Demon Lords are not even allowed to search for them. It’s a salvation that only works if you’re lucky enough

H: Just like searching for a single grain of gold dust on a huge sand dune


H: Perhaps being the Demon Lord is the most unfair role the world has ever had

H: Even so, I never had any doubt about it

H: As Gaia made me like that, to be the Demon Lord since the very moment I was born

H: After several hundred years, I felt that the time of my descent to madness is near

H: And at that very moment…


H: I haven’t even let any member of my household to step in the audience room in these few years

H: And I only communicated with others through telepathy…

H: However, it seems like the Eight Dukes haven’t given up yet on their search for the Fated Person

H: And when I gave a member of my household that I picked as one of the Eight Dukes a weapon to kill me if I go mad…

H: He told me about the existence of a girl from another world


H: And hope blossomed inside my heart

H: An existence from another world that wasn’t summoned by Gaia, but by a Human’s summoning magic…

H: Normally, I wouldn’t even think of her as the Fated Person

H: Perhaps it’s just Gaia’s bad joke as I have no time left to live…

H: But I put all my hopes in this thin silver thread of hope and tried to meet her


H: Then I broke Gaarv’s Defensive Layer and took the Winged Dog which stayed near her to perceive her feeble Mana

H: And it was a really tender and warm Mana

H: And I thought that it was very “beautiful”

H: However, that lass glared at me because she was worried about her familiar…

H: She glared at someone who can kill her in a moment without even needing to flick a finger

H: What an interesting Lass, I thought

H: Oh right…


Sfx: Bwoooosh

Sfx: Irritated

B1: Forgive me for doing that. Just stay beside your Master now
I’m going to go outside for a bit

H: A single entity that’s able to present me with a name. An existence that I have been waiting for more than 800 years to meet…

H: I want to be on your side and protect you forever, but…

B2: I have to meet my own family too

Sfx: Chuckle


B1: That lass is safe

B2: I unintentionally hurt her but she’s alright now
However, she needs some time before she can fully recover

Sfx: Tense

B3: I already said that by telepathy earlier, didn’t I?

B4: However, it seems like my young familiar is still angry about that, isn’t he?

Sfx: Close in

Sfx: Gasp

B5: Duke Gaarv!
Kneel down! You’re disrespecting him!!


B1: Your Majesty
Congratulations on your recovery

Sfx: Fwip

T: Eight Dukes Prime Minister

B2: My King, I have promised that Lass that I will protect her in all my power…
But we’re talking about you here. I believe you didn’t hurt her intentionally from the moment I heard the news

B3: However, the fact remains that you did hurt an another world girl in the Name Presenting Ritual. A really shameful act for someone that is sung as The Proud Demon Lord

Sfx: Glare

B4: Yes, that act is indeed inexcusable. I was too happy that I forgot to control my power when that incident happened


B1: However, it’s also a matter of fact that this Lass is undeniably my Fated Person
That’s why, it’s my responsibility as the Demon Lord to protect her wellbeing until I can return her to her birthplace

B2: You have worked really hard to find that Lass
Good work. I give you my thanks

B3: Milord, please forgive the lack of gratitude and the impolite act of this retainer of yours earlier

Sfx: Fwish

B4: This Gaarv congratulates you from the deepest of my heart on your newly acquired name, My King


B1: Your Majesty
Are you really sure when saying that you’re going to return that Lass to her birthplace?
You are not going to make her stay by your side?

H: Of course I want her by my side!

H: She’s the silver hope that I have waited for Gaia knows how long!

B2: I heard that Lass only agreed to meet me to look for a way for her to return to her own world…

H: It’s up to her…

H: She’s too important to me. That’s why I don’t want to force my will on her


B1: So I have to let her meet him, no matter what…

B2: He who summoned her here in the first place…

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