Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 32

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 32

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Chirp Chirp

H: Chapter 32

Sfx: Chirp

Sfx: Blink

B1: This is…

B2: Reene!

Sfx: Trot

Sfx: Hug

B3: Thank God you’re alright!!
And Thank God I’m ali-…
BC: Noel!!
BC: Stop

H: That’s right… The Demon Lord healed me, and…


B1: Take my Mana

Sfx: Blush

B2: He only did that to heal me!!
BC: Don’t be stupid, Reene!
BC: Right!?

Sfx: Aaargh!!

Sfx: Swish Swish

H: Gaarv-san told me that I would know whether I am the Fated Person or not after the Name Presenting Ritual is done…

H: And now that it’s succeeded, it means that I’m Noche’s Fated Person then…

H: He who I have yearned to meet for so long inside my dreams…


H: We… Finally met…

Sfx: Blush…

Sfx: Jump

H: High tension after Name Presenting Ritual

H: I wonder if this is because I have finished one big job successfully?

H: Because my body feels so light that the pains which tortured me before I went to sleep feel like a lie!

B1: Guess I’ll check my status!
BC: Now…
BC: I’m sure I’ve already healed completely!!

B2: Ping

Sfx: Wut


B1: 999!? Wait, why do my stats are like… maxed out..!?
(Note to editor: Please erase the text between the panels too)

Sfx: Tutturu

T:                                                                                       Black Healer
Reene Kanzack                                                               Another World Traveler
Race: Human     Age: 22                Job: Mage
HP 999/999
MP 999/999
Skill: Enemy Search · Secrecy · Mapping · Mixing
Condition: [Demon Lord’s Blessing] Buff (All Stats x2)

H: Is this [Demon Lord’s Blessing] the reason why my stats got maxed out..?

T: MP 999/999
Skill: Enemy Search · Secrecy · Mapping · Mixing
Condition: [Demon Lord’s Blessing] Buff (All Parameter x2)

H: And this “All Stats x2” thing… Does it mean that it multiplies all of my stats, even the ones that aren’t shown in my status panel like Mana, Strength, and so on just like in games!?

B2: Let’s try it…

B3: Crackle
Should be like that

Sfx: Crackle

B4: Spa-…


B1: …rk..?

SFx: Bang

B2: That was dangerous!!
What in the world was that!?
BC: Crackle

B3: I guess I have to be more careful when I cast magic from now on…
BC: Hmm…
BC: At least, until I’m used to this power…


H: Wait, then could it be that “All Stats x2” is also increased other things related to magic too..?

B1: Like wisdom for example..?

Sfx: Ding Ding

T: *Effect and amount on this buff differ on each person

Sfx: Badump

Sfx: Knock Knock


H: Cat Eared girl!!

H: It’s a Demon Race girl..!

B1: Good Morning

B2: I took the liberty of changing your clothes to pajamas while you’re asleep. Please forgive my rudeness

H: Come to think of it…

B3: Please wear this dress for today

B4: Oh right, my dress got ripped in that incident, didn’t it…

Sfx: Cough

H: I’m so sorry, Leon-sama…

B5: Please enjoy your meal


B1: I will lead you to The Demon Lord’s place after you’ve finished dressing up

SFx: Step Step

B2: This castle is so quiet…

B3: Ah, perhaps it’s because [Name Presenting] Ritual is a confidential matter that only the Eight Dukes know, so they made other people go away..?

Sfx: Glance

Sfx: Badump

B4: I have brought her, My King


B1: Reene

B2: Ah, I’m relieved it’s his refreshing side… I’m not even feeling any pressuring Mana from him like yesterday…

Sfx: Phew…

B3: So you can walk just fine now! Do you still feel any pain somewhere?

Sfx: Zoom

B4: Whoa!!

B5: I’m alright, thank you

B6: Noche


B1: Eh..?

B2: Noche

B3: Noche… sama…

B4: …

Sfx: Closing in

B5: …Noche

Sfx: Uuh…

B6: Good. You’re the one who gave me that name

B7: So call me by that name


B1: I understand…
BC: Uuuh…

H: Good

H: But I feel like Gaarv-san and the other Eight Dukes will faint if they hear me calling The Demon Lord without any honorifics…

H: So scary…

B2: Forgive me for making you go through that painful experience…
Just tell me if you ever feel any discomfort in your body immediately

B3: I’m ok now!
…Err, I mean, I’m fine now
BC: Thanks to your help…

B4: I always talk with him frankly inside the dream so it’s really hard to express proper respect to him…


B1: Ah, uhmm… What is this [Demon Lord’s Blessing]..?
BC: Can you tell me?

Sfx: Badump

Sfx: Ugh…

B2: Please forgive me for that…

B3: You were in a very terrible state back then…
So I had no choice but to give you that to raise your recovery rate

H: Gyaaaaaa!
*This is Reene

H: I don’t know how to tell you about this…

T: Guessed the rest

B4: …


H: I guess I can understand… I mean it was like fighting the Last Boss with super novice equipment after all…

B1: I guess it was a miracle that I can live to tell the tale like this…

Sfx: Shudder

H: But well, now that I have finished what I meant to do in this world, then next is…

B2: So… what do you think I should do from now on?
BC: Uhmm…


B1: …Do you want to return to your own world?

B2: Ah, yes…

H: I mean, that’s the reason I came here in the first place

H: But, what is this uneasiness inside my heart..?

B3: I want to go back…
To my home…

B4: I see…


B1: Then good work on completing your mission
So I guess it’s my turn to complete my life’s mission now

B2: To send you to the place where Gaia is…

Sfx: Touch

B3: Gaia!!?
BC: Wait…
BC: He really exists!!?


B1: And Milo- Err, I mean Noche, you’re saying that you can speak with Gaia!?

Sfx: Shout

B2: Yes

B3: Then why didn’t you ask him about the Fated Person who can give you a name if you can talk with him in the first place..!?
BC: Shocked

B4: Because I’m not that omnipotent. It’s impossible for me to ask him anything about the Fated Person myself

H: But that’s just too…


H: So you’re telling me that Gaia makes Demon Lords slave away for years, and he’s just watching without telling them the important part when they are tormented? Isn’t that just too cruel?

B1: And to begin with..!

H: The world will be destroyed if the Demon Lords descended into madness, right?

H: So Gaia should have summoned me in a village somewhere near the Demon World then!

H: That’s if he really wants to raise the chance of us meeting!!

B2: So why..!?


H: Why did Gaia let that guy to…

Sfx: Ugh…

B1: Reene…

H: Just what the heck is that Gaia thinking!?

H: Does he enjoy watching us panicking like we’re just a chess piece in a vast sandbox!?


H: Just why does he choose this roundabout way and fling everyone around?

H: Certainly, I still want to ask him to return me to my previous world…

H: However, right now, I also have a ton of things I want to say at him

B1; Please let me meet him

B2: Please let me meet Gaia, Noche

B3: I see, so that’s what you decided…


B1: However, I also want something from you

B2: No matter whether you return to your previous world or stay in this world…
I want you to know that sending a person to another world is not a simple magic that you can do it anytime
There are preparations that have to be made and you also have to wait for the suitable time.

B3: That’s why, will you gave me some of your time too until that time comes?

B4: Some of my time..?


B1: Yes
Of course, I won’t ask something impossible like taking your time forever. It’s just, I want you to make some time to stay at my side while you’re still in this world

B2: Err, yeah… sure..?

Sfx: Nod

B3: Then I will tell you about the details later

Sfx: Smile

Sfx: Pull

Sfx: Twirl


B1: This is..?

B2: As long as you have this, you can meet Gaia anytime you want

Sfx: Shine

B3: !

H: What’s this..? I feel like my consciousness is fading…

B4: Return her safely to me, Gaia


Sfx: Fwish

B1: I’ll hunt you down if you’re late even if it’s just for a second


B1: Where is this..?

Sfx: Looks around

B2: Wait…

B3: I know this place! This is..


B1: That’s right. This is Azul Forest

Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Turn

B2: The very first place where you began your little adventure

B3: Liliam!?


B1: Don’t tell me that “The Light Healer” is just a temporary persona whenever Gaia wants to travel incognito on the Earth!?

Sfx: Shudder

B2: No, no. That’s not quite right
I’m just borrowing this appearance from your memory to make things easier
BC: Ah…

B3: You will be overloaded with information if you see my true appearance after all

B4: Your brain won’t be able to process them all

B5: That’s why I use the most equivalent and suitable existence from your memory, but…

Sfx: Hmm…


B1: You sure don’t have that many friends, do you?

Sfx: Hahaha

SFx: Stab!

B2: But that’s entirely your fault, you know that!!
BC: Bu-Bu-Bu..!

B3: Sorry, sorry
BC: Ahahaha
BC: I guess it is

B4: …

B5: You’re reading my mind from the very start?
BC: Could it be that…

B6: Because it’s not something impossible in this place
BC: That’s right


B1: Oh, and just call me Gaia

Sfx: Sit

B2: And you don’t need any formal things here
Let’s just sit back and talk, shall we?
There are a lot of things you want to say and hear from me, right?

Sfx: Tap Tap

H: After that, Gaia answered all of my angry questions one by one promptly

H: About the Demon Lords’ role…

H: About the reason of the Demon Lords’ madness…

H: About why he can’t save the Demon Lords…

H: Just so he can keep the balance in this world so it won’t be too prosper nor too decayed…

H: And about how he left everything to the Fated Person to make it a little “fair”

B3: But I saved you to some extent, you see


H: In your case, it was a coincidence that the Güzerbahn kingdom wanted to summoned a person from another world, so I took an advantage of it to call you here

H: I’m sure if I let you reach The King of Güzerbahn, you wouldn’t be able to complete your mission. So I wanted to help you a little, but…

H: You shook yourself off from the Güzerbahn magicians’ hands before I could do anything and almost fell into the forest

H: So I sent the guys from Phantesma because I felt like they were going protect you while you’re here

B1: But I never thought you’re this tomboy… You kept going to dangerous places and getting kidnapped by dangerous people all the time…

Sfx: Ugh…

B2: However, you steadily searched for hints and finally arrived at the Demon Lord’s place

B3: That Purple Soul brat sure is fortunate


B1: Because you see, there are a lot of people who got distracted and never finished their mission

B2: I guess it’s because they can freely use magic that’s normally impossible to do in their previous world
Furthermore, the people from another world are able to use a lot of powerful magic and they aren’t tied by this sandbox world’s rules

Sfx: Zoom

B3: The books inside the library didn’t tell you much about the actual story, right?
Then I’ll show you, as I’m sure you’re curious about them too

B4: About the fates of your predecessors …

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