Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 33

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 33

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: My… predecessors..?

H: Chapter 33

B2: That’s right

B3: This child is the one I summoned as the Fated Person for the Demon Lord before Purple Soul’s time… In other words, He’s Amber’s Fated Person

H: Isn’t that the Demon Lord who ended up in madness more than 800 years ago..?

Sfx: Glance

H: Huh..? Wait…

H: Why does he look like another Japanese from my time even though he was summoned such a long time ago..?


B1: The flow of time in this world and your previous world is different
BC: As you guessed…

B2: He probably reacted just like me at that time…
BC: Giggle

B3: He absolutely loves “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, you see…
So much that he called himself “The Kong Ming of Mei High”

B4: And because he loved the Romance of the Three Kingdom simulation game, he received an ability that’s similar to that in this world


B1: So the power we get when we’re summoned to this world is related to our hobby and preferences, huh…

H: No wonder I could use Item Box that doesn’t even exist here and game-like magic in this world…

Sfx: Hee…

B2: I wonder what kind of power it is, since it’s based on a simulation game…

Sfx: Bzzzt


B1: He fell in love with a girl from a village not far from where he fell, and he lived a peaceful life with her while hiding his ability

B2: And he looks so happy, you know?
It never even crossed his mind to go back to his previous world

H: Eh..?

B3: That’s right

B4: And with that, Amber lost her* chance to meet him and descended into madness… And eventually killed him in an accident…
*TLN: I used him to call Amber back in chapter 30 for neutrality because the author never defines Amber’s gender. So unless Guy x Guy action is legal there, I guess Amber is a she then…

H: Oh, right… I was only able to meet with the Demon Lord because I kept searching for a way to return home…

B5: Next, we have Golden Dew’s Fated Person
It’s a rare case, where rather than Earth, this girl came from ※※※※ and finished her mission pretty smoothly


B1: So there are a lot of people who are summoned from Earth then?

B2: Or rather, you have summoned people from other worlds beside earth too..!?

B3: And most of them are Japanese, just like you
BC: That’s correct

B4: This “wish” of this Miniature Garden is similar to your Earth’s “wish”
And when a soul that’s suitable to become the Demon Lord’s place to rest appears, a lot of them are born on Earth

B5: And among that, most of them are born in Japan because the “Dragon Vein” there has a good affinity with me

H: She looks so happy…

H: I wonder how it feels to be brought to another world and marry a person from that world for several thousand years..?

H: Will I become like that too in the future..?


Sfx: Swish Swish Swish

B1: Wait, what am I thinking about!?

Sfx: Bzzzt

B2: Next is the child from Black Noble’s time
That Black Noble was fortunate enough, because even though his Fated Person has the same gender with him, their wives turned out to be sisters

B3: And those girls were helping him to support Black Noble’s mind

B4: The four of them were tied in tight bonds and Black Noble reigned in harmony for 7500 years

H: 7500!?


B1: And now we have Flame Petal, the 33rd Demon Lord…
The Fated Person in this age was truly pitiable…

B2: He took a long time to mature, and when he did and came to this world, Flame Petal was already on the verge of madness…

B3: Her familiars were in panic and even made an official statement in the Human Countries to bring any other worlders to them if they saw them

H: So being other worlder wasn’t a secret at that time… Then why didn’t they announce that they were searching for an another worlder this time..?

H: That’s the quickest way to do it, right?

B4: Flame Lotus was doing her best to hold out for several years, you know?
And then, when the another worlder was finally found and brought to Flame Lotus’ place…

Sfx: Phew


B1: What remained from him was just his head…

B2: Because the “safe and sound” part was missing from him during that several years
And Flame Lotus who saw that immediately descended into madness


B1: You’re wondering why this thing happened, right?

B2: Because at that time, a number of Name Presenting Rituals failed consecutively

B3: And with the world destruction cycle which occurred every several hundred years, people’s hearts grew impatient

B4: And after this incident, the Demon Race forbade themselves to talk about anything related to another worlders to Humans


B1: The previous Fated Person, from the 32nd Demon Lord’s age, was killing a lot of people with the power she received and got subjugated in the end

B2: The child before her, 31st Demon Lord’s Fated Person was thought to be the Son of Gaia because of his healing skill…

B3: He was brought to the Church and was never allowed to take a single step outside, letting the Demon Lord descend into madness in the end

H: This is… one of the future I might have end up with if I went with them…


B1: Next we have…
Have you had enough?
BC: What’s this?

B2: I was planning to bring you into this world, whether that summoning magic of Güzerbahn succeeded or not
BC: Well, in other words…

B3: Because that had been decided since the very moment you were born

B3: As proof…
You have never truly fallen in love with other children of human, have you?

B4: Summoning a soul means that tying that very soul to the world it was sent
So if you already had a loved one inside your heart, you wouldn’t be able to grow accustomed to any other world
That’s the reason, why all of the children which I plan to summon have literally little to zero love experience…

B5: Eeh..?

Sfx: Chatter Chatter

B6: Now that I think of it…


Sfx: Ah

B1: That Purple Soul brat is hurrying me up

H: It can’t be helped then…

B2: You want to know about what will happen after this, right?

B3: I have asked this very same question to each one of your predecessors

B4: Will you seal your Mana that has been awakened and return back home right now?
Or will you go back home AFTER you spent your lifespan in this world?

B5: Of course, I will return you to the very moment you got summoned with your appearance at that time intact, like nothing has ever happened

B6: However, in your case, there’s this little problem if you choose to seal your Mana and return back right now

Sfx: Eh..?


B1: Problem..?

B2: That’s right. And that problem is your Winged Dog

B3: You made a Familiar Contract with it, right?
And that contract has this particular rule, which it couldn’t be canceled before one of you dies

B4: In other words, if you go back to your previous world and seal your Mana…

B5: That Winged Dog will die


B1: No..!!

B2: You know that Winged Dog is using your Mana as food to survive, right? Then you should know that by sealing your own Mana, you’ll also cut your Winged Dog’s food supply, which leaves it no other future than death

B3: Then what? Are you proposing to return to your previous world with your mana intact?
That will bring you hardship too, you know? Because with your amount of Mana, it’s not that hard for you to live for more than 300 years

B4: But that would make your life very difficult in your own world, don’t you agree?


H: Certainly, in a modern Japan where family register is recorded in full detail, living 300 years in peace seems impossible..!

T: 2nd article 1st clause revision
[Fill if Married] Husband
January 1st
ishi Ward Yamada Town 2nd District 5-3
(Note to editor: please erase that lone日)

H: Besides, Noel is from the Demon Race, so it will definitely live longer than me…

H: At any rate, I’m going to let Noel die from lack of Mana whatever I choose..!

B1: How about this? I’ll even throw in the freebie of erasing your memory if you want to return right away

B2: Because I’m sure that Purple Soul Brat doesn’t want to see you who presented him with a name sad
That Winged Dog will still die, but at least you won’t be hurt this way

B3: No, I don’t want that!
Stop it!!

B4: Then…


B1: Just live in this world until your lifespan ends, simple right?

B2: If you do that, it’s possible for that Winged Dog of yours to search for another master after you leave

Sfx: Smile

B3: Just for 300 years.. Well, if it’s you, I’m not surprised if it could be longer than that though…

Sfx: Chuckle

B3: ?

B4: When your life here ends, I will return you to the exact moment when and where you got summoned, with your youth restored


B1: I was always concerned because I thought my family will be worried about me after my disappearance…

H: However, I have people I hold dear in this world now…

H: And I also met a person that could give me the sense of comfort that I had never felt before when I was still in Japan…

H: But if there’s a way I can spend a little bit longer in this world without making anyone worry, then…


T: However, for 300 years…

Sfx: Thud

H: The pressure is…

Sfx Uggh…

B1: It’s a pretty nice offer, don’t you think? Just take it as my thanks for coming here and completing your mission successfully
BC: Hey…

Sfx: Tremble

B2: I feel like you really want me to stay in this world, don’t you Gaia..?
BC: Somehow…
BC: You gave so many bonuses if I choose to stay after all…

B3: Because I do want you to stay
BC: Yeah

B4: Because The Demon Lord will be more stable if the Fated Person is together with him in this world after all

B5: Besides, a person from another world will become a good stimulus to this world’s progress
Just like a breath of fresh air from an Air Ionizer to prevent this world from going stagnant, I guess
BC: You guys really helped, you know…


B1: That’s also the very reason why I basically never forbid any another world summoning ritual

B2: However, I won’t let them summon an OP another worlder

B3: For example, to tell you the truth, that Güzerbahn summoning that brought you here was actually meant to summon a different child of human instead of you

B4 That child is an amazingly skilled programmer, capable of analyzing the magic circle used in this world…
And rewriting it to make a more powerful magic with it


B1: I deemed that she’s too dangerous to be brought in this world, so I stop her summoning…

B2: And hurriedly rerouted it to you, which I felt that you were mature enough to be summoned any time soon after

B3: Because I was really sure that civilization wouldn’t progress that much with your limited knowledge

Sfx: Stab

H: Well sorry then..!

H: For being an ordinary person which only got her knowledge about healing from TV shows..!!

B4: I mean, we’re talking about a world which only has The Demon Lord to support it single-handedly
It would be troublesome if the populace increased too much from excess development


B1: If… If I choose to stay in this world…Will I also stay at the Demon Lord’s side forever like my predecessors you just showed me..?

B2: Just like that Purple Soul brat told you, you just have to meet him whenever you want to meet, and that’s it
BC: Not quite…
BC: You can also choose to not meet him, you know?

B3: Just like your predecessors, you can always choose to be a sworn friend of his, like that same gendered Fated Person which became his familiar, and live together with him in peace…
Or maybe like another girl who felt something more than just “fate” with each other and became his soul mate, or in simpler terms, to marry him

B4: Of course, people who fell in love with someone other than the Demon Lord and made a happy family with them also existed

B5: Like the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”
BC: Not like I have any complaint with it though…

B6: However, you really have to steel yourself if you choose to be his familiar or bride, you know


B1: Because The Demon Lord’s familiar and/or bride will have the same lifespan as his
In other words, you will keep living as long as The Demon Lord doesn’t descend into madness

Sfx: Hmm…

B2: But then again, The Demon Lord’s condition is most stable when the Fated Person is beside him, so…

B3: You’ll probably live for 5.000 years, I presume

Sfx: Fiv-..!

B4: 5.000 years..!?


B1: A human’s mind isn’t made to withstand several thousand years of lifespan normally
BC: That’s right

B2: Especially if it’s you who were raised in a world where the average lifespan is not even 100 years. Heck it’ll even be hard for you to live for just 300 years

H: Ugh…

H: You’re right…

B3: So you better not choose to stay in this world because of some worthless sense of responsibility or because someone forced you to…
Choose what you really want, Reene…

B4: So…


B1: It’s time to decide, Reene…

B2: What do you really want to do?