Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 34

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 34

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: What do you really want to do?

B2: Will you stay in this world?

H: Chapter 34

B3: Or put an end to everything right here right now and return to your original world?

B4: If you stay in this world, you will live for around 300 years…
Well, you will probably start aging at that point, so i think you’re going to live for around 400 years in total…
BC: Ah, no…

B5: I…


H: I always thought that the flow of time here…

H: Went parallel with the one in my original world…

H: That’s why, even right now, I thought that I troubled everyone in my original world because I got missing all of a sudden…

T: Missing Person
(Note to pr and editor: Flyer at lighting pole)

H: That’s why, I had to go back home as soon as I could…

H: When your life here ends, I will return you to the exact moment when and where you got summoned, with your youth restored


H: This is a fantasy world similar to what I love from my childhood…

H: And the people in this world are friendly to me, even though they didn’t really know my background

H: I’m sure that it’s a really rare thing to be blessed with such kind people around me

H: Furthermore, I also have my healer work here…

H: In my original world, I don’t have any special talents whatsoever. I just randomly searched for a job and randomly lived my life…

H: However, the healer work here gives me some worth, some value to my life…

H: Aah, that’s right…

H: Seems like I already…

Sfx: Drip


H: Fell in love with this world before I realized it


B1: I’m really glad to hear that you love my creation, Reene

H: If it’s not really a matter whether I return right now, or wait until my life ends before I’m sent back, because he will send me to the same exact moment, then…

H: Let’s just try enjoying my life in this world..!


H: Let’s just take it easy!

H: I will only keep going around in circles if I over think about this!

H: I mean, we’re talking about me who could enjoy herself just fine after getting sent to another world alone!!

Sfx: Slap


B1: Seems like you have made your decision, eh?

B2: Yes

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B1: I will stay in this world


B1: I see, then I have a present for you

T: Skill [Obedience Contract Canceller] received

Sfx: Ping

B2: You will be able to nullify Obedience Contract with this

B3: Because I believe you will face a lot of kidnappers or assassins that are aiming for you in the future too
And if they are only forced to act against their will because of a contract, then you will be able to save them with this

B4: Ah… Thanks…

SFx: Smile

B5: Oh and while you’re at it…


B1: Can you please save Liliam too for me?

H: So Liliam was also bound by some kind of contract too..!?

B2: That child succeeded in preventing an epidemic that should have ravaged all of Phantesma before it happened…
BC: Well, no one besides me knows it because he prevented it before it happened though…

B3: So at least, I want him to lead a happy life in his last years…

B4: You see, Gaia Children are similar to The Demon Lord, something that is needed to maintain this world…
So please to help them, because I can’t do anything personally


B1: Humans are beings that were made to destroy the game balance in this world
So if you leave them alone, they’ll bring a revolutionary kind of advancement to the civilization
BC: You see…

B2: So to avoid that, I brought a great power called “Gaia’s Children” into the fray
For example, I usually sent “Healing Child” whenever there are epidemics or when the number of Humans drops rapidly

B3: On the other hand, the Demon Race can live a long life with their own power, and they basically hate changes…
So their civilization level won’t advance too rapidly, and I don’t have to send any Gaia’s Children there

B4: Really, Humanity is a very troublesome race, don’t you agree?

Sfx: Chuckle

B5: Whoa whoa!!

B6: !?
BC: Twitch


B1: Holy crap, that Purple Soul brat is at his limit! I have to send you back soon or he’ll come this way!
Well then, let’s meet again when your lifespan ends, alright!

Sfx: Clap

Sfx: Zoom

Sfx: What!?

Sfx: Zooom

B2: But I still have a lot of things that I want to ask you!!
BC: So quickly..!?

B3: Isn’t that fine?
It won’t be interesting if you know everything about the world where you live, right?

B4: The insatiable curiosity for the unknown is what makes Humans interesting after all!

B5: I’ll make that ring usable for one more time
BC: Oh, right!
BC: A big bonus from me!


B1: I’ll let you call me one more time when you really feel that you need to see me no matter what

Sfx: Float

B2: You’re going to live for a long time from now on. So use it carefully, alright?

B3: See you again!
And take a good care of that Purple Soul brat…

B4: Misuzu!

Sfx: Vooom

B5: Wai..!!


H: Didn’t he say that it’s Gaia’s fault that I can’t have a proper romance?

H: I still have a ton of complaints because he brought me here without my consent…

H: Things I want answers for…

H: Things I want to say too…

H: I still have a lot of them..!!

H: Sorry, our store is already closed

Sfx: Irresponsible

Sfx: Irittated


B1: Are you freaking kidding me!!?

Sfx: Stop

Sfx: Eh..?

B2: Err… Uhmm…
BC: So you’re here too, Noel…


B1: I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart…

B2: Did Gaia do something to you?

B3: It was just in the middle of our talk when he suddenly sent me back…
BC: No…

B4: I’m glad you’re alright
So how was your talk with Gaia?
BC: I see…

B5: What…

B6: What will you do…
From this point on..?


Sfx: Grip

B1: I decided to stay in this world

B2: Gaia said that he will return me to my original world after my life here ends after all

B3: I see…


B1: Reene…

B2: Sorry for making you worry too, Noel…

B3: We’re going to be together until death parts us…
I’m sure I’m going to die before you, so when that time comes, you will definitely meet another good master for you

Sfx: Shake Head

B4: But I want Reene…

Sfx: Flap

B5: Do you remember about my request to you before I sent you to where Gaia is?

B6: About how you want my time, righ-…
BC: Yes…


B1: Yes, and I’ll use that time to make you fall for me

Sfx: Tada!

Sfx: Wait, what..?

Sfx: Drip Drip


Sfx: Stare…

Sfx: Panicky

B1: N-N-Noche… san..? What do you mean by…

B2: I promise that I won’t hope for more and wait patiently before you accept me entirely
BC: Don’t worry…

B3: And if you say that you want to return when your life here ends, then I will definitely send you back

B4: 400 hundred years is just a fleeting moment for me
So I am planning to use all that time to seduce you to become my wife

B5: That Purple Soul brat is hurrying me…

B6: Because I want you to be my soul mate, to be my wife and stay by my side forever

B7: Just… Just what is this Demon Lord saying..!?
A soul mate..?

B8: However, you really have to steel yourself if you choose to be his familiar or bride, you know


Sfx: Shock

B1: You’ll probably live for 5.000 years, I presume

B2: Even if you told me to become your soul mate, I can’t really take everything in so suddenly

B3: And I just made a big life decision to live for 400 years no longer than 10 minutes ago… Now you want me to make another right away!?

H: Besides…


B1: A wife..?

B2: Does that mean that he wants to marry me..!?

T: Before she has time to worry about her increased lifespan
A big wall has now appeared

B3: How should I know how to feel about that thing..!!

H: Ugh, why did you have to put a weird limitation on me, Gaia!!

Sfx: Uwaaaaaaah!!

T: No real love experience in the 22 years she has lived


B1: You have never truly fallen in love with other children of human, have you?

H: That’s right…

H: It felt so natural that I would have never realized it if Gaia didn’t tell me that…

H: But in my original world, I have never had a crush nor fallen in love with other people


H: I had a boyfriend before when I was still at school, even if it was just for appearances

H: I liked him as a friend, but unfortunately, it never blossomed into love

H: In the end, nothing occurred…

H: And my love experience is still 0, like it was before…

H: And what such a person should do…

Sfx: Shudder

H: In a situation like this..!?