Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 35

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 35

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: So what do you think? Will you accept me, Reene?

H: Chapter 35

Sfx: Drip Drip

H: In another world…


H: I’m being seduced by the Demon Lord to become his wife…

H: Just how did all of these happen..!?

H: Even though I have sometimes met him inside my dreams for a while now, but to think that a guy that I just met for a day in real life suddenly says…

B1: Become my wife

Sfx: Bam!

B2: How should I react to that!?


H: In the first place…

H: Gaia made it so I can’t fall in love with other people from my original world so he could summon me here..!

B1: In other words…
A girl with no love experience!

B2: I can’t think any smart response when a guy directly flirts with me like this!

H: Furthermore, becoming the Demon Lord’s wife means that I will live for several thousand years just like him, right?

H: I’m not sure I can tell him that it’s too much for me…


H: I mean I just took one of the biggest decisions in my life to receive that 400 years extra lifespan not too long ago… So everything is just overwhelming to me…

B1: Reene?

Sfx: Fwip

B2: Sorry, I was just a bit confused about all of this…
BC: So-…

B3: Back where I lived before…
BC: Err, how should I say this…

B4: You normally start as friends first, then step up to become boyfriend…
And after going out for a while, then you finally start to consider about marriage or whatnot…
BC: So I was really surprised

B5: I don’t think that is the main problem here, but…
BC: Anyways, that’s normally the way for two people to get close to each other, right?


B1: What is “boyfriend”?

B2: It didn’t get translated..?
BC: They don’t have that concept here..?

B3: It’s what we call lovers in my world
BC: Err…

H: Hmm…

B4: I see…

B5: Then it means that I’m going to make you my boyfriend, right?

SFx: Cheerful

Sfx: Collapse

B6: Boyfriend is only reserved for the guy…
In other words, you are the boyfriend here, Noche
BC: That’s not right…


B1: I see…
So I am your boyfriend, huh…

B2: Oh crap!!

B3: Doesn’t this indirectly confirm him as my boyfriend then!?

Sfx: Panicky

B4: Not like that…
BC: Err…


B1: Then what should I do to become your boyfriend?

Sfx: Serious

B2: Oh God, why did i make an important person like him talk about stupid things with an overly serious face…

B3: Err, let’s start as normal friends first, and then you will become a boyfriend in time, I think!

B4: I don’t want to be just friends
BC: Decisively

B5: Err…
And after you confessed your love, then you will become a boyfriend at that moment, I guess..?

H: I’m not really sure myself either though


B1: I love you, Reene

B2: And I don’t want you to leave my side

B3: There, I confessed my love
With this, I am your boyfriend now, right Reene?

B4: Eeeh…

B5: What? I still missed something? Hmm, this “boyfriend” matter sure is complicated…

Sfx: Panic Panic

B6: Should I seduce you again from the start?

B7: Or perhaps, I have to kiss you first before I can be your boyfriend?

B8: Wai-…


B1: Wait a second here!!

Sfx: Stand

B2: It’s not like I’m an expert about this or anything , but..! Don’t you like, have to take a little bit more time for this kind of thing!?
Or am I wrong!?

B3: Calm down, Reene
You are undeniably my Fated Person
BC: Calm…

B4: Know that just by having you by my side makes my mind more stable than anything

B5: So please, don’t take this precious time away from me…


H: I’m sure what Noche really wants is just the stability of his mind, not me…

H: Just like how you can sleep more peacefully with your favorite pillow…

H: Something that will bring you peace of mind by just being there. Nothing more, nothing less

H: “The Demon Lord will be more stable if the Fated Person is together with him in this world”

H: So I don’t think there is any love or affection in there…


B1: Noche, I also like being enveloped in your arms, you know?

B2: That really calms me down, more than anything else

B3: I don’t even hate it when you kiss me, though you really surprised me with that

B4: But I’m sure this is just because our souls are bound by this Fated Person thing

H: To bring peace of mind unconditionally…

H: Even though we don’t really know each other that well…


B1: Furthermore, you have been enduring everything in these past 800 years all by yourself

B2: So I’m sure there will be another Fated Person that will bring you a bigger peace of mind compared to me in the future

B3: And please believe me, when I say that I don’t hate you Noche, not at all
That’s why, I’m planning to make some time to meet with you while I’m still in this world if you want it

B4: Then…


B1: However, if you just want something like that, we could just meet again later, just like this

B2: [A being who can stabilize The Demon Lord’s mind]…
As one who was chosen to be the Fated Person…

B3: Reene…

B4: So, I’m really sorry that I can’t meet your expectation, Noche…

B5: What he loves is not my “personality”, but just my “soul”

B6: I’m sure at this rate, if I keep believing myself as your lover, Noche…

B7: I will probably be unable to put up with it anymore in the future


B1: …Forgive me
Please let me take my wooing words I offered you just now back

Sfx: Kneel

B2: Please let me redo it

B3: Noche..?

H: Ah…

H: Did I hurt his feelings?

B4: Everything you said is correct

B5: Humans will perish in a few hundred years if I leave them alone
And I sure don’t want that to happen to you, so I got impatient and did everything that crossed my mind to make you stay at my side

B6: I was too preoccupied with securing the Fated Person’s safety, without even considering your own feelings even once…
But now, I want to ask you this, Reene


B1: Demon Lord is a being that everyone follows with no exception

B2: And I was born to be that very being, the Demon Lord

B3: And the only one who can say this absolute Demon Lord is wrong is you, and only you

B4: Not because of your titles, but you personally

B5: You can just tell everything in your mind to me, not as The Demon Lord, but just as plain “Noche”…

B6: And I don’t care if you think that I’m weird or something


B1: That’s why, as I thought, I still want your time, Reene
Even if it’s just to talk about trivial things like this

B2: Just like our time at the Tree of Origin inside the dream

B3: Just as a single man…

B4: And a single woman in front of him


B1: I understand

B2: However, Reene…


B1: I still want to be your boyfriend at least

Sfx: Collapse

H: Then what was that long speech all about?

B2: Of course, I won’t ask for something more if you don’t like it

B3: Because even so, I still want to be someone special inside your heart after all


B1: Something special to Reene Kanzack, not anybody else

H: Both of us are amateurs in this, and don’t even understand what “love” is

Sfx: Fwip


H: But to start as someone that is more than just friends?

H: I think that might be just right for us right now

B1: I still can’t say if I will be your soul mate or not, but…


B1: As your boyfriend…

B2: And as your girlfriend…

B3: Please treat me well


B1: …
And forgive me for not saying this earlier…

B2: But I still have one more thing to apologize to you

Sfx: Voom

B3: This is..!!