Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 36

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 36

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 36

B1: This is..!


B1: Mamoru-kun..!!

Sfx: Crack

B2: Oh right, at that time…

B3: Wait…


H: But that’s all my fortune!!!

Sfx: Shocked…

B1: It was broken because it couldn’t endure the full force of my Mana
BC: Forgive me

H: It’s okay…
It’s okay…

Sfx: Zoom

B2: I don’t know if this is enough to compensate for it, but…


B1: A diamond…
BC: And it’s way bigger than mine…

Sfx: Fwip

B2: I will personally make the replacement for you
What kind of magic did you engrave inside this magic tool?

B3: Uhm…

Sfx: Rustle

B4: I think I left my memo inside my item box, didn’t I…

B5: I wrote them all here

Sfx: Flap

T: Storing (Max MP Value 2000)
User Limitation (Personal Recognition)
Prevent Subordination, Obedience, Charm Magic or Skills
Anti Nullify Magic
Auto Heal (Sleep, Paralysis, Poison
Can heal injury too!!)
Can see other Magic Items’ status
Defensive Layer (For Magic and Physical attacks)
Automatic Repair if it breaks


B6: Hee…


B1: Was that a dimensional pocket?
But humans shouldn’t be able to use any Space Elemental magic though…
BC: As I thought, people from another world sure are interesting

B2: You realized it? Even though no one has ever found me out before…
BC: Ah
BC: I even blurred it out by pretending to take something out from my clothes

B3: Ones who wield Space Elemental magic are able to detect any space distortion around them, so we’ll realize it in no time

Sfx: Sulk

B4: I guess I shouldn’t use this skill in front of any Demon Race big shots then…

H: …Wait

Sfx: Clap

B5: You can use Space Elemental magic right, Noche?
To tell you the truth, there was this magic that I couldn’t engrave inside this magic tool when I made it…

T: Return to owner when separated too far
(can’t do it)

B6: So…

Sfx: Excited

Sfx: Stareee

B7: I understand


Sfx: Tada!

B1: Waaaaah..!

B2: Thank you very much!!

B3: I was the one who broke it in the first place after all
BC: It’s nothing

B4: But you did add [Return to owner after moving apart by certain distance], didn’t you?
I definitely can’t do that, so I’m very grateful to you!!

B5: Or rather, overall, it’s several grades better than the magic I engraved before!!

Sfx: Stare

B6: …

Sfx: Chuckle


B1: Reene, the Eight Dukes will have an audience with me in the afternoon
So will you tell me more about your stories before that?

B2: Like what kind of the world you lived before…
The one you said doesn’t have any kind of magic but what was it, science? instead

B3: If it’s about that…
I have this thing which I brought with me from my original world…

Sfx: Rustle Rustle

B4: This is…

B4: A smartphone


B1: A glass… plate..?

Sfx: Stare

B2: What is this thing used for?

B3: Hmm, let’s see…
You can listen to music and take a picture with this thing

Sfx: Very Interested

B4: Would you want to try to listen to some music?

Sfx: Serious

B5: Yes


B1: The sounds will come out from here, so please put it on your ear
BC: Oh, and be careful with the volume, okay?

B2: Are you sure this is not a magic tool?

B3: It’s powered with something called electricity after all
BC: Yes

B4: Interesting…
And didn’t you say that you can take a picture with this?

B5: Then excuse me

Sfx: Dingaling ♪

B6: It can create an elaborate picture like this in an instant..!?
BC: Is this the true power of another worlder!?

B7: It’s more like making a copy of what this thing saw and show it rather than creating it from scratch to be exact
BC: No no no


B1: My King, it’s about time

B2: Gaarv, huh…

Sfx: Voom

B3: As much as it pains me to say this, it’s time for us to part

B4: Imagine a place you want to return
I will escort you personally

B5: Eh?

B6: Come on, you don’t have to trouble yourself like escorting me personally, you know, No-…

H: So you have become much closer to His Majesty behind my back, huh?


B1: I am the one who wants to escort you, is that not good?

B2: Err, then…
You can send me back to the Blue Knight Corps’ building in Cortea
BC: That’s where I was before teleported here anyways

B3: Then I will contact those guys in Cortea

Sfx: Stare

Sfx: !?

Sfx: Twitch

B4: What’s this, Gaarv? You don’t believe in me, your own king?

Sfx: Chuckle

B5: Surely you jest

B6: Err, what was that?


B1: Even though you were really mad when I unintentionally hurt Reene?

Sfx: Ugh…

B2: Gaarv-san…

H: You really are a nice person, even though your face is scary…

B3: Well then Milord, excuse me to go to tell the people in Cortea now…
BC: Ahem!

B4: So see you later at the audience, My King

Sfx: Swish

B5: You’re going to work as a healer at Gaarv’s town too, right?

B6: Yes
BC: Probably

B7: Then send me a word whenever you come to the Demon World
Of course, I will also come over to wherever you are whenever you call me
I still want to chat with you after all


B1: Seems like Gaarv has already finished notifying the humans…

B2: So imagine the place where you want to return, Reene…


Sfx: Opening eye…

B1: Re…

B2: Reene!!

B3: Reene is back!!

B4: Even Kumon is here!!
BC: Whoa!

B5: I heard that you’re coming back just when I was about to start my training…
BC: I was so surprised when I heard that you went to the Demon World

B6: By the way…


B1: Who…
Is that guy..?

SFx: Swish

B2: Err, Noche? You can let me go anytime now…

Sfx: Fwip

B3: No can do

B4: Looking at your appearance, you must be a high ranking Demon Race, am I right?
BC: Excuse me…

B5: Noche-dono, was it? Can you exp-…

Sfx: Draw near…


B1: My name is Reene’s and Reene’s only

B2: It’s not something you puny humans can utter so easily!!

B3: Noche…

Sfx: Squeeze

B4: Pardon my rudeness…
But, what should we call you then?

Sfx: Twitch


B1: Call me “Boyfriend”!!

Sfx: Bam!!

B2: Boy…

B3: Friend..!?
BC: What the heck is that!?


B1: No, that’s wrong!!

B2: I am your boyfriend, aren’t I?
BC: Why?

B3: Err, how should I explain this… “Boyfriend” is not a name you call others, but, err…
Argh! Anyway, it’s not a name, okay!

Sfx: Cheer up

B4: So it’s a special name only for me, right?
BC: I see!

B5: Then just call me Purple Soul

Sfx: Turn


H: Demon Lord = This era’s name =  Purple Soul

B1: …Reeeeene…

Sfx: Eeeep


B1: Noche! Thank you for escorting me back!
But I’m really okay now!
BC: No-..!

H: I see

B2: Call my name if something happens to you
I will rush to your place whenever you call me, I promise

B3: You are my soul mate. I will make sure to kill everyone who dares to hurt you
You have my word for it

Sfx: Glare

Sfx: Shudder

B4: Well then

Sfx: Aah…

Sfx: Swish


Sfx: Silent

B1: Uhm…
I’m back..?
BC: Err…

Sfx: Smile

B2: Really, you…
BC: Sigh…

B3: Just what have you done this time..?

B4: So?
I heard that The Demon Lord appeared inside this castle, why did that happened?

T: Interrogation Starts

B5: Well, of course it will end up like this…


B1: Err, to explain it simply, The Demon Lord’s…

B2: Ugh!?

SFx: Open Mouth

B3: What’s wrong, Reene!?

B4: I can’t say anything about the Fated Person or the Name Presenting Ritual..!?
Why can’t I say anything about those particular keywords!?
Ugh, I’m almost certain that irresponsible God is behind this!!
BC: Of course I can’t let you say something that will throw this world’s order into disarray

B5: I’m really sorry, but it seems like there are a lot of things that I can’t say…
Anyway, I had an audience with the Demon Lord…
And then, he sent me to where Gaia is and we had a little chat there

Sfx: Shudder

B6: Did you say…
You met… Gaia..?

Sfx: Nod


H: Oh, that’s right…

H: He is the one and only God in this world after all…

H: So it’s a pretty big deal to be able to meet him directly…

B1: I talked with Gaia…

B2: And it has been decided that I will stay in this world until my lifespan ends…
After my time here ends, Gaia will send me back to my original world, or so he said…

B3: That’s why…

B4: I want to continue my life just like before if possible

B5: Well, that’s the best we can ask, but…


B1: I also heard that The Demon Lord called you his soul mate or something from Vaan and the others
Does this mean that The Demon Castle is welcoming you with open arms?

B2: He probably only said that to protect my safety
And I don’t think he wants me to live there right away either
BC: I don’t think so…

B3: We decided to spend more time getting to know about each other first…
Besides, he is able to use teleportation magic, so I don’t think it matters much to him where I live though…

B4: To think that you returned while bringing back a topic about your marriage with the Demon Race…
BC: Sigh…

B5: Do you really understand how troublesome this matter is?


B1: I heard that Demon Race is really prone to jealousy

B2: So marrying a Demon Race is not that easy

B3: To think that a little girl like you will marry a Demon Race member…
And it’s the very Demon Lord himself to boot…
BC: He’s right…

Sfx: Ugh…

T: Age difference = Just like Grandpa and his granddaughter

B4: It’s marriage, you know!? Do you really understand what that means!!?

B5: Of course I know…
BC: Of…


B1: Of course even I know that it’s impossible for me to marry right away!!
Human lifespan is just like a fleeting moment to the Demon Race, that’s why, he also told me to take my time and think about it
BC: Geez!

H: Is that true?

B2: Well, if it doesn’t really change our situation right now, then it’s good

B3: Besides, it’s really convenient for us if our country can get closer with the Demon World with this golden chance…

B4: As expected from His Highness…
He never breaks out of his character…

B5: Listen…
I expect you to never forget this no matter what


B1: Demon Race are tender hearted creatures

B2: They will never leave their soul mate’s side once they’ve decided on their life partner
And when you become their soul mate, you will also receive their several thousand years lifespan too

B3: And I can assure you, living for a long time doesn’t always mean good things for you

Sfx: Grip

B4: Yes
I will think about everything thoroughly, Your Highness


B1: I mean, I have a whole 400 years to think after all

B2: Oh, and I guess you will need a house soon if you decided to settle in Cortea


B1: I’ll arrange it for you now

B2: Eeh!?

B3: I feel really bad if I even rely on you for that, Your Highness…

B4: it’s fine
Your name has become really famous now
So you’ll bother your neighbors if we keep assigning guards to your inn

B5: Either way, you’re going to need it after you’re done with your healing in the castle anyways

B6: It’s a little bit boorish building located near our Headquarters, but…
Our Blue Knights will always be nearby to guard you, and Kumon is living there too, so it’s pretty safe in my opinion

B7: Kumon is there too?

B8: Well, we can’t treat him as an outsider after all this time, can we?
So we thought that it’s probably better to guard you together with him, just in case

B9: But well, because of that, it’s probably really messy in there though!
BC: Perhaps it will feels more like lodging house rather than a residence?


B1: I guess I won’t be lonely there with that many people around
BC: Giggle

H: One of my problems has been solved now…

H: That’s why…

H: Can you please save Liliam too for me?

H: What I need to do next is…