Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 37

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 37

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: My name is Kanzaki Misuzu, and I’m just a normal game otaku college student who lives in Japan peacefully

H: Chapter 37

B2: However, one day, all of a sudden several “hands” appeared before me and dragged me to an unknown world!

B3: After that, things happened, and I thought that the king of Güzerbahn, a neighboring country of Phantesma Kingdom where I stay now, summoned me to this world because of his self-interest…


B1: However, I found out later that it was actually this world’s God, “Gaia” who summoned me here

H: ← Gaia who used Liliam’s appearance

B2: And then, I finally got to know the true reason of why I was summoned here…

B3: After I finished my mission, The Demon Lord let me meet Gaia, and we chatted for a while…
Then, in the end of our meeting…


H: Can you please save Liliam too for me?

B1: Gaia asked me for a favor

B2: Sigh…

B3: I don’t think he will punish me or anything if I don’t do it…
But I’m also worried about Liliam

B4: The Light Healer, Liliam


B1: Different from me, he’s a genuine “Gaia’s Child”

B2: I heard that he has godly healing skills or something, however, the church never lets him go free

B3: Even though he has already lived for 200 years, his conduct is just like that of a child
It’s as if he’s never known about anything other than the church

B4: No. It’s more like…

B5: If you get any more corrupted than this, your “purification time” will be longer, you know?

B6: They intentionally made him that way

B7: But then again, “help” him, huh…
I can’t see this ending well…

B8: And at one certain day…

B9: Eh?


B1: You want me to accompany you to go to the Royal Capital, Your Highness..!?

B2: That’s right

B3: You are the Demon Lord’s soul mate candidate

B4: There’s no way I’ll let someone as important as that live her life as a peasant, right?
That’s why, you’re going to receive a court rank from the royal family

B5: And by the time you become his wife…

B6: We will DEFINITELY send you
As one of the “Phantesma’s Nobles”

B7: Uwaah, that’s one cunning businessman face you have there, Your Highness…


B1: But to live as a noble, huh…

Sfx: Imagining…

Sfx: Rumble rumble

H: I’m still hungry…

H: It’s hard to move in this dress…

Sfx: Awkward movement

B2: Isn’t it impossible for me?

B3: Even though you’re going to be a noble, it’s just a one generation title without any territory. Just think of it as an honorary title
BC: Don’t look so anxious

B4: However, you’re social status will be strengthened by doing that…

B5: So just obediently accept it for now

B6: I-I see…

B7: Certainly…


B1: A Peasant who does as she pleases with the Royal Family and has a lot of backing behind her?
Surely there’re not many who know how to deal with someone like that

B2: You will receive your court rank directly from his Majesty
Besides, I also have to report what just happened here to His Majesty soon anyways

B3: I can go to where Liliam is if I go to the Royal capital, right? This is probably a chance to do that favor…
BC: Oh, right!

B4: Let’s go

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B1: To the Royal Capital


Sfx: Shudder


B1: That’s right…

B2: Long story short, I’m at the Royal Capital…

B3: And I’m…

B4: In a parade right now!!


B1: I should have known

B2: With the Black Healer, who’s also a Gaia’s child and The Black Envoy, Noel in one place…

B3: Of course we can’t just go to the Royal Capital, go to the ceremony, and go home just like that!

H: Ahaha…


B1: Anyways, the parade has ended without any trouble

H: You must be tired, Noel

B2: Well, I only have to wave my hand after all. Besides, I’ve already did it once

B3: However, for the Ennoble Ceremony…

B4: Looks like it’s not as easy as I originally thought
It is much bigger than what I imagined

B5: Nice to meet you, Black Healer-sama
My name is Tosvan, The Chief of Protocol

B6: I’m the one who is responsible about ceremonies and rituals inside this castle
It’s really a pleasure to meet you

Sfx: Bow

B7: Likewise


B1: First of all, I need you to understand this, Black Healer-sama
Ennoble Ceremony is a really important ceremony

Sfx: Draw Near

Sfx: Twitch

B2: Where every single movement has a predetermined etiquette rule that has to be followed precisely

B3: That’s why, please be very careful with how you act
Because I can’t guarantee you won’t be charged with disrespecting the King if you fail this ceremony

Sfx: Eeeep!

B4: Black Healer-sama is a very important person who’s definitely needed in this Gaia’s Miniature Garden
BC: But then again…


B1: However… However that’s also why…
I hope you can understand what I’m worrying about, Black Healer-sama

B2: !

H: That’s right, in fact, there’s no human, not even the human kings, who can punish me right now

H: However, that’s also why I must not fail

H: Because I’m sure people who don’t like me will train me sloppily or even try to make me fail intentionally

H: Even His Highness Leon-sama…

H: No…

H: Every single person in the Royal Family and the Nobles who agreed to my Ennoble Ceremony will be shamed if I fail


B1: I will do my best!
Please teach me well!!

B2: After that, I really worked extra hard to learn, and…


B1: The Black Healer, Reene Kanzack

Sfx: Creak

B2: Finally, it’s time

B3: The distance I can get near to the king is different, depending on the court rank

B4: I’m going to be a “Baroness”, so…

T: King
Baron    ←Here

Sfx: Stop

B5: I can’t go pass here


Sfx: Flutter

Sfx: Nervously…

B1: In the name of Maximillian Von Beckerath Barre Phantesma of the Phantesma Kingdom

B2: I grant Reene Kanzack the title of Baron from this moment on

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B1: So once again…

Sfx: Smile

T: Maximillian Von Beckerath Barre Phantesma                  The West’s Sun
Race: Human      Age: 211              Job: Phantasme Kingdom’s King
HP 999/999
MP 399/414
Skill: Intimidation*
Condition: □□□
TLN: Sorry if I’m wrong, it’s too blurry to read

B2: I applaud you for coming, Black Healer-dono

B3: Let me introduce myself once again, My name is Reene Kanzack
It’s really a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness

B4: Amazing…
It’s my second time seeing a human with their HP stat maxed…


B1: So that’s the Black Envoy, huh! I see, what a divine creature it is..!
BC: Ooh!

Sfx: Smug face

B2: Its name is Noel, Your Majesty. It’s from a very intelligent race called Winged Dog, so you don’t have to worry about it going on a rampage or something

B3: You must be tired from the ceremony
BC: Now
BC: Sit down

B4: Don’t worry, I have already heard about you from Leon


B1: I’m sure that you have a lot in your plate, but don’t forget that you’re without doubt our Phantesma’s “Daughter of Gaia”
So I really want you to keep supporting the people of our beloved Phantesma Kingdom

Sfx: Hmm…

B2: So he is His Highness Leon-sama’s older brother, huh…
But somehow…

B3: He really looks like someone who came out from an Otome Game!!
BC: He’s really perfect for the cool guy trope!

B4: However…

B5: The fact that I can’t welcome you as one of my concubines…
It’s really unfortunate…

B6: Even what he says is just like a line from an Otome Game!!
BC: Or more like, what are he saying all of a sudden!?
Are all nobles like this!?


B1: Aniue…
TLN: Archaic japanese way to call older brother

Sfx: Sigh…

B2: Al…
Your joke is not funny

B3: Eh? He was joking? Or was he serious?

B4: Well, that’s how it is in the noble community
You never know what’s the real meaning behind every small talk we make
You’ll fall into their trap if you carelessly listen to them

B5: What’s so surprising about it, after all this time?
You already know that there are a lot of people who want you, right?
BC: Besides…

B6: Just like the exalted Royal Families…

B7: And the Church


B1: Aniue…

B2: We all know that the Light Healer is “already like that”
So I’m sure that even a fool can see that they’re considering to extend their claw around you next, don’t you agree?

H: Uwaaah… I have a very bad feeling about this…

Sfx: Shine


B1: Hey, Bernier…

B2: What is it, Child of Gaia-sama?

B3: I heard something from the maids
It seems that the Black Healer came to this Royal Capital and had a parade to welcome her, right?

H: I wonder, how long has it been since someone called my name..?

B4: Liliam!!

Sfx: Twitch

B5: Even though the outside world is full with filths which is a poison for us, The Gaia’s Children…
She truly is a hard-headed fool to choose to stay in the outside world

H: But…

H: That woman…


B1: I honestly think that you really need to see and play at various places in the outside world, then think about it deeply by yourself…
That can’t be called freedom at all!!

H: Is she really that filthy..?


B1: That girl…

Sfx: Sway

B2: What’s wrong, Child of Gaia-sama? But you don’t have to worry, I’ll make sure that we will save the Black Healer soon
BC: Aah…

B3: That’s why, Child of Gaia-sama …

Sfx: Fwip

B4: Just rest for now


H: Huh..?

H: What…

H: What was I thinking about..?

Sfx: Sway

H: Oh well…

H: I’m too sleepy right now…

Sfx: Collapse