Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 38

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 38

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: We all know that the Light Healer is “already like that”
So I’m sure that even a fool can see that they’re considering to extend their claw around you next, don’t you agree?

H: Chapter 38

B2: “Already like that”..?

B3: What do you mea -..!


B1: I mean, could you tell me what do you mean by that..?
BC: Gasp

B2: The Church is holding a lot of power in this world

B3: Before, Royal Capital Church’s High Priest, Bernia claimed that “Gaia’s Children who can use Healing Technique belong to The Church”

B4: And was really aggressive in his approach to take me into the Church


B1: However…

B2: When I went to another branch of Church, they didn’t do anything to me

H: Instead, they even welcomed me favorably

H: Perhaps Bernia is just a part of a radical faction inside the church…

H: Or so I thought, but the difference in their commitment is too creepy for me

H: Gulp


B1: A little while ago, the people couldn’t receive The Light Healer’s healing even if they went to the Church

B2: That’s why, to find out about his current condition, we summoned him under the pretext of healing the Royal Family. However, the Church even refused that summon

B3: “Light Healer-sama is currently recuperating from an illness, so in consideration of the Royal Family members’ health, we are afraid that the Light Healer can’t attend this summon”
Or so they said…

Sfx: Hmph

B4: I wonder what kind of illness can struck this kingdom’s top healer anyways


B1: The Light Healer is probably just entrapped inside the effect of the High Priest’s [The Power of Words]

B2: And that’s the case too with the unnatural “illness” this time

Sfx: Rattle

B3: Then why can’t we go and save him right away?
He’s Phantesma Kingdom’s precious [The Son of Gaia], right!?

B4: It’s not that simple. The Light Healer is the Church’s property
As long as The Light Healer doesn’t express his wish to be liberated himself, we of the Royal Family can’t make any moves on him

B5: But..!


B1: As long as we can prove that the Light Healer is actually well and wasn’t affected with any kind of illness whatsoever, we can take The Church’s words as a deception against Royal Family…
Thus giving us a chance to move
BC: Now, calm down…

B2: However, “we, the Royal Family” cannot interfere in this matter
Because even if we go to the Church, we won’t gain anything but alert them instead

Sfx; Gulp…

B3: Aniue…

Sfx: Sigh…

B4: Even though he looks and acts like a child, we were in his care in our childhood, you know? But well…


B1: The Light Healer’s healing only lasts for a moment though. It’s so fast that it will end even before you can finish saying anything
As he can heal any kind of disease just by saying “Get healed” after all

B2: Wait, just that simple!?
BC: It’s so different with mine

B3: …And it’s not like we have any special relationship with him, but for more than 200 years, The Light Healer has become the symbol of hope for the people of Phantesma Kingdom

B4: And we still haven’t repaid that debt to him


B1: I really thank you so much for giving me your time
I learned a lot today

Sfx: Bow

B2: Reene

B3: The Royal Capital is a truly nice place. So “take your time” to enjoy the view


B1: Yes
Thank you very much for the suggestion

B2: It was very tiring, wasn’t it?

B3: …It really was
BC: I have enough of that for my whole lifetime now…


B1: The jokes weren’t really funny though…
BC: Like asking me to be his concubine all of a sudden…

H: Uggh…

B2: Ah, that, huh… That’s just one of the Crown Prince’s joke, but… It was also his way to make you relax, I think

B3: That was his attempt to make me relax!?

B4: Because you seemed to be troubled with your relationship with The Demon Lord

Sfx: Ugh…

B5: How can I say this… Err, it’s like I don’t know what I should do because my circumstances drastically changed all of a sudden…
BC: Well it’s true that I’m troubled, but…

B6: You told me that you hate to be my concubine in the Royal Family before, right?

B7: And why is that?

B8: Eh?


B1: Well…
If a mere full breed peasant like me suddenly became one of the nobles in one night, I would have some trouble living between other Nobles who have a long history in their families. Besides, I bet my money that the other Nobles will definitely pick on me. And because I became a concubine through a political marriage to preserve the Royal Family’s blood, I will always be hurried to give birth to a heir. And after I give birth to a heir, then this time my child will be involved in some successor trouble and…
BC: Err…

B2: Ok, that’s enough
BC: Ah…
BC: I understand your point now

B3: You sure are knowledgeable about how Noble society works for a mere full breed peasant, aren’t you…

B4: Well, I did enjoy a lot of manga and historical drama after all…

B5: However, each one of the reasons you just mentioned…
Would not be a problem for you if you become the Demon Queen

Sfx: Huh?


B1: I don’t know how much you already know about this, but…

B2: Demon Lord is a being that was born from The Tree of Origin
In other words, Demon Lord’s child would never be able to become the next Demon Lord, so there won’t be any successor trouble with your children

B3: Moreover, the perquisite to stand in the center of the Demon folks is whether they can use Space Elemental Magic or not
So even though they have a very high pride in their race, they would not fuss over something that’s related to their own power, like social status for example

B4: To begin with, I doubt there will be any Demon folk who dares to go against The Demon Lord’s decision, as he’s the one who stands on the top of all Demon folk in the first place

B5: But well… like what I was saying before…


B1: Their love is very heavy

Sfx: Twitch

B2: Ugh…

B3: And it’s unthinkable for them to take a concubine like Humans

B4: I heard that the previous Demon Lord did take concubines and didn’t have a soul mate, but…
He is a very rare case between the Demon folks
They are content as long as they have their soul mate

B5: So, take as much time as you need to think about it. You have 400 years to think after all…
But I can assure you that he’s not a bad match for you Reene


H: As a “Gaia’s Child”, perhaps I already lost my freedom to marry other people because of love…

H: And marrying a Demon Lord is just an outrageous idea for me

H: But it’s way better compared to marrying the nobles here

B1: And I think His Highness is trying to tell me that

B2: But it’s damn hard to understand!!!

Sfx; Arrrgh!!


B1: I’m sure if it’s that person, he would be a great husband for you, you know?

B2: Can’t you just say it like that!?
BC: Sigh, the nobles sure love their roundabout way of talking!

B3: Anyways, you don’t have to mind the Crown Prince’s words that much
Including his proposal about making you his concubine

B4: And about the Light Healer too…


B1: While it’s true that we’re worried about the Light Healer, remember that the most important person for us right now is you
That’s why…

Sfx: Shake head

B2: No…

H: I’ve always thought about it…

H: Liliam is just like my future if I wasn’t blessed with good natured people when I arrived here…

H: And I’m sure that I will regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t rescue Liliam

H: I want him to know more about the outside world

H: And I have more reason to do so now because I have already decided to live my life in this world


B1: I will save Liliam

B2: Several days later
Royal Capital’s Church


H: Excuse me!

Sfx: Bam

B1: Ooh, Black Healer-sama! It really is an honor to have you here

B2: We were really surprised when you decided to contact us that day

Sfx: Bow

B3: Sorry that it’s so sudden

B4: By the way… About the meeting with The Light Healer that I requested before…


B1: We are very sorry, but Light Healer-sama is still not in his top condition
So I’m afraid he can’t meet anyone until he recovers…

Sfx: Ugh…

B2: Then what about Ber-… I mean the High Priest?

B3: Once again, we’re truly sorry to inform you this, but the High Priest has already left for an outing earlier…

B4: …

B5: …

B6: What should I do now!? He deflected all of my requests right after I finished saying them!!

B7: If you don’t mind, shall I give you a tour inside the Church?
I’m sure the disciples would be happy with you here!
BC: Ah…


B1: Ah, y-yes!

B2: Please do!

B3: Then this way

Sfx: Whisper

B4: Whoa…


B1: It’s so spacious..!


B1: This is our Prayer Hall. The current Phantesma King built it for us to commemorate his 50 years of reign

B2: And this is our Throne room…

Sfx: Creak

B3: Whoa!!

B4: Could it be, that is…

B5: Correct!


B1: It’s the statue of our true God, Gaia!

Sfx: Tada!

H: What?

B2: Huh?


B1: You’re allowing people to climb up there..?

B2: That’s where our altar is
Furthermore, you can have the luxury to experience how the lands looks like through Gaia’s eyes up there, you know?
BC: But of course!

B3: His eyes, huh… They seem to be closed from here though… I wonder how they made it…

Sfx: Excited

B4: The view from up there is really great, you know?
Do you want to go?

B5: Have you seen it yourself, Cyan-san?

B6: I lived in the Royal Capital before I was assigned to Cortea following His Highness, so I have seen it several times before
BC: Yes


B1: Then I want to go!
BC: Hee…

B2: Of course, then this way

H: We can go to the Miniature Garden if we go this way through His arm

Sfx: Wheeze…

B3: A-Are we there yet..?
BC: Ugh…

B4: It’s a narrow pathway from this point on, and it’s a one straight road to the Gaia’s Eyes
BC: Yes

B5: However, Gaia’s Eyes is a sacred place and only one person at a time can go there, so I’m afraid I’ll have your guard to wait here

B6: I guess you’ll be okay, as it’s only a simple straight path
But please be careful


B1: So they have several layers of curtains on the way…
BC: This is interesting…

H: But the pathway feels awfully long because they make it so narrow…

B2: It’s bright over there. I guess that’s where the eyes are…
BC: Ah!

B3: Ooooh!

B4: They look like they are made from the same material as the outer wall from outside, but now that I got a good look, they turned out to be gray stained glasses…
What great craftsmanship…

B5: Whoa! Amazing! It feels like seeing the lands from God’s line of sight!

Sfx: Excited


B1: Create Item, Colored Glasses
BC: Whisper

Sfx: Equip

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

B2: Look!
The people look like garbag-…

B3: Hey

Sfx: Loose

B4: Uwaaaaah!!


B1: Liliam…