Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 42(fixed page 8)

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 42

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B1: Say what!? Noche destroyed Güzerbahn Castle..!?

H: Chapter 42

B2: Since our spies also lost their life in this incident
B2b: We still don’t have all of the details about what really happened there, but…

B3: Most likely…


B1: Uhm… Will I get in trouble for this..?

B2: I’m just here to tell you about the news, Reene-sama, since I think it will be very noisy in the next few days. Ah, but Reene-sama shouldn’t be worried about it and please rest properly
BC: Ah, no

Sfx: Clack

H: So the dream I saw just now…

H: Wasn’t really a dream…

H: And that feeling…

H: I’ve never felt something that strong in my whole life, but most likely, it was…

H: Anger


H: Could it be that the reason why I could see that vivid destruction in real time was because…

H: I was connected to Noche somehow..?

H: But if that’s the case, then why did Noche feel that much anger towards Güzerbahn?

Sfx: Fwooosh

Sfx: Bwoooooosh!!

B1: Gaarv-san..?


B1: Looking at your face…

B2: Seems like you did connect to His Majesty…
B2b: Just as I feared, huh…

B3: Then, it really was Noche..!?

B4: But why would Noche do something that would kill a lot of people like that!?

B5: Reene…

B6: Sorry… It’s probably Noel’s fault…

Sfx: Whimper

B7: Noel..?


B1: Why are you apologizing to me, Noel?
BC: What’s with you all of a sudden?

Sfx: Fluff

B2: Yesterday, when the Demon Lord touched Noel, His Majesty also saw some of Noel’s memories…

B3: His Majesty probably worried about how nervous Reene was at that time

B4: And the memory that His Majesty saw was, the time when that Güzerbahn guy abused Reene…


B1: Well, your incident with Güzerbahn actually happened just before the Name Presenting Ritual became a very big problem

B2: So I haven’t had any time to inform His Majesty about the details, but to think that he would find out about it this way…

B3: In any case, right now…
B3b: You are His Majesty’s soulmate candidate

B4: Even if you haven’t done the ceremony with His Majesty…


B1: It still doesn’t change the fact that to His Majesty, you’re still his one and only wife-to-be

B2: …

B3: But, if by any chance, something happened to you, then I won’t hesitate to erase the whole Royal Capital from the map

B4: Don’t say something scary like it’s nothing!

H: So he wasn’t joking around when he said that…


B1: I think His Majesty destroyed Güzerbahn Castle to make it an example

B2: So that they would understand that no matter who they are…
B2b: “The Demon Lord will definitely destroy you if you dare to harm the Black Healer”

H: Even though I still can’t forgive them for hurting me…

Sfx: Grip

H: But to kill countless unrelated people just to avenge me like this is just…

B3: I doubt that the humans would understand it, but that’s just how important our soulmate is to us Demonfolks

B4: Even I would never forgive anyone who dared to hurt my Milly


H: Seems like I still thought too light of having him as my boyfriend…

H: Even though Noche already told me countless times that he finally found me after searching like crazy for a very long time…

H: Even though he also told me how precious I am to him…

B1: I should have known that this relationship is not the same as with a normal lover on earth!!


H: Even after His Highness Leon-sama warned me about how hard it is to have a relationship with a Demonfolk…

H: And he even sighed heavily at that time

B1: To think that you returned while bringing back a topic about your marriage with a Demonfolk…
BC: Sigh…

H: I can’t be the same indecisive me any longer

H: I have to change. Because right now, a lot of people can lose their lives in an instant with just a single word from me

B2: Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about this matter and be more careful in the future

B3: Besides, it’s all Güzerbahn King’s fault for making the wrong choice in the first place


Sfx: Phew…

B1: By the way, Milly said she’s going to visit you in a few days

B2: O-Okay..?
BC: Eh?

B3: I can only see things from the Demonfolk’s perspective

B4: But if it’s Milly, who mingles with humans in daily basis
B4b: She probably can understands human feelings more than me

B5: I mean, Milly was the one who worried about you the most with this matter
B5b: …That’s why I told her that I would go and see if you’re alright

H: Aren’t you worried about her too, Dear!?

H: I’m sure that she’s really distressed about this right now!!

Sfx: Weep


B1: So, just say everything that you’re troubled with to her then
B1b: Perhaps she could even give you an advice or two about your relationship with His Majesty

B2: Thank you very much!!
BC: Ah..!


B1: That was… Duke Gaarv’s Mana?
B1b: Geez, the humans are just exaggerating too much about this

B2: I mean, His Majesty only punished them for messing with his favorite human, no more

B3: But to think that even the people near His Majesty would also..!

Sfx: Grit!

B4: Just what in the world do they see in that plain and boorish little girl anyway?


B1: Reene-sama!

B2: Milly-san!

B3: I’m so glad you’re alright, milady!

Sfx: Yay

B4: I was really worried that you would condemn yourself too much over this matter…


B1: It still hasn’t really hit home for me, but I’m going to reconsider about everything slowly for now
BC: I’m really sorry for making you worry…

B2: And I hope that Milly-san can give me an advice or two about things…

B3: Of course, Milady. I will help you as much as I can
BC: Oh my

Sfx: Clack

B4: I see…


B1: So in short, Reene-sama is currently worried because you have different sense of values with His Highness, right?

B2: Mildly put, yeah, pretty much…
BC: Err…

B3: In the country I was raised at in my previous world, murdering another person is a very serious matter for us

B4: And I sure never had any experience of having someone around me murdering other people…


Sfx: Grip

B1: That’s why, I just can’t fathom it…
B1b: When a very close person to me murdered a castle full of people for my sake…

B2: I don’t know anymore, just how I should act next time I meet Noche

H: Because I would probably…

H: Blame him to no end if I met him right now…


B1: And to make things worse, a lot of people have already warned me about the possibilities of something like this happening…

B2: kill everyone who dares to hurt you
B2b: You have my word for it
(Note to ts: check chapter 36 page 20 b3 for reference)

B3: Do you really understand how troublesome this matter is?

B4: And when I think that I was part of the reason for this incident…
B4b: I just don’t know what I should do from now on anymore…

B5: Reene-sama…

B6: About this whole Güzerbahn incident
B6b: I don’t think there is any reason for you to blame yourself, Reene-sama
BC: First…

B7: It was just the result of that man’s poor choice as the King who reigned over that country


B1: And as a wife of one of the Eight Dukes, who also have my own territory to rule…
B1b: I’d say that it’s completely that man’s fault for those people who died in the castle, not you Reene-sama

B2: Even if we didn’t know that Reene-sama was the person that His Majesty was looking for at that time…
B2b: Hurting a person who has a connection with a High Demonfolk like me is just something I can’t forgive
BC: In my opinion

B3: Come to think of it, they said that Demonfolks are similar to natural disasters when they saved me, didn’t they?
BC: Oh right…

H: I mean, Gaarv-san did go on a rampage in that castle at that time

B4: Besides, I honestly think that you feel guilt because you’re too kind for your own good, Reene-sama
BC: Giggle


B1: Thank you, Milly-san
B1b: I feel a bit better after hearing that

B2: Oh and can I ask you something, Milly-san?

B3: Of course! What is it?

B4: Err, how does it feel to be someone’s, uhh… “soulmate”..?

Sfx: Astonished

B5: You already did the ceremony as Gaarv-san’s soulmate, right, Milly-san?
BC: Eh!?
BC: Am I wrong!?

H: I’m so sorry!

B6: I am his soulmate
B6b: Well, we only did the soulmate ceremony recently though
BC: That’s right

B7: And it was all thanks to you, Reene-sama
B7b: So it felt a bit weird when you asked

B8: Me!?


B1: Because Gaarv asked me to wait until The Demon Lord’s fated person appeared
BC: That’s right

H: Seriously!?

B2: Besides…
B2b: When I met Reene-sama for the first time…
B2c: You cured me from my disease, right?

B3: To tell you the truth, all of the healers in Demon World had already given up on me at that time

B4: They even said that all I could do was counting the days before the Grim Reaper came for me

B5: That’s why, I thought that making an oath to live together forever
B5b: Just to leave Gaarv alone soon after is only going to grieve him further

B6: Humans will perish in a few hundred years if I leave them alone
B6b: And I sure don’t want that to happen to you, so I got impatient and did everything that crossed my mind to make you stay at my side
(Note to ts: Check chapter 35, page 14 b5 for reference)


B1: And you solved both of our problems without breaking a sweat
B1b: Really, we spouses just can’t feel indebted enough to you
BC: Giggle

B2: By the way…

B3: What will you do if someone who you thought to be your soulmate suddenly left you
B3b: Even though he’s perfectly healthy, Milly-san?

B4: That’s…
BC: Oh my…

B5: If he’s someone I’m deeply in love with, then I think I will send him away if he really wants to leave
B5b: Because I want to always be seen as an elegant woman in front of my love

B6: Or at least that’s what my sense of reason says


B1: If I can be completely honest, I want to be by his side, no matter what

B2: Or rather, if I have the power to do so, I won’t even let him leave me, even if I have to resort to forceful methods

B3: Because I always want to be with him

Sfx: Shudder


Sfx: Gasp!

B1: As you can see, that’s Demonfolk’s bad trait
B1b: We aren’t really interested in other people, but in return, when we hold someone dear, we just can’t stop at all
BC: I’m really sorry

Sfx: Aahh…

B2: It was really gross for a human, right?

B3: Ahh, I’m so embarrassed!

B4: There’s nothing you should be embarrassed about!
BC: No

B5: I mean, even I can tell from that just how much Milly-san really loves Gaarv-san

Sfx: Phew…

Sfx: Kyaa!

B6: So how do you feel after becoming his soulmate?
B6b: Did something change inside you?

B7: Hmm, let’s see… I can feel that my connection with Gaarv became stronger than before

B8: It’s like, I just can feel Gaarv’s presence no matter where I am
B8b: Well, there aren’t any evident physical changes like increased mana though


B1: But, how should I put this… I feel like my heart is always… satisfied

Sfx: Kyaaa!

B2: But in any case, I’m just a late bloomer who never really experienced love before…
BC: That’s pretty amazing…

B3: Well, part of it was Gaia’s fault, but…

H: I just can’t picture myself doing that

Sfx: Whooosh

B4: But we Demonfolks are not really different, you know?
B4b: I mean, it’s really rare for us to love several people in our whole life
B4c: Even I have never fallen in love before I met Gaarv
BC: Oh my

B5: Then what should I do to become your boyfriend?

B6: I-I see…


B1: Basically, we only love one person throughout our whole life
B1b: Well, there are a few exception though…

B2: Like the previous Demon Lord, King Amber for example

B3: He had a harem

B4: He had a harem!?

H: Demonfolks never cheat

H: They are the ideal marriage partners!!

H: Your Highness, you liar!!

B5: Actually, King Amber was an extremely rare case of Demonfolk
BC: Well…

B6: He unfortunately never met someone he loved so much to be his soulmate
B6b: But seems like there was a really smart girl who had been near him since he was young


B1: In the end, even though she never became his soulmate, she was still able to fill The King’s heart with affection from the women around him

H: Now that she mentioned it, Amber King didn’t fall into madness for more than 1000 years even though Gaia said that there wasn’t any Name Presenting Ritual held

H: Then even if I’m not here, Noche can still rule with peace as long as he has a harem, rig-…

Sfx: Wahahaha

Sfx: Irk…

B2; Huh..?

B3: Did I just feel… jealous..?


B1: Just what does it mean to love someone, I wonder…

Sfx: Sulk

B2: Reene-sama?

B3: Anyway, I’m sure that Reene-sama and His Majesty were destined to meet from a long time ago
B3b: I believe it will come to you naturally someday. So don’t get impatient, and try to understand each other little by little

B4: And try to enjoy how your love grows slowly but steadily

B5: I mean, that was the case with me and Gaar-…

Sfx: Grin

Sfx: Gasp


Sfx: Kyaaa!

B1: But…
B1b: I guess you’re right

B2: Rather than worrying about it to no end by myself…
B2b: Perhaps it’s better to try to talk about it with Noche

B3: Yes
B3b: I believe so


Sfx: Clack

Sfx: Inhale

B1: Noche, are you here?


Sfx: Fwooosh


B1: Reene…