Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu. Chapter 14

Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu. Chapter 14

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Isekai desu ga mamono saibai wo shiteimasu 14


Page 1

P1B1: One month since the cooking tournament ended…

P1B2: Woaah~!!

P2B1: Looks so good~!!

P2sfx: Drool

P3B1: I’ve been told there’s chefs from all different continents here!

P4B1: Amazing~!

P4B2: It’s on a scale that makes it hard to believe we’re inside a ship!


Page 2


Title: Chapter 14 Netzach Continent


Page 3

Title: Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai wo Shiteimasu


Page 4


P1B1: Brooo! There’s some good-looking stuff over here too!

P2B1: Ooooh!

P3B1: Oooohhh!!

P4B1: Sui…

P4B2: Sui… Bear with it for now, we have a lunch reservation already…

P4B2: Sui~…

P5B1: Let’s come back after we eat.

P5B2: Sui


Page 5


P1B1: Would have been nice if Lily could walk around with us too.

P1B2: Seems like she’s still exhausted, so she can’t now.

P1B2sm: Had that Leva battle and everything

P2B1: She said herself that she’s almost back to her usual self.

P2B2: So, let’s all look around together then.


Page 6

P1B1sm: Woah

P1B1: Bro! There’s a weird monster skipping over the ocean!!

P2B1: Seamerman, it’s tasty as tempura.

P3B1: Katharina-san!!

P3B2: I was tired of waiting and ended up coming to get you guys.


Page 7

P1B1: How’s the boat ride? Not meeting any inconveniences?

P1B2asm: No way!

P1B2a: It’s delightful!

P1B2b: Sorry to trouble you to send out a boat just for us!

P2B1sm: Not at all

P2B1: It just so happens there was one scheduled for Netzach.

P2B2: It’s just crazy that such a luxury cruise ship like this is your personal property!

P3B1a: Really? This is the fastest of the ships I own, but it’s tiny.

P3B1b: I was worried it might be uncomfortable riding on it.

P4B1: Wooooah, this is a smaller one!?

P4B2: Now, over here.


Page 8

P1B1: There are lots of restaurants on this ship!

P1B2: I am a chef after all.

P2B1: I gathered them to also study cuisine I haven’t seen before.

P2B2: It’s amazing you could implement that ideal this far…

P3B1: Oh?


Page 9

P1B1: Captain!

P1B2sm: Hey

P1B2: If it ain’t Katharina-sama.

P2B1: What are you doing here?

P2B2: I was about to bring along a guest.

P3B1: Then you’re that Monster Cultivator!

P3B2: I’m Kyou. I’ll be in your care until Netzach!!

P4B1: For you, I’ll even take monsters as fare!

P4out: Gahaha

P5B1: I’ll be seeing you!

P5out: Be at ease here

P5B2: Thanks!

P6B1: Then, shall we also go get lunch?

P6out: Yaay


Page 10

P1B1: Wine braised Armor clam

P1B2: and soy boiled bread fish.


Page 11

P1B1: As well as mini kraken sashimi.

P1B2: I gave it my all in making them.

P1B2sm: try them!

P2B1: Thanks for the food!


Page 12

P3B1: The fat on the flesh of the soy boiled bread fish makes it just fall apart, making it superb!

P3B2: Right?

P4B1: This is also thanks to your Soy Sauce.

P4B2: Competing with you in the cooking tournament has pushed me up to new heights.


Page 13

P2B1a: This wine braised armor clam too.

P2B1b: The sweetness of the flesh is accentuated being so tender, it’s the best!

P3B1: Now, this one next.

P4B1: This is made from the powder of a monster called red corn that was boiled,

P4B2: by mixing it with oil and salt then frying it flat.

P5B1: You stuff in the soy boil…

P5B1sm: try it


Page 14

P1B1: Mmmm~~

P1B2: The flavorful shell and soy boil pair well!

P2B1a: You’d get bored of only have strongly flavored dishes all by themselves, right?

P2B1b: You change the flavor like this when that happens.

P2out: You were told that during the tournament…

P3B1: This soy boil seems like it’d pair well with Strawn.

P3B1sm: gotta write that down~


Page 15

P1B1: Strawn? Would it be good if there was some?

P2B1a: Yeah.

P2B1b: The flavor of Strawn and soy boil make the perfect match, keeps the seconds coming~

P3B1: How do you come up with such surprising ideas?

P3B2: Trade secret☆

P4B1: I really am glad that you let me accompany you on this trip to expand my horizons!

P4B1sm: They say you learn by example!

P4B2: I don’t remember agreeing to that though…


Page 16

P1B1a: It’s just like this soy sauce used in this breadfish soy boil.

P1B1b: I’ve used salts, alcohols, and even monster fluids as coloring agents…

P2B1a: But I never knew condiments required so much time and effort.

P2B1b: From now on, my realm of cuisine will certainly expand after enough trial and error.

P3B1a: I’m certain you’ll be able to do it.

P3B1b: In such a short time, I can’t believe that you were able to make this soy sauce

P3B2: with such a pleasant aroma and spicy aftertaste different from what I used in the tournament!


Page 17

P1B1a: I’m impressed you realized it!

P1B1b: While the soy sauce was fermenting,

P1B2: I added in the strongly aromatic ruby plant and yellow plant then let it mature.

P2B1a: This is simple for any gourmand noble or chef, including me,

P2B1b: if they get serious.

P2out1: Be careful, Kyou-sama~

P2out2: hahaha…

P3B1: But… Only a month to ferment and mature?

P3out: That’s not food Vern.

P4B1: Huhuhu, “Trade Secret” ☆

P4B2: Of course…


Page 18

P1B1: Haaaaa!

P1B2: Delicious!

P2B1: Sui!

P2B2: Eek

P2B3: Urk

P3B1a: Sui~~~ it’s dangerous to suddenly dive like that.

P3B1b: Dora-chan got scared too.


Page 19

P1B1: Sui.

P2B1sm: huhuhu

P2B1: Thanks Sui-chan.

P2B2: I’m okay.


Page 20

P1B1a: As it will still be a bit until Netzach,

P1B1b: kick back and relax.


Page 21

P1B1a: I still find it hard to believe

P1B1b: that this jewel is a Sephirothic seed

P1B1c: and is a supporting pillar for the world’s life…

P2B1: I wonder if I’ll be given the world tree seed if I go to Netzach…

P3B1: The king of the Netzach territory is the Heroic Emperor Rustam.

P4B1: Well, at the conference of the six great heroes,

P4B2: he spoke the most positively about you then…


Page 22

P1B1a: While he may not be a tough customer,

P1B1b: he should at least be willing to listen if another hero, such as myself, goes as well.

P2B1: but, how you earn his trust afterwards will depend on you…

P3B1: There are currently only four trees of life left.

P3B2: The world will collapse with how they’re going, Sui too…


Page 23

P1B1: I’m the only one who can grow this seed.

P1B2: I won’t give up.

P2O1: If I stop the destruction, then I’ll be exalted

P2O2: and can continue farming in peace and quiet!

P3B1: That’s right…

P3B2a: If that’s true, then as one of those who cut down those trees of life,

P3B2b: I have a responsibility to assist you.


Page 24

P1B1: I’ll follow you till the end.

P1B2: Use me as you wish!

P2B1a: … I see, then I’ll do just that☆

P2B1b: you’ll be able to snatch some ideas if you’re with me as well.

P3B1s: Ahahah

P3B1: That’s right. You got me there.


Page 25

P1B1: Sui~~!

P2B1: What is it Sui? You’ll help too?

P2B2: Sui!

P3B1: If it helps, I’ll also do anything for Master’s sake!!

P3B2: Squee!!

P4B1: Me too, for bro I’ll sacrifice this body of mine, yeah?

P4B2: So why not partake of my hea-

P4B3: Thanks everyone!


Page 26

P4O1: You can eat it any time.

P4O2: How many times are you going to say that?

P2B1: The rip current changed…?


Page 30

P1B1: W-What?

P2B1: That was shocking, what was that just now!?

P4B1: Is everyone alright!?

P4B2: Lily!

P4B2s: You okay!?

P5B1: Let’s go to the Captain!


Page 31

P1B1: Hurry, Hurry!

P1B2: Brace for a steep turn!

P2B1: Captain!

P2B2: What’s happening!?

P3B1: Something troubling appeared in our path.

P3B1: we’re just evading it!

P4B1: Troubling…?

P4B2: That’s!?


Page 32

P1B1: A whirlpool!?