Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten Chapter 1

Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten Chapter 1

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Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten 1


page 1

Title :

1st train

Hamburger for the one who overslept

p1bx1a : Thank you very much

p1bx1b : For using our service today!

p3bx1 : To all dear passengers, we have a waiting room where you can relax and enjoy your time

p4bx1 : Just beside the ticket gate.

p4 sfx : *Creak*


page 2

Bottom right letters :

Train Menu Schedule

1st train

Hamburger for the one who overslept

2nd train

Kids’ lunch set for adults

3rd train

The long awaited Fried Ebi Donburi

4th train

Dessert for the beautiful lady of the first class car

A Stopover

5th train

Hamburger Set for the gem scammer

Souvenir Coupon Doki-Doki Taste


page 3

p1bx1 : The café “*Tsubame” will be awaiting your visit.

*TLN : Literally means “Swallow Bird”


page 4

p1bx1 : We have prepared these delicious foods and coffee for you there.

p1bx2 : So please, By all means, stop by and visit our café.

p2 sfx top : *Batabatabatabata*

p2 other sfx : *Clank*


page 5

p1b1 : Next stop is Mino Oota.

p1bx1 : On my way back to Nagoya

p1 sfxs : *Clank*

p2bx1 : The only thing that I can remember is…

p2b1a : Yuu… Are you sleeping?

p2b1b : Maybe… I’ll sleep… a bit too…

p2 sfx thick letters : *Tap*

p2 sfx thin letters : *Clank* *Clank*

p3 sfx thick letters : *Fuaaahh*

p3 sfx thin letters : *Clank*

p4 sfx : *Clank* *Clank*

p5bx1 : A sudden violent shaking accompanied by a sharp screeching sound of the train’s wheels

p5 sfx : *Kiiiiiiiiii*

p6 sfx : *Shuppo*

p7bx1 : And the sound of the train’s whistle that had changed.

p7bx2 : And then,

p7 sfx biggest letters : *Phoooo*

p7 sfx black letters : *Pyon*

p7 sfx white letters : *Shuppo*


page 6

p1bx1 : When I opened my eyes, my precious someone

p1bx2 : Had transformed into a cat.


page 7

p1b1 : Uwaa!!

p1b2 : Wh-what?

p1bx1 : To be more precise, she had turned into a little girl with cat ears.

p2b1 : Nya?

p3bx1 : It’s strange, although she looks different, I can say for sure that she’s Yuu,

p3bx2 : And for some reason, I feel very calm being around her.

p3b1a : Uhmm…

p3b1b : You’re… Yuu, right?

p4b1 : Dear sir, we’ve arrived at our final stop.

p4b2 : Whoa!!

p4 sfx top : *Knock knock*

p4 sfx bottom : *Startled*

p5b1 : We’re very sorry.

p5b2 : We’ll be getting off now.

p5bx1 : But…

p5 sfx : *Step*

p6bx1 : That wasn’t all.

p6bx2 : There were more things that surprised us.


page 8

p1b1a : Am I dreaming…?

p1b1b : This certainly isn’t Nagoya…

p1bx1 : Train conductors with animal ears…

p1 sfx top right : *Pyoko*

p1 sfx top left : *Pyon*

p1 sfx left : *Shuuuuu*

p2b1 : Newspaper anyone?

p2 sfx : *Lean*

p3 sfx right : *Haaah*

p3 sfx left : *Pomf*

p4b1 : Nyaa…

p5b1 : I’m sorry Yuu, but don’t worry.

p6bx1a : My brain just can’t catch up with what’s going on.

p6bx1b : Were we just transported to a different world…?

p6 sfx : *Gyuu*

p7b1 : Excuse me, is there anything wrong?


page 9

p1b1a : I’m the station master of this Harper Town Station.

p1b1b : Dear sir, is there a problem?

p1b2 : Nyaa!!

p1 sfx : *Dooon*

p1 sfx bottom : *Startled*

p2b1a : Ah…

p2b1b : Umm…

p2b1c : Well..

p3b1 : This might sound weird to you but…

p3 sfx : *Slide*

p4b1 : What is this place?

p5b1 : Excuse me but, may I ask your name?

p5b1 letters : I see

p6b1a : Ah, of course.

p6b1b : My name is Kurogane Takumi.

p7b1a : And…

p7b1b : This girl is…


page 10

p1b1 : Nyaachi is Nyaachi ~nya.

p1 sfx : *Pop out*

p2bx1 : 1 year later

p2 sfx : *Phoooo*

p3b1a : Thank you very much

p3b1b : For using our service today.

p3 sfx : *Preet*

p4 sfx : *Clap*

p5 sfx : *hustle* *bustle*

p6b1 : Dear passengers, thank you very much for staying with us on your long journey!!

p6 sfx : *hustle* *bustle*


page 11

p1bx1 : Thanks to the station master’s kindness,

p1bx2 : We’re now working in Harper Town station, which is the last station on the Rozes-Harper line.

p2b1 : Excuse me, may I check your ticket?

p2b2a : Good day to you, Takumi.

p2b2b : Fufufu, as always, you look so manly in that uniform.

p2bx1a : People with animal characteristics known as [Ajin] and humans are living together in this world.

p2bx1b : It feels as if I’m inside a picture book here.

p3b1 : Please stop teasing me, madam.

p3b2a : Oi, Takumi. What a surprise.

p3b2b : I see they finally let you work as the Station Master’s Substitute…

p3b2c : That’s quite a promotion you got there, congratulations!!

p4b1 : Thank you very much, Gustav-san!!

p4 sfx : *Grab*

p5b1 : Anyway, can you let me in to do the regular check for a bit there?

p5 sfx : *Pushuuuuu*


page 12

p1bx1 : There still aren’t many people that use trains, since it’s more expensive than using a carriage,

p1bx2 : And since there’s still no electricity or natural gas, we use firewood and coal instead.

p1bx3 : It’s as if we’re living in my previous world after turning back time 150 years.

p2b1a : Although this place can be described more or less as [Classic], somehow I can communicate with the people here without any trouble.

p2b1b : The flow of time here is also similar to my previous world.

p2b1c : So I feel no discomfort whatsoever.

p2 small letters right : Rail is all good

p2 small letters left : Passengers are all good

p3b1a : This sunset scene from the home platform is a real luxury.

p3b1b : Everything went well today too.

p3b1c : No problem at all.

p3b2 : Alright!!

p4b1 : That’s everything…

p5b1 : Hm?


page 13

p1b1 : I’ve made a big blunder this time…

p2 sfx bottom right : *Startled*

p2 sfx : *Wobble*

p3 sfx : Ahem

p4b1 : Uhm,

p4b2 : Excuse me miss, is there anything wrong?

p4 sfx right : *Wave* *Wave*

p4 sfx left : *Shudder*

p5b1 : Byaaaaaa!!

p6b1 : Wait, Wait!!

p6 sfx right : *Dash*

p6 sfx left : *Grab*


page 14

p1b1 : Hiiiii, I’m sowwy.

p1b2 : I I I… I was sleeping and passed by my stop…

p1 sfx : *Hieeeee*

p2b1 : This is actually my first time using the train.

p2 sfx : *Slump*

p3b1a : I was so worried about whether I can fit in at my new home.

p3b1b : It made me so nervous that I couldn’t sleep last night,

p3b1c : And so I fell asleep on the train before I knew it…

p3b2a : This… This…

p3b2b : This means that I just rode the train without paying, right?

p3 sfx : *Trembling*

p4b1 : Uhmm, madam, please calm down.

p4 sfx : Uwaaannn

p4 sfx small letters : *Wave* *wave*

p5b1 : It’s not a problem since it wasn’t intentional.

p5b2a : We’ll make sure you get to your station and…

p5b2b : We won’t charge you any money for it, so there’s no need to worry.

p5b2c : After all, delivering our passengers to their respective destinations is our duty as train conductors.

p5 sfx : *Hic* *Sob* *Hic*


page 15

p1b1 : But…

p1b2a : Unfortunately our last train for today has left the station,

p1b2b : So you will need to wait until tomorrow morning.

p2b1 : I… I see…

p3 sfx right : *Squeeze*

p3 sfx left : *Stand*

p4b1a : Ex- Excuse me but…

p4b1b : Ca- can you please let me stay here until tomorrow morning?

p4b1c : Actually… I didn’t bring any money with me, so…

p5 sfx : *Guuuuuu*

p6b1 : Tha- that was really embarrassing…

p6b2 : Stupid me!! I feel like digging a hole and hiding inside it!!

p6 sfx : *Blush*

p7b1a : I’m very sorry, but there’s no way I can leave a passenger alone on the home platform…

p7b1b : But…

p7 sfx : *Puff*


page 16

p1b1 : If you’re okay with it, how about staying in my home for tonight?

p1b2 : There’s actually a café inside the station,

p2b1 : And we’re currently living on the second floor of that café.

p2 sfx : *Tap* *Tap*

p3b1 : A “café”?

p3b2 : Yes.

p3 sfx : *Clink*

p4b1 : I’m also working as the master of this café.

p4b2a : I can only whip up something simple for now but…

p4b2b : Would you be so kind as to have a taste of the in-station café food?

p4 sfx : *Rustle*

p5 sfx : *Creak*


page 17

p2b1 : Welcome to the café, “Tsubame”.

p2b2 : Master!! Welcome back ~nya!!

p3b1 : Umyaa?!

p3 sfx : *Slide*

p4 sfx : *Dash*

p5 sfx : *Dooong*


page 18

p1 letters right : I wonder, what is this “café”?

p1 letters left : It has this feeling of fashionable and antique and the interior is also wonderful…

p1b1a : For master to bring a customer this late…

p1b1b : It’s very rare ~nya

p2b1 : Is this place a restaurant?

p2 sfx thin letters : *Peek*

p2 sfx thick letters : *Look around*

p3b1a : Welcome and Good evening ~nya.

p3b1b :  Nyaachi is Nyaachi ~nya.

p3b2 : *Startled*

p3b3 : !?

p3 sfx : *Pop out*

p4b1a : Nyaachi, that’s bad manners.

p4b1b : I’m sorry that she surprised you.

p4b1c : Ah, right.

p4b2 : She’s Nyaachi. She lives together with me and is a staff member of this café.

p4 sfx  right : *Rub* *Rub*

p4 letters above nyaachi : Uyaaaan <3

p5b1a : Ah!

p5b1b : I… I…

p5b2 : I’m Natolle Gerald.


page 19

p1b1a : I’m really sorry to trouble you today,

p1b1b : And I even troubled your lover too.

p1 sfx : *Hah!!*

p2b1a : Nyaachi-

p2b1b : Is a wife ~nya…

p2b2a : Nya-

p2b2b : Nya-

p2b2c : Nyaachi,

p2 sfx : *Fidget* *Fidget*

p3b1a : Natolle will be staying here for tonight,

p3b1b : S-so can you please show her to her room on the second floor?

p3b2a : I-

p3b2b : I-

p3b2c : I understand, this way!

p3 sfx : *Flustered*

p4b1 : Did I say something strange…

p4b2 : Ah!! my stomach started growling again once I calmed down…!!!

p4 sfx : *Guuuu*

p5b1 : Alright then,

p6b1 : What should I make?


page 20

p1b1 : Oh!

p1b2 : We still have this here.

p1 sfx : *Slide*

p2bx1 : This café was originally the station’s waiting room.

p2 sfx : *Ton* *Ton* *Ton*

p3bx1a : There are only 3 scheduled stops in one day for this station, so there’s not much work to do here.

p3bx1b : In the beginning, I started serving drinks for the passengers that come to this station but…

p3 sfx : *Ton* *Ton* *Ton*

p5bx1 : It was so popular that the station master entrusted me with opening a café inside the station.

p5 sfx : *Crack*

p6bx1 : Actually, opening my own café was a dream of mine when I was in my previous world.

p6bx2 : I never thought I would be able to achieve it in this world.

p6 sfx top left : *plop* *plop*

p6 sfx bottom : *Blaze*


page 21

p1b1 : That sounds nice!!

p1 sfx : *Sizzle* *Sizzle*

p1 letters on book : How to start a handmade café

p2b1 : Whoa, that was dangerous.

p2 sfx : *Boiling*

p3 sfx right : *Slide*

p3 sfx left : *Scratch* *Scratch*

p4b1 : But, this little scorched part is what makes it taste good after all.

p4 sfx : Kuuuuh<3

p5 sfx : *Sizzle*

p6 sfx right : *Clank*

p6 sfx left : *Puff puff*

p7b1 : Alright!!

p8b1 : Dinner will be ready soon, so can you girls please come here!!


page 22

p1b1 : Uwaa…!!

p1 sfx : *Tadaa*

p1 box :

Extra juicy

Iron pan Hamburger

~ Brown Stew Sauce

p2b1 : This is the first time I get to eat something this luxurious…!!

p3b1 : So then, Itadakimasu.

p3b2 : Itadakimasu.

p3b3 : ?? That’s a weird way to pray…

p4 sfx : *Gulp*

p5b1a : Dear God,

p5b1b : Thank you very much for today’s meal,

p5b2 : And thank you very much for letting me meet these 2 wonderful people.

p5 sfx : *Calmed down*


page 23

p1b1a : Alright then, you two.

p1b1b : Do you want to put on the sauce?

p1b1c : Or do you want to eat it plain like that?

p2b1 : Eh?!

p2b2 : Eh?!

p2b3a : Nyaachi will eat it like this!

p2b3b : Half with sauce, and half without.

p2 sfx : *Shuwaaa*

p3b1 : I-I’ll do that too!!

p3 sfx : *Toroo…*

p4 sfx thick letters: *Shuwaaaa*

p4 sfx thin letters : *plop* *plop*

p5b1 : Hawawawawa

p5 sfx : *Sizzle* *Sizzle*

p6 sfx : *Gulp*

p7b1 : I’ll start eating then.


page 24

p2b1 : Hafu hafu

p2b2a : Fuah… This is so amazing.

p2b2b : The tasty, juicy soup that was trapped inside the meat is melting in my mouth!!

p2b3 : Fuwa

p3b1 : Ah! hot!

p3b2 : Be careful, it’ll burn your tongue if you eat too fast.

p3 sfx : *jyuwawa*

p4b1a : I recommend you eat this salad while you wait ~nya.

p4b1b : It’ll soothe your mouth ~nya.

p4b2 : This is…?

p4 sfx : *Clink*

p5b1 :  I actually tried to imitate a dish called “Tuna Salad”, that I ate a lot back when I was living in my previous place.

p5b2 : I made it by using bonito as the “Tuna” and *confited it.

*Dipping it in oil and cooking slowly with a small fire

p5 box :

Bonito Salad

~Wrapped in *Naranja Fragrance~


p6b1 : It also tastes delicious when you eat it with the hamburger ~nya.

p6 sfx : *Crisp*

p7 sfx : *Toro…*


page 25

p1 sfx : *Chomp*

p2b1 : This feeling of the crisp *lechuga and the smooth fish flakes when I take a bite,


p2b2a : And the sweet sour taste of the fresh Naranja that envelops my mouth.

p2b2b : This deliciousness is simply otherworldly!!

p2 sfx right : *Smooth*

p2 sfx left : *Crisp*

p3 small letters right : This combination is also delicious

p3 small letters middle : So is this, and that too

p3 small letters left : Aaahh, I wish I could have 3 mouths

p3 sfx thick letters : *Munch* *Munch*

p4 sfx : *Chomp* *Chomp*

p5b1 : …

p5 sfx : *Munch…*

p7b1 : But this…

p7b2 : For such a delicious meal…

p8 sfx : *Drip* *Drip*

p9b1 : Nya? What’s wrong~nya?

p9b2 : Did you not like the taste?

p9 sfx : *Sob* *Sob*


page 26

p1b1a : That’s not it!

p1b1b : It’s just that this is the first time in my life, I’ve tasted such a wonderful dish.

p1b2a : That’s why, I thought

p1b2b : That I have troubled you two again since you must have put so much effort into cooking this.

p2b1a : Eh?

p2b1b : Fumya?

p3b1 : This is what we usually have for dinner ~nya.

p3b2 : Eh?

p3 sfx : *Rub* *Rub*

p4b1 : This is your usual dinner?

p5b1a : Well…

p5b1b : When managing a café, there’s bound to be some leftover ingredients, right?

p5b2a : And it would be such a waste to just throw them away.

p5b2b : So normally, I make dinner out of those leftovers you see…


page 27

p1b1 : These were leftovers…?

p2b1 : I just minced the leftover pork meat from lunch for the hamburger,

p2 sfx top left : *Ton* *Ton* *Ton*

p2 letters bottom : The texture gets better with tofu

p2 letters bottom right : Powdered cheese

p3b1 : While the sauce was made from the brown stew sauce that we served for lunch, which I boiled to concentrate it.

p3b2 : Ehh!! So it was a stew!?

p4 sfx : *Swirl*

p5b1 : I can’t believe that even after tasting this…

p5 sfx : *Slurp*

p6 small letters : And what’s this spice…

p7b1 : To be honest, this is just a simple dish made from leftovers.

p7b2 : I can’t really say I’m proud serving a guest this kind of food, so… I’m sorry.

p8b1 : Ah, no, not at all!! It was really delicious!! I really liked it!!

p8 sfx : *Hah*

p9b1a : Yep!

p9b1b : Nyaachi also likes master’s cooking ~nya!


page 28

p1 sfx : *Ahahaha*

p2 sfx : *Scrub* *Scrub*

p3 sfx : *Splash*

p4b1a : Master,

p4b1b : Is it really okay to let her do the clean-up ~nya?

p4b2 : It’s fine.

p4b3 : Since Natolle-san seems to be a chef as well.

p5b1 : Eh? Is that so!!

p5b2 : You can tell from her demeanour.

p5 sfx : *Shaaaaa*


page 29

p1b1 : I wonder if she’s on her way to work as a chef somewhere.

p1b2 : Even a third class ticket is rather expensive after all, so not everyone can buy it.

p1b3 : Hoo-

p2b1a : When I saw Natolle-san, who had folded up her body, at a loss as to what happened,

p2b1b : It reminded me of us when we arrived in this world for the first time.

p2b2 : Uhmm, Nyaachi doesn’t remember much ~nya.

p3b1 : A time slip huh…

p4b1a : Yes, It’s a phenomenon that occurs when 2 parallel worlds intersect with each other for some reason.

p4b1b : And when that happens, anyone who gets caught up in it will be sent to a different world.


page 30

p1b1 : Then as I thought, she is…

p1 sfx : *Wobble* *Wobble*

p2b1a : Indeed, her appearance might’ve changed but…

p2b1b : There’s a high chance that she’s indeed your wife.

p2b2a : I’m sure that it was not pure coincidence that these two were transported to this world.

p2b2b : Their existence here must be something that is important for this world.

p3b1 : Master…

p3b2 : …This must be the will of God.

p4b1 : Now then, what are you planning to do now, Takumi-dono?

p5b1 : I’m actually still at a loss here.

p6b1 : Well… She did originally have some cat-like characteristics after all.


page 31

p1b1 : You can stay at this station for a while if you want.

p1b2 : Since the 2nd floor of the station is actually used for lodging after all.

p2b1 : Is that really okay? Thank you very much!!

p2b2 : I’ll guide you there then.

p3b1 : Let’s go, Yuu.

p4b1 : Ah, it was Nyaachi, wasn’t it?

p5b1 : Yep, let’s go ~nya!

p5bx1 : I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do but…

p5bx2a : I’m sure that everything will be fine,

p5bx2b : As long as we’re together.


page 32

p2b1 : Nyaachi, I’ll turn off the lamp now.

p2b2 : Unyaa…

p3bx1 : Soft cat ears.

p3bx2: Thin, small hands and legs.

p4bx1 : I can say for sure that she’s Yuu.

p4bx2 : But…

p5bx1 : Back then, together with the screeching sound of the train’s wheels

p5bx2 : She has lost her memories as Yuu.

p5bx3 : And

p5bx4 : The existence known as Yuu has vanished.


page 33

p1b1 : …

p2b1 : Master’s not sleepy ~nya?

p3b1 : It’s nothing, I’ll sleep too.

p4b1 : Good night, Nyaachi.


page 34

p1 sfx : *Phooooo*

p2b1a : The first train will be departing soon.

p2b1b : Please be careful when boarding the train.

p3b1 : Thank you very much for taking care of me…

p3b2 : Natolle-chan!

p3 sfx thick letters : Ueeeeee

p3 sfx thin letters : *Come here*

p4b1a : Here!!

p4b1b : Good luck ~nya!

p4 sfx : *Swish*

p5b1 : Thank yo–

p5b2 : Thank you very much!

p5 sfx : *Shuppo* *Shuppo* *Shuppo*


page 35

p2b1a : I made a big blunder yesterday,

p2b1b : But I’ll finally start my work in that mansion today.

p2b2a : Although I’ll still be an apprentice,

p2b2b : Since I decided to walk down the path of a chef,

p2b2c : I’ll give my best so that people can enjoy my cooking.

p2 sfx : *Chuuuun*

p3b1a : That’s right…

p3b1b : Just like that station staff…

p3b2 : By the way, I wonder what they gave me.

p3 sfx : *Pako*


page 36

p1 letters right : These… are tortilla rolls, right!?

p1 letters middle : They’re wrapped in single bite sized shapes and there are so many of them…

p1 letters left : I also smell the hamburger and fish flake from yesterday.

p1 box :

HLT (Hamburger Lettuce Tomato)

Plus Bonito Salad

Tortilla Rolls

p2 letters top : Takumi-san and Nyaachi-san…

p2 letters left : Please enjoy it during your travel and good luck! From Takumi and Nyaachi

p3b1 : It’s like a treasure box of food.

p3 sfx : *Sparkling*

p4b1 : I didn’t know that cooking can be this wonderful.

p4 sfx : *Trembling*

p6 letters : Yep, I’ll give it my all!


page 37

Recipe 1 title :

Juicy Iron Pan Hamburger

Letters right :

Ingredients (For 2 people / 4 servings)


Pork (Cut in small pieces) 100g

Beef and pork mixed minced meats 200g

(It’s also possible to use 300g of minced meat only, or small cut meat only)

Salt 3g (About half a teaspoon)

Tofu (Cotton type) 75 g (Quarter of a block)

Onion (Half of a medium sized onion)

1 egg

Powdered Cheese 1 Tablespoon

Black Pepper, and other spices (To your liking)

Salad oil and Butter (by appropriate amount)


[Brown Sauce]

Bouillon (an instant one) 1 Pack

Tomato Ketchup (To your liking)

Red Wine (To your liking)


letters left :

Cooking Procedure


(1) Strain the water off of the tofu. (It’s okay to squeeze it)

(2) Dice the onion. (Don’t let it get wet)

(3) Finely mince the small cut pork by lightly striking it with a kitchen knife.

(4) Put the finely minced pork and the beef and pork mixed mincemeat in one bowl, add some salt, mix well.

(5) When it has become a little bit sticky, then add the tofu, diced onions, egg, powdered cheese, black pepper, and the spices. Then mix well.

(6) After mixing everything, divide it into 4 parts.

(7) Take each hamburger mix then throw and catch them between your hands to remove the air inside the mix and form it into an oval. Lastly, press the centre a bit.

(8) Heat a pan on medium heat, add some butter and salad oil, and then put in the hamburger mix.

(9) Wait for about 1 minute, when the grilled side has become white, flip it over and grill the other side.

(10) Put the grilled hamburger on a steel plate or ovenable plate, and then put it inside the oven at 200° for 10-15 minutes (you can also use a toaster oven). You can also stick with using the pan, in which case, in the final step add some water to steam grill the hamburger. (You’ll know that it’s already finished if you stick a skewer in it and no red meat juice comes out)

(11) Melt the bouillon cube over a low heat in the pan that you just used for grilling the hamburger. This is the perfect time for anyone who wants, to add red wine or ketchup.

(12) Add the sauce made in the last step to the freshly baked hamburger.


Recipe 2 title :

Nyaachi’s Cheering Tortilla Rolls (Arranged version)

letters top :

Cooking Procedure

[BLT Roll]

(1) Grill both sides of the bacon. (By the way, I like it crispy)

(2) Cut the lettuce into a suitable size, also cut the tomatoes in thin slices and then cut them in half.

(3) Arrange all the ingredients inside a tortilla and then wrap it.


[Tuna Roll]

(1) Open a tuna can and remove the oil.

(2) Take a sheet of cabbage leaf, cut it into 4 pieces, put them in one stack and finely dice the cabbage.

(3) Put the cabbage and the tuna in a bowl, add some mayonnaise and mix well.

(4) Put the mix on a tortilla and then wrap it tightly.


box :

Just as in “Natolle-chan’s Bentou”, you can also wrap hamburger in the same way ~nya!


letters bottom left part :

Ingredients (for 2~ servings)

[BLT Roll]

Ready-made Tortillas (Either corn or flour) 2 sheets

Bacon (Thin slice) 2-4 slices

Lettuce 2-3 sheets (If it’s leaves from near the centre, then you can add a little more)

Tomatoes 2 slices

Ketchup and Barbeque Sauce (To your liking)


letters bottom right part :

[Tuna Roll]

Ready-made Tortillas (Either corn or flour) 2 sheets

Tuna can (Normal size) 1 Can

Cabbage 2-3 sheets (If it’s leaves from near the centre, then you can add a little more)

Mayonnaise (To your liking)

Black Pepper (To your liking)