Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten Chapter 2

Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten Chapter 2

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Athena13 TL
Isekai Kissaten Ch 2
page 1
p1bx1 Dear passengers, good morning!!
p2b1 Fuaahhh
p2b2a That really surprised me
p2b2b I woke up really early this morning
p2bx1 The check-in for today’s first train will start 10 minutes before the departure time
p2 sfx *Chirp* *Chirp*
p3b1 Now that I remember it, I was this depressed back then, when I had to go for a business negotiation
p3 sfx *Grind* * Grind*
p4 sfx *Blazing*
p5b1 Ah! This fragrance…!!
p5 sfx *Sniff* *Sniff*
p6b1 Ahhh… I want to be enveloped in this fragrance so much that my legs are moving on their own
p6 sfx *Wobble* *Wobble*
p7bx1 To all dear passengers, in the Tsubame café just beside the ticket gate-
p8b1 I’ll definitely eat that first before going to work today…!!
p8b2 Morning everyone!!
p8 sfx *Ring* *Ring*
page 2
p1bx1 We have prepared the morning service for you to enjoy
p1b1a Good morning, Savas-san
p1b1b Your usual, right?
p1b2 Welcome ~nya
p1 title 2nd Train

Kid’s lunch set for adults

p2b1 Yes please
p3b1 Oh ho, lucky me, my favourite seat is still empty
p4b1 Alright
p4 sfx *Comfy….*
page 3
p1 sfx *Swooosh*
p2b1 The amber liquid that poured down in a spiral into a warm cup
p3b1 And the fragrance that rises up from it…
p3b2 It soothes your mind and soul
p4b1 And this spicy scent from the steam really warms up my body
p5b1 Here you go
p5bx1 ~A favourite from this world ~

Cinnamon Coffee

p5 sfx *Clink*
p6b1 Uhfuuu…
p7b1 This smell of cinnamon really calms your nerves
p7b2 Indeed. It actually wasn’t common where I was born to put cinnamon in coffee, that’s why it really surprised me when I drank it for the first time
p8b1 But it’s one of my favourites now…
p8bx1 This coffee is part of my very first memory of this world
page 3
p1bx1 It happened
p1bx2 Just when I was still having problems living in this world
p2b1a I’m truly sorry
p2b1b I made a horrible mistake when handling a passenger’s baggage
p2b2a Everyone makes mistakes sometimes
p2b2b And it didn’t become anything big, so you don’t need to worry
p2 sfx right *Shuu* *Shuu* *Shuuu*
p2 sfx left *Topopo…*
p3b1 But still, if I made one misstep back then…
p4b1 Well well, how about you drink this and calm yourself down for now?
p4b2 This is Cinnamon Coffee, it will warm your body up
p5b1 Thank you very much
p6 letters right This sweet fragrance of cinnamon that’s gently blended into the coffee…
p6 letters middle It’s really soothing
p6 letters left If only I can blend into this world just like this…
page 4
p1b1 Takumi-dono… What do you think about that coffee?
p2b1 ?
p2b2 Uhmmm it’s very delicious
p2b3a But… It might be because I’m still not used to drinking this
p2b3b So I was a little surprised…
p4b1 I see
p4b2 But isn’t that fine?
p4b3 Eh?
p5b1 It’s normal to take time to get used to something
p6b1 Takumi-dono, it hasn’t been that long since you came into this world
p6b2a You just need to slowly find your own rhythm
p6b2b And care for the passengers in your own way
p7bx1 And since that day…
page 6
p1bx1 I wish that my cinnamon coffee can make other people smile just like it did for me
p1bx2 …That’s also the reason why I put the cup mark on the sign board
p2b1 Thanks for waiting ~nya!
p2b2 Today’s morning service is toast, hardboiled egg, and salad ~nya. They go together well along with the coffee ~nya!
p2b3 Oh ho, this is what I was waiting for
p2 box Today’s morning service

~ *Maize bread, hardboiled egg, and *Zanahoria salad~

TLN *Maize = corn

*Zanahoria = carrot

p3b1 Fufufu
p4b1 Just knock the hard shell a bit
p4 sfx *Crack*
p5b1 And what’s hiding inside is this silky white skin
p5 sfx *Sparkle*
p6b1 Oh ho… I won’t let you get away!!
p6 sfx *Slip* *Slip*
page 7
p1 sfx *Munch*
p2b1 The fluffy egg white…
p2b2 The creamy yolk that has been boiled to perfection
p2b3 And the refreshing orange colour in the middle
p3b1 Not to mention, its taste only gets better when I sprinkle some salt!!
p3 sfx *Sprinkle* *Sprinkle*
p4b1 Although it’s a simple dish, it can also be deemed the pinnacle of cooking!
p4b2 Aahhh hardboiled egg, it’s so simple yet so supreme
p5b1 And the surface of this toasted maize bread is so crispy and fragrant while its middle part is still soft. It fits really well together with the egg!!
p5 sfx *Munch*
p6b1 And together with this salad… this trio makes me feel as if I’m in a dream
p6 sfx *Crisp*
p7b1 But still, Master…
p7 sfx *Shaking* *Shaking*
page 8
p1b1 Why won’t you let me pay for the boiled egg!!
p1 sfx *Don*
p2b1 You can’t profit like this, right? Or you actually do? Isn’t this strange?
p2b2 Savas-san , the answer is still no
p2 sfx *Slide*
p3b1 It’s my pride as a Nagoya-ers
p3b2 The bread, salad, and boiled egg set. This morning service set is nonnegotiable!!
p3 sfx thin *Peek*
p3 sfx thick *Bam*
p4b1 Takumi-dono, your hometown is indeed a strange one…
p4 sfx *Gloom….*
p5b1 I know we can’t earn much profit from breakfast but…
p5b2 The number of regular customers that come for lunch have increased lately
p6b1 By the way, this smell is really good…
p6 sfx *Sniff* *Sniff*
page 9
p1b1 That’s because I’ve already started preparing for the lunch
p2 sfx *Plop* *plop*
p3b1 Oh ho what’s today’s lunch menu?
p3b2 Uhooo…. I want that!!
p3 sfx right *Whisper* *Whisper*
p3 sfx left *Startled*
p4b1 But I have to board the first train to Mark City today
p4b2a That’s unfortunate
p4b2b We’ll be waiting for your visit whenever you get a break from your work
p4 sfx *Glooom*
p5b1 Ah, I have to prepare to check the tickets soon
p5 sfx *Dooongg*
p6b1a Savas-san, please be careful not to come late
p6b1b So please come to the ticket gate once I’ve finished my preparations
p7b1a Alright then
p7b1b Nyaachi, I’ll leave the hall to you
page 10
p2b1 I’ll do my best ~nya!
p3 sfx *Phoooo*
p4bx1 Just a few minutes after the first train departed
p5bx1 The next train arrived right on schedule, so we started helping the passengers who are getting off at this station
p5 sfx *Shuuuu*
p6bx1 Soon after the development of the rail road completed, travelling around became a very popular activity
p6bx2 And so we have a huge amount of baggage to move around
p6b1 Whoa there…
p6 sfx *Rattle*
page 11
p1b1 There’s no need to rush, be careful, okay?
p1b2 Thank you very much Takumi-san
p2b1 Here you go sir, this would be the last of the baggage that you entrusted with us
p2bx1 Receiving and handing over the baggage is one of our important duties
p3bx1 For that, one of the 2nd class cars is used specially for carrying baggage
p3b1 You there!! You shouldn’t go in there!!
p3 sfx thick *Run*
p3 sfx thin *Tap* *Tap* *Tap*
p4b1 Ah!! She barred the door from the inside!!
p4b2 Open the door!!
p4b3 Open the door Liana!
p4 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
p5 sfx *Don* *Don* *Don*
p6b1 Mr conductor, is there any problem?
page 12
p1b1 Well you see, there’s this small girl that locked herself inside the baggage car
p1 sfx *Peek*
p2b1a Liana wants to stay here
p2b1b Liana doesn’t want to get off
p2b2 Liana wants to stay in the train with mama more
p3b1 Liana wants to live here!!
p3b2 Liana!! Stop this!!
p3 sfx *Don* *Don*
p4b1 Don’t be selfi…
p4 sfx right *Faint..*
p4 sfx left *Swish*
p5b1 Are you okay madam?
p5b2 Ah yes… I’m sorry, I’m a bit anaemic
page 13
p1b1 Ah!!
p2b1 Ah!
p2b2 Aah!!
p2 sfx *Tap* *Tap* *Tap*
p4b1 Uhmm… Miss Liana
p4b2 Do you really like this train?
p5b1 If you’re okay with it, I can give you a special seat that won’t lose to this train
p5b2 Together with your mother
p7b1 Okay
page 14
p1 sfx *Ring* *Ring*
p2b1 Oh my, what wonderful scenery!
p3b1a Oh, so she’s the cause of the big commotion on the home platform huh…
p3b1b Isn’t it unfair to give her a special seat?
p3 small letters right The lunch…
p3 small letters left That’s so nice…
p4b1 (top right) GRRRRR
p4b2 (bottom right) Uwa
p4b3 (top left) Liana!!
p4b4 (bottom left) Nyaa!!
p4 sfx *Startled*
p5b1a It must be hard for you, madam
p5b1b The coffee here is so nice, so you can take a good long break here
p5b2 I’m sorry but I can’t drink coffee…
p5 sfx top Grrrrrr
p5 sfx bottom *Hyuuuuuu*
p6b1 In that case, shall I bring you hot milk instead?
p6 sfx *Twitch* *Twitch*
page 15
p1b1a Ah, yes please
p1b1b Eh? Mr. Conductor?
p1b2 Yes
p1b3a I’m also working as the master of this café
p1b3b So please tell me if you need anything
p1 sfx *Fasten*
p2b1a …I see, I can’t eat much so…
p2b1b Can you please get this young girl here a lunch that a child can eat?
p2 sfx *Turn* *Turn*
p3b1 Liana can eat lunch for an adult too
p3b2 Please, just stop Liana
p3 sfx *Puu*
p4b1 Ohh she got angry, what a little kid
p4 sfx bottom right *Gahahaha*
p4 sfx top left *Clatter*
p5b1 In that case then, For miss Liana’s drink-
p5b2 Please leave the drink to me ~nya!
p5 sfx *pop out*
p6b1 Ah, where are you going Nyaachi!
p6 sfx *Dash*
page 16
p1b1 Ah, there it is ~nya!
p1 sfx *Nishishi*
p2b1 One… two…
p3b1 Nyaachi, where did you get that…
p3 sfx *Don*
p4b1 Ah! I see! You’re planning to make that, right?
p4 sfx Nyaa!
p5b1 So, for my part…
p6b1 Hmmm… today’s lunch is that…
p6b2 But that might be too heavy for small child
p7b1 Look!
p7b2a This ekiben’s container is soo cute!!
p7b2b Ah, that’s right…
TLN *Ekiben = boxed meals that you can only buy in certain station
page 17
p1 sfx *Crack*
p2 sfx *Sizzle*
p3 sfx *Droop*
p4 sfx *smile*
p5b1 There!
p5 sfx *Swish*
p6 sfx *Pomf*
p7 sfx *Boing*
p8b1 I’ve always wanted to try and stack a bunch of pancakes like this
p8b2 Next is…
p10b1 It’s finished ~nya!
p10 sfx *Clatter*
page 18
p1b1 A drink for adults made from the freshly harvested *fresa ~nya!
p1 box Thick Fresa Ole

~with pulp included~

TLN *fresa = strawberry
p2 sfx right *Stare*
p2 sfx left *Slide*
p3b1a It’s also for ladies ~nya
p3b1b I pureed a special strawberry that can only be found here and added some milk to the pureed strawberry
p3b1c It’s sweet and sour, just right for the adults ~nya
p4b1a Nyaachi is also used to being treated like a little kid because of her height
p4b1b That’s why Nyaachi understands well how Liana-chan’s feeling!
p4b1c But if you drink this, you’ll grow big ~nya!
p5b1 Big…
p5 sfx *Boing*
p5 small letters right Ah, she’s right
p5 small letters left She’s indeed pretty big…
p6b1 Nya nya!!
p6b2 That’s not it ~nya!!
p7b1 That must be nice…
p7 sfx *Twitch*
p8 sfx *Swish*
page 19
p1 sfx *Gulp*
p2b1 This is yummy! So yummy!!
p2b2 The fresa is so thick and chunky
p2b3 But also so sweet and smooth that it makes my heart race!!
p3 sfx *Ring* *Ring*
p4b1 Excuse me, I’ll bring in the kid’s lunch set now
p4b2 Kid’s lunch set?
p4b3 It’s a dish from my hometown, it’s made especially for little kids to enjoy
p4 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
p5b1 Liana is not a little kid!!
p5b2 That’s why
p5b3 Today, for Lady Liana
p5b4 I prepared a special kid’s lunch set for adults
p5 sfx right *Grrrrr*
p5 sfx left *Rustle*
p6b1 hm?
p6 sfx *Swish*
page 20
p1b1 There’s… nothing there?
p1 sfx *Clink*
p3b1 Alright then, first, I’ll line up this specially made juicy *toucinho in the middle
p3b2 I slowly baked these *toucinho in the oven with a low temperature
TLN *Bacon
p3 sfx *Jyuwaa…*
p4b1 And beside it
p4b2 A small bowl of *patata salad garnished with a rose flower made from roast beef
TLN *Potato
p4 sfx *Sparkle*
p5b1 And then for the head
p5b2 I’ll put this hardboiled egg and a *pepino dipped in special dressing here
TLN *Cucumber
p5 sfx *droop* *droop*
p6b1 Then here comes the main dish
p7b1 An original dish of this shop, a fluffy soufflé pancake made of soya flour
p7b2 Why is there a hole in the middle of it?
p7 sfx *Pomf*
p8b1 In the middle of this strange hole
p8b2 I’ll put this seafood curry sauce that contains the smooth deliciousness of the sea
p8 sfx *Droop*
page 21
p1b1 Then I’ll add this crunchy fried chicken seasoned with the refreshing fragrance of *limón and *albahaca
TLN * Limón = Lemon

* Albahaca = Basil

p1 sfx *Crunch*
p2b1 And to top it off is this dessert made of *fresa jam and whipped cream
TLN *strawberry
p2 sfx *Tororooon…*
p3b1 Then to finish it, I’ll draw some steam with the gravy sauce…
p3b2 And it’s done!!
p3 sfx *Tadaa*
p3 box Kid’s lunch set for adults

~Pancake train of surprises~

p4b1 Ahh!! I know that!!
p4b2 That’s the steam locomotive of the Rozes-Harper line!!
p4 sfx *Phooo*
p5b1 That’s correct!!
page 22
p1b1 Waa!!
p1 sfx *Shuppo* *Shuppo*
p2b1a Whoa there… isn’t that…!!
p2b1b All of today’s lunch set A,B, and C combined into one!?
p2b2 That’s so unfair!!
p2 sfx *Whoooaa*
p3b1 Yes it is
p3b2a A Kid’s lunch set is basically made
p3b2b By combining many kinds of dishes in small portions so that little kids can enjoy eating it
p3bx1 Lunch set B

Fried chicken tacos with *judía, minced meat, and hot salsa sauce

TLN *common bean
p3bx2 Lunch set C

Slowly cooked roast beef mini course (with Gravy Sauce)

p3bx3 Lunch set A

A seafood curry made of various ingredients and accompanied with *maize couscous

TLN *corn
p4b1 Master!! I want that too!!
p4b2 I’m sorry but you can’t order that, it’s a dish that was made especially for Liana-chan
p4b3 That’s so unfair!!
page 23
p1b1 Dear God, thank you for your blessing
p1 sfx *Squish*
p2 sfx *Chomp*
p3b1 Nn!!
p3b2 So crunchy and juicy!!
p3 sfx *Gulp*
p4b1 Gunununu… In that case!!
p4b2 We want to order one of each of the ABC lunch sets!!
p4b3 Thank you ~nya!
p4 sfx *Bam*
p5b1 Waaa… this pancake is so fluffy!!
p5b2 Is it not ready yet!!
p5 sfx *Fluff*
p6b1 Is my lunch not ready yet!?
p6b2 Hmm?
p6 sfx *Droop*
p7b1 Uwahh… It’s so gooey and stretchy!!!
p7 sfx *Myooon*
p8b1 Ah!! Thats *queso!!
TLN *Cheese
page 24
p2b1 So yummy!!
p2 sfx *Chomp*
p3b1 Gaaaah!!! please hurry!!
p4b1a Here’s your lunch
p4b1b Sorry for the wait ~nya!
p4b2 Shuppoooo!!!
p4 sfx * Shupoo!!!*
p5b1a Let’s start
p5b1b With the curry!!
p6b1 Shuppo shuppo shuppo!!
p6 sfx *Clink* *clink*
p7b1 Shuppo shuppo shuppo!
p7 sfx *Munch* *Munch*
p8b1 The chimney is so crunchy!!
p8b2 Oh my, she ate the *pepino that she really hates without hesitation!!
p8 sfx *Crunch* *Crunch*
TLN *Cucumber
page 25
p1b1 This is for you madam
p1b2 Oh my?
p1 sfx *Smile*
p2b1 It’s just *pomelo marinated in *miel with homemade yogurt
p2bx1 Fresh and Refreshing

Marinated *Pomelo

TLN Pomelo = Grapefruit

Miel = Honey

p3 sfx *Chomp*
p4b1 It’s delicious…
p4b2a It’s sour… and so smooth…
p4b2b I think I can eat this just fine
p5b1 Excuse me but…
p5b2 By any chance, were you already aware?
p6b1 That I’m actually pregnant
p7b1 Ah! Well…
p7b2 Cocongratulations
p7 small letters EEhh!!
p8b1 But how did you find out?
p8 small letters Congratulations shuppoo!!
page 26
p1b1 Loose fitting dress
p1b2 Light anaemia
p1b3 And can’t drink coffee
p2b1 Moreover, the biggest hint was from Liana-chan’s behaviour…
p3b1 The reason why she’s being selfish back in the train is because she wanted her mother all to herself
p3 sfx *Ah!*
p4b1 But
p4b2a When she saw her mother was feeling unwell
p4b2b Liana-chan decided to try her best to be an adult, Right Liana-chan?
page 27
p1b1 ….
p1b2 Mama is Liana’s alone…
p2b1 But…
p2b2 Liana has eaten so many meals for adults today
p3b1 So Liana will give her best to be a big sister!!
p4b1 Liana!
p4b2 I’m so sorry that I made you feel lonely!!
page 28
p1b1 And we even dared to call ourselves adults…
p1 sfx *Sob* *Sob*
p2b1 That was really moving!!
p2b2 We’ll be cheering for you miss Liana!!
p3b1 Here, as a sign of our friendship as adults!!
p3b2 Let’s have a toast with coffee!!
p3 sfx *Clink*
p4b1 Waa!! Wait!!
p4b2 Aahh!!
p4 small letters It smells nice…
p5 sfx *Lick*
p6b1 Yikes, bitter!!
page 29
p1 title A favourite from this world, Cinnamon Coffee
p1 letters on right half Ingredients (2 cups | 10 cups)
Regular Coffee (Powdered) 15-20g | 80-100g
Cinnamon Stick 1/3-1/4 | 1-2 (Just add to your liking)
Water 400ml | 2L
Sugar (To your liking)
Coffee filter or extra fine tea filter
p1 letters on left half Procedures (Tsubame style)

(1) Heat up water in a pot, add in sugar and cinnamon then stir well

(2) Prepare the coffee while waiting for the water to boil up

(3) Put in all the coffee in one go when the water has boiled up

(4) Immediately remove the pot from the fire right before the water starts bubbling

(5) Wait until the coffee temperature stabilizes throughout the pot

(6) Filter the coffee through a coffee filter or any extra fine filter into a cup

p1 letters inside the black circle Pointer!
p1 letters above box Remember to use cinnamon sticks, the coffee will be too spicy if you use cinnamon powder!!
p1 letters on box left column Nyaachi [Cinnamon coffee… that’s pretty rare ~nya! but, why we serve cinnamon coffee ~nya? isn’t it fine if we serve normal coffee ~nya?]

Takumi [If we actually opened a café, we will need to serve food and drinks that suit the taste of people in this world. Moreover, it’s rather hard to get nel or paper filters for drip coffee in this world. But we can make cinnamon coffee only using a boiling pot, so it’s easier too.]

p1 letters on box right column Nyaachi [I see ~nya!]

Takumi [By the way, there’s another coffee similar to this, it’s called “café de olla” from Mexico, it uses large amounts of brown sugar instead of normal sugar, so we might be able to get closer to its actual taste if we use it]

Nyaachi [In that case, I’ll put in a lot of brown sugar ~nya!]

Takumi [Whoa! wait Nyaachi!! if you put in too much, then it won’t be able to completely dissolve]

p2 title Grow big fast!! thick fresa (strawberry) ole
p2 letters Ingredients (2 portion / ~2 cups)

Strawberries around 10~15

(Adjust the number depending on the strength of the flavour and the size of the strawberries)

Milk ~300ml

Honey, Condensed Milk, Gum Syrup etc… (to your liking)


[Tsubame version that Nyaachi made]

(1) Remove the stem from the strawberries, wash them clean and strain them using a strainer

(2) Use a medium-sized grater to grate the strawberry (It’s okay if you want to throw away the white part near the stem)

(3) Pour in milk through the grater, add any extra ingredients such as honey and gum syrup, then mix well.

(4) Pour it into a bowl through a strainer then press the strawberries left on the strainer through with a wooden ladle or spatula

(5) Stir lightly again and pour into cups, ready to be served!

p2 box If you don’t have mixer or grater, you can also use the strainer to grate the strawberries ~nya! Don’t give up ~nya!
Page 30
Ltr1 This is.
Ltr2 Nagoya Fashion.