Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 12

Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 12

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Page 1:

P1b1: if only days like these could continue forever-

Chapter 12: Vlad’s proposal


Page 2:

P1b1: Elizabeth-sama, did you just call that thing “the emperor”?

P1b2a: oh you shouldn’t have seen him before

P1b2b: yes, that is…

P2b1: “the emperor”

P3b1: the one standing on top of the fourteen demons…!

P3b2a: hmm

P3b2b: he shouldn’t have regained his true power

P4b1: seeing that he hasn’t fused with his contractee yet


Page 3:

P1b1a: no matter how strong the enemy is!

P1b1b: I can’t forgive them for kidnapping Kaito-sama!

P1b2: where did you take Kaito-sama!!

P2b1a: if the emperor is here then

P2b1b: I can guess where Kaito might be

P3b1: he should be in that castle with Vlad

P4b1: I’m in a bad mood

P4b2: so get out of the way

P5b1: or else

P5b2: I’ll give you a taste of my “torture”


Page 4:

P1bb1: I killed someone

P3bb1: I indirectly got involved in a murder due to my old man’s orders

P3bb2: it was to help dispose the dead bodies so I’ve never actually experienced how it feels to kill someone

P4bb1: but…


Page 5:
p1bb1: this time, of my own free will…

P1bb2: I killed someone

P3b1: ah…

P4b1a: ah…

P4b1b: ah

P4b2a: ah…

P4b2b: ah


Page 6:
p2bb1: eh?

P3bb1: where am I?

P3bb2: and why the hell


Page 7:
p1bb1: does it have to be
p1bb2: in front of the last boss?

P3bb1: the fact that it’s too dark to even locate the door is quite worrying

P4bb1: oh right, “the emperor” is…

P4bb2: with Elizabeth and Hina…!

p5b1: eh? You’ve regained consciousness?


Page 8:

P1b1: ah yes, it should be natural for you to be confused
P1b2: I apologize for the abrupt invitation


Page 9:
p5b1a: Elizabeth!

P5b1b: Hina!


Page 10:
p4b1: kuh…!


Page 11:

P1b1: hmm

P1b2: don’t you think she’s just a little too impatient?

P2b1a: she’s more volatile than any bomb

P2b1b: it’s truly foolish of her to use brute force against “the emperor”

P4b1: “the emperor” is what humans call the pinnacle of demons

P4b2: the top of the fourteen is on a different level entirely

P5b1: even the “torture princess” Elizabeth won’t be able to kill him easily

P6b1: Elizabeth…

P7b1a: wait…wait a minute

P7b1b: you made a contract with “the emperor” right?

P7b1c: then why are you two separated?

Page 12:
p1b1a: about that

P1b1b: I am the medium for “the emperor” to materialize in this world

P1b2: to ensure the body’s safety, it would be rational to fuse together

P2b1a: but

P2b1b: I don’t want to abandon my human body

P2b2: nor the pleasure it can give me-

P3b1a: you should have

P3b1b: caught a glimpse of them right?

P3b2: aren’t them ugly enough to make you laugh?

P5bb1: those demons should be his brethren…

P5bb2: to mock them like that…

P6b1: …

P6b2a: in other words, right now, you’re in your own body?

P6b2b: and if you’re killed, “the emperor” dies too?


Page 13:
p1b1: kuku

P1b2: kuku

P2b1a: that’s right!

P2b1b: if I die, “the emperor” also dies!

P2b2a: but to think you would confirm it with me!

P2b2b: hahaha!
p3b1a: that was unexpectedly quite reckless of you, however let me give you some advice

P3b1b: you cannot kill me

P4b1: like Elizabeth, I’m no ordinary human


Page 14:

P1b1: if one were to try and kill me, they must at least be on Elizabeth’s level…

P3b1: “if Elizabeth made a contract with a demon…”

P4bb1: what Clueless mentioned before…

P4bb2: this guy must be the human who is closest to that…


Page 15:
p1b1a: why did you take me here?

P1b1b: are you using me as a hostage?

P3b1: excuse me, I’m not trying to mock you but I truly don’t understand

P3b2: do you see yourself having any value as a hostage?

P4b1: no

P4b2: Elizabeth shouldn’t care whether I live or die

P5b1a: yes

P5b1b: I think so too

P5b1c: I invited you here because I have a proposal for you personally


Page 16+17:
p1b1: I want to take you in as my adopted son

P1b2: I will make you the second Elizabeth

P1b3: I refuse


Page 18:
p2b1: Elizabeth is my precious daughter, “my greatest masterpiece of pure perfection”

P2b2a: the results she gave were beyond my expectations, but she cut all ties with me

P2b3: that’s why I want a replacement

P3b1: then why did you ask me of all people?

P3b2: I just don’t get it

P4b1: you’re an innocent soul who was brutally killed right?

P4b2: I can see similar qualities in both Elizabeth and you, or perhaps even better


Page 19:
p1b1: there is a huge gap in your evaluation of me and my true self

P2b1a: is that so?

P2b1b: I have high expectation for humans who despite knowing pain can kill other humans

P2b2: for their own purpose, to feed their desires

P4b1: people like you who have things taken away from them

P4b2: have the right to become pillagers

P5b1: cause they have the most suitable, essential thirst for gathering human’s agony

P5b2: not some half-hearted wish


Page 20:
p1b1: there is a need for “qualifications”

P1b2: the “qualifications” to make someone a natural born tyrant

P3bb1: this is bad…it’s like his words are putting me in a trance…

P4bb1: if I lose focus, I’ll lose conciousness…

P5b1: since a very young age, Elizabeth had been haunted by the constant fear of death

Page 21:
p1b1: all that pain and terror helped her become the greatest piece of art

P2b1: I want to make you

P2b2: my second masterpiece, my successor

P2b3a: a simpler way to put it would be

P2b3b: I want a son after losing a daughter

P3b1: I refuse

P3b2: stop your blabbering, you’re irritating me

P4b1: quite an energetic answer!

P4b2a: just hear me out will you?

P4b2b: I won’t cause you any harm

P5b1: what are you offering?

P5b2: the safety of Elizabeth and Hina?


Page 22:
p1b1a: of course not!

P1b1b: the relationship between me and my daughter is not for you to decide

P2b1a: know your place you brat-

P2b1b: she is my…Vlad Le Fanu’s beloved daughter

P2b2: it’s something the likes of you can’t interfere with

P3b1: what I’m offering is something more wonderful, something more important to you

P4b1: for you see, I can easily secure a link with the other world

P5bb1: I mustn’t lose focus

P6bb1: even though he hasn’t fused with a demon but he’s undoubtedly one of them


Page 23:

P1bb1: and demons always target the cracks in a human’s heart…

P1b2: a few day ago, your father was killed because of a boring mistake

P1b3: I can grant him to you as your toy


Page 24:
p1b1: what

P1b2: did he…

P1b3: did he really die?

P2b1a: yes he did. Congratulations!

P2b1b: it feel refreshing doesn’t it! Hearing about his death!

P3b1a: now!
p3b1b: what will you do?

P4b1: what do you mean…?

P4b2: …my father is already dead

P5b1: like I said, I can bring him back to life as your toy!


Page 25:

P1b1a: Do you want to avenge your death? All it’ll take is your agreement

P1b1b: I’m sure it would feel amazing

P1b2: to cut open his stomach, scrape his lungs out and strangle his neck

P2bb1: I know I must not listen to his words

P2bb2: but how many times have I thought about it?

P2bb3: what if I had the strength to fight back?

P2bb4: what if I could’ve snatched the knife from him?

P4b1: it would feel so good

Page 26:
p1b1: enough to make all the fear and hatred you carry with yourself disappear

P1bb1: sure it would…

P3bb1: I would readily throw away my life…

P4b1: I need some time-

P5b1: to think about it

P5b2: of course, there is plenty of time


Page 27:
p1b1: at least, for you

P3b1: this will be your room, Kaito-sama

P3b2: please feel free to stay here until you reach your conclusion

P4bb1: this is…

P5bb1: the room I saw in the “treasury”…

P5bb2: Elizabeth’s room…

Page 28:

P1b1: …they replaced the toys so that they’d be more suited for boys…

P2bb1: that Vlad guy did this for me?

P2b1: …fu

P3b1: hahaha

P3b2a: hahaha

P3b2b: hahahahahaha

P4b1: hahahahaha


Page 29:
p1b1: so he died

P1b2: he’s finally dead!
p2b1: torturing, killing people on whim

P2b2: and then finally getting killed in the end, huh?

P2b3: serve you right!

P3b1: but

P3b2a: even so

P3b2b: how can be at ease with just that!!

P4b1: I need to be the one


Page 30:
p1b1: to kill  you, using these very hands!

P4b1a: still…

P4b1b: a victim killing a murderer, who is already dead huh?

P4b2a: I just…

P4b2b: don’t get it…


Page 31:

P2b1: …Elizabeth

P4b1a: hey

P4b1b: what exactly happened to you?

P5b1: tell me, Elizabeth

P5b2: why did you become “the torture princess”!!



Page 32:

P3b1: …fu

P3b2: hahaha

P4b1: hahaha

P4b2: hahahaha

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