Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 10

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 10

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+Page 1

Tetra’s been acting strange lately.

Although she’s always that kind of timid girl in the first place.

But recently it seems like there has been something that makes her feel uneasy.

Even the others are starting to notice it….

If something really happened, I can’t let it go on like this.

+Page 2

Hey, Tetra.

You can always refuse to say anything if you’re not feeling like it, but….

At least tell me and the others if something is wrong, will ya?

What’s been troubling your mind recently……

….So you noticed?

Looking at your recent behavior, it’s quite obvious, you know….. Would you mind telling me what’s wrong?

…Do you promise not to tell anyone else?

Of course, you have my word.

+Page 3

My full name is Tetra Ash.

….So that’s why.

I knew it.

Tetra has been acting weird ever since she heard about the Ash family being attacked by their followers….

It also crossed my mind that she has some kinds of connection to the Ash family, but…..

Tetra Ash, huh….

You aren’t surprised?

Just a little bit.

I didn’t expect a princess of a large family like Ash to be here.

But to be honest, your identity or past don’t matter that much, you’re still the same Tetra we’ve always known.

+Page 4

Thank you.

I feel a bit happier now.

….I’m glad.

Then what’s the problem about?

I’m not quite sure.

I just know that my parents are dead…..

….I can feel it.

Even though I have a strong urge to deny that fact.

I’m still hoping that they are just being held captive….


I can’t forgive….

That Robert Ferme.

+Page 5

Robert Ferme…. A follower, huh…..

Was he the one behind your parent’s death?

Yes…. He was a close subordinate of father’s.

He had always been my father’s favorite, that’s why from just a simple commoner, he rose to become one of the high class nobles.

And this is how he repays father.

I can’t forgive that man.

I can’t.

I won’t.


Do you want to take revenge on him?

I don’t know….

+Page 6

Deep inside my heart, I want to cut that man into a million pieces.

But I don’t want to leave this place.

I know quite a few people in the family branches, but I’m not that close to anyone of them.

My real friends….

My family is all here…..

I see….

So she wishes to take revenge on the one who murdered her entire family….

But she personally doesn’t want to lose this place and all of her friends.

That’s why she was suffering all this time…

You don’t have to worry it, Tetra.

No one here is going to abandon you.

+Page 7

That’s what my parents always said…..


Well then….

Why don’t you do your best to protect….

Me and everyone else here?


Yeah…. you are really smart, right? Even smarter than me.


+Page 8

I got it.

I will protect you guys.

Ah, that’s right….

If you by any chance decide to go and seek vengeance, do me and favor and inform me first.

I will support you with everything I have.

Don’t just try and do everything by yourself, will ya?

You’re such an important person to me after all…..

+Page 9


You mean…..

But if you say it so suddenly….


In order to be convincing, Almus didn’t use the “divine blessing of language”.

So he tried to use his Adelnia vocabulary to express it, however…..

We’re basically like brother and sister now, so what’s there to be shy about?

*So Tetra is quick to get embarrassed, huh….

I would be a coward….

If I let this opportunity pass like this.

A coward….

The truth is….. I- I also…..


+Page 10

Fuwaaa, gardening is fun!

Oh, it’s Tetra. Look! I got plenty of crops here!


Are you two discussing something important?

Oh my?

Sorry to interrupt your moment……

I’ll be off then. Sorry about that!

Hey, hold on a minute…..


Tetra and Almus are secretly dating!


You’re misunderstanding….

You don’t need to react that strongly, you know….

Never mind…. It seems Tetra is back to her usual self.

Thanks to Soyon, I guess….

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