Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 11

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 11

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Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 11

Page 1

P1: You want to stop being Yuria’s personal tutor?

P2a: What’s wrong Almus-kun, did you come to hate my daughter?

P2b: If you leave Yuria will be all alone again.

P3b1: No, I was just wondering how long I will be doing this job for…

P3b2: I see

P4b1a: I understand… well there is no set duration

P4b1b: If I had to say, it would be until you have nothing left to teach

P4b2a: Even after that you can still come over to play

P4b2b: …not to mention


Page 2

P1: Who would be my Shogi opponent if you stopped coming over?

P2: haha……

P3: This Shogi board is something I made——

P4a: Adelina is lacking in entertainment

P4b: Creating a game based on war will be profitable

P4c: So with that in mind I decided to try creating Shogi

P5: Game Creator in an alternate world!

P6a: But Almus

P6b: This is easily replicated

P6c: It isn’t suitable for sale


Page 3

P2b1a: That’s right…

P2b1b: It’s exactly as Tetra says!

P2b2: In this world there’s no concept of Patents

P3b1a: If someone makes a replica product I have no way of stopping it…

P3b1b: Unless it requires a special production method this type of product won’t work

P3b2: I thought it was a good idea…

P3b3: Ruru finds it too complicated, Ron can’t play it; you have to make it simpler

P4a: If that’s the case then I should have given it to the king of Rosice

P4b: And let it become popular among the Upper-Class people

P5a: I will gain prestige as the inventor of Shogi

P5b: and it’s perfect for earning points with the King of Rosice

P6a: Here

P6b: Have a seat

P7b1: Because of Shogi he seemed to become more interested in me…

P7b2: Excuse me

P7b3: If I play my cards right I could even become a Guard solider

P7b4: Changing career in another world might not be so bad

P7b5: I’ll think about it when the children have grown up and become independent


Page 4

P1a: About the “private tutor” thing, I understand now…and

P1b: This is about Yuria-sama but…

P2a: apart from me, she doesn’t have any other friends…

P2b: Could it be because she doesn’t have the chance to make them?

P3b1: …no friends, just you

P3b2: That is correct

P4: I cannot go into the details but Yuria had a little dispute with the families she was friendly with…

P5b1: Is she only allowed to be friendly to people that are beneficial?

P5b2: No, that’s not the case, for example…

P6a: As a child of the royal family the girls from commoner families

P6b: Shy away from Yuria…


Page 5

P1a: Yuria-sama is well…

P1b: Not the type of person to flaunt her authority around

P2a: Of course

P2b: Yuria is not that type of girl…

P3a: It wouldn’t be a problem if she was just a princess.

P3b: But be it a blessing or a curse she’s also talented in Voodoo magic

P4b1a: It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that her talent only appears once in a thousand years…

P4b1b: When she becomes an adult, the plan is to make her chief priestess

P4b2: Chief Priestess, what a showy post

P4 (illustration below): Chief Priestess Image

P4 (illustration left): What?

P5: Is that something that’s okay for me to know?

P6a: Everyone in this country recognizes Yuria’s talent

P6b: It’s not a problem as long as I don’t say anything.

P8: …and the fact that she’s my only daughter is important


Page 6

P1b1a: That girl’s husband will be the future King of Rosice

P1b1b: Of course, ambitious people aim for that position

P1b2: Yuria is sensitive to those with that kind of mindset

P2a: In other words

P2b: Those who don’t know about Yuria-sama’s position are preferred

P3b1: How about hiding her identity to make friends with the townsfolk?

P3b2: That is also difficult

P4b1: At the very least there is no one in these streets who do not know Yuria

P4b2a: Due to security concerns, heading outside of the capital is also not feasible

P4b2b: And despite how she looks, Yuria is actually quite shy

P5a: Your case was a lucky accident

P5b: Her desire for the medicinal plant won over her shyness

P6b1: …errm

P6b2: Reliable kids that Yuria is not acquainted with…


Page 7

P1: How about my village?

P3b1: That’s a brilliant idea!

P3b2a: Eh?

P3b2b: Is it ok!?

P5a: Are you sure it’s okay dear brother?

P5b: Letting Yuria-sama go to the Griffin forest

P6b1: Didn’t you also approve that it is safe to go there?

P6b2a: Eh…

P6b2b: I did say that


Page 8

P1: There is no problem with safety because I had a Voodoo magician turn into an Owl and scout it out

P2a: You used “soul-riding”?

P2b: It’s the Griffin forest though? Isn’t it too risky?

P3b1: …that is

P3b2a: Well never mind…

P3b2b: And?

P4: “Soul-riding” is when the magician’s soul borrows an animal body to reside in and is a very life-endangering technique…

P5a: And the result is

P5b: The magician’s soul returned safely to his body and that it is safe there!

P6b1a: In addition, that boy did not lie

P6b1b: Eh

P6b2a: He really did converse with the Griffin

P6b2b: So I can confirm it’s safe.

P6b3: Then what is the problem?


Page 9

P1a: It’s an unmarked forest, there are no guarantees

P1b: Is there a need to insist so much on Yuria-sama making friends?

P3a: Aren’t you misunderstanding something Raymond?

P3b: The reason why I sent Yuria into the forest is to become friendly with the Griffin

P4b1: With the Griffin?

P4b2: Are you serious?

P4b3: Don’t you think it is worth a try?

P6a: I do

P6b: It seems I am still too naive in my thinking!

P8a: Not to mention about Almus

P8b: I have taken a personal liking to him


Page 10

P1: If he wishes I would take him as a vassal

P2: …I agree, he is exceptional

P3a: At that age he is familiar with not only numbers but also Krishian

P3b: We don’t have that kind of child in this Kingdom

P4: Why not give him some land if he is so competent?

P5b1a: Fufu let’s see

P5b1b: In that case you need to find a place for him to become someone’s son in law

P5b2: Is my family name included in that list?

P6a: Hahaha!

P6b: Add mine to that list also!

P7b1: Ahahaha

P7b2: Fuhahaha…


Page 11

P2a: Hello

P2b: Everybody!

P2c: I am Yuria, Almus is always taking care of me!

P3: …as a result, Yuria was invited to the Village!

P4a: This is our village’s first official visitor!

P4b: She is already acquainted with Ron and Rosewood and properly greeted everyone

P5: ah…she is getting nervous

P6a: I have a question

P6b: What kind of relationship do you have with Almus-san


Page 12

P1: We are lovers

P2b1: Really!

P2b2: Amazing!

P2b3: No way, with such a pretty person…

P3a: …seriously

P3b: Stop it with the jokes

P4b1: Hey Almus is that true?

P4b2: Uwahh scary!

P5: She’s just playing around, don’t say weird things!

P6: I wanted to tease him for a bit!


Page 13

P1: But would you mind if I wanted that kind of relationship?

P2a: Ow…

P2b: Ouch!

P5b1: It hurts, don’t get so mad Tetra…

P5b2: Humph



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