Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 12

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 12

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Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 12

Page 1

P2: Ouch!

P3: It hurts Tetra, you don’t have to be so angry

P5: It’s hard being popular


Page 2

P1: Balton Pompey

P6a: Since it’s Yuria-sama’s guard

P6b: I thought there would be a bigger security detail


Page 3

P1a: I heard there was no need for that

P1b: That shows how much trust the King has in you

P2a: Is that so?

P2b: Isn’t it because you’re skilled enough for him to let you protect his only daughter all by yourself?

P3a: Please, no need to flatter me

P3b: I’m just an alcoholic

P4: It would be more convenient for you if I neglect my duties right?

P5: Won’t it be bad if the King finds out

P6: That’s not true at all


Page 4

P1: Actually, there is something I’m hiding…

P2a: It’s about Tetra

P2b: Ah, she still looks mad

P3a: Tetra is a close acquaintance of the King of Rosice

P3b: The daughter of Lagos Ash, Tetra Ash

P3c: If the King were to know about this, he will surely come to pick her up

P4a: Personally

P4b: I wish for Tetra to return to the Rosice Kingdom

P4c: She would be happier that way

P5a: But Tetra herself doesn’t wish for that

P5b: She doesn’t want to be part of a political marriage

P5c: If I get married who is going to teach Almus Kirishian?


Page 5

P1: If Balton finds out about Tetra it would be bad

P2: According to Tetra, the age for the Social Debut* is 12

tln note: *nobles usually throw a party for their children to introduce them officially to the other nobles, this is known as a social debut

P3a: He shouldn’t know Tetra who was 10 years old at that time

P3b: I guess it doesn’t matter at the moment because he’s drunk

P4: By the way, about Yuria-sama…

P5a: What should I call you?

P5b: Just Yuria is fine

P7a: What are you going to play with Yuria?

H: Guess I’ll stop using honorifics too…

P7b: …hmm, about that


Page 6

P1: How about teaching people in the village how to use Voodoo magic

P2: Can you really call that playing?

P3b1: It’s impossible for Yuria, whom prefers poisonous grass over flowers to play normally with people her own age

P3b2: That is true

P4: I want to give the village various kinds of independence

P5a: I can teach them math, but voodoo is impossible for me

P5b: It can be said that in this world you need to know voodoo

P6: Some of the girls could become Voodoo Magicians


Page 7

P1a: Males may be unsuited for Voodoo magic but

P1b: It would be helpful to at least learn ways to counter curses

P2a: And also, not to mention for Yuria herself

P2b: By teaching something she could deepen the bonds of friendship…

P2c: You can get caramel grass around here?

P3: Ah, that’s right Almus-kun

P4a: I may be a guard, but I’m also a commoner

P4b: There is no need to speak politely to me you know?

P5: Is that so…

P7: Okay I got it

P8b1a: By the way

P8b1b: You did well to become a guard

P8b2a: The King of Rosice doesn’t care about your status

P8b2b: If you’ve got the skills you will be promoted


Page 8

P1b1: I’m sure they’ll try and recruit you too when you get older!

Small Text: Currently 14, minimum age 17

P1b2: Huh, Me?

P2a: At the very least a government official

P2b: If you play it right, you could even be given territory

P3b1: You’re exaggerating

P3b2a: Well you could say that

P3b2b: My country is in such an unstable state that it needs help from an outsider

P3b3c: The King is expecting much from you

P4b1a: Becoming a government official might not be so bad

P4b1b: Well that’s after the people of the village become independent though…

P4b2: Living as a powerful family in another world, hmm…

P5a: By the way, those girls there

P5b: Are they really understanding the Voodoo Magic lessons?

P6: Of course, they were able to keep up with my math lessons too


Page 9

P2a: What?

P2b: Are you also teaching those kids math?

P3a: Well

P3b: The top kids are even better than Yuria!

P5b1a: Also, one of them can speak Kirishian

P5b1b: That kid is also giving reading and writing lessons

P5b2: To everyone?

P5b3: Yeah everyone

P6b1a: So many kids that can read, write and even do math…

P6b1b: And Voodoo Magic on top of all that?

P6b2: Are you some kind of genius at training people?

P7: I wonder if Ron and the others also have the same opportunity to become bureaucrats…

P8b1: Can they also hope to serve the court?

P8b2: That will be up to the King, let’s hope and see…


Page 10

P1: Well then…

P2a: I should get to work too

P2b: Is it true you don’t have to set down land for your fields?

P4a: I see…

P4b: Not just a guard of Yuria but also here to observe the village…

P5a: Ah… Just that if you divide up the fields

P5b: The yield per crop decreases

P6b1a: When you report this to the King

P6b1b: Say that it was my idea

P6b2: Understood… and what is that farming tool?

P7a: The one that looks like a strange comb is the “Senbakoki”

P7b: It’s a winnowing machine

P8a: Can I ask its purpose?

P8b: No problem, the “Senbakoki” is…


Page 11

P1b1a: So, crop rotation style farming, the “Senbakoki” and a winnowing tool, huh

P1b1b: This village is like a treasure box full of ideas!

P1b2: Did you really think up all of these?!

P1b3: Stop it, it’s kind of embarrassing

P2a: The “Senbakoki” can be easily introduced

P2b: When it’s made, I recommend making the teeth out of metal

P3b1: Can I bring the winnower back with me?

P3b2a: If you want to disassemble it to see how it works, take those failed prototypes over there

P3b2b: Better yet, if you give me some lamb-skin parchment I’ll draw up the designs for you

P3b3: …that helps

P4b1a: Pottery and Charcoal are also self-produced…

P4b1b: What is this smell?

P4b2: That is Chrysanthemum

P5a: Chrysanthemum?

P5b: That flower is a natural insecticide so it’s for repelling bugs

P6b1a: An insecticide?

P6b1b: This knowledge can be applied immediately to kill harmful bugs…

P6b2: How amazing can this village get!

P6b3: These are all souvenirs from my previous life though…

P7a: This is a lot more than I expected to get…

P7b: I am neither a warrior nor a civil official​


Page 12

P1b1: That’s why I don’t know the true worth of this knowledge but

P1b2a: These are unmistakably beneficial to the country!

P1b2b: I thank you Almus-kun…

P2b1: Help promote me to the King!

P2b2a: I got it

P2b2b: We have not been forsaken by the gods yet

P2b2c: …or so it seems

P3a: Almus!

P3b: Leave that drunkard and come over here!

P4b1a: It seems I have to leave you here Balton

P4b1b: The princess is calling

P4b2a: Ah

P4b2b: Prince Charming will have to go then, right?

P6a: Drunkard Balton!

P6b: Drown in alcohol and die!!

P7b1: Haha, I wish!

P7b2: Just how much do you love alcohol…



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