Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 13

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 13

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Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 13

Page 1

P2: Almus-kun, how’s Yuria’s progress with making friends?

P3b1: About that

P3b2: Yuria-sama is enjoying herself right now

P3 (small text missing): Caramel Herb Souvenir

P4b1: I see, that’s good

P4b2: …and there is something I wanted to ask

P5a: From the report Balton submitted

P5b: This “Rotary Agriculture” is it a tested method?

P7a: I see

P7b: This is the real reason for the summon


Page 2

P1a: Rotary agriculture is famous as one of the factors in the agricultural revolution that occurred in England during the 18th century

P1b: That’s why it’s a proven method but…

P2b1: I haven’t told the King about being reincarnated so it’s hard to explain that

P2b2a: Yes

P2b2b: It is proven in theory

**Side note of page (missing): This manga is fiction. Any similarity to people, place or situation is purely coincidental and has no relation.

P3a: But because my fields have not gone through a full rotation of 4 years

P3b: I cannot say for certain

P4b1a: I see

P4b1b: In that case, please record about the harvest volume and submit it

P4b2: Yes, your majesty

P5: …and

P6a: Do you think…

P6b: Do you think this can be implemented in my country?

P7b1a: Hmm… let’s see…

P7b1b: Rotary Agriculture is not very effective when done on a small scale

P7b2: To increase the scale, land and manpower are needed!


Page 3

P1b1: For that purpose, we need to get rid of common land and allow ownership of land

P1 (missing text): Off limits here

P1 (missing text): Damn

P1b2a: To thoroughly enforce this for all the powerful families and their farmers

P1b2b: I think that it is difficult in the political system of Rosice

P2: …I see, my country’s political system

P3a: Actually, in England, there was a campaign to collect land called “The Second Enclosure*”

tln note: *

P3 (missing text on sign board): Farmable land

P3b: Rotary agriculture was successful because of this enclosure

P3c: I wonder if it is possible for this country?

P4: Rosice also has another problem

P5a: The strength of soldiers in this country are centred around self-farming…

P5b: Am I right?

P6: That is right, reducing self-farming directly leads to a decline in military strength


Page 4

P1a: In the Kingdom of Rosice, the soldiers provide for their own weapons

P1b: For that reason, the strength and type of soldiers you have are is decided by your financial strength

P1 (missing text): Let’s go! It’s war!

P2: The rich possess horses and can become cavalry

P3: Those who have spears and shields become spearmen

P4: The poor become light infantry

P5a: Even if you don’t use money to buy good weapons, if you have the skill you will be highly evaluated

P5b: The powerful families can become more affluent after a war

P5c1 (above Yuria): I won!

P5c2 (beside Yuria): Give me Caramel Grass!

P5d: “Part time Farmer” Soldier

P6b1a: However, there is no need to aggressively collect the land

P6b1b: This is also true of the Rosice clan

P6b2: Wealthy people and those who own many lands will possess slaves


Page 5

P1a: We should aim to introduce Rotary Agriculture slowly

P1b: It is as you say

P2a: This country is not England

P2b: In the Kingdom of Rosice, it is possible to become reformed from the top

P2 Illustration: King

Powerful Clan Powerful Clan

Commoner Commoner Commoner

P3b1a: Partial Introduction will also be effective

P3b1b: My village carefully implemented changes

P3b2: If only we had horses and cows, our progress will speed up…

P4a: Let’s change the topic

P4b: I want to introduce the “Senbakoki” and winnowing to my country

P4c: I want to give you something as a reward, do you have anything you desire?

P5: Oh


Page 6

P1: Can I ask for some farming horses

P2b1a: Umu, I got it. I will give you two horses

P2b1b: And one year’s worth of fodder

P2b2: Thank you very much!

P3a: Horses are valuable and not just any village can get one

P3b: I got two easily!

P3c: Horses? No, no.

P4a: Furthermore, Horses are big eaters

P4b: There is a possibility that I cannot feed them

P4c: Because of that, one year’s worth of food is amazing… as expected of a King!

P4d: In this world, it is equivalent to two farming vehicles and one year’s worth of fuel

P5: Well then, Almus-kun

P6a: It seemed like I have underestimated you

P6b: Eh… Is that so?

P7b1: You are neither my daughter’s tutor nor a toy maker

P7b2: Almost like a genius granted by the Griffin


Page 7

P1b1: Surely you are overestimating me

P1b2a: No need to be humble. I still have more to say

P1b2b: I want to seek your opinion

P2b1a: I want my brother Raymond to also be here

P2b1b: Is it fine?

P2b2: Please feel free to do as you please

P4b1a: Almus-kun, it’s been a while

P4b1b: Let’s get along!

P4b2: Please take care of me*

tln note: Almus speaks politely to both the King and Raymond

P5b1a: Will you be my shogi opponent again tonight?

P5b1b: I want to win against my brother!

P5b2: I got it, we’ll play when there is a chance

P6b1: Well then…

P6b2a: I trust you understand my country’s political structure?

P6b2b: What do you think about it?


Page 8

P1a: Your Military power and Financial power is dispersed throughout the land

P1b: and they are controlled by the powerful families

P2b1: So when embroiled in a big war or business, it takes time and is hard to adjust

P2b2: Is the King going to fight?

P2b3: This is terrible, tell everyone!

P3b1: On top of that, when a powerful family betrays the country it can lead to a huge decline in military power

P3b2: It’s time to rebel, let’s take down the King!

P4b1a: For example, to conduct a flood-control project

P4b1b: Interest from the nearby towns and villages is essential

P4b2: This dam is to be sunk

P4b3: No way…

P4b4: I have prepared alternative land and money

P5b1: It is difficult for the King of Rosice to do the same thing with the current system

P5b2: You want to alter the course of this river? What will my village do for water?

P5b3: It’s a betrayal by the King! A betrayal!

P6a: If the aristocrats have marriage ties to other nations

P6b: It could influence a war…


Page 9

P1: …In that case, Almus-kun

P2a: How do you suggest I can improve my country’s political system?

P2b: Any opinion is fine, please let me hear it

P3b1a: When you get along with royalty, do they really get excited discussing politics with you?

P3b1b: If this was my previous world, I would be invited to an expensive high-class restaurant

P3b2: Well then… Almus-kun

P3b3: Take as much Yakiniku as you like!

P3b4: You are a minor so cola for you!

P4: …as I expected

P5: I think centralization should be done


Page 10

P1: Centralization

P2a: The Japan in my previous life beginning from the Taika reform

P2b: shifted from being aristocratic-central politics to Tenno*-centric politics

tln note: *the Tenno literally “heavenly sovereign” refers to the Emperor of Japan

P3a: The Meiji’s government’s “Haihanchiken” moved local governance from the Daimyo’s territory in various places to the prefecture and the prefecture under the central control

tln note: *haihachiken refers to the abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures, further reading at

P3b: This concept was covered several times during history class in compulsory education

P4a: I see… Centralization

P4b: We also agree with Almus-kun

P6a: I am honestly surprised

P6b: There is a child who thought of the same thing we came up with…


Page 11

P1: And, specifically, what do you think needs to be done to achieve this?

P2b1: Well, you need to authority for starters

P2b2: You need some kind of divine force to clearly separate Royalty from the others

P3b1: Specifically?

P3b2: Why not make a divine myth? Like the Rosice clan are descendants of gods*

tln note: Traditionally the Tenno of Japan is seen as a divine being and is said to have been the direct descendants of the sun-goddess Amaterasu, he probably referenced our world

P4b1: Descendants of gods…

P4b2: Well, I’m not familiar with this world’s divine myths though

P5: and is there anything else?


Page 12

P1b1a: The tax collection and military authority should be torn off from the powerful families at the very least

P1b1b: If you manage that, it will be easier later

P1b2: But even if you asked me how to achieve this, I am not so sure myself…

P2: Hmm…

P3: Actually, we possess a secret plan on how to achieve centralization…

P4: Is that true?

P5a: Centralization… Although it is written by 5 characters* but it is not an easy thing to achieve

tln note: It’s a 5-character word in Japanese: 中央集権化

P5b: As expected from the King of Rosice

P6: While I possess the plan, it is a method that I would prefer not to use…

P7a: The cooking method is not wrong but

P7b: After a while the ingredients become rotten and I lost my hunger…


Page 13

P1a: Why is it that this country lack human talents…

P1b: Just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt…

P1c: Guu…

P2b1: Brother!

P2b2: I-I’m fine…

P3: ……blood

P6: fuu


Page 14

P1b1: …sorry you had to see that side of me

P1b2: Is it a disease?

P2: …when did it start?

P3: Counting back it has been like this for 10 years now?

P4: …that’s long

P5: …could this be why Yuria-sama is devoting herself to Voodoo?

P6: Ah


Page 15

P1a: To heal my sickness…

P1b: I don’t think even voodoo can heal this

P2: How much longer?

P3: That is not for you to know!

P5b1a: Here is an assignment for you

P5b1b: Since you are clever, you would be able to come up with something for centralization

P5b2: Finish this assignment before I die

P6b1: Whether it’s being used or not is another matter

P6b2: …I’ll try my best



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