Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 14

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 14

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Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 14

Page 1

P1a: Everyone!

P1b: Almus-san has returned!

P2b1: Almus-san brought something amazing along with him!

P2b2: Amazing?

P2b3: What is it? He went to the Kingdom of Rosice right?

P3b1: Just come with me!

P3b2: I got it already, don’t push me

P5: Those are­…


Page 2

P1: Horses!

P2b1: Nii-san welcome back!

P2b2: Leader!

P2b3: I’m back

P3b1: A horse!

P3b2: Two of them at that!

P4b1: First time with a horse?

P4b2: It’s my first time touching one

P5b1: Amazing

P5b2: Act a little more cautious


Page 3

P5: Nii-san… who is the girl sitting at the back?

P6b1a: Ahh, she is Ria

P6b1b: She is a slave I received

P6b2: A slave? Why?


Page 4

P1b1a: There aren’t any people in the village who know how to take care of horses, right?

P1b1b: To deal with horses you need some form of experience

P1b1c: When I mentioned that to the King of Rosice

P1b2: I need to practice horse riding now!

P4b1a: I see, in that case I will also grant you a slave that knows how to care for horses

P4b1b: It’s no problem for you to feed one more mouth, right?

P4b2: Raymond lead him there

P5b1: Understood. Almus-kun, right this way

P5b2: Okay

P6b1: That one is good. What’s her name?

P6b2: That one is called Ria //note to pr: I purposely phrased it as “that one” because they refer to her like that probably because she’s a slave


Page 5

P1a: Ria

P1b: I’m Almus, nice to meet you!

P3b1: That’s the first time I’ve heard this language…

P3b2: Ah, that is Germanisu*

tln note: A wordplay on german? Not sure…

P4: There are other languages apart from Adelian and Krishian…

P5a: …As you can see, she speaks a different language from the rest of you guys

P5b: When you want to convey something tell me

P6: In our village, I’d like everyone to treat Ria the same as one of us!

P7: I..I see…

P8: What is it Rosewood, are you interested in Ria?


Page 6

P1b1: You… You’re wrong!

P1b2: Well, don’t get embarrassed

P2a: Welcome back, Almus-san!

P2b: Where’s my souvenir?

P3a: There is dried meat among the bags on the horse

P3b: If you want to eat, take a few only

P3sfx: Yay!

P4: Here aahhn!

P5b1a: All 14 years olds are curious about love…

P5b1b: As an older brother I feel conflicted

P5b2: Almus-san!

P5b3: Is it adolescence?


Page 7

P2: I took down a wild boar!!

P4b1: Who are you?

P4b2: haha don’t joke around, I’m Gram

P5b1: Why is it, even though Gram is only 12, he has the best physique amongst us?

P5b2: It’s because using a bow requires muscles!

P6a: Fufufufu

P6b: It’s too early to be surprised


Page 8

P1a: Aren’t I amazing?

P1b: Am I not the best?

P2b1: Ruru?

P2b2: Did you track down this boar with your Voodoo magic

P2b3: What with that dress?

P2b4: Tracking voodoo

P2b5: The outfit is for camouflage

P3b1: Yuria-san says I have a knack for Voodoo!

P3b2: Also, Soyon and Tetra are quite strong as well…

P4b1: I’m happy about everyone’s growth…

P4b2: By the way, I am not compatible with voodoo…

P5a: Well, let’s go back and widen our fields!

P5b: With these horses, let’s aim for three times the size!


Page 9

P1: Oh!!

P2a: Tetra, I’m back!

P2b: How were the goats?

P3b1: They have eaten most of the weeds in the wasteland

P3b2: Well goats eat practically everything

P4b1a: I’ll leave the horse-tilling up to you Ria

P4b1b: That’s right, do it with Rosewood

P4b2: Yessir

P5a: Who is Ria?

P5b: The horses’ caretaker…


Page 10

P3b1: What’s with that thing being dragged by the horses?

P3b2: I received it along with the horses

P3b3: If they are for farm use, then a Plough and Harrow are also needed right?

PR Note: I had to do a quick bit of research about what kind of implements a farm animal would use on a field and cross reference it against the ones we see them using in the manga. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

P3b4: Thank you for everything!

P3b5: I’ll also give you those!

P4: Alright, please begin!

P5a: Oh?

P5b: Oooh…

P6: Uwoah…


Page 11

P1b1: aaaah

P1b2: So fast!?

P2b1: What’s wrong, Rosewood?

P2b2: It hurts just holding on…aahhh…!?

P3b1: The speed is on another level

P3b2: As expected from horsepower*! This puts our earlier effort to shame!

tln note: bad pun, ehehe 😉

P4b1: Let’s prepare the plough for the other one.

P4b2: We should quickly learn to ride the horse also!

P5: Almus-san, didn’t you say you had a new item in mind?

P6: Ah, I’m thinking of Cannabis

P7: Cannabis…you say?


Page 12

P1a: Cannabis has the image of being a narcotic

P1b: …but according to Yuria

P2a: Cannabis? Ah, we use it in Voodoo

P2b: Mostly as a painkiller

P4b1a: It’s not really used for self-indulgence

P4b1b: Though I have heard of other countries doing it…

P4b2a: …as a result

P4b2b: The Adelina Peninsula does not really use narcotics

P4b3: That one?

P5a: Hemp seeds are high in nutritional value

P5b: Also, If you squeeze it, you can get oil

P5b2: It was included in my previous world’s “Shichimitogarashi” (“seven-flavor chili pepper”, a seasoning mix)

P6a: Since it’s an annual plant it can be cultivated throughout the year and it’s a fast-growing plant

P6b: It can be replanted repeatedly and won’t cause us much problems

P7a: Heh~ Since hemp is a material for clothes

P7b: I assumed you wanted it to make clothes


Page 13

P1a: We are going to use the hemp fibres

P1b: Though not for clothes, but something else

P1b2: There were linen strings in my past life

P2b1a: Honestly, I don’t know if hemp is useful for that

P2b1b: I am growing hemp to try it outfit

P2b2: Something else?

P3b1a: Griffin-sama’s supports ends on this year’s summer

P3b1b: The taxes we pay for the village grows larger every year…

P3b2: At this rate it’s a financial crisis…

P4b1: That’s why this village should produce some products, don’t you think?

P4b2: Hemp is for that purpose?

P5a: There is one candidate for a special product that we can produce

P5b: Come with me


Page 14

P1: There are three main mediums used for recording media in the Adelina Peninsula

P2: Papyrus, Sheep-skin and planks of wood

P3: Papyrus is weak and splits when folded

P4: Sheep-skin is durable, but insects get in easily

P5a: Planks are just short pieces of wood, that’s why

P5b: It’s hard to write long sentences

P6a: This is the recording medium that is more impressive than the three of them

P6b: It’s called paper!

P6b2: ahahaha, it’s been a while since I saw paper


Page 15

P2a: Most of the citizens cannot write characters

P2b: I cannot see a demand for this

P3b1: Ah, so we wholesale directly to places that use writing

P3b2: The King Of Rosice!

P4b1a: Unlike most people, the job of a country’s leaders includes recording history

P4b1b: Are you convinced now?

P4b2: …yes

P5a: Eventually for everyone’s future profession

P5b: Paper craftsman will also appear right?

P7: Yes!


Page 16

P1: The materials are here

P2b1: Why are we outside?

P2b2: It’s to submerge in water

P3b1: Digging a hole on the bank of this small river creates a mini pool

P3b2a: The material to submerge is tree bark

P3b2b: and the hemp that I bought a while ago

P4b1: Is it necessary to preserve it in water?

P4b2: It is just to soften it

P5b1: If it is not softened you cannot remove these black portions of the tree bark right?

P5b2a: Doing this you get the fibres

P5b2b: This time we are not doing it seriously, but the more precise you are at this, the whiter and better will the quality of paper be!


Page 17

P1: Next, add crushed ash into the water

P2b1: It will become a supernatant white liquid

P2b2: This is lye

P3b1: Lye?

P3b2a: What we need is alkali, but we can make do with just lye

P3b2b: Alkaline solutions can be used to degrade the tissue of living organisms

P4: Mix the tree bark, straw, hemp and lye together and boil!

P5: It’s like a stew

P6b1a: Something smells good

P6b1b: Can I eat some too leader?

P6b2: You would get a stomach-ache you know?


Page 18

P1a: Wait for it to cool down…

P1b: Wash it

P1c: and leave it in the pool again for one night

P2b1: How much longer?

P2b2a: Just a little more

P2b2b: Good work on the fields, let’s eat something!

P4: Next, while still damp, pound it with a mortar

P5a: Oh?

P5b: Leave that to me, Leader!

P6a: Then while I leave it to Ron

P6b: make starch from wheat flour

P6b2: in the previous world I just needed to boil the wheat flour though


Page 19

P1: Mix the starch glue with the liquid and the main material is done

P2: Is this water the paper?

P2a: It’s the base of paper

P2b: What’s left is to form the shape

P3b1: This mould is to draw out water?

P3b2: Ah, it’s called a paper tray

P3b3: What’s left is to mass produce only…

P4: Pour the mixture here…

P5: Then shake it to make it even


Page 20

P1: It’s pretty…

P2: Repeat this several times

P3: Remove the top part of the paper tray

P4: And leave it to dry

P5b1: Is it going well?

P5b2a: It’s not bad

P5b2b: From now on we can produce better paper

P5b2c: and create a smoother paper

P6a: A little dust can be seen

P6b: And it is thinner than I expected

P7: Oooh!


Page 21

P1a: Amazing!

P1b: This is paper!

P3b1: It’s lighter than sheepskin!

P3b2: Easier to write on than wooden planks!

P3b3: Softer than papyrus!

P4a: This can be mass produced…

P4b: It can be sold!

P5a: Give the praise to the Chinese person who invented paper

P5b: No, this is the first paper in this world, I could go down in history

P5c: I made paper a long time in china

P6a: Okay!

P6b: Let’s go sell it to the King of Rosice!



by Illris

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