Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 15

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Isekai Kenkokuki

Page 1

P2b1a: King of Rosice,

P2b1b: This is “Paper”

P6a: I see

P6b: This is wonderful


Page 2

(side of the page): This manga is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any organisation, event or person living or dead is purely coincidental.

P1a: Our village made this

P1b: And would like to present some of it to the King Of Rosice

P2a:  I will buy them all!

P2b (small text): This is good

P4: …and

P5: This thing you call “paper”, could you tell me the production method?

P6a: I don’t really mind but

P6b: Can you guarantee our profits?


Page 3

P1a: Fufu… it was a joke

P1b: Well then, let’s do this

P2b1: Let me continue to buy from you for the next 3 years

P2b2a: In the meantime, try to improve the quality of the paper

P2b2b: This is an order from the King

P3b1: When you have improved the techniques in three years, we will buy it collectively

P3b2: Will that be fine?

P4a: I also want to make paper manufacturing a national industry

P4b: …but right now the quality is still too lacking for industrialization

P5a: Until this paper becomes a high-quality product

P5b: I leave this “paper” up to you

P6: And that’s why you are not allowed to sell this anywhere else


Page 4

P1: Understood

P2a: As expected of the King of Rosice

P2b: He even thought of the fact that I might sell this information to someone else

P3a:  Be it evaluating my homework or sending Bartolo to observe

P3b: He doesn’t seem to trust people but

P3c:  The village’s income sources have become stable because of it

P5: And so, roughly another year has passed


Page 5

P1a: The time for Griffin-sama’s support has come to an end

P1b: Finally, the day has arrived…

P2a: Rotary Farming

P2b: Unglazed Pottery

P2c: Charcoal

P2d: Personal tutorage income

P2e: Livestock

P2f: Paper

P2g: There were some twists and turns but the village remained relatively stable

P2h: Protection using magic

P3a: I wonder what would have happened if I did not meet Griffin-sama in this forest

P3b: For starters there’s no more “Divine gift of Language”

P4a: Griffin-sama

P4b: It’s Almus


Page 6

P2: Ah, Almus

P3b1: You did well to

P3b2: Raise everyone

P3b3: Without anyone dying


Page 7

P2a: I didn’t do it all by myself

P2b: No need to be humble

P3a: The one who got support from the King of Rosice and me

P3b: And also motivated the kids was you


Page 8

P1: By the way do you still need the “Divine Protection of Language”?

P2: No it’s fine now

P3a: To be honest, I still need it for a little while so that I can speak with Ria but

P3b: That is outside of my agreement with Griffin-sama…

P4a: Ria has also started to understand a certain level of Adelian, besides

P4b: Horse

P4c: Rosewood Who?

P4d: Deer

P4e: Language of Adelian

P5a: Rosewood is trying to pick up Germanisu

P5b: Knucklehead Rosewood is passionately studying!

P6a: He must have wanted to converse with Ria really bad…

P6b: I think the power of love is amazing


Page 9

P1a: I see

P1b: Then I will have you return it

P3a: Ooh…

P3b: It feels like something is taken from my body

P4a: Come and show your face around here regularly

P4b: And if you feel the slightest bit of gratitude towards me…

P6a: Give me some alcohol

P6b: On a regular basis

P7: Understood


Page 10

P3: Welcome back Almus, how was Griffin-sama?

P4a: He said to pass on his regards for everybody

P4b: And to bring him fruit wine

P5a: I see…

P5b: With this, the job requested of you by Griffin-sama ends?

P6a: Yeah… Now the village is self-sustainable

P6b: We did well to come this far


Page 11

P1: At first it was so deserted

P2: Now, it may be easier to live here compared to other places

P3: Really, everyone worked hard…


Page 12

P1a: …Yes

P1b: We worked hard!

P2a: Tetra

P2b: Gather everyone

P3: I have something to announce


Page 13

P1a: Listen up

P1b: I have heard from Yuria and also confirmed with my own eyes…

P2a: This year’s harvest in the Kingdom of Rosice is plentiful!

P2b: Did nobody die from starvation?

P3: Why are you bringing that up Brother?

P4a: You are born in the Kingdom of Rosice right?

P4b: …that’s right?

P5: Now you can go back home to your parents


Page 14

P1a: All the others

P1b: Born in the Kingdom of Rosice…

P1c: Can go home

P2: There are other kids apart from Rosewood born in the Kingdom of Rosice

P3a: If we lose the kids especially with the older Rosewood,

P3b: We will face a labour shortage problem

P3c: Food Consumption Rate > Food Production Rate < Manpower down

P4: Even then it doesn’t matter

P5: Children should grow up beside their parents

P6a: Now that the agreement with Griffin-sama has ended,

P6b: Children who can go home should go home

P6c: I didn’t know my parents but…


Page 15

P1a: These children

P1b: Are different

P2b1: That’s why…

P2b1a: For now, it’s the Kingdom of Rosice but

P2b1b: For the others too,

P2b1c: When you are able to go back to go back…

P3a: Hey Brother-san

P3b: What is it Rosewood?

P4: Are you an idiot?

P5: What do you mean?

P6a: Could it be that now that I lost Griffin-sama’s support

P6b: I became worse at conveying my words?

P6c: This village is stable without Griffin-sama’s support!


Page 16

P1a: It’s true that we love our parents

P1b: But we were abandoned

P1c: Once

P2: No matter how desperate they were, it’s an unforgivable act

P3a: And even if they have more food now,

P3b: We might not be welcomed even if we returned, Leader

P4a: We might be chased out again

P4b: Or sold away as slaves this time

P5: We would never think of wanting to go back

P7: Now that I think about it


Page 17

P1a: Returning to the parents who abandoned you once,

P1b: The possibility of neglect is high

P2a: I should know this if I was rational in my decision making

P2b: Why didn’t I think about this

P3a: The orphaned me

P3b: Probably beautified the image of parents in my mind

P4a: This is my complex…

P4b: I recklessly pushed my ideals on everyone

P5: Not to mention…


Page 18

P1: Everyone loves you Brother-san


Page 19

P2: Leader, don’t abandon us and continue to lead us

P3: We who are unrelated to each other

P4: That’s why everyone loves Almus-san right?

P5b1a: Right?

P5b1b: Who among here wants to go back to their parents?

P5b2: Raise your hands!

P6sfx: Silence

P7: Then how about those that want to follow Leader from now on?


Page 20


P2a: Oi Oi…

P2b: There might be those who might be swept by the crowd…

P3: Who really wants to go back to their parents?

P4: But at the beginning…

P5a: They were crying so much

P5b: Crying out the names of their parents…

P6a: …everyone

P6b: Why?


Page 21

P1b1a: Everyone here…

P1b1b: Loves you

P1b2: That’s all

P2: Tetra…

P3b1: Almus-san, are you crying?

P3b2: I’m not! I wouldn’t cry…

P4a: Alright, I got it!

P4b: I will continue to be this village’s leader…

P5a: Keep on following me!

P5: Understood Leader!

P6: Hmm?


Page 22

P1a: It’s suspicious

P1b: Everyone is too coordinated, almost like an act?

P1c: Ah

P2a: You saw through it?

P2b: Saw through it?

P3a: Recently Almus-san has an uneasy expression

P3b: I heard it from Tetra

P4a: Then let’s use this chance to make Almus cry…

P4b: Said Ron

P5b1a: Hey wait a moment

P5b1b: The one most into it was Rosewood

P5b2: Don’t shift the blame to others!


Page 23

P1b1: You even rehearsed your lines right?

P1b2: The one who suggesting the rallying cry at the end was you Ron!

P1b3: What can I say, geez…

P2: I am fortunate



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