Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 16

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 16

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Athena13 TL
Isekai Kenkokuki 16
page 1
p1b1 Uhmm… Yuria.
p2b1a Is voodoo magic
p2b1b Always this boring?
p2 sfx *Silence*
p3b1a Almus, I don’t mind if you want to observe, but…
p3b1b Today we are practicing putting up a barrier here.
p4b1 So can you please keep yourself from doing anything that could disturb their concentration?
p5b1a This barrier…
p5b1b Then also that hexing and curse dispelling?
p5b1c What can I say, all of them are hard to see with the naked eye, like, you know. . .
p5b1d Vague?
p5b2 And also there’s that one from before too…
page 2
p1b1 Supplements?
p2b1 Yep, this is just a supplement, so drink it, okay?
p2b2a Eh? But this was made using voodoo magic, right?
p2b2b Isn’t this dangerous?
p3b1 It’s not, so drink it. Okay?
p3b2a …By the way Tetra, why are you wearing revealing clothes today?
p3b2b Aren’t you cold?
p4b1 I’m not, so drink…
p4b2 Ahh, the goats just came right on time.
p4 sfx *Meeep*
p5b1a Here.
p5b1b It’s just supplements.
p5b1c Go on… Take it…
p5 sfx *Meeep* *Meeep*
p6b1 !?
page 3
p1 sfx1 *Dash*
P1 sfx2 *Meeeeeep* *Meeeeeep*
p2b1 …Something like that happened, you see?
p2b2a You there, Tetra!!
p2b2b Don’t start fidgeting!!
p3b1a Not to mention that time too when you demonstrated a hex to make a tree wither.
p3b1b It took sometime before the tree actually started withering, you know.
p3b2 Do you have any complaints about that?
p3 ltr Few hours after that.
p3 sfx top left *Chant* *Chant*
p3 sfx bottom *Flutter* *Flutter*
p3 background bubble Ah, the leaves started to fall down.
p4b1a Can you like, you know, make it wither in one go?
P4b1b sfx *Rustle*
p4b2 … It’s not like I can’t do that, but it will be a waste of energy, you know?
p5b1a Is that so…
p5b1b Well… That monster detection is pretty useful though.
p5b2 Right!!
p5b3 Yep, Ruru, you’re out!
page 4
p1b1 It’s all good that it’s useful but… Things like we have to use the fur of a dead animal to conceal our scent…
p1 ltr This one in itself is smelly you know.
p2b1 Or like jumping from roof to roof for training to conceal one’s presence…
p2 sfx *Dash*
p3b1a Or like returning after training as a half-wild animal… It’s very awful, you know.
p3b1b Isn’t this one because you didn’t properly teach them before?
p3b2a Can you please not shift the blame to me?
p3b2b Ruru was like that from the start, you know?
p3 sfx1 *Rustle*
P3 sfx2 *Grrrrrrr*
p4b1a Can it, Ruru!
p4b1b Focus on you voodoo magic!
p4 ltr It wasn’t like that, I was blending in together with the animal, but then before I realized it….
page 5
p1b1a Now that I remember it, that Soyon’s possession technique was pretty awesome!
p1b1b That thing where she can move her soul to an animal!
p1b2 That one does have a voodoo magic vibe, doesn’t it?
p2b1a I bet turning into an owl and roaming freely across the wide sky feels so nice.
p2b1b That is the only thing that made me think that it would be nice if I could use voodoo magic too!
p3b1a Well, although right after returning from being an owl…
p3b1b She tried to turn her head just like when she was an owl.
p3 ltr Owl’s face can turn 180 degrees.
p3 sfx right *Turn*
p3 sfx left Heey Soyon!
p4 ltr right What?
p4 sfx right *Gyaaa!!*
P4 sfx bottom right *Turn* *Crack*
p4 ltr left That was a tragic incident…
p4 sfx left *Nishishishi*
p5b1 That’s something that Ron did intentionally to tease me…
p5b2a Hey, Soyon!
p5b2b I know how you feel but shut it!
page 6
p1b1 All in all, voodoo magic is rather bland, you know.
p1b2 Well then…
Panel2 Nothing to translate in panel 2, those are weird characters.
p3b1 How about creating fire?
p3b2 Ooh!!
p3 sfx *Pomf*
p4b1a I can create it just like that because I’m the one who did it, normally it would take more time to create fire.
p4b1b But, since we can use flint instead, it’s a waste of voodoo magic, right?
p4 sfx *Flutter* *Flutter*
p5b1 Oh, it’s gone.
p5 sfx *Puff*
page 7
p1b1 So do you think this one is useful?
p1b2 That was pretty cool but you’re right, that’d be a waste of voodoo magic.
p2b1 …So there you have it, it’s indeed pointless.
p2b2a Wait!
p2b2b Show me that again.
p3b1 Sure, but it’s useless you know.
p3b2 There’s something that I want to try.
p5b1a Fuaaahh.
p5b1b It’s not easy when you have to wake up in the middle of the night.
p6b1 But that Yuria, I wonder what she wants in the middle of the night like this.
p6 ltr right I’ll go tonight, I already got permission from father too.
p6 ltr left Yep, I’ll be together with that idiot…
page 8
p1b1 Adelnia’s moon looks so pretty as always.
p1 sfx *Flail* *Flail*
p2 sfx top *Ring* *Ring* *Ring*
p2 ltr right In this world where we don’t have any alarm clock.
p2 ltr middle It’s my job to wake up those children.
p2 ltr left I do feel like their mother here.
p3b1 Among these, the one who is the hardest to wake up is Tetra.
p3b2a Although it takes a lot of effort to wake her up.
p3b2b She’ll get angry if I wake her last.
p4b1 I’ll start waking these children up after washing my face in the small river.
p4 sfx *Rustle*
page 9
p2b1 Ah!
p4 sfx *Splash*
p5b1 Did you see!?
p5b2a !?
p5b2b I only saw your back.
page 10
p1b1 You’re not lying?
p1b2 I didn’t see the rest.
p1b3 Is that so?
p2b1a By the way, just around your hip.
p2b1b I saw something like a birthmark there.
p3b1a Birthmark?
p3b1b Ah, this one huh…
p4b1 Wanna take a closer look.
p6b1 Is that… A tattoo?
p7b1 It’s the family crest of the member of the Ash main family.
p7b2a Everyone who is from influential family or royal family has it.
p7b2b So maybe Yuria too.
page 11
p1 ltr1 In Japan, which I came from, tattoos didn’t have any good impression at all.
p1 ltr2 But in the western culture, a tattoo was treated as a part of fashion.
p1 ltr3 I also heard that it was normal for people to have tattoos during Yayoi and Yamataikoku period.
p2 ltr1 While in Adelnia, it’s used to mark someone who is from a special social class.
p2 ltr2 It maybe even has some connection with voodoo magic.
p3b1 Don’t just stand there looking, grab my cloths there will you?
p3b2a Eh?! Ahh…
p3b2b Of course.
p4 ltr1 Until just recently, I’d always looked at her like a daughter or a sister.
p4 ltr2 But right now, I feel like watching over the growth of my childhood friend/classmate.
p5 ltr1 And if I added the fact that she’s already 13, I would say that there are a lot of possibilities here.
p5 ltr2 …Whoa, wait right there, what the hell am I thinking?
p6b1a By the way, I actually made something amazing, you know!
p6b1b So you can look forward to it.
p7b1 Sure, I’ll go first then.
page 12
p2b1a Yuria.
p2b1b Does this thing that you want to show tonight have something to do with Tetra’s invention?
p2b2a Well, yes.
p2b2b I think you’ll be surprised.
p3b1 I’m actually already surprised with Bartolo who’s sleeping in the middle of his bodyguard job.
p3 sfx top *Kuaaaah*
p3 ltr bottom A barrel of alcohol is more important than a sword huh…
p4b1 Tetra is here.
p5b1 I wonder what she’s trying to do.
page 13
p1b1 This is the thing that I want to show everyone.
p1 sfx *Rustle*
p2b1 A red geometrical symbol on a paper.
p3b1 Wait, where did you get this red colour?
p3b2 My blood.
p4b1 Whoa there, that’s dangerous…
p4b2a It’s alright.
p4b2b Just like what Almus told me,
p4b2c I’ve cleaned it up with water and alcohol.
p5b1 Ron, put out the light.
p5b2 Oh? You can count on me!
p6b1 I’ll go then.
P6 sfx *Tap*
page 14
p1b1 Light!!
p1 sfx *Paaaaaaa*
p2b1a !?
p2b1b It glowed!
p2b2 So bright!
p3b1 Almus, try to do it.
p4b1a Eh?
p4b1b This is voodoo magic, right?
p4b2 I can’t use voodoo magic, you know…
p4b3 Just try it.
p5b1 Light!
p5 sfx *Puff*
page 15
p1b1 But how?
p2b1a There are 2 things that you need for voodoo magic.
p2b1b The first one is the power of the soul… There are differences between people, but normally girls are stronger.
p2b2 But even so, there are still differences between girls thus only a small number of them that can be voodoo magicians.
p3b1 You guys understand everything up until this point, right?
p3b2 Ah, yes!
p4b1 But that can be easily compensated by bringing the voodoo power from the outside.
p5b1 This can be done by using something like a sacrifice, or blood from a voodoo magician, or a hexing stone.
p6b1 What is a hexing stone?
p6b2 It’s a stone which contains voodoo power that you can normally mine.
p6 ltr left We did learn about that, didn’t we?
p6 sfx *Whisper* *Whisper*
p7b1 And the second one is the skill and experience of a voodoo magician.
page 16
p1b1 This might sound surprising but voodoo magic is actually done mostly by instinct.
p1b2a And for someone who is as talented as me in voodoo magic.
p1b2b He or she usually will use simple voodoo magic without even realizing it since born.
p1 sfx *Slide* *Slide*
p2b1a If I’m to make an analogy out of it, it’s just like breathing.
p2b1b Even if you ask someone to teach you how to breathe, there will be only a small amount of people that can actually teach it.
p3b1a But even so, The process of invoking voodoo magic can be substituted with things like dancing or singing.
p3b1b And that’s how voodoo magic is handed down.
p3 sfx *Hyoi* *Hyoi*
p4b1 And when it comes to the first class magician, you can actually use voodoo magic only by thinking about it.
p4b2 I see, so then, what in the world is happening here?
p4b3 Aah, yes, I got sidetracked a bit there.
p5b1 So basically, the voodoo power comes from Tetra’s blood…
p5b2 While the invocation of the magic is done through this geometric symbol!
p6b1a Tetra.
p6b1b So basically…
page 17
p1b1 You just created this symbol which represents the whole process of invoking light magic, am I right?
p2b1 Yes, if it’s a symbol, then it can be written on a paper and carried anywhere.
p2b2 The invocation process itself is already complete, so anyone can activate it only by thinking.
p3b1 How in the world did you come up with this symbol?
p3b2a With trial and error.
p3b2b And also this.
p4b1 Arithmetic?
p5b1 Arithmetic is the foundation of everything in this world.
p5b2 Are you from Greece or what?!
p6b1 I decided to name this “Magic Formula”.
page 18
p1b1a Yuria, isn’t this…
p1b1b This isn’t even on the level of discovering equations that will be written down in the history books…
p1b1c Doesn’t this mean that she just made something unbelievable?
p1b2 That’s why I did tell you so from the start, didn’t I?
p1 sfx *Shaking* *Shaking* *Shaking*
p2 ltr1 All the voodoo magicians in history.
p2 ltr2 Are only able to create songs, dances, incantations, and all other kinds of vague practices.
p2 ltr3 But Tetra just made voodoo magic into empirical theory with her magic formulation!
p3b1 If we actually implement this, won’t everyone stop being voodoo magicians?
p3b2a I’m sure that won’t happen.
p3b2b Since it seems that there is some magic that can’t be expressed with arithmetic.
p4b1a She’s right.
p4b1b There are things that can’t be properly explained with arithmetic like the square root operator or a ratio of a circle circumference to diameter.
p4 ltr And human’s emotion too.
p5 ltr The pi number and square root operator haven’t been invented yet in this world
p6 ltr1 Of course, I’m the one who taught Tetra that but…
p6 ltr2 The one who made that big breakthrough in voodoo magic is Tetra alone!
p6 ltr3 Tetra really is an amazing girl.
page 19
p1b1 Now that we can combine voodoo magic and magic formula, this is just the best!!
p1b2 We can carry it around and you don’t have to be a voodoo magician to be able to use it!
p1b3 Although hexing isn’t compatible with that though.
p2b1 You guys understand everything, right?
p2b2 I don’t know what’s going on but that’s so cool!!
p3b1a But still…
p3b1b There are those magics that can be expressed with symbols and those that can’t, right?
p3b2 Doesn’t that mean that this thing is a completely separate subject from voodoo magic, right?
p4b1a The most important part of the magic formula is this arithmetical calculation, right?
p4b1b So I also think that it’s a good idea to regard it as a different subject.
p5b1 In that case, Almus, you decide.
p6b1 Is it really okay for me to decide?
p6 sfx Eh?
p7ltr1 Well, as someone who has lived in the RPG-leading nation in my previous world, I’ll have to go with that…
p7 ltr2 Hmmmm… then…
page 20
p1b1 How about sorcery?
p1 sfx *Shiiine*
p2 ltr1 I actually want to simply call it magic.
p2 ltr2 But since we originally had voodoo magic, I decided on sorcery instead.
p2b1 Sorcery…
p2b2a Sorcery huh…
p2b2b Then from today, I’m a sorceress!
p3b1 I’m the very first sorcerer in this world.
p3b2 Yep, and my second name will be something like The Progenitor.
p4 ltr1 She acts just like her age… I’m so worried now.
p4 sfx *Fufuun*