Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 17

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 17

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Athena13 TL
Isekai Kenkokuki 17
page 1
p1bx1 1 year later.
p5b1 This place got pretty lively.
p5b2 We currently have 70 people in this village.
page 2
p1b1 70 people huh… That’s quite a lot.
p1b2 Most of them came from King Ferme’s kingdom.
p1b3a They were running away from the high tax.
p1b3b We found them unconscious in the forest and took them in.
p1b3c And after doing that for 1 year, we got 30 people.
p2b1 Almus-san, we’ve finished repairing the roof!
p2b2a Ahh, thanks Gram!
p2b2b You can take a break and drink some tea.
p4b1a Tetra, how are the adults that we took in?
p4b1b They don’t fight with Ron or something like that, right?
p5b1a Among the people that we took in, there were 6 *adults
p5b1b At the moment, they have a good relationship with Ron. More like, they become attached to Ron.
TLN By Japanese standard, 20+ yr old.
p5 ltr left They are all.
P5 ltr right Good people.
page 3
p1 ltr It’s obvious, but…
p1b1a They have more physical power
p1b1b And they know a lot of life hacks.
p1b2 I learnt how to cook from them and it was fun.
p2b1a The introduction of horse tilling also contributes to it but…
p2b1b Thanks to the physical power of the adults, we were able to greatly expand the fields which give us abundant harvests.
p2 ltr in circles New.
p2 ltr We might not be able to go to war at our age, but you can count on us to cultivate new fields.
p3b1a Right now, this village
p3b1b Has enough stock for the population and we produce more than we consume.
p3b2 Everything is fine for now
p4b1 Alright Tetra, I leave the rest to you.
p4b2 Ok, please give my regards to Griffon-sama!
page 4
p1b1 It is wine, please accept it.
p2 sfx *Flap* *Flap*
p3 sfx *Flap* *Flap*
p4b1 Very well.
p6b1 This is too little.
p6b2 Even if you tell me that
p6 ltr It’s one of our merchandise for trading, so it’s highly valuable…
page 5
p1b1 How’s everything lately?
p1b2 Thanks to you, we are doing fine.
p2b1 I did nothing in particular.
P2 sfx *Rise*
p3b1a Although I said that it was too little, you did give me a highly valuable merchandise. Is the village doing that well?
p3b1b Was the harvest great?
p3b2 Yes, pretty much.
p3 sfx *Roll*
p4b1 Is that so? I’m glad.
p5b1a Even though you guys have become more or less independent from me
p5b1b It’ll still give me nightmares if you guys died because of impoverishment…
p5b1c Also
p5b1d There’s one thing that I need to tell you.
p6b1 What is it?
page 6
p1b1a One day
p1b1b If you or your descendants are facing a predicament
p1b2a Depending on your attitude towards me and how you ask for my help,
p1b2b I might as well lend you a hand.
p1 sfx *Uooooooooo*
page 7
p1b1a That is… I’m very grateful
p1b1b But I hope that it won’t come to that.
p2b1a Indeed.
p2b1b That’s bothersome for me too.
p2b2 So try your best to avoid it.
p3 sfx *Flap* *Flap*
p4b1a Ooiiii.
p4b1b I’m back.
page 8
p1b1 Welcome back, my dear.
p1 sfx *Run*
p3b1 When did we get married?
p3b2 There’s no time to be dumbfounded like that, follow me quickly!!
p3 sfx *Grab*
p4b1 That’s because you just said something absurd there…
p4b2 By the way, what’s the problem? Is it an emergency?
p4 sfx *Pull* *Pull*
page 9
p1b1 Leader, this way!!
p1b2 Ron?
p2b1 Look inside.
p4 sfx *Gloom*
p5b1a What…
p5b1b What’s with all these people?
page 10
p1b1 There are 30 of them.
p1b2 30 you say?!
p2b1 They came here just after Almus-san went out.
p2b2 And since they obediently listened to what we said, we left them here
p3b1 Are you the representative of this village?
p4b1a Yes, more or less.
p4b1b And you are?
p5b1 We’re the villagers of a particular village inside the kingdom of Ferme.
p5b2a My name is Earl.
p5b2b I’m acting as the head of that village.
p5 ltr right top Earl’s Village.
p5 ltr right middle The Kingdom of Ferme.
p5 ltr right bottom The Kingdom of Rosice.
p5 ltr left top Romalia Forest.
p5 ltr left bottom Almus’ village.
page 11
p1b1 All of us arrived here after running away from The Kingdom of Ferme.
p1b2 Running away?
p1b3 Is The Kingdom of Ferme struck by famine this year too?
p2b1a Yes.
p2b1b The Kingdom of Ferme is always weak against curses and so we’re always struck with famine…
p2b2 Weak against curses?
p3 ltr1 During the founding of the Kingdom of Ferme.
p3 ltr2 The kingdom executed a lot of Ash Sect voodoo magicians.
p3 ltr3 And there are not many voodoo magicians who can put up barriers.
p4b1a Moreover, the tax that the soldiers collect…
p4b1b Increases each year.
p4b2 They’ll immediately execute us if we can’t pay it.
p5b1a To be honest, we wanted to run to The Kingdom of Rosice, but…
p5b1b It’s difficult to cross the border without getting found out…
p5b1c And so we were at a loss of where to go.
page 12
p1b1 Then at that time, we heard a rumour about this forest.
p2b1 A rumour?
p3b1a Yes.
p3b1b A rumour that there’s a paradise protected by Griffon-sama deep inside this forest.
p3b2 And that the abandoned children are living happily there…
p4b1 I never thought that it really does exist…
p4b2 Well, it does not. We’re normally farming to support our lives here.
p5b1 Did we get famous because we sold those animal skins in the capital?
p5b2 Well, we’re pretty famous as a village that regularly comes for trading after all.
page 13
p1b1 When we shared some food with the people whom we found unconscious in the forest, they asked us a lot of things too.
p1b2 And we guided some people who were lost in the forest. Maybe we became famous because of that…
p2 ltr1 Ever since I introduced shogi to King Rosice
p2 ltr2 He often talks about me and this village cheerfully.
p2 ltr background In that village, the children who are protected by the Griffon…
p3b1 In short, you guys want to live here?
p3b2 Yes…!!
p4b1a Please, we beg you!
p4b1b We’ll do anything!!
p6 ltr1 Now then, what should I do?
p6 ltr2 As expected, 30 people is too many to take in… not to mention that there is also a safety problem.
p6 bckgrnd ltr1 They are only children!!
p6 bckgrnd ltr2 Let’s take over this village!!
p6 bckgrnd ltr3 Yeah!!
p6 bckgrnd ltr4 If something like that were to happen…
p7b1 …Ruru-chan?
page 14
p1b1a Ruru-chan!
p1b1b You’re Ruru-chan, right?
p1 sfx *Ah!*
p2b1 Your family?
p3b1 Ruru-chan…
p3b2 !?
p4b1 Don’t touch me!!
p4 sfx *Swoosh*
page 15
p1b1a Wh…
p1b1b What’s wrong?
p2b1 It’s too late for you to act like a real mother!! You’ve abandoned me!!
p3b1a Almus-san.
p3b1b I’m against taking these people in!!
p4b1a Let’s just immediately return these people to the kingdom of Ferme.
p4b1b It’s stupid to worsen our relation with the kingdom of Ferme for the sake of these people!!
page 16
p1b1a Leader, I’m also against it.
p1b1b I just don’t like that idea!
p1 sfx *Swish*
p2b1 …Ron.
p3b1a I also agree with Ron.
p3b1b After all, we have nothing to do with them.
p4b1 Ruru…
p4 sfx *Turn* *Turn*
p5b1a I believe that we should take these people in.
p5b1b They were abandoned and ran away…
p5b2 They’re just like us.
p6b1 I agree with Soyon.
page 17
p1b1 We should help each other when one of us is in trouble, right?
p1 sfx *Point*
p3 ltr There are small children among these 30 people huh…
p4b1 Tetra, what do you think?
p5b1a I’m against it, for now.
p5b1b I still can’t trust these people.
p6b1a This might be a strategy from the kingdom of Ferme to take over this village from the inside.
p6b1b We need to make sure of that first.
p7b1 I see.
p7 ltr So she’s saying that she’ll agree of taking them in if she can come to trust them huh?
page 18
p1b1 In that case then, I’ll go to the kingdom of Ferme to clarify about this.
p2b1 Watch these people closely while I’m gone.
p2b2 You can count on me!
p3b1a I’ll go too.
p3b1b …Since I’m not completely unrelated to this problem.
p3 sfx *Grab*
p5b1 I understand.
p6b1a So there you have it.
p6b1b You will stay here and obey what we say.
p6b2 We’ll provide you with food.
page 19
p1b1 Be sure not to do anything suspicious.
p2b1a Yes!
p2b1b Thank you very much for giving us a chance.
p3b1 Be careful out there!
p5b1 …About Ruru.
p5b2 …Just leave it to me.
p6b1 Alright then Tetra, we’ll go by horse!
p6b2 Eh… Almus, you can ride a horse?