Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 18

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 18

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page 1
p1b1 Ria, you there?
p2b1 Yes?
p2b2 I want to ride a horse, so please prepare one.
p3b1a Almus.
p3b1b Are we really going with a horse?
p3b2 Of course, is something wrong?
p3b3 But you can’t ride a horse, right?
p3 sfx Brrrrr
p4b1a Aah, that’s no problem.
p4b1b Since I’ll use this.
p5b1 What’s that?

page 2
p1b1 It’s a stirrup.
p2 ltr1 A stirrup is something that you put on both sides of the horse for you to step on.
p3 ltr1 This world already has saddle but no stirrups.
p3 ltr2 Put a foothold on the horses? But why?
p4 ltr1 Ria can normally ride a horse without any special equipment.
p4 ltr2 Unfortunately, I can’t ride a horse without stirrups.

page 3
p1 ltr1 It’s similar to the world where I came from. In the era when the stirrup hasn’t been invented yet
p1 ltr2 Not everyone can be cavalry soldiers.
p1 ltr3 Since it’s very hard to use your weapon when you can’t put your feet on a stable place.
p2 ltr1 But if I use this stirrup
p2 ltr2 Even a beginner like me can ride a horse with only a little bit of training.
p2 ltr3 It’s something that I should be careful with so that it won’t cause any militaristic reformation.
p2b1 Here I go.
p3b1a That’s why no one knows it except Ria.
p3b1b So can you please keep this a secret too, Tetra?
p3b2 This is made from iron, how did you make this?
p4b1a I asked Yuria to make it outside.
p4b1b Come up…
p4 ltr Hmmm. alright.

page 4
p1b1 Okay.
p2b1 There…
p2b2 Wha-!!
p2 sfx Rustle
p3b1 Be gentler, okay?
p3b2 Ah, sorry.
p6b1 Say, Almus.
p6b2 …Hm?

page 5
p1b1a King Ferme…
p1b1b Roland Ferme has always been an ambitious person, right?
p1b2 Well, that might be true.
p2b1 But.
p2b2 Everyone always loved him.
p3b1a Is that so?
p3b1b But from how Earl and the others behaved, it seemed like they hated him.
p3b2 I don’t know for now.
p4b1a However, a long time ago, he’s… someone who looked like a kind person.
p4b1b He was also quite close to father.
p4b1c And me too…
p5b1 I didn’t hate him.

page 6
p1b1 I see…
p1b2 Yep.
p2b1 The sun is setting soon, let’s camp here.
p4 sfx Rustle Rustle

page 7
p1b1 So this is Earl’s village huh?
p1b2 This place looks exactly like what they description…
p2b1 There are still some people here… I’ll go ask them.
p3b1a Hi there~~
p3b1b Excuse me.
p3b2 Whoa…
p4b1a This village appears more or less empty.
p4b1b What happened?
p5b1 …
p6b1 Well, about the villagers you see…

page 8
p1b1 They ditched this place in the middle of the night.
p1b2 All of them…
p2b1 We’re forming a search group right now.
p2b2 This is so annoying.
p3b1a They ditched this place?
p3b1b But why?
p4b1 The tax is so heavy that they can’t pay it, you know.
p5b1a It’s because of the heavy taxation.
p5b1b By the way…
p5 sfx Step

page 9
p1b1 Why are you here?
p2 sfx Ka clank
p3 sfx Rustle Rustle
p4b1a We are just merchants.
p4b1b We’re heading north and so we’re just passing through this country.
p4b2 Then I saw soldiers gathering in this village so I was wondering what happened here.
p5b1 Ah, you can take one. It’s just dried fruits.
p5b2 Oh thank you…
p6b1 It must be nice to have a horse.
p6b2 Hooo…

page 10
p1b1 Is that girl your wife?
p1b2 Fueh?
p2b1a Well, you can say that.
p2b1b We just got married recently.
p2b1c Right?
p3b1 Ju-just got married…
p3b2a Y-yes.
p3b2b We are newlywed!
p4b1a Anyway, is there anything that I might be able to sell around here?
p4b1b Or maybe something that the soldiers here want?
p5b1 We have nothing like that.
p5b2 We’re already having a hard time paying for our own food.
p5 sfx Give

page 11
p1b1 …May I take 3 slices?
p1b2 You can take as much as you want.
p1b3 Eh, then me too.
p2b1 By the way.
p2 sfx Lick
p3b1a How are you planning to bring back the villagers that ran away?
p3b1b Or more like, where did they run away to?
p4b1a According to our current investigation.
p4b1b It seems that they ran away to the forest.
p5b1a A paradise owned by the Griffon-sama huh…
p5b1b I wonder if they actually believe that.
p5 sfx Munch Munch
p6b1 Isn’t it too hard to look for them inside the forest?

page 12
p1b1a Well, not really.
p1b1b After all, our country has some voodoo magicians too!
p1b1b ltr Although just a few…
p3b1 We’ll be able to find them in no time using the dogs.
p4b1a It must be nice to have that useful voodoo magic.
p4b1b I really hope that we can also be useful in in our lives apart from fighting wars.
p4 sfx Haaah
p5b1a Using soul-riding on the dog huh…
p5b1b That’s troublesome.
p6b1a Griffon-sama is inside the forest, right?
p6b1b Will it be really alright to mess around in that place?

page 13
p1b1a Well, even if we’re terrified
p1b1b The king told us to do so.
p2b1 That person, he really doesn’t concern himself with god or divine retribution at all.
p3b1a From his point of view, rather than being scared of the Griffon-sama’s divine retribution,
p3b1b He can’t forgive the villagers who ran away more.
p3b2 We might be bringing the villagers back but…
p4b1 We are to bring them back as corpses.

page 14
p2b1 We’ll be dispatched tomorrow you see…
p2b2 Aah, I don’t feel like doing this at all.
p3b1a That sounds rough.
p3b1b Looks like there’s no way I can sell anything here.
p3b2 I’ll be leaving now…
p4b1a Thank you for the information.
p4b1b You guys too, good luck.
p4b2a Oh sure…
p4b2b See you then.
p5 ltr A little girl huh… so nice.
p6b1 Almus, this is bad… they’ll come to our village.
p6b2 …This is troublesome.

page 15
p1b1a That aside, we got what we’re looking for.
p1b1b So let’s hurry up!
p1b2 Yep!
p2 sfx Slide Slide
p3b1 Leader, how was it?
p3b2 I’ve confirmed that Earl and the others are innocent.
p4b1 How about you? Is there any problem?
p4b2 No, we have no problems here.
p4 sfx1 Swosh
p4 sfx2 Tap
p5b1a Alright then.
p5b1b I’ll explain what I just discovered.
p5b2 You, go gather everyone!
p6b1 Of course!!
p6b2 Quickly!!

page 16
p2b1a So there you have it.
p2b1b Tomorrow, King Ferme’s soldiers will come here.
p3b1 In that case, let’s hand them over!!
p3b2 But the ones who will come here are soldiers… right?
p4b1a Yes, they’re soldiers.
p4b1b King Ferme is planning to make this an example of what would happen to people who run away…

page 17
p2b1 So if we hand them over, King Ferme will slaughter them all.
p3b1 !!
p4 sfx Sizzle Sizzle
p5b1 Let me state my opinion first.

page 18
p1b1 I think we can’t just give them up.
p1b2a And the reason for that because when King Ferme comes attacking this place,
p1b2b We will need people to counter him.
p2b1a Originally, there is no road for humans to pass through inside this Romalia forest
p2b1b So this village is protected by this huge forest and it won’t be easy to find it.
p3b1a But since Earl and the other villagers have come to this place.
p3b1b They’ll be able to find this village with voodoo magic.
p4b1 If we hand over these people, they’ll tell King Ferme about this place.
p5b1 I’m sure that King Ferme won’t just return peacefully after knowing that.

page 19
p1b1 With only 70 people, they might think that it’ll be an easy job to crush us.
p1b2a But if we take in Earl’s people too, we’ll have a 100 people here.
p1b2b With it, we might even be able to intimidate them into not attacking.
p2b1 …So what do you think?
p3b1 Well, if Leader says so…
p3b2a It might be better to help them.
p3b2b These people didn’t do anything bad after all.
p4b1 I also agree with helping them.
p4b2 Me too. Now that it has come to this, all of us need to work together.
p5b1a I also think that it’s better to help them.
p5b1b It will be too cruel to leave them to die.
p7b1 …Ruru?

page 20
p1b1a Well, they’re my parents…
p1b1b If I leave them to die, then it’ll just be like what they did to me…
p1b1c So I agree.
p2b1a How about the other?
p2b1b Is there anyone against it??
p2b2 No one?
p3 sfx Nod
p4b1a Alright!!
p4b1b Time is of the essence here. Let’s go to where Earl and the others are.