Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 19.1

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 19.1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 19.1
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page 1
p2b1 Everyone, listen up, we’ve decided to shelter you guys for the moment.
p3b1 Really?
p3b2 Thank you very much…
p3b3 But it’s not like this has been set in stone.
p4b1 It’ll depend on your behaviour
p5b1 …I’ll keep it in mind.
p6 ltr1 …Now then.
p6 ltr2 About king Ferme’s soldiers that are coming here.
p6 ltr3 Should I tell them?

page 2
p1b1 …Actually-
p1b2 Leader, this is bad!!
p2b1 What’s wrong?
p3b1 King Ferme’s soldiers are coming!!
p4b1 What!? Where?
p4b2 They’re still in the middle of the forest a bit off from us but there’s no mistaking it that they’re marching towards the village…
p5b1a I sensed them through detection magic!!
p5b1b It’s only a matter of time before they arrive.
p6b1 Almus-san, what’s going on?

page 3
p1b1 King Ferme is hunting your villageman and he’ll be here soon.
p2 sfx Gasp
p3b1 From my findings, he plans to make your village a warning by killing all of you
p4b1 No way…
p4b2 Eventhough we’ve fled this far from him…
p4 sfx fear
p5b1 Calm down!!
p5 sfx Twitch

page 4
p1b1 I apologise.
p1b2 It seems that we’ve caused you more problems.
p2b1a Seriously.
p2b1b But since we’re in this deep, there’s nothing we can do about it now.
p3b1 And even if we handed over all of you to King Ferme.
p3b2 I don’t think that he’ll leave us peacefully.
p5b1 In that case, would it be alright if we join you in the fight?
p5b2 That’s exactly what I needed from you.
p6 sfx Kneel

page 5
p1b1 We thank you for your kindness.
p1b2 We’ll never forget it.
p2b1a Although only for a bit, I have some experiences from trading around the world in the past.
p2b1b And thus I have some skills in negotiation.
p2b2 I hope that it’ll be useful to you.
p4b1 Alright, can you help me then?
p5b1a Earl, follow me.
p5b1b Tetra, can you tell everyone who aren’t here about this
p5b2 Okay.

page 6
p1b1a Excuse me.
p1b1b But what is this place?
p2b1 It’s my home, but we have no time to waste.
p3b1 Now tell me.
p3b2 How should I approach the negotiation?
p4b1 As you wish
p4b2a The most important aspect is to draw the other party onto the table.
p4b2b You must make them think that negotiating is better than fighting.
p5b1a First, let’s arm everyone with weapons.
p5b1b And meet King Ferme outside the village.
p6b1 Is that really okay?

page 7
p1b1a Moreover, we want to be pacifistic but, wouldn’t that be provocative instead?
p1b1b Not to mention, isn’t it advantageous if we fended them off in the village?
p2b1a Their commander is a brilliant general who has never lost.
p2b1b Even if we fight a defensive battle, we will not win.
p3b1 The point here is to make us look like we can fight them
p4b1a It’s impossible to move a big army through the forest after all.
p4b1b So it’ll take time for them to gather up.
p4b2 That’s why I’m sure the soldiers that King Ferme brought with him isn’t big compared to us.
p5b1a Also, enlisted soldiers wouldn’t be able to move this quick
p5b1b So they must be from his very own clan.
p5b2a In short, they’re the best of the best, the most valuable soldiers that he has.
p5b2b That’s why…
p6b1a He wouldn’t want to lose even a single soldier in this place.
p6b1b ..Right?
p6b2 Yes.
p7b1 So then… What should I do after that?

page 8
p1b1a Then you must have terms both parties can agree upon
p1b1b And balance out pros and cons for each party
p2b1a Our goal is to survive.
p2b1b Then what do you think is King Ferme’s goal?
p3b1 …It’s to kill all of you, right?
p3b2 It’s not.
p4 ltr …Hmm, so if it’s not killing all these people, then…
p5b1a Hm?
p5b1b Are you telling me to surrender everyone else other than you?
p6b1a Of course not!
p6b1b If we do that, then we won’t be able to save anyone.
p6b2 If we hand them over, King Ferme will just kill them and reduce our number, and he will just continue with the rest of us.

page 9
p1b1 King Ferme’s goal is to make a warning out of us.
p2b1a To be more precise, he needs us to be dead on paper.
p2b1b But it’s not like he needs us actually dead.
p3b1 So in short, proof that they killed us then!!
p3b2 Yes.
p4b1a It’s not realistic for him to kill us all and drag our bodies back.
p4b1b Since our corpses will rot midway.
p5b1a King Ferme needs something that won’t rot as proof that he killed us.
p5b1b I believe that he’s planning to strip off our clothes and bring them back as proof.
p5b2 I see…

page 10
p1b1 That means I need you guys to take off the clothes that you’re using huh…
p1 ltr Then I’ve gotta prepare clothing for everyone… oh god.
p2b1 Ah, I don’t think that would be necessary.
p3b1 This will be enough.
p4b1 What’s that?
p4b2 It’s just a cheap bronze ring.
p5b1a I don’t know how the custom is in Rosice but…
p5b1b In our home country, every child needs to make one big ring.
p6b1 For as when the ring fits their fingers they’re recognised as adults

page 11
p1b1 It might be worthless trying to sell it.
p1b2 But it’s more precious than any jewel at this moment.
p3b1 What’s this carving?
p3b2 It’s a clan seal.
p4b1 All the villages and towns around our village have the same seal.
p4b2 I see… It’s as you said, this will be enough.
p5b1 But, will he really leave peacefully with only this?
p5b2a No, since it’s king Ferme that we’re talking about…
p5b2b That’s why…

page 12
p2b1a Good grief.
p2b1b Fugitives are so annoying.
p2b1c It would’ve been better if they tried to start a revolution.
p2b2a Since that way, I won’t have to chase them.
p2b2b I can just kill them right where they’re standing.
p3b1a Are we really going to kill them.
p3b1b King Ferme?
p4b1 Of course!!