Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 8

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 8

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Kenkokuki chap 8:

Page 1:

Panel 1

T: A while ago
When I was bartering goods with Yuria in that shop…

Panel 2

B1: By the way, what is considered valuable around here?

B2: Valuable? What, you want to present it to me or something?

Panel 3

H: I still can’t read perfectly…

B3: Nothing like that

I’m looking for anything that we could trade for salt or clothes.

Panel 4

B4: Eeh…

What a sudden change of mind…

Panel 5

B5: Let’s see… How about pottery

B6: Pottery?

But people can just find it easily on the street, can’t they?

Panel 6

H: Not like those

B7: But like potteries from Kirisia which are totally different compared to the ones made here.

They are so durable and even have a pretty color, so they’re really popular with the royalties


Page 2:

Panel 1

B1: Pot that’s durable and has pretty color, huh…

Panel 2

T: All the pots here have a reddish color and are very fragile…

Panel 3

T: And according to Tetra..

Potteries from Rosice are glazed in the open air

Panel 4

T: If compared to my old world…

Then it’s probably the same as that of the Joumon and Yayoi era

T: In other words, primitive pottery

Panel 5

Because  it’s glazed outside, there is too much oxygen supplied and the heat wouldn’t get high enough.

But what can we do to make a durable pot?

Chữ trên TV-text on TV:          Sue Ware* Challenge

A genuine Anaguma manufacturing

*TLN: Type of pottery that made around Kofun-Heian era

T: The answer to that is Anagama*

*TLN: very old type of kiln made by digging a hole in the side of a hill


Page 3:

Panel 1-2

T: The heat will easily rise in a closed space

By closing the chimneys and the kiln door, the amount of oxygen can be limited!

Panel 2-3

T: And by doing that, we will recieve a black colored pot that could never be made in open air…

Or in other words, a Sue Ware can be made easily

Panel 4-5-6

I don’t know what kind of pot Kirisha’s pot that Yulia mentioned exactly is…

However, with Anagama, I’m sure that my pottery will be better than any pot in Rosice!

Sfx: Chop
Chop Chop Chop

Sfx: Thud Thud Thud

Panel  7

So our goal now is Sue Ware Pot!

If we can make Sue Ware Pot, our village will finally have its own first specialty product!

Sfx: Creak creak Thud


Page 4:

Panel 1

B1: It’s really easy to cut trees thanks to this blessing!

Panel 2

B2: Are you really a human, Almus?

Even I can tell that you have much more power than normal adult…

B3: Well, you see…

Panel 3

B4: The me right now can do as much as physical work as several people do

Griffon-sama said that this blessing is nothing special at all, but

It’s very useful for cutting trees, at least!

Panel 4

B5: Okay everyone! Let’s dig some holes at that slope next!

Panel 6

H: Phew…

B6: Okay, we’re done with digging holes for the time being…

Panel 7

B7: Leader, what should we dig next?

B8: It’s clay

Panel 8

B9: It’s very important material to make pottery

It’s used to make the kiln more airtight


Page 5:

Panel 1

B1: Airtight?

Sfx: Thud

Panel 2-3
Sfx: Bam

B2: It means To stop the cold air from outside and raise the heat inside the kiln

Sfx: Scrub

Panel 5

Sfx: Scrub

B3: If the kiln is not sealed tight, we can’t possibly make Sue Ware pot

Panel 6-7-8

B4: I know I built it with no experience except my previous life memory, but…

I guess it’s better than what I imagined, don’t you think?

B5: Okay, let’s do some handicraft now!

B6: Ooh!

Page 6:

Panel 1

B1: How dare you!

It’s payback time!

B2: Screw you!
You little brat!!

Panel 2

B3: Don’t throw clay around, boys!

B4: Stop it, guys…

panel 3

B5: Blergh…

Sfx: Splat

Panel 4

Sfx: Dash

B6: Don’t you dare run Ron, Rosewood !

B7: Idiots…

Panel 5

B8: Hey hey, you can’t even make your own tableware?
You’re going to need a lot of tableware and pot, you see?

B9: But do we really need to make this much..?


Page 7:

Panel 1

B1: Yeah, because they’re fragile things
So it’s your own responsibility if it breaks

Panel 2

B2: Let it dry next

Panel 3

B3: Nii-san, my plate is cracked…

B4: That’s because you didn’t knead it properly

Panel 4

B5: And now we heat it!

But because it’s an amateur built kiln, we can’t expect too much from it…

Panel 6

B6: Wow!

Panel 7

B7: What a beautiful greyish color…

I’m sure it’s a Kurosabi!

B8: Kurosabi?

Panel 8

Sfx: Wheee

B9: Basically, a more valuable pot compared to Rosice’s reddish pottery


Page 8:

Panel  1

H: Pretty nice sound here…

B1: It’s quite an achievement for an amateur!

Panel 2

B2: Ah, it broke…

B3: Mine as well…

B4: That’s because you guys kept playing around

Panel 3

B5: There will be other opportunities

Just make it better next time

Panel 4

B6: We have a lot of time after all!

Sfx: Cheerful

Panel 5

B7: Next is the charcoal

Sfx: Clack

Panel 6

B8: Arrange it so it won’t have any extra space in between…

Panel 7

B9: And put dried leaves between if there are extra spaces you can’t cover…


Page 9:

Panel 1

B1: I will fire up the kiln now!

Panel 3

B2: Wait a little bit then close the chimney and the kiln door

And after leaving it for a day, we will have our charcoal!

Panel 4

B3: It’s not much different from making pottery…

B4: Right, they both don’t need too much interaction with oxygen

Panel 5

B5: Oxygen ?

What’s that

Panel 6

B6: Oxygen is something you need when you want to make a fire

You can say it is a part of the air, but you can’t make a fire without oxygen

Panel 6-7

B7: But why doesn’t the oxygen burn itself?

Panel 7

B8: Well…


Page 10:

Panel 1

B1: Burning things is a chemical reaction that binds carbon with oxygen, and oxidizes it…

B2: However, oxygen does not burn itself, it’s there to help burn things

Panel 2

B3 : Hmm

I think I can understand it

Panel 4

Sfx: Creak

Panel 7

B4: Hmm, this is not good…

Panel 8

B5: Maybe because not like in my previous life, there are no drums or barrel here?

Air keeps leaking from outside…

Panel 9

B6: But at least, we can pass the winter with this


Page 11:

Panel 1

T: Winter passed, and a new year begins

Panel 2-3

B1: These are new kids that prowled around inside my forest

Sfx: Flap

Panel 3

Sfx: Flap

B2: I leave them to you now

Panel 4

B3: Our village’s population rises by 10 after winter, huh…

Tetra, how many taxes are collected here?

B4: It depends on the country and the powerful family around, but…

Panel 5

B5: Basically there are 4, land tax, population tax

Labor service and military conscription

Panel 6

B6: Did their parents abandon them in the forest because they don’t want to pay the taxes?

B7: All of you come from Rosice Kingdom, right?

Panel 7

B8: Wait…

From what I know, Rosice has lower taxes than other kingdoms

Rosice’s King is not someone who makes his people pay high taxes


Page 12:

Panel 1

B1: Then…

What’s the truth?

B2: Where are you really from?

Panel 3

B3: Almus…

They were of Rosice citizen, they said…

Panel 4

B4: Were?

B5: You see, there’s this main family of nobles called Ash…

B6: Main family? This is getting more and more troublesome…

You mean the main family that being a landlord in an area, right?

Panel 5

B7: Yes, and that Ash family head was betrayed by his own retainers…

Panel 6

B8: Moreover, those betraying retainers even planned to separate from Rosice Kingdom..

B9: Of course, the Rosice’s king didn’t approve it…

And this caused domestic conflict inside Ash branch families…
And that’s why…

Panel 7

B10: They lost many people in that conflict and raised heavy taxes to cover the war-expenditures

And that made their storehouses empty during winter, huh…

Page 13:

Panel 1

B1: Is that… the truth?

Panel 2

B2: Tetra?

Panel 3

Sfx : Dash

B3: Tetra..?

Panel 4

Sfx : Grab

B4: Wait up!

Where are you doing so suddenly!?

Sfx: Turn


Page 14:

Panel 1

B1: I knew it…

So, that time, my Mom and Dad have…

Panel 3

B2: It’s okay…

It’s okay, Tetra..

Panel 7

B3: Tetra seems to have experienced a lot of things in her past..


Page 15:

Panel 1-2

B1: Uhm, Almus-san..?

What’s wrong with Tetra?

Panel 2

B2: I want to know about that too

Panel 3

B3: It’s so rare to see Tetra crying like that…

B4: Everyone has time when he wants to cry

Let’s go…

Panel 4

T: Actually, for kids, it’s very normal to cry…

Whenever they have nightmares, or just missing their parents, or even for no reason at all, the kids here will cry sometimes


T: At those times, I usually comfort them, but this is the first time that I saw Tetra cry

B5: Leader, how is Tetra?

B6: Is she alright?

Panel 6

B7: Don’t worry, she’s okay for now…

But actually, I’m relieved now…

B8: Relieved?


Page 16:

Panel 1

B1: It was weird for her to hold her tears back until now

Because It’s bad for her body if she continues to hold her tears back when she’s sad like that after all…

Panel 2

B2: So, don’t do anything weird and act like normal around her next time she wakes up…

Because I bet she’ll be embarrassed about this

B3: Ah, yeah…

Panel 3

B4: Come on, let’s go back to our work the fields

We don’t want to wake Tetra up, do we?

Panel 4

B5: Well now…

Panel 5

T: Tetra, those newcomers, and everyone’s future…

Looks like I have a lot of things to think over before I decide to do our next move.

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