Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 9 – Fixed

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 9

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+Page 1

Rosice kingdom.

Hey Yulia, if by any chance I wanted to see your father.

Would you let me?


Eh…. Well…..

My father always wants to meet my friends anyway, so I guess it’s fine.

….But is it really okay for you?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while….

+Page 2

The Romalia Forest is surrounded by 4 countries.

And the Kingdom of Rosice is the most chaotic one with various conflicts….

So it would be safer for us if we were supported by someone with enough influence, don’t you think?

That’s why your father, if my prediction is correct, who has enough power in his hands, is suitable for this, am I right?

Of course the taxes would be quite troublesome.

But we can’t rely on Griffin-sama’s protection forever.


If you say so.

There are a lot of big houses in this part of town, huh….

Wait, isn’t this the path leading to the royal palace?

…..You’ve got to be kidding me.

+Page 3

Pleasure to meet you, Almus-kun.

I want to personally thank you for being a friend of my daughter’s all this time.

I am Yulia’s father.


I forgot to tell you that my father….

Is the king of Rosice!

Why didn’t you tell me this earlier….?

I haven’t prepared anything to stand in front of a king!!?




This is our first time meeting, Your Highness.

It was my pleasure to get noticed by Yulia-sama.

And it is my honor to be considered as her friend.

No need to be so formal.

You can just talk to me like I’m her father, you know.

+Page 4

This is the first time Yulia has ever introduced a friend of hers to me…..

In the past, all of her attention was put on studying magic, that’s why she had no friends.


Don’t say that….

Hahah, calm down, Yulia.

No friends, huh?

So she wasn’t pretending when I was carrying all those things for her.

Oh, that’s right.

By the way, Almus-kun….

The one you’re aiming for is not just Yulia’s father….

To put it simply, you were looking for someone with enough influence to rely on, am I right?

+Page 5

Don’t worry, just tell me your intentions.

After all, you’re the first friend Yulia has ever acknowledged.

If there’s anything I can do, I will gladly help you.

I understand…

So the whole story was…

Let’s leave the reincarnation part out of this.

I don’t want to get into any more unnecessary trouble.

Hmm, so my people are throwing their children into the Romalia Forest, huh….

I guess this is my responsibility….

I don’t mean to ask you for refuge or anything….

No, it’s fine.

That isn’t what I was thinking either.

+Page 6

So, my beloved daughter’s friend.

I want to restate this…. Protecting the people in this kingdom is my responsibility.

Thank you for taking care the essences of my kingdom.

The king of an entire country is bowing his head to me…..

Now then, if you intend to become a citizen of my kingdom, you would be more than welcome.

Using everything in my power, I will protect my people and their property, again, this is my duty.

We’re currently relying on the Griffin for our food supply.

So are there any tax problems involved?

Our country has a law that exempts any newly explored land of taxes for 5 years.

You won’t be able to pay any considerable amount of tax with your current condition anyway, am I right?

*5 years later.

5 years, huh….. I see.

I guess those kids will be able to manage on their own by that time.

+Page 7

I understand, then we would gladly become citizens of Rosice.

And we will pay every tax within due time.


I welcome you all to become a part of our country.

sfx relieved

With this, the kids will have a strong foundation for their development in the future…..

I can finally feel a little bit relaxed now….

By the way, Almus-kun.

Are any of the children at your place from the Ash family?

There are.

The tax may be too heavy, so I guess some of them can’t make it through winter.


I see….

+Page 8

Well then, Almus-kun.

I have listened to your request.

Will you listen to mine?

There’s only 3 of them.

3 of them?

But I only asked you for one thing…..

I guess it can’t be helped.

First, I want you to introduce your village….

And I will personally verify whether what you were saying is true or not….

Well, I guess it’s reasonable to do that….

He has to determine whether I’m an enemy or not….

I understand.

The second request is to keep being friends with Yulia…..


Of course, Your Highness!

And the last thing….

Can you teach her mathematics?


+Page 9


Well, I’m perfectly fine with that.

But aren’t there a lot more suitable candidates for this type of job?

I’ve been informed that….

…Your mathematics skill is even better than that of the merchants within this country.

It’s embarrassing to say, but she’s really bad at this…..

Especially with multiplication and division…. She couldn’t remember a single thing.

W-wait a minute, father….

I can still do those things!

Yulia-sama, if we divide 100 grains of rice to 25 kids.

Then how many would each of them get?

….10 right?

Uh oh, this is pretty rough….


She couldn’t remember a single thing from her teachers….

+Page 10

If you’re already her friend, then I guess you’re willing to teach her, right?

Is there a payment for this?

You will get 1 gold coin on the first week of each month.

I understand.

I will help her with everything I have!


I want to learn magic, not this!

Almus, huh.

I like this boy.



What were you planning back there?


What do you mean planning?

+Page 11

To let a boy like him

become a personal tutor for Yulia-sama….

Well, he’s Yulia’s friend anyway.

Letting my adorable daughter learn with her friend will be most effective, don’t you think?

You realize you don’t need to hide it from me, you know.



Well…. This is not that sort of big deal.

It’s just a kind of investment.


That boy is the leader of a group protected by the Griffin.

In other words, Griffin can be considered as their foster-father…..

+Page 12

You mean…. that Griffin?

The stories of being raised by beasts like a tiger or a dragon aren’t that unheard of in our kingdom.

People love mysterious stuff like that.

Of course it is the same for our people.

So being close to that boy will bring us no harm.


I got it!

But to be honest, I haven’t thought of any useful ideas about this.

First, I’ll have to take a closer look at his competence and personality.

We’ll meet him once per week, he’s my daughter’s tutor after all.

As expected of brother!

Cut it out. Even though I’m not an incompetent ruler, I’m not that excellent either.

+Page 13

I couldn’t protect Lagou Ash.

That is the most solid proof of my inability.

Ash – One of the biggest families in the country.

It’s true that losing a powerful ally such as Lagou Ash will deal a hard blow to us.

You’re right….

But that’s not all.

The true meaning when I said I couldn’t protect them is…

They’re somewhat right to say that we’re supporting other branches of the Ash family.

That’s why…. Through this event, not only the Ash family,

other grand families are also starting to lose faith in us.


But our most pressing problem right now is the alliance of those neighboring kingdoms.

+Page 14

That damn king Herme….

He dared to move his troops into our territory….

And Hyena too, huh…..

Both you and me don’t have a son as a descendant, so things are getting a little tough for us…..


Don’t make that face, Raimond.

At least my queen left me Yulia in the last moment of her life

Even without a son, I’m fine with Yulia besides me…..

Her mother also died because of illness soon after.

Maybe this is faith….

And it’s somewhat funny to see that you don’t have any son, either…..


+Page 15


Let’s not talk about these bad memories!

There’s still time!

Why don’t we choose a proper candidate from our branch families…

And wed him with Yulia!?

sfx achoo

Are you alright?

A cold?



I want her to be happy…..

Why do all of these problems keep coming from all corners of the kingdom….?

+Page 16

I have a feeling that this country will end during my reign….


No matter what happens, I still want to figure out a solution while I am still alive…..

That young man….

I somewhat believe that the child of the Griffin

can bring us something worth hoping for…..

If possible, I wish to see that day become a reality…..

However, the king of Rosice still didn’t know that

this first move of his had given the country….. no – the entire Aldenia Peninsula, which is considered the center of the world

a miracle.

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