Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 10

Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 10

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Tobasareta Ossan 10
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page 1

p1 title Ch 10  Ossan surprised in the other world.
page 2
p2b1a Look!! There’s a light flickering down there!!
p2b1b Did they find them…!?
p3b1 You’re talking about that plan to quietly save the hostages, right?!
p3b2 By the way, is it really okay to believe that travelling merchant?
page 3
p1b1 Be quiet!
p1b2 That man should be able to save my Kami-san and your daughter.
p2b1 But that guy is a total stranger to us, you know!
p2b2 He might ditch us when things go awry!!
p3b1 If he wasn’t there, Conrad who has lost his arm and Conrad’s father would have both been killed back there.
p3b2a He even prepared a place for us to sleep for the night.
p3b2b I believe that it’s alright to believe in him.
p4b1 Then how about those 2 hunters?
p4b2 One of them is a beastmen, you know.
p5b1 The travelling merchant is Takuma-san, and the old hunter is Valim.
p5b2a We’ve decided to rely on their help in this matter.
p5b2b So at least remember their names.
p6b1 Is there something funny?
p6 sfx Kukukuku…
page 4
p1b1 Looking at you people.
p1b2 I don’t think your family can be safely rescued at all.
p2b1 You might want to rescue them no matter what, but…
p2b2 For you to leave it to Howard and a strong looking person that you just met, that’s just plain stupid…
p3b1 Moreover, they are going to face that man.
p4b1 Takuma-san wiped all of your grunts in one move, you know!!
p4b2 And once our families have been saved, then that will be the end of you…
page 5
p1 sfx *Kaboom*
p2 sfx *Boom*
p3 sfx *Boom* *Boom*
p4b1 What the…!!
p4b2 Fuhahahaha!!!
page 6
p1b1 Hahahaha!!
p1 sfx *Blazing*
p2b1 No matter where the hostages are, they will be burned to death by this fire…!!
p2b2 Are you planning to burn down this whole mansion!?
p3b1 Howard?
p3 sfx *Blazing*
page 7
p2b1 I found Takuma-san and Howard-san, but…
p2b2 What am I going to do about this!?
p4b1 …?
p4b2 Takuma-san…?
p6b1 FIRE! There’s a big fire there!!
p6b2 Isn’t that coming from the mansion owned by the master of this land?!
page 8
p1b1 We wouldn’t be able to save any hostages in this condition!
p1b2 So what to do next, Takuma-dono…?
p1 sfx *Blazing*
p2b1 Navi.
p2b2 Yes?
p3b1 What fire?
p4b1a It’s a powerful illusion skill.
p4b1b The whole mansion looks like it’s on fire to all normal people who stepped inside that skill’s effective range.
page 9
p1b1a ……Ah.
p1b1b I see, it doesn’t work on you huh…
p1b2 Is it because of some god’s blessing?
p2b1 !?
p3b1 Well, I myself am a hardworking kind of a person.
p3b2 So I can recognize people who’ve received a God’s blessing.
p4b1a In that case then.
p4b1b You should know how reckless the humans are!
p4 sfx *Thump*
p5b1 So just hand over Weiss and the hostages!
p5 sfx *Jump*
page 10
p1b1 I simply can’t do that.
p1 sfx *Grab*
p5b1 It’s 1000 years too soon
p5b2 For you to challenge me.
page 11
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2 sfx *Slide*
p3b1 He did that to Takuma-dono with only one hand…
p4b1 Th…
p4b2 The intimidation skill didn’t work on him…!?
p5b1 Are you alright, master?
p5b2 I’ve just used appraisal on Meyers.
page 12
p1bx1a His real job is a mage and his magical power is more than 200,000.
p1bx1b I can’t get the real number for his magical power.
p1bx2a And his age is 1012 years.
p1bx2b This might be hard to believe but he’s a human.
p2b1a 1012!?
p2b1b Is he a monster!?
p2b2 I’ll say it again, he’s a human.
p3b1 I did say it, didn’t I?
p3b2 That I’m a hardworking kind of a person.
p4b1a I’ve spent my life researching the rules of this world and I was finally able to surpass all kinds of human limitations.
p4b1b Although to do that, I needed to utilize forbidden magic and techniques.
p4b2a But you’re the same, aren’t you?
p4b2b Thanks to Verdeu-sama’s blessing, you have become a beast yourself.
page 13
p2b1a The rules of this world, are Verdeu-sama’s rules.
p2b1b And so I can use some techniques to remove that blessing.
p3b1 You bastard!! Don’t you dare to lump Takuma-dono with you!
p3b2 You damn monster!
p4b1a But that being said… Well, modifying this body is not easy.
p4b1b Although there is still some room for this city to grow, I can’t afford to leisurely take my time here.
p4b1c I’ve also finished some preparations to sacrifice this whole city but…
p5b1 There is something that is as interesting as the whole city that has come to my attention.
p5 sfx *Grab*
p6 sfx top *Auuu*
p6 sfx bottom *Clench*
p7b1 S Sto-
page 14
p1 sfx *Snatch*
p2b1 Luna!
p3 sfx *Slide*
p4b1 A beastmen huh…
p4b2 Well, that’s fine too.
p4 sfx *Sizzle* *Sizzle*
p5 sfx *Bsht*
page 15
p1b1 Since I’m not a picky person after all.
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 Spider!?
p2b2 Didn’t I tell you that I’m not good with spiders!!
p3 sfx *Twitch*
p4 sfx *Guwaaa*
page 16
p1 sfx *Stab*
p5 sfx *Splatter*
page 17
p2 sfx *Push*
p3 sfx *Brace*
p4b1a Howard-kun, was it?
p4b1b That’s pretty impressive for a mere human.
p5b1a Today is an interesting day!
p5b1b A human, a beastmen, and a beast that I’ve never seen before!!
p5b2 There’s worth in eating all off you!!
p6b1 Hey.
page 18
p1b1 Aren’t you forgetting me?
p2b1 It’s not like I forgot about you.
p2b2 After all, it’s not an easy thing to eat someone who’ve received God’s blessing.
p3 sfx *Rough breathing*
p4b1 …?
p4b2 Master!?
p5b1 I see…
p5 sfx *Rough breathing*
p6b1 Then go on and eat me first!!
p6 sfx *Jump*
page 19
p1b1 Didn’t I tell you that your blessing has no meaning when facing me?
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2 sfx *Swish*
p3b1 Hm!?
p4 sfx *Ka-Clack*
page 20
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 Hnnnn!?
p2 sfx *Crack*
p3 sfx *Slide*
page 21
p2 sfx *Swoosh*
p3 sfx *Vanishes*
p4b1a The fire died out…
p4b1b No, the entire blaze diapered at the same time!?
p5b1 What the hell was that…?
p6b1 What is happening…
page 22
p1 sfx *Clank*
p2b1a Hm…?
p2b1b All of that fire just vanished!?
p2b2 Was that only an illusion?
p3b1a About your son’s butler.
p3b1b That guy is a mage.
p3b2 Did you know that?
p4 sfx *Swish*
page 23
p1b1 A forest keeper’s job is outside the castle’s wall.
p1b2 So why do you know that kind of thing?
p3b1 This time, I came here to destroy Tooran.
p3b2 And depending on the response from the Marquis, I might really have to destroy this city.
p4b1 Valim… You’re not just a mere forest keeper huh…
p4b2 You’ve tricked me!!
page 24
p1 sfx black *Clack* *Crack*
p1 sfx white *Bsht*
p3 sfx *Grrrrr*
p4 sfx *Swish*
p5 sfx *Crack*
p6b1 What the hell is wrong with this guy…?!
p6 sfx *Buoon*
page 25
p1b1 That is an explosive stone!!
p1b2 !!
p2 sfx *Shine*
p3 sfx *Kaboom*
p4b1 …?
p4 sfx *Swooosh*
p5b1 Weiss!
p5b2 Weiss’ magical power too…?
p5 sfx *Barrier*
p6 sfx *Swoosh*
p7b1 Both of them are gone…!?
page 26
p2b1a That power is not from Verdeu’s blessing…
p2b1b So what exactly was that!?
p2b2 Well, that aside, I need to find a new body and continue with the sacrificial ritual.
p2 sfx *Crawling*
p3b1 !
p3 sfx *Bomf*
page 27
top left letters Next chapter, the conclusion of the fierce battle!
p1b1 Dammit!!
p1b2 You freaking monster!!
p3b1a I do worry about Takuma-dono and Meyers but…
p3b1b We also need to find the hostages…
p3b2a You should get some rest!
p3b2b You’re badly injured, aren’t you!?
p4b1 I’ll go with Weiss to look for the hostages…
p6b1a Weiss?
p6b1b Weiss!?