Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 11

Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 11

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Athena13 TL
Tobasareta Ossan 11
page 1
title Ch 11 Ossan Protesting in the Other World.
page 3
p1b1 Just when I thought the fire had vanished, we suddenly have earthquake, huh…
p1b2a Not only the mansion, but even the whole city is also starting to panic!
p1b2b Something is definitely wrong.
p2b1 I can’t just stand here waiting!!
p2b2 I’ll save Kami-san and that lad myself!
p3b1 Wait!
p3b2 We decided to trust them and wait here, didn’t we?!
p4b1a I do trust them!
p4b1b But, that is if they’re still alive!
p4b1c They could have been captured and killed for all we know!
p6b1a Is it really okay to trust you…
p6b1b Takuma-san…?!!
page 4
p2 sfx *Bam* *Bam* *Bam*
p3 sfx1 *Bsht*
p3 sfx2 *Splat* *Splat*
p4b1a His movements are simple.
p4b1b But, getting caught will be troublesome…!
p4b1c Hm?
page 5
p1 sfx *Uoooooh!*
p2b1 Dammit! This guy!
p2b2 Is he a follower of a god from another world?!
p3 sfx *Thunk*
p5 sfx *Jump*
page 6
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 This is more interesting than I thought!
p2b2 I’ll take my time analyzing you one day!!
p2 sfx *Fly away*
p3 sfx *Jump* *Jump*
page 7
p1 sfx1 *Jump* *Jump* *Jump*
p1 sfx2 *Crawl*
p2 sfx *Leap*
p4b1a You really have an amazing power.
p4b1b But, your body seems to have reached its limit.
page 8
p2b1 Does this person have anything to do with the panic…?
p2b2 Sister!! Over here!!
p3b1 Is he dead?
p3b2a Bella! Don’t do that!
p3b2b Stop it!
p4 sfx *Prod*
p5b1 Yeowwch!!
page 9
p1b1a You two, get inside now!
p1b1b And call Sister Amarina here!
p1b2 Waaaaa!!
p2b1 Light…!
p2 sfx *Pomf*
p3 sfx *Rattle*
p5b1a Every…one…
p5b1b Run…
p5 sfx *Guhk!* *Buhak!*
page 10
p1b1 What about the others?
p2b1a Some of them are severely injured.
p2b1b But I heard that they sent someone to the medic guild.
p2b1c So, I’m sure that a good healer will come soon.
p2b2 That means everyone is safe, right?
p3b1 It seems so.
p3b2a But still, that Meyers and your master are still missing.
p3b2b Don’t be too sad.
p3b2c That person won’t die so easily.
p4b1 …Yes…
p4b2 I need to be more grateful since Weiss is safe too.
p5b1 Weiss!!
page 11
p2b1a Hyaaa!!
p2b1b A dragon?!
p2b2 I see that you have woken up, Takuma-dono.
p2b3a Calm down, it’s just a ceiling ornament.
p2b3b That bone is an antique ornament since the Ancient Dragon is rare.
p3b1 I was really surprised when they brought you from outside the mansion.
p3b2a Where am I now?
p3b2b Where’s Weiss…?
p4b1a This is a small room that the landowner lent to us while we’re recovering,
p4b1b And Weiss is…
page 12
p1b1 I’m so glad you’re okay, Weiss!!
p1b2 Weiss fell unconscious after saving us
p1b3 He summoned too much power despite having such a small body.
p2b1 Howard! Are you alright?!
p2b2 Yes, I already got my treatment.
p2b3a It’s normal for a knight to lose his limbs in a battle.
p2b3b And Luna is much more important.
p4b1 I’m glad that everyone is alright…
p4 sfx *Pomf*
p6b1 Navi! I see that you’re okay too!
p6b2 There is no need to be considerate…
p6 sfx *Hahahahaha*
page 13
p1b1a …About the dragon bone, we sometimes find that kind of bone in the mine.
p1b1b It’s a sea dragon’s bone. I heard that a long time ago, this place was under water.
p1b2 There was even a legend saying that my ancestors fought against the dragons in the past.
p2b1a Does that legend also mention if this place was still ocean at the time?
p2b1b That does not sound right.
p3b1a I heard that it was normal for people to go fishing just as it was to fight the dragons.
p3b1b It’s just like how we protect our crops from bears and wild boars.
p3b2 There are a lot of other similar old tales about how this city was flourishing.
p4b1 This city was flourishing…
p4b2 Ah, that’s right!
p5b1 Now that the hostages are safe, what happened to Mike?!
p5b2a We imprisoned him.
p5b2b In the underground prison where he kept the hostages.
p5b3 Mike’s subordinates were also captured one by one.
p6b1 And the next one will be me.
page 14
p1 sfx *Bam!*
p2b1a Former noble Howard!
p2b1b By the order of Coral-sama, we are arresting you for investigation!
p2b2a You are a suspect in being involved with the crime committed by the former noble, Mike.
p2b2b Prepare yourself for a severe questioning!
p3b1 Wha…
page 15
p1b1 Wait for a sec!
p2b1 Howard-san lost one of his arms protecting me, you know!
p2b2 There’s no way he was working under that Mike!
p4b1a Luna, this is to be expected, I was one of Mike’s bodyguards after all.
p4b1b So, there’s nothing we can do about it.
p4b2 But!
p5b1 Takuma-dono too… I don’t want you to do anything.
page 16
p3 sfx *Scorching heat*
p4b1 Howard, you have a visitor.
page 17
p2 sfx *Plop*
p3b1a So hot…
p3b1b What the heck is going on with the 4 seasons of this world?
p3b2 Even someone as strong as you loses against the heat, huh…
p4b1 …I heard that your punishment has been decided.
p4b2 So, what are you going to do?
p5b1a I will not do anything.
p5b1b They accepted my term to inherit my nobility status to my son.
p5b2 So my noble family will continue, there will be no problems even if I die.
page 18
p1b1 Wait! There’s something wrong with that, isn’t there?
p1b2a You have to protect and fix this land!!
p1b2b Those are your duties, right?!
p2b1a I have passed on my duties to my son and my friends.
p2b1b I who have lost my arm will only slow them down.
p2b2 I as a knight, was burnt to death in that forest.
p3b1 And yet I, who was dead, was still able to help the people of this land.
p3b2 I thank you for that.
page 19
p2b1 Luna and I can’t accept this…
p2b2 Takuma-dono.
p3b1 I can see from your face that you are planning to do something for my sake.
p3b2 It’s alright even if you don’t do anything for me.
page 20
p1 sfx *Knock* *Knock*
p2b1 Yes?
p2b2a Oh my…
p2b2b You’re that person from before…
p3b1 I brought this for everyone, and also…
p3b2 I want to pray and offer my thanks in the shrine.
page 21
p1b1a Long time no see.
p1b1b We haven’t seen each other since you left Melut.
p2b1 A lot has happened since I arrived at Tooran.
p2b2a I finally had time to come and give my greetings.
p2b2b But, I’m also here to tell you that I’m going to leave this village.
p3b1 So, you’re planning to leave again I see.
p4b1a Yes.
p4b1b Just before I entered this village, I made a mistake again when I used my powers.
p4b2a I’ve thought thoroughly on how to use this power.
p4b2b And yet, someone got hurt again.
p5b1a As I thought, I’m someone who isn’t from this world…
p5b1b So, I’ll live my life away from people.
page 22
p1b1 You shan’t do that.
p2b1 I did not grant you my blessing just to make your life unhappy.
p4b1a If you feel guilty of the consequences.
p4b1b Then do not run away and take responsibility.
p5b1 It seems you’re too concerned of how you affect those around you.
p5b2 You’re worried about your short temper and what your power will be in the future, right?
page 23
p1b1 If you do not know what to do with your own existence, then just make the people around you happy using your powers.
p3b1a The church that you are in right now doubles as an orphanage.
p3b1b But I cannot say that it’s in good condition.
p3b1c So show them you can also be useful in a way that only you can do it.
p4b1 That is a
p4b2 Rather vague advice…
p6b1 It might be because we have the “Clear” magic here that I’ve never seen a bath in this world…
p6b2 Ah, that is because the bath is a luxurious item that only a small number of nobles can afford.
p6 sfx *Pomf*
page 24
p1b1a Then how about digging a hot spring here?
p1b1b Since it’s good for everyone’s health.
p1b2a That’s a very good idea, but this area doesn’t have any resources for a hot spring.
p1b2b So, it is impossible.
p1b2 small letters Yep.
p3b1 Then, if I can make a hot spring in Tooran.
p3b2 Will you please save Howard?