Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 5

Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 5

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Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku ? Ch 5

page 1
Chapter 5 : Ossan camping in the other world

page 2
p6b1a : Anri
p6b1b : Don’t push yourself, you can take a break today

page 3
p1b1 : Don’t worry, Takuma-san casted heal on me
p1b2 : And Father too, you’re full of wounds
p1b3 : It doesn’t affect my cooking
p2b1 : That aside, Anri…
p2b2 : ….
p3b1a : …My hair ?
p3b1b : I was thinking of cutting it short anyway
p3b2a : And it also won’t affect my work !
p3b2b : it’s fine ! it’s fine !
p5b1a : Honey
p5b1b : Bring me the best wine
p5b2 : All right
p5b3 : Thank you very much !!
p6b1 : ….
p6b2 : Takuma-san is late….

page 4
p4b1 : Takuma-san
p4 sfx : *twitch*
p5b1 : Don’t be so surprised now
p5b2a : It’s scary when I’m alone in the middle of the night okay
p5b2b : Since you don’t have a presence I can feel

page 5
p1b1 : I’ll be leaving this village tonight
p1b2 : So I’m here to say goodbye
p3b1 : Someone got stuck in a heap of trouble because of me
p3b2 : I think It’s best for me to leave
p4b1 : …I am also responsible for giving you my blessing
p4b2a : The blessing is not at fault
p4b2b : It was my fault for using my power so carelessly
p6b1a : Please be careful
p6b1b : I wish for your happiness wherever you go…

page 6
p3b1a : Si
p3b1b : Sister…!
p3b2 : I felt someone outside, so….
p4b1a : I’m leaving this village
p4b1b : So I’m here to say goodbye
p4b2a : At this hour ? It’s dangerous outside !
p4b2b : Moreover, the gate is closed right now
p6b1a : This is my room key in Perch Inn and also this my apology
p6b1b : Please deliver them for me
p6b1c : And also, if possible, I want for my stuff that I left in my room to be disposed of as well

page 7
p2b1 : The thug that we captured before has escaped
p2b2 : And because of that, I can’t open the gate at the moment
p4b1 : U…until when ?
p4b2 : Until we can recapture him
p5b1 : Where is Kyle !? If only I can speak with him
p5b2 : He went outside the gate with some of other guards to hunt the fugitive
p6b1a : I can’t just go back like this….
p6b1b : Can you let me go outside somehow !
p6b2 : We can’t let any commoner outside no matter the reason
p7b1 : We meet again, young man

page 8
p2b1 : Ah, Most-san from The Merchant Guild
p2b2 : Councillor Most !
p2 sfx : *twitch*
p3b1 : Councillor ?
p4b1 : Good work on guarding the gate, it seems that you’re doing your job properly
p4b2a : But this man here is all right
p4b2b : I guarantee it

page 9
p2b1 : ….Excuse me but is it okay if I smoke cigarette?
p2b2 : Cigarette ?
p2 sfx : *appear*
p3b1a : Ah right
p3b1b : It’s my favourite product from my hometown…
p3b2 : I don’t mind
p4 sfx : *sizzle*
p6b1a : I see
p6b1b : You can’t forgive yourself for lashing out huh…
p6b2 : That’s not all

page 10
p1b1 : I also suddenly raised my hand the first time I met him
p1b2a : So he was actually taking revenge since I trampled over his confidence in his strength that he’s so proud of
p1b2b : I should’ve thought of another way back then
p2b1a : hahaha
p2b1b : Are you worried about that ruffian ?
p2b2 : But because of my carelessness…
p3b1 : Anri-san also got caught….

page 11
p1b1 : Takuma-san
p2b1 : Can I have one ?
p2b2 : eh ? ahh…sure
p3 sfx : *sizzle*
p4b1a : *cough* *cough*
p4b1b : *cough* *cough*
p4b2 : You took in too much in one go
p4b2 small letters : You should inhale it bit by bit
p5b1a : Ah, I’m sorry
p5b1b : By the way, actually I’m here to meet you because of something
p5 sfx : *cough* *cough*
p7b1a : I really wanted to tell you about Shin
p7b1b : After what happened, he started studying hard again from scratch to be the best merchant
p7b1c : He disassembled that pepper grinder by himself to see if we can produce it for selling
p7b2 : It seems that he is going to be a merchant that will bring happiness to people

page 12
p1b1 : And It was thanks to you
p3b1a : But bringing that amount of pepper was a complete surprise
p3b1b : If you keep doing that, the market price will surely crash and other pepper merchants will completely at lost on what to do
p3b1b small letters : *cough* *cough*
p3b2a : Ahhh….
p3b2b : That’s true….
p3b3a : You don’t need to worry, if that happens, then the guild will use its own resources to stabilize the price
p3b3b : That kind of thing also happened few times when I was young
p3 small letters : You don’t have to smoke too you know
p4b1a : You’re planning on leaving right ?
p4b1b : You can use this chance to widen your knowledge
p4b2 : Go on a journey and visit many places

page 13
p1b1 : Journey….
p2b1 : You come from a far away land and you still don’t know much about this world right ?
p3b1 : Moreover if that power is something that has been given to you
p3b2 : Then I’m sure if you travel around and get to know this world, you’ll find a way to use that power
p4b1 : A way that will make everyone happy
p5b1 : make everyone….
p5b2 : happy…..
p6 letters : hm ?

page 14
p1b1 : Most-san, how do you know so much about me ?
p1b2a : I heard about it from Kyle
p1b2b : He’s worried about you
p1b3 : Kyle !?
p2b1 : Kyle’s swordsmanship master is my brother
p2b2 : His name is Arkes, but he’s no longer in this village
p3b1a : Councillor Most
p3b1b : There is someone at the gate who wants to meet him
p5b1 : Anri-san’s father….

page 15
p1b1 : I’m really sorry….
p1b2 : You’re really planning on leaving Melut huh
p2b1 : ….
p2b2 : Yes
p3b1 : …If
p4b1a : If you ever come around again, by all means come to my place
p4b1b : please think of it as your own home
p4b2 : And also, please take this food with you
p6b1 : But….
p6b2 : I just…
p7b1 : Takuma-san

page 16
p1b1 : Anri said she will be waiting too

page 17
p1b1 : There’s also a moon
p1b2 : In this world
p2b1a : Master
p2b1b : I don’t recommend going too far out in the middle of the night
p2b2 :Are you worried that I will be done in by bandits or monsters ?
p2b3 : I am worried about Weiss
p2 sfx : *puff*
p5b1 : You’re right
p5b2a : Let’s sleep in the field where we trained magic this afternoon
p5b2b : I used “search” in that place and it seems to be safe

page 18
p2b1 : Are you planning to sleep like that ?
p2 sfx : *crackle* *crackle*
p3b1 : That’s the plan
p3b2a : If you sleep like that, someone will try to kidnap Weiss again
p3b2b : At least buy a tent from the other world
p3b3 : And also, stop smoking if you’re going to sleep
p4b1a : Goodness gracious, you even remember that
p4b1b : They all look good, I’ll just buy a dome tent
p5b1 : It feels better than I thought
p5b2 : Navi…Out…

page 19
p2b1a : If we keep going north, there will be a big village
p2b1b : Let’s head there first
p2b2 : ….What are you doing ?
p2b3 : Just tidying up the bonfire
p2 sfx : *crack* *crack*
p3b1: After camping, we have to turn everything back like before
p3b2 : It’s a common sense in my previous world
p4b1 : But you weren’t like that yesterday….
p5b1a : North right…
p5b1b : Let’s go
p5 sfx1 : *clap* *clap*
p5 sfx2 : *Aun*

page 20
p1 sfx : *Swoosh*
p2b1a : Navi
p2b1b : Thanks
p2b2 : Yes ?
p2 sfx : *puff*
p3b1 : last night
p3b2 : I was such a jerk
p4b1 : It’s my job after all
p4b2a : Although it’s only a little while since we started going together
p4b2b : I can say for certain that I don’t hate you
p5b1 : But then again, I’m no match for Weiss though
p5 sfx : *hah* *hah*

page 21
p4b1 : There it is
p5b1 : Now we just need to pass through gate inspection just like in Melut….
p6b1a : Eh, Master !
p6b1b : Where are you going ?
p7b1a : Weiss
p7b1b : We’ll be camping outside again okay ?

page 22
p1b1 : I’m afraid I will make trouble again like last time
p3b1 : I’m such a coward right ?
p3b2 : That’s not true
p3b3a : Since Master came from different world
p3b3b : There must be 1 or 2 things that you are worrying about
p4b1 : We can decide later whether to go inside the village or not. Let’s just rest for now
p4b2 : And also, you haven’t eaten any food from Anri’s father right ?
p4b3 : Ah ! I thought it wouldn’t rot inside my Item Box, so I just left it there
p5b1 : Come to think of it
p5b2 : Does Verdeu-sama know that he is this kind of person ?
p5 sfx : *appear*

page 23
p4b1 : You come visiting again I see
p5b1 : Sister
p5b2a : I’ve tried asking travelling merchants but none of them have seen him
p5b2b : I wonder where he is right now…?
p6b1 : As long as he is fine…
p6b2 : Takuma-san

page 24
p1 letters on the paper :
​Takuma-san is Takuma-san !
​You’re someone who helped me !
​​​​2 times
​Please by all means come again !
p3b1 : What’s wrong ?
p3b2 : If it’s too much, I can eat too
p3b3 : I’ll eat them all !
p3b4 : And also, you don’t have mouth right ?
p4 letters right : It won’t erase my worry but…
p4 letters left : yep….
p5 letters : Thank you Anri-san
p5b1a : Let’s not stop by the village
p5b1b : I want to walk a bit more

page 25
p1 sfx : *hah *hah*
p2 sfx : *rustle* *rustle* *buffff*
p3 sfx : *trot* *trot*
p4b1 : Thank goodness !!
p4b2 : Master, with your current power now, you can easily beat that monster

page 26
p1b1a : That’s true but….
p1b1b : We are the ones intruding to their territory
p2b1 : If possible, I just want to calmly pass through…
p2b2 : yep
p2 sfx : *Swosh*
p3b1 : And it somehow worked out until now anyway
p4b1 : Even if you say so
p4b2 : What we did was actually not something to sneeze at

page 27
p1b1 : Navi, how many days have passed since we started camping ?
p1 sfx : *crackle* *crackle*
p2b1 : It has been 20 days
p3 sfx : *sizzle* *sizzle*
p4b1a : We’ve really gotten used to camping now
p4b1b : And this ramen tastes good
p4b2a : Although I only added cut vegetables to it
p4b2b : And if I add chilli peppers too, it will taste twice as good
p4b3 : Right ?
p4 sfx : *Aun*
p4 small letters on the left : What ?
p5 sfx : *clink*
p6b1 : I’m going to sleep now, is there any dangerous animals around ?
p6b2a : I detected a big bear, but knowing you master, I think it will be fine
p6b2b : If it comes close, I will wake you up
p7b1a : Please do that for me
p7b1b : So that we can escape

page 28
p1b1 : Good night
p2b1 : ….
p4b1a : What did we find again yesterday ? Wild boar was it ?
p4b1b : That was really something right !
p4b2 : I wonder what kind of other amazing things we’re going to find today
p4b3 : I just want to put this out
p4 sfx : *Swooosh*
p5b1a: There is a village south west from here
p5b1b : It will take 1 day cutting through the forest or 2 days walking through the big road
p5b2 : Uhmm….Master
p7b1 : In the last 3 weeks, your Intimidation and Danger Evasion skills have gone up quite a lot
p7b2 : So how about if we find any troublesome people, then we just take some distance as if they are dangerous animals ?

page 29
p2 letters top : Navi is right…..
p2 letters bottom : What the hell am I doing here ?
p3 letters right : I run away from people because I’m afraid of causing troubles
p3 letters middle : It’s exactly what Most worried would happen
p3 letters left : At this rate, I won’t be able to face Kyle or Anri-san
p4b1 : Navi
p5b1 : …Let’s go to that village
p5b2 : I need to know more about the people in this world
p6b1 : !
p6b2 : Ah right, I need to buy that….
p7b1 : Razor ?
p7b2a : No !
p7b2b : Aah, but I might need to buy that too

page 30
p2b1 : You forgot to shave your chin you know…
p2b2 : Navi…

page 31
p1b1 : This is remnant of a camp
p1b2 : I don’t exactly know the manner in this world but….
p2 sfx : *splash*
p3b1 : This is obviously unethical
p4b1 :Come to think of it, what village are we going to ?
p4b2a : It’s Tooran
p4b2b : It’s a village that thrives in mining and smelting
p5b1 : Tooran
p5 sfx : *Step*

page 32
p1 sfx : *swiish*
p2b1 : …it seems okay
p2 sfx : *rustle*
p3b1 : Let’s use that from here on
p4b1 : ?
letters bottom right : that ?

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