Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 6

Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 6

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Tobasareta Ossan 6


page 1

Title : Ch 6 Ossan got involved in the other world

box1 :

Name : Navi

Job : Guide

Age : ?

Race : ??

Magical Power : ???

Skill : Gag

box2 :

Name : Takuma Satou

Job : Merchant (Just became one)

Age : 35

Race : Human (From a different world)

Magical Power :

Skill : Limitless Physical Power

Cheat Level Defence

Intimidation skill that will even scare bears

Appraisal skill (Still in training)

A very convenient Item Box


Blessing : Verdeu, Ooguchinomagami

box3 :

Name : Weiss

Age : 1.5 months

Magical Power : 1,000

Skill : Limitless Love

for Takuma


page 2

p4 sfx : *shaking*


page 3

p1 sfx : *twitch*

p2b1 : What!?

p2 sfx : *dash*

p3b1a : For you to scare that…

p3b1b : Are you really a beastmen?

p3b2 : I’m a cat-people!

p3b3 : And it wasn’t my fault, Master!

p4b1 : I heard something weird

p4b2 : Something that I never heard before

p4 sfx : *tap*

p5 sfx : *rustle*

p6b1 : OK

p6 sfx : *tap*


page 4

p2b1 : Hmm what’s that…

p2b2a : It’s shiny, maybe something metallic

p2b2b : And moving so fast!

p3b1a : That must be some stupid noble’s carriage!

p3b1b : Just get down here and let’s finish our prey!

p5 sfx : *vrooom*


page 5

p1 sfx : *shaking*

p2 sfx : *vroom*

p3 sfx : *Baam*


page 6

p1b1 : So this is what master meant by “that”

p1b2a : I decided to buy it here

p1b2b : Since in my previous world, it’s a luxury that I couldn’t afford

p1b3 : But aren’t you missing something?

p1b4 : Hmm?

p1 sfx : *vroom*

p2b1 : I thought a motorcycle was something like this

p2b2 : …That’s something hard to do on unpaved road

p2b2  small letters : And it would be great if the front number of that bike was 46

p2 middle letters : Full Equipment

p3b1 : It seems that there are a lot of people using this kind of battle suit too

p3b2 : …I know you must have been browsing the internet while you’re gone, right?

p3b2 small letters : And also this kind of guy usually uses a car

p4b1 : Let’s rest a bit

p4 sfx : *bruum* * bruum*


page 7

p2b1 : Oohh…The chain isn’t loosening at all

p2b2 : I’ll adjust the clutch lever a bit

p3b1 : Master, what are you doing…?

p3b2a : Maintenance and adjustments

p3b2b : Since we rode more than 100km out of the blue

p3 sfx : *appear*

p4b1a : Since all objects from your previous world that you buy in this world

p4b1b : Will be automatically converted to [Magical tool], so there’s no wear and tear

p4b1b small letters : They’re maintenance free

p4b2 : And also since they use master’s magical power as fuel, so there’s no need for refuelling

p5b1a : The enjoyment in this is when I can do this myself

p5b1b : And the fuel for it is love

p6b1 : … I can’t understand that logic

p6b2 : All right, let’s go again!!

p6 sfx : *stand*


page 9

p1b1a : This ride doesn’t seem that stable at all

p1b1b : and also you’re not wearing a helm

p1b2a : helm? Do you mean motorcycle helmet?

p1b2b : Do you think someone as strong as me need it?

p2b1 : But Weiss is wearing one

p2b2 : It’s dangerous to ride without wearing a helmet!!

p3b1a : …Anyways, why did you pick a motorcycle rather than a car?

p3b1b : I believe that the car is simpler and safer

p4b1 : It’s because I can enjoy the ride better as this

p5b1 : That’s just illogical…

p5 sfx top : *vrooom*

p5 sfx : *rustle*


page 10

p1b1 : !?

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p3 sfx : *stomp*

p4 sfx1 : *rustle*

p4 sfx2 : *turn*


page 11

p1b1 : We’re going to cra-!!

p2 sfx : *squeeze*

p3 sfx : *clack* * clack*

p4b1 : !!!

p5b1 : Intimidation skill!!

p5 sfx : *glare*


page 12

p1 sfx : *twitch*

p2 sfx : *clack* *clack*

p3 sfx : *vrooom*

p4 sfx : *Grsssh*

p5b1 : That was dangerous…!

p5b2a : Master’s intimidation skill

p5b2b : seems to have augmented and been projected as killing intent

p6b1 : Look it’s body just stands frozen there…


page 13

p1b1a : … even if we didn’t crash, It would have been a big accident if we tipped over

p1b1b : at least for Weiss

p2b1a : Are you cleaning the dirt, master?

p2b1b : Isn’t it better to use “clear” magic

p3b1 : And to think that you even tidied up someone else’s leftover’s from camping just to prevent animals from rummaging through the trash

p3b2 : I don’t know whether you’re a logical person or not

p4b1 : There are things that are more fun precisely because they need more work

p4b2 : But now you’re drinking canned coffee rather than grinding the beans yourself like usual

p4b3 : This way is better when admiring a motorcycle

p5b1 : And I’m actually using all convenient things that I have

p5b2 : How far are we from the village…

p7b1a : …Navi

p7b1b : Are there traffic jams in this world?

p7b2 : No, this should be…


page 14

p1b1 : Some people fighting against each other

p2 sfx : *shine on*


page 15

p1 sfx : *shine off*

p2b1a : The one that’s being attacked is a carriage

p2b1b : I believe it’s owned by a noble or merchant

p2b2 : And a fight is happening between its escort and an armed group attacking the carriage

p3b1 : An armed group…!?

p3b2 : So it’s people killing other people huh….

p4b1 : It might be a little bit of a long detour but we can take another road to evade it

p4b2 : Let’s head to that carriage

p6b1 : Master!? are you serious!

p6b2a : That time, Most-san told me

p6b2b : He said that I still don’t know much about this world


page 16

p1b1 : First, I need to understand this world and people who live in it

p1b2 : That’s what I decided as a person who lives in this world

p3b1 : …I understand

p3b2 : I’ll follow you, master


page 17

p1b1 : Do you understand me, Weiss?

p1b2 : …are you listening?

p1 sfx : *Aun!*

p4b1 : It won’t work! we can’t go through here!

p4b2 : What a dirty way…!!

p5b1 : Don’t give them any chance!!

p5b2 : Bring the fire bomb!!


page 18

p1b1 : !

p1 sfx : *vroom* *vroom*

p2 sfx : *bsht*

p3 sfx : *bam*

p4b1 : Where are you throwing that!?

p4b2a : I heard a sound coming from there and it’s not an animal sound

p4b2b : it might be from their reinforcements!

p5 sfx : *burning*


page 19

p1 sfx : *Sizzle*

p2 sfx : *rain*

p3b1 : That’s why I told you to get off the bike sooner

p3b2 : It’s hard for the one riding the bike to actually know how noisy the bike is…!!

p4b1 : Ah… I’m sorry

p4b2 : I’ll turn off the bike

p5b1a : Who’s that?

p5b1b : Is that the magician who works for Isul-sama?

p5b2 : hmph

p5 sfx : *clank*


page 20

p1b1a : Hail magician who’s witnessing this scene

p1b1b : Won’t you deliver the hammer of justice to these bandits

p1b1c : and attain the glory of doing so!

p1b2 : What say you?


page 21

p1b1 : He called to that magician, does that mean…

p1b2 : He’s one of those people!

p1b3 : He’s one of that demon’s henchmen, kill him!

p1b4 : Ma ma master

p1b5 : Captain, who actually is he?!

p1b6a : If he’s not one of our reinforcements then he’s one of the enemy!

p1b6b : Finish him together with the bandits!

p2b1a : It seems that we have more enemies now, but I don’t care!

p2b1b : We have to drag that scum out of that carriage!

p2b2 : We won’t have a second chance after all!!

p2 sfx : *Oooo*

p3b1 : Guh, these bastards!!

p3 sfx : *ka chang*

p4b1 : Master, what to do now!?

p4b2 : Navi

p4 sfx : *uooooo*

p5b1 : The truth is, I have no idea what those people said to me

p5b2 : What the hell were they talking about?


page 22

p2b1 : …Master

p2b2 : Let’s go

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p3 sfx : *swoosh*

p4 sfx : *tap* *tap*

p5 sfx : *Ooooo*

p5 sfx : *swish*

p5 small letters : That fire fence is burning everything around it and they are busy fighting each other


page 23

p3b1a : What a stupid noble

p3b1b : It’s exactly because he does something like this, he’s just reaping what he sows

p4b1 : The one that’s stupid is those people that are against him

p4b2 : Eehh!?

p4b3a : They can’t win no matter what they do

p4b3b : This will just simply turn into a massacre

p5b1 : Uwaaa… that’s bad

p7b1 : The one from this afternoon….?


page 24

p1 sfx : *creak*

p4 sfx : *step*


page 25

p4b1 : That’s Mike!

p4b2 : There’s no mistaking it, that’s Mike Isul!

p4b3 : That kidnapper bastard!!

p5b1 : What a gruesome situation, I feel like puking

p5b2 : Why did it end up like this?


page 26

p1b1 : If you try to force me using violence then there’s no other way for me but to answer that with violence too

p1b2a : Why do you think we have laws here?

p1b2b : If you think you have the right reason, then you can just submit a complaint

p3b1 : I’ve done that thousands of times before!!

p4b1 : And I know the one that has been removing them is you!!!

p4 sfx : *dash*

p5 sfx : *swish*


page 27

p1 sfx : *splatt*

p2b1a : Tsch!!

p2b1b : Gah…!!

p2b2 : Aaahhh!!

p8b1 : How about you there…

p8b2a : As I can see you’re not enraged huh

p8b2b : Are you a wanderer?


page 28

p3b1 : …I’m sorry to have shown such a terrible scene to a commoner like you

p4b1 : I’m just punishing these people in the place of my father

p4b2a : I do feel bad for showing you this, Thus I want to invite you to my mansion as an apology

p4b2b : So how about it?


page 29

p1b1 : Well well, isn’t that simply strange?

p2b1 : There’s nothing strange about it

p4b1 : …

p4b2 : That guy is the son of the owner of this land

p5b1a : At the moment, the owner of Tooran village is away and so his son is ruling this land in his place

p5b1b : And he won’t hesitate to execute anyone that he finds guilty

p6b1 : I’m just delivering punishment as dictated by the law

p6b2 : Since I have to protect order and justice after all


page 30

p4b1a : That’s in the case of people who live inside your territory right?

p4b1b : But then how about people from outside of your territory?


page 31

p3b1 : Hoo….

p4b1 : What is that suppose to mean?

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