Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 7

Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 7

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Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Ch 7


page 1

title : Ossan made a blunder in the other world

letters top left : This is how you make delicious ramen outdoors

p1b1a : 1.Boil chicken in a cooker (hand pots), you can also use a readymade chicken

p1b1b : 2.Heat water up until it boils and then put in the soup base before the noodles

p1b1c : 3.Put in the noodles

p1b1d : 4.Add some seasonings like chilli pepper or grated garlic according to your preferences

p1b1e : And it’s finished!!

sfx near wolf cub : *munch*


page 4

p1b1 : … That guy there, his power… or more like his status…

p1b2a : He’s not a normal guy

p1b2b : I feel like he’s not from this world

p2b1 : Let’s head back

p2b2 : Are you going to leave that alone!?

p2b3a : There’s nothing we can do there

p2b3b : And also night is coming and that fire wall will cease soon

p3b1 : When that happens, the wolves will come flooding this place

p3b2 : Thanks to all the spilled blood

p4b1 : Ahh…

p4b1 small letters : You’re right…


page 5

p1b1 : But that aside, who the hell is that guy…

p1b2 : Not to mention that he has that strange machine with him

p2b1 : He’s a fool

p2b2 : That was fast!!

p3b1a : Despite the fact that he’s not from around this area

p3b1b : But he stuck his own head in on his own accord between the nobles and the villagers conflict in this area

p3b2 : He’ll just die a worthless death


page 6

p2b1a : As I thought

p2b1b : There’s a slight peculiarity in your speaking

p2b2 : You must be from another country

p2 sfx : *Auuu*

p3b1 : But even if it’s so

p3b2 : Since you’re already here so… I hope you follow the rules in this area

p4b1 : What?

p4b2 : Unfortunately he’s right

p5b1a : This might frustrate you, Master

p5b1b : But I believe that this world runs on different logic compared to the world where master came from


page 7

p1b1 : Gyaahk

p2b1 : Father..

p2b2 : So how does it feel to get hit by your own son’s weapon hmm?

p4b1 : !

p5 sfx : *Heh!*

p7 sfx : *clench*


page 8

p1b1a : If you don’t understand it then let me explain it to you

p1b1b : We nobles are granted with special privileges

p1b2 : Which is the authority for guiding people for the sake of building a good country

p2b1 : Thus, we have the compulsion to uphold justice and the responsibility to strictly punish those who disturb the order in this country

p2b2 : And so there’s no compromise in executing the law

p3b1a : It’s also because we have the exact same wish as the king that we have to do this

p3b1b : So in short

p3b2 : This is the holy duty which was given to us from the Goddess Verdeu-sama


page 9

p3b1 : I see now

p3b2 : I understand

p4b1a : Oi there, you heard that, right?

p4b1b : You can’t raise your sword against a goddess you know

p4b2 : Agyaaa! Ah.. Aa…!!

p4 sfx : *crackle*


page 10

p1b1 : Well, actually I’m an acquaintance of Verdeu-sama you see

p1b2 : I’ll just go bring her some sweets as an apology later

p3b1a : Sheesh

p3b1b : What in the world is a commoner like you talking about…

p6 sfx : *Swish*

p7 sfx : *Blaze*


page 11

p1 sfx : *Boom*

p2 sfx : *Kabooommm*


page 12

p1b1 : Hot…!!

p1b2 : Take the fire off!! Quickly!!

p1 sfx : *Ooooo*

p2b1a : ?

p2b1b : !?

p3b1 : Isul-sama, please get back!!

p3b2a : Those two new men were rank A adventurers

p3b2b : And he killed them in an instant…!!

p4 sfx : *blazing*

p5b1 : Who the hell is this guy…


page 13

p2 sfx : *blazing*

p3b1 : They shouldn’t have felt any pain from that

p4 sfx : *twitch*

p5 sfx : *slumped*

p6 sfx : *blazing*


page 14

p1b1 : Come here quickly!! we should get away from here as soon as possible!!

p1b2 : Wa wa wait for a second!!

p2 letters right : According to my experience as a hunter for 50 years

p2 letters left : That thing is dangerous!!

p4b1 : Other than that guy, all the people there stopped moving!?

p5 sfx : *twitch*

p6b1 : Master..! My body… Can’t move..

p6b2 : Just… shut up!

p6 sfx : *shaking*

p7 sfx : *slide*


page 15

p1 sfx : *jump*

p2 sfx : *fuuuh*

p6b1 : He knows we’re here…!!

p6b2a : What?

p6b2b : What!?


page 16

p1 – p3 sfx : *shaking*

p4b1a : Master

p4b1b : What are you planning to do now

p4b2 : You just decided to stop everyone’s movement by using the [Killing Intent] Skill but…

p5b1 : You just killed two people without knowing the reason for this conflict


page 17

p3b1 : What the hell is with that face after going wild like that!!

p4b1 : You’re making a face like a baby that nearly cried after flipping over a kettle

p4b2a : Ugh…

p4b2b : I can’t even get closer than this because of your [Killing Intent] Skill

p5b1 : Just so you know… you just did something stupid without thinking!!

p9b1 : Be careful, master…!


page 18

p1 sfx : *Howling*

p3b1a : I’m someone who use to hunt in this area, my name is Valim

p3b1b : The wolves of this forest are coming this way because of the smell of the blood here

p4b1 : You alone might be able to get out from this forest using that [Killing Intent] skill

p4b2a : But the wolves of this forest can easily kill C rank adventurers so you won’t be able to save

p4b2b : Those who are wounded !!

p5b1 : I don’t care why you were fighting here or who killed who!!

p5b2a : But you should stop tarnishing this forest and the animals inside it!!

p5b2b : That’s all I have to say!!

p7b1 : Valim-san


page 19

p1b1a : It’s just like you said, we… I did that without thinking

p1b1b : I’m a travelling merchant, Takuma

p2b1 : And I don’t know the details about these people…

p3b1 : But now that it has turned to this

p3b2 : Please tell me what can I do…

p6b1 : Puhah!

p6b2 : I can move…!

p7b1a : These people are villagers from Tooran

p7b1b : And I believe that the son of the owner of the village over there did something stupid and got attacked


page 20

p1 sfx : *Howls*

p2b1 : Oh crap…

p2b2 : There’s a lot of them, we’re surrounded!!

p2 sfx : *Howls*

p3b1 : Master!!

p3 sfx : *Howl*

p4b1a :  I have a little hut near here!

p4b1b : Come with me!

p4b2 : Just leave behind those who can’t run or badly wounded!

p4b3 : But that’s!!

p5b1a : Navi

p5b1b : Is it possible for me to stop the wolves if I use a wide range [Killing Intent]?


page 21

p1b1a : It’s indeed possible

p1b1b : But can you use that skill and pin point it toward the wolves?

p1b2a : If you use that skill in full power without pin pointing the targets…

p1b2b : All the small animals and the wounded people here will be definitely killed by its pressure

p3b1 : Is there anyone lying on the ground and still breathing?

p3b2 : Ah! I saw their eyes flicker from that bush!!

p3 sfx : *Howl*

p4b1 : Please don’t leave me! I don’t have my legs!!

p4 sfx : *Howl*

p5b1 : Isul-sama, please stand up!

p5b2 : Ugh my back… Bring a horse for me!

p5 sfx : *Howl*

p6b1 : The horses already ran away!

p6b2 : Everyone will be killed at this rate! Let’s go now!

p6 sfx : *Howl*


page 22

p1 sfx : *Auuuun*

p5b1a : !?

p5b1b : Weiss…


page 23

p1 sfx : *Auuun*

p2 sfx : *Jolt*

p3 sfx : *Turn away*

p4b1 : The wolves!!

p4b2 : All of them are gone…!

p4 sfx : *Kyuiii*

p6 letters right : Ah that’s right

p6 letters left : Although just a cub, Weiss is a wolf god


page 24

p1 letters : Weiss is a special existence

p2b1a : Obuff

p2b1b : Yes yes, thank you

p2 sfx : *Pomf*

p3b1 : That’s one hell of a cub

p4b1 : Hm!?

p5 letters top left : This guy is not dangerous

p5 letters right : And the wolves are already gone

p5 sfx near oldman : *swiish*

p5 sfx  near Takuma : *lick*

p7b1a : Th

p7b1b : Thank goodness…


page 26

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p3b1 : Are you done yet?

p4b1a : …Yes

p4b1b : Although it’s just burying the leftover armour from the fire

p4b2a : Hmph

p4b2b : So you made a grave for those 2 thugs huh

p4b3 : That’s hypocrisy

p5b1a : These people also have parents

p5b1b : So I have to give them a proper grave

p5b2 : I’m aware that it’s hypocrisy

p6b1a : Takuma was it again?

p6b1b : Where is your family?


page 27

p1b1 : Family… well.. what can I say…

p3b1 : I’m sorry but is it okay if I lit up another thing?

p3b2 : Isn’t this bonfire already producing enough smoke?

p3 sfx : *Buon*

p4 sfx : *Fuuh*

p5b1 : Everyone becomes Hotoke-san when they die

p6b1 : Hoto.. what?

p6b2 : Ah… it’s an old saying from where I came from


page 28

p1b1 : It means that all people, both bad or good, are equal after they die

p1b2 : Dead people have no sins

p2b1 : So in your country even criminals have no sins when they die huh?

p2b2 : That’s convenient

p3b1a : The sins that these guys committed today

p3b1b : Those sins won’t go away even when they die

p3b2 : Even if the one who committed these sins has died, then his family will have to make amends for his sins

p3 small letters from right to left :


It hurts…


I can’t see anything…

p5b1 : Those fools


page 29

p3b1a : Your master is a weird one

p3b1b : This is the first time master spoke so much with a human that he just met

p3b2 : …But you’re also a weird one

p5b1 : Master…

p5 sfx : *Cough* *cough*

p6 sfx : *crackle*


page 30

p1b1a : By the way

p1b1b : If “that” thing that I heard from the villagers and that noble is true

p1b2 : Then I can’t leave that alone

p2b1 : Are you taking the villager’s side now?

p2b2 : You’re just an outsider so mind your own business

p3b1a : It’s because their wives and children are about to be killed soon

p3b1b : That’s why they did this!!

p3b2 : And the source of all of this is that Mike guy!!

p4b1 : …But someone with your power should be able to force your way, right?

p4b2a : But did you properly think of the consequences if you solved it by force!?

p4b2b : And one more thing

p4b2c : I know that I just met you but…


page 31

p1b1a : Even for A rank adventurers who possess greater strength and magic than you

p1b1b : They can’t ever get used to killing people

p1b2 : You will have to face more suffering compared to what you faced today with what you’re going to do next

p3b1 : It’s just like what you said

p3b2 : But I already have a plan in my mind

p3 sfx : *crackle*

p5 sfx : *rustle*

p6b1a : Wh

p6b1b : What the hell did you just say?

p6b2 : Are you serious!?


page 32

p1b1 : Well, what can I say…

p2b1a : Now that I’ve decided to do it, somehow it makes me feel lighter

p2b1b : I’ll go sleep a bit

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