Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 9

Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 9

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Athena13 TL
Tobasareta Ossan 9
page 1
title Ch 9 Ossan gambles in the other world
page 2
p4 sfx *Clack*
page 3
p1 sfx *Swoop*
p2 sfx *Rattle*
p3b1 It’s just like Howard said, there’s no one around
p3b2 Next is…
p3 sfx *Buon*
p4b1 Master
p5b1a Good gracious!!
p5b1b Don’t surprise me like that!!
p5b2 Well, you see…
page 4
p1b1a Master, I told you about this before, but you can actually use your spatial detection skill
p1b1b Master’s detection skill would be able to identify any living beings and their location
p1b2a And I can also help out to increase its precision too
p1b2b So I thought that it would be faster if master used that skill
p2 letters right Now that you mention it…
p2 letters left That’s why I also told you that we don’t need those
p3 sfx *Clack*
p4b1 We just infiltrated in so easily
p4b2a The guards are easily distracted and lazy
p4b2b What is this room anyway?
p4b3 This room is used as a warehouse
page 5
p1b1a When I used my detection skill, the security on the first floor was pretty tight
p1b1b It seems like they don’t expect anyone to infiltrate in from the roof
p1b2a That’s really careless
p1b2b Infiltrating from the roof is an easy thing for hunters and beastmen
p1b2c Right, Weiss?
p1b3 You’re right, the security has grown really bad…
p1 sfx *Aun*
p2b1 Did you also find out where the hostages are with your detection skill?
p2b2a Well, there’s a problem with that…
p2b2b There’s just these 2 rooms that my detection skill can’t reach no matter what I do
p2b2c Maybe it’s because of some sort of barrier
p3b1 How about Meyers?
p3b2 Compared to me, that old man possesses stronger physical abilities and magic
p4b1 If there’s someone like that, then I would’ve noticed him in no time
p4b2 So there’s a good chance that he’s inside one of the barriers
page 6
p1b1a The places that my detection skill can’t reach are here and here
p1b1b The northern part of the 2nd floor and one of the rooms in the basement
p1b2 Now the problem is where they put the hostages, huh… they might put hostages in both rooms, though…
p1 diagram
p2b1 Basement, huh…?
p2b2 That would mean that we need to pass through the first floor where the security is tight, right?
p2b3 At least hide your presence and footsteps if you call yourself a hunter
p3b1 Did you get all the locations of the other people outside those two rooms?
p3b2a Yes
p3b2b Besides the night watch guards, there are only servants
p3b2c And all of them are asleep
p4b1 The problem is that Meyers guy, right?
p4b2 But what if all 4 of us jump on him at the same time…
page 7
p1b1 It will be best if we could finish this without fighting against that Meyers
p1b2 After all, our main goal is to safely rescue the hostages
p2b1a Aah…you’re right…
p2b1b But once we break the barrier, they might notice us and end up killing all the hostages you know…
p3b1 So…Any ideas?
page 8
p2 sfx *Tap* *Tap*
p3b1a Valim-san’s paralysis poison is really something
p3b1b It’ll be too hard if I have to keep my intimidation skill up, after all
p3b2 Well, those who take your intimidation skill will have it much harder, though…
p3 sfx *Zzzzz*
p4 sfx *Creak*
page 9
p1b1a By the way…
p1b1b I’m okay with us splitting into 2 teams but… are you really okay with this combination?
p2b1 What? Do you prefer to go with Luna rather than with an old man like me?
p2b2 Stop saying such vulgar things!!
p3b1a I’m a knight who protects Mike-sama
p3b1b And you’re someone who joined the villagers to attack Mike-sama
p3b2 I’m indeed disappointed with Mike-sama but aren’t you too naive to trust me like this?
p5b1 Well, this combination is indeed strange if you look at it…
p5b2 But… rather than trusting you…
page 10
p1b1a This land has been protected by your ancestors
p1b1b Then your child and grandchild will be the ones that continue protecting this land
p1b2 And I believe in them
p3b1 I…
p3b2 was only seeing it as the present…
p4 sfx *Clink*
p5b1 And the one that can protect that present is you
page 11
p1b1 This must be it, my detection skill can’t go any further
p1b2a Ahh, that door has a magic inscription for putting up a barrier on it
p1b2b It’s an anti-magic barrier so it should be able to be opened normally
p1 sfx *pop out*
p2b1 Takuma-dono
p3b1 In the name of my left hand that I use to hold the reign of horses
p3b2 I swear that I shall not betray you!!
p4b1a …As expected of a real knight!
p4b1b That’s so cool!!
p5b1 Let’s go in then!!
p5 sfx *Dash*
page 12
p2b1 It’s empty
p2b2 Was that barrier a trap to fool us…?
p3b1 Then that would mean the hostages are in the other room!
p4b1 Valim-san…!
page 13
p2b1 Don’t miss
p2b2 Don’t worry, my ability in using the blow gun in the dark is on par with you Master!
p3 sfx *Swish*
p4 sfx *plop*
p5b1a Byaa!!
p5b1b I hate spiders!!
page 14
p2b1a Maste…
p2b1b He’s gone!?
p2 sfx *Haah!*
p3b1a A beastman, huh…?
p3b1b Did she run away from Mike-sama’s room?
p3b2a How did you get out from there?
p3b2b We’ll be chewed out if we don’t put her back in that room fast
p3 sfx *Shaking*
p4b1 “Put back in that room”?
page 15
p1b1 Wait, are cat-people always this big?
p1b2 !?
p1 sfx *Pull*
p2b1 She’s indeed still a child but…
p2b2 She’s big enough to play with
p3 sfx *Sweat*
p4b1 Oh!
p4 sfx *Swoosh*
p5 sfx *Slide*
p6b1a Whoa, what an energetic one
p6b1b Come on now… we can at least have some fun a bit, you know…
p7 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
page 16
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 Master…!!
p3b1 You bastard!!
p3 sfx *Swish*
p4 sfx *Clamp*
page 17
p1 sfx *Bam*
p3b1 Auuu~
p3b2 What in the heck? You got scared by a spider despite living in the mountains…!?
p3b3 There was no point now in us infiltrating in quietly
p4 sfx *Creak*
page 18
p3 sfx *Clank*
page 19
p1b1 That fool boy of mine
p1b2 He really sends me an assassin, huh?!
p1 sfx *Shaking*
p2b1 I heard that you were sick
p2b2 But it seems that it’s not true
p2 sfx *Shaking*
p3b1 You…!! Aren’t you Valim the forest keeper?!
p3b2a Even you are taking Mike’s side now?
p3b2b How much did he pay you?
p4b1 Master!!
p4b2a I can handle this myself!
p4b2b You should go to Takuma’s place!! Quickly!!
p5b1 The hostages…
p5b2 Are in the basement…!!
page 20
p1 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
p2b1 What’s this sound? it’s coming from the 2nd floor
p2b2 Is it Meyers-sama!?
p2b3a Did someone make him angry again?
p2b3b Even the guards can’t stop him, after all!!
p2 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
p3b1 Oh no! If he comes to the first floor…
p3b2 Let’s get away from here!! I don’t want to get killed!!
p4b1 Who the hell is this Meyers guy?
page 21
p2b1a I still can’t use my detection skill even after we’re inside
p2b1b Howard, how about your detection skill?
p2b2 I have it but it’s not as strong as yours
p3b1a As expected, it’s a trap, huh…
p3b1b Let’s go back to the 2nd floor, I’m worried about Valim-san and Luna
p4b1 I have a bad feeling about this…
p4b2 Hurry up!
p5b1 Alright!
p5 sfx *Swish*
page 22
p1b1 Oh ho, what do we have here?
page 23
p1 sfx *Slide*
p2b1 I’ve seen your face before
p2b2a And I’ve never seen your face before
p2b2b This is interesting
p2 sfx top *Swooosh*
p2 sfx bottom *Tap*
p3 small letters Me…Meyers!?
p5b1 And also
page 24
p1b1 This little pup here is really interesting
p2b1 !?
p3 sfx *Grin…*


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