Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 19

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 19

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Nonbiri Nouka 19

Title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 19 : Craving for Alcohol


page 1

top letters : The first volume will go on sale on 5th of March!!

p1bx1 : when we had the wyvern meat feast, something came to mind

p1bx2 : I want alcohol

p2bx1 : as for the ingredients…

p2bx2 : it won’t be problem

p2 small letter from right to left : Rice, Sake, Grape, Wine

p3bx1 : let’s start with simple wine

p3bx2 : we only need to squish the grapes and let them ferment but…

p3 small letters : yep…

p4bx1a : that won’t work for just any kind of grape

p4bx1b : the ones that we have are sweet and fruity

p4bx2a : it might work just fine, but

p4bx2b : I think there are special kinds of grapes for wine

p5bx1 : they might pop up if I start tilling the field while thinking of grapes for wine

p5bx2a : I know that I won’t be able to get my hands on wine immediately

p5bx2b : so I continue working the field

p5 upper small letter : grapes for wine…, grapes for wine

p5 sfx : *hoeing*


page 2

p1bx1a : hahaha

p1bx1b : it’s important to put my spirit into it

p1 small letters : grape vineyard

p1bx2a : I extended the new field westward

p1bx2b : and so the working area is doubled

p2bx1a : I was hoping to keep my calm, but the fact that we got attacked by a wyvern is still itching me

p2bx1b : I feel bad

p2bx2a : putting that aside, grapes should be put in the fruit area

p2bx2b : but why did I put it in the field area? Welp, it’s fine

p2 small letters : well well…

p3bx1 : I got back to my usual routine

p3bx2 : I’ve been thinking about planting spices lately, so I made a field just for that

p3bx3 : and I also want a lot of olives, so let’s put that in the fruit area

diagram info

北��拡張(top right) : northern expansion part

4�(top middle) : 4 fields

8�(left side) : 8 fields

æ± (bottom right) : pond

p4bx1 : about the fruit area and the bees that Zabuton’s children kept there

p4bx2 : they are growing pretty nicely and started having multiple nests

p4bx3 : and from the first nest, I already harvested a good amount of honey

p4 small letters : it’s about the size of a 350 ml can


page 3

p1bx1 : I was tasting the new honey with the others, but we ate half of a bottle before we knew it

p1bx2 : it tastes really good and can be used in cooking, I’ll be looking forward to the next honey harvest

p2bx1 : and then spring arrived

p3bx1a : as usual, after saying our goodbyes to Zabuton’s children

p3bx1b : the dogs started shedding their horns

p3bx2a : hunting for mates will come after this, huh…

p3bx2b : yep, this will really turn into something

p3 small letters right : how many of you…

p3 small letters left : well, it’s not like I mind it

p4bx1 : I made some improvements to the pond

diagram info

��池(right) : Pond

(1) built a small water reservoir

(2) and filter out the water from rubbish and small creatures using bamboo filter

p5bx1 : and also for the drainage system

diagram info

竹�柵(center left) : Bamboo filter

��池(right) : Pond

風呂(bottom) : Bath

(1) built a small drainage reservoir

(2) put in slimes for cleaning


page 4

p1bx1a : by the time I realized it, the number of slime had already increased

p1bx1b : from time to time I saw them moving around

p1bx2 : they’re only moving to places that are suitable for living, so they’re harmless

p1 small letters upper right : at first I was panicking, I thought they were running away

p1 small letters upper left : some with different colors are mixed in… that won’t be a problem right?

p1 small letters bottom : next is over there…

p1 sfx : *slide* *slide*

p2bx1 : and then, we made a group to find elves that wandering inside the forest just like Ria and the others were, and to invite them to live here

p2bx2 : Members

p2bx3 : they’re planning to get back home before winter

p2 small letters right to left : Riif, Raasa, 10 dogs

p2 small letter bottom right : We’re the leaders

p3bx1 : before I realized it, it’s already about time for the grape harvest

p3bx2 : and so I shift my focus on making wine out of the harvested grapes

p3 small letters left to right : grind them using a stone pestle, and then put it inside a barrel to ferment

p4bx1a : but… I’m at a loss on what to do with the vineyard

p4bx1b : usually I would prepare it for other crops, but…

p4b1 : I’ll be looking forward to the wine

p4b2a : it’ll be the village’s original wine

p4b2b : I want to have a taste

p4b3 : I’m looking forward to the tasting


page 5

p1b1a : You can get quite a lot of wine with that amount of grapes

p1b1b : Leave the barrels to me

p1b2a : I’m pretty good with alcohol you know

p1b2b : fufu, that’s very nice

p1bx1a : it seems that everyone really wants the wine

p1bx1b : well, it’s not like I don’t want to drink too

p1 small letters : Raraasha is good at making barrels

p2bx1 : but that aside, we also have some harvest other than grapes

p2bx2 : Zabuton’s Children

p2 big box 1 from left to right : Tomato, Cabbage, Pumpkins, Cucumber, Eggplant, Fruits

p2bx3 : Myself and the others

p2bx4 : it’s really nice that we have more people to help now

p2 big box 2 from left to right : potatoes and other tubers, sugarcane, tea, oils from aburana*, etc

* Aburana is a family of vegetables  that you can get vegetable oils from them

p2 small letters right : *those that can be harvested with scissors

p2 small letters left : *those that need a lot of work to be harvested

p3bx1 : I did a lot of experiments

p3bx2 : Field that I worked on

p3bx3 : other places

p3bx4 : I understand that it will grow in places that I worked on even without the Almighty Farming Tool

p3 small letter right : Garlic from my field

p3 small letter up left : Living

p3 small letter down left : Rotting

p4bx1a : it will grow at a slower rate

p4bx1b : Although I said it’s slow, it’s actually a normal growing rate from my previous world

p4bx2a : basically, they only grew so fast because of the Almighty Farming Tool

p4bx2b : once again, thank you God


page 6

p1bx1a : this year, only half of the female dogs gave birth

p1bx1b : half of them didn’t get pregnant

p1 small letters : it was always almost 100%, so I was surprised

p2bx1 : are they regulating their own population?

p2bx2a : but it still brought quite a number of new dogs, so I decided to expand the dog’s area

p2bx2b : and make some new houses for the dogs

p2 small letters : this year Yuki is not pregnant

p3bx1 : Dogs area

p3 upper small letters : with this, it’ll be 4×8 fields wide

diagram info

æ‹¡å¼µ(top right) : expansion

長屋(middle) : long houses

p4bx1a : after the dogs finished giving birth and, as soon as the new pups get their horns

p4bx1b : the group that went out scouting for other high elves came back

p4bx2 : *all girls

p4bx3 : we have way more people than I expected

p4bx4 : … is high elf an all female race ?

p4 small letters : 8 groups, 42 people in total

p5b1a : it is because when the village was burned down

p5b1b : and all the men went into battle while the girls evacuated

p5b2a : I see

p5b2b : but wouldn’t you have at least some boys with you?

p6b1 : the elders and children are sent to live under another other clan

p6b2 : hm?


page 7

p1b1 : if you have somewhere else to go then why don’t you go there?

p1b2a : going to live under the other clan

p1b2b : means that you will actually live to serve that clan

p2b1a : and when it comes to that…

p2b1b : there’s no guarantee that the girls will be treated nicely

p2b2 : aa…

p2 small letters : that explains why the girls left wandering

p3b1 : Thank for letting us live here

p3b1a : no problem, but I will have you girls help with work

p3b1b : please don’t hold back

p3b1c : also…

p4b1a : I already prepared a house but… it won’t be enough

p4b1b : so help me building a new one

p4b2 : yes!

p5bx1 : so we hurriedly build a new house

p5bx2 : however…

p5 sfx : *hammering*

p6bx1 : after everything settled down, I finally realized it

p6bx2 : those 42 girls will also “visit” my room won’t they?

p6 sfx : *shiver*


page 8

p1b1a : Ria, if there are any high elf men that you know

p1b1b : let’s think about getting them to live here

p1b2a : ahh…

p1b2b : village chief…

p2b1a : if you’re talking about those boys that live with other clans

p2b1b : It will be difficult…

p2b2 : what do you mean?

p3b1 : since the villages of the other clans were also burned down by humans

p3b2a : I see…

p3b2b : I’m sorry for asking

p3b3 : not at all

p4b1a : can you decide on a representative for the high elves

p4b1b : since you have so many members now

p4b2 : if that’s the case, I’ll do it

p5b1 : you’re asking if they’ll agree to that?

p5b2 : don’t worry

p5 sfx : smile

p6b1 : I already made sure they know their place

p6bx1a : know their place?

p6bx1b : I won’t ask for details

p6 small letters bottom right : Representative Ria, so scary…!!

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