Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 30

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 30

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 30


page 1

p1bx1 : There are 2 reasons why Doraim the dragon always comes to this village

p1bx2 : Those are food and wine

p1 title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch : 30 The birth of my son and the visitor Pt1

p1 letters bottom left : Taiju Village local specialty….?

p1 sfx : *flap* *flap*

p2bx1a : They’re so good that even people from other villages also praise them

p2bx1b : Although for me who remembers my previous life, they’re actually not really that good though

p2bx2a : There’s something still lacking in the food

p2bx2b : And the wine’s fermentation is also still imperfect

p3bx1 : And the reason for that is because compared to my previous world, we don’t have all the ingredients and equipment here

p3bx2a : And even if I had all the equipment, seasonings, and other ingredients

p3bx2b : There’s not much that an amateur like me can do

p3 letters top : It’s a good thing that I can still cook rice

p3 sfx : *boiling* *boiling*


page 2

p1bx1a : But from the research done by the Oni maids

p1bx1b : We now have Donburi style food which makes rice very popular

p1bx2a : While in the seasoning department, we now have mayonnaise

p1bx2b : With all of these new inventions, the food in this village has entered a new era

p1 letters ribbon :  Teriyaki Snake with Tartar Sauce

p1 sfx : *puffing hot*

p2bx1 : Thanks to the disinfectant made by Flora, we now can use eggs

p2bx2a : And mayonnaise has became the new favourite

p2bx2b : Since it can be used for all kinds of food thus it widens the taste range for them

p2 letters : What the hell is this!!!!

p3bx1a : While about the wine, It’s really troublesome that everyone drinks so much of it

p3bx1b : And because of that, we expanded the grape vineyard

p3bx2 : Fufufu… with this they will let me sleep

p3bx3 : they will, right?

p3bx4 : I hope they will

p3 sfx : *wahahaha*

p4bx1 : We also started making juice, tea, and coffee

p4bx2 : But the villagers didn’t really drink much of them

p4 letters top right : Juice for the little kids of the beastmen tribe

p4 letters top left : Tea and coffee for a small amount of people that loves them

p4 letters bottom right : Tasty!

p4 letters bottom middle : Yep

p4 letters bottom left : Smells good

p5bx1 : Bizel the demon really likes the tea

p5bx2 : He bought a big amount of tea during last year’s winter

p5 letters : Thank you very much


page 3

p1bx1 : Then in the spring we had our usual yearly routine, The wolves grew new horns

p1bx2 : The bees made new nests

p1bx3 : Zabuton’s children went on a journey

p2bx1a : By the way, I’ve been wondering where are the 30 wolves that went on a journey last year

p2bx1b : I hope all of them are doing fine….

p2bx2 : But they suddenly came back home just as I started thinking about them

p2 letters top : We’re home!!

p2 sfx : *worn out*

p3bx1 : All of them were full of wounds and had this dignified look as if they just went through hell

p3bx2 : I donn’t know what they did all this time but I’m glad that all of them were fine

p3 letters top : We did it!

p3 sfx : *humph*

p4bx1 : But then a few days after that, they carried some of the Zabuton’s children on their back

p4bx2 : And went out again

p4 sfx : *wave*

p5bx1 : What are they doing huh…

p5bx2 : Well, as long as they don’t do anything weird…

p5 sfx : yep


page 4

p1bx1 : I received some requests to build an extra bathhouse

p1bx2 : Normally, I would be bathing alone as the only guy in the village

p2bx1 : But now we have some dwarf guys living in the village

p2bx2 : And because of that

p2 letters : Pretty please

p3bx1 : I decided to make a new separate bathhouse for the girls…..

p3bx2a : Eh? I can’t?

p3bx2b : Because you girls will lose your appeal time together with me?

p4bx1a : Well… We can do that somewhere else other than in bath right….?

p4bx1b : ….They didn’t listen

p4bx2 : Result

p4bx3a : We made the old bathhouse as a special bathhouse for me, while others who want to can also take a bath there too

p4bx3b : We also made new bathhouses, one for the guys and one for the girls

p4 letters right : Male Bath

p4 letters middle : Village Chief’s Bath

p4 letters left : Girls Bath

p5bx1 : I hope they will let me enjoy the bath with this

p5bx2a : We also started using magic to warm up the water in place of the firewood

p5bx2b : It also serves as magic training for the beastmen


page 5

p1bx1 : I also received a request regarding the fruit areas

p1bx2 : And it came from the bees

p2bx1 : That’s how I got the request

p2 letters top right : Bees

p2 letters top middle : Zabuton’s children

p2 letters top left : Me

p2 letters bottom right : Through Conversation?

p2 letters bottom left : Conveyed through gesture

p3bx1 : They wanted me to plant a particular tree that grows in a certain forest

p3bx2a : But that tree couldn’t be found around here

p3bx2b : So we had to search for that tree first

p3 letters : It seems that some of the queen bees were asking for it

p4bx1 : But it was immediately solved

p4 letters top right : Zabuton’s children that know the tree

p4 letters top left : The wolves carried them on their back and went searching

p4 letters bottom right : And then I asked Gran Maria

p4 letters bottom middle : Ooooo

p4 letters bottom left : To carry me to where the tree is

p5bx1 : And then I expanded the tree area for the new tree

p5 diagram info:

p6bx1 : The tree that the queen bees wanted was a short tree with flowers that I’ve never seen before

p6bx2 : And I decided to plant quite a few of them since they seem to bear fruits


page 6

p1bx1 : Together with that, I also planted some rubber trees and aloe palm trees

p1bx2 : And as I was busy with everything….

p2bx1 : I became a father

p2bx2 : Before I even realized it

p2 letters top : *Waaaa* *Waaa*

p2 letters bottom right : *stand*

p2 letters bottom middle : It’s here!

p2 letters left : Please calm down

p3bx1a : To be honest

p3bx1b : I remember nothing from when they told me that Ru was giving birth until I had my baby in my arms

p3bx2a : I was definitely in quite a panic

p3bx2b : But thank god that the birth went smoothly

p3 letters top right1 : Eh ? baby boy?

p3 letters top right2 : Like this?

p3 letters top left : Is this correct?

p3 letters bottom left : Nnn?

p4bx1a : Is it really okay for me to be a father?

p4bx1b : No no no, It’s too late to think of that now

p4bx2a : I have to give my best for my son

p4bx2b : And so we had a feast for the next few days

p2 sfx : *Wahahaha*


page 7

p1bx1 : The baby’s name is Alfred

p1bx2 : Ru came up with that name

p1bx3 : It seems that she rejected all the names that I suggested

p2bx1a : Since the baby was born between a human and a vampire

p2bx1b : So I’m not sure about his race

p2bx2a : Is it half vampire?

p2bx2b : And even when I asked Ru, she said that she doesn’t know since she never heard of vampire that gave birth before

p2 letters right : Hmmmm

p2 letters left :  I see

p3bx1 : From the outward appearance, It seems that the baby is a human

p3bx2 : But according to the Oni maid, any racial characteristic will come out as the baby grows older

p4bx1a : For the Oni, it will be horns

p4bx1b : It wasn’t there when they were little

p4bx2 : And they will slowly grow a horn until around the age when they can give birth

p4 letters : That makes sense since if they have a horn from the start then it will be hard to give birth to them…


page 8

p1bx1a : Maybe that’s also the case for my son too

p1bx1b : But nothing will change with me worrying

p1bx2a : No matter whether he’s a human or a vampire, It doesn’t change the fact that he’s my son

p1bx2b : I’ll give my best raising him

p1 letters right : Right..

p1 letters left : zzzzz….

p2bx1 : There’s no real problem with Ru after she gave birth

p2bx2 : But it’s not like she didn’t change at all

p2bx3a : It feels like she’s calmer now

p2bx3b : It’s great that both of them are healthy

p2 letters right : Eh? is that so?

p2 letters left : So this is the mother….

p3bx1 : The Oni maids volunteered themselves to take care of the baby

p3bx2 : So it’s not like we’re lacking helping hands

p3 letters right : It’s time for the rotation

p3 letters middle : Haah…

p3 letters left : Is it that time already?

p4bx1 : But it’s more like we had too many helping hands that I and Ru couldn’t even get our turn

p4bx2 : I really wish they would let me do my fatherly job


page 9

p1bx1 : Putting that aside

p1bx2 : We discovered the reason why the 30 wolves went off somewhere

p2bx1 : They’re trying to clear a dungeon south from the forest

p2bx2 : What a dangerous thing to do….

p3bx1 : The dungeon was discovered when Gran Maria found its entrance by chance

p3bx2 : And since if we leave the dungeon alone, then there’s a chance for it to spawn dangerous monsters

p4bx1a : Thus it’s important to inspect the inside of it

p4bx1b : And so we formed an expedition team mainly from high elves

p4bx2 : And when the expedition team was checking their equipments in front of the dungeon’s entrance

p4 letters right : Actually I also asked to be included in the team but everyone was against it

p4 letters left : Hmmm… I want to join the expedition….

p5bx1 : They saw the wolves come out from the dungeon

p5 sfx : AH!!

p5 sfx2 (bottom left) : *wave*

p6bx1 : After that, they inspected the dungeon together with the wolves

p6bx2 : And so we know what the wolves were doing all this time

p6 small letters : *this way*


page 10

p1bx1a : It seems that they’ve been exploring the dungeon out of their own accord

p1bx1b : It might be because of their nature

p1bx2a : By the way, Zabuton’s children were there to explore places where the wolves can’t

p1bx2b : And they were also there for fiddling with stuff

p1 letters top right : I’m counting on you

p1 letters top middle : Okay

p1 letters top left : *swish*

p1 other sfx : *creeping*

p2bx1 : Then the high elves went back after collecting the bones of the monsters that the wolves exterminated

p2bx2 : And then I stashed all of them in the warehouse

p3bx1 : It seems that the wolves still continue entering the dungeon even after the high elves came home

p3bx2 : I wish they would come home from time to time

p3 letters : Even a dangerous dungeon didn’t pose any challenge…!?

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