Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 31

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 31

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Nonbiri Nouka 31


page 1

p1bx1a : One afternoon

p1bx1b : There was an unusual occurrence

p1 sfx : *Kaaaan kan kan kan*

p2 title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch : 31 The birth of my son and the visitor Pt2

p2bx1 : 1 long and 3 short alarms…

p2bx2 : South huh

p2 letters bottom : A danger heads towards the village…!?

p3bx1 : Wyvern again?

p3bx2 : And it’s heading straight here!

p4bx1 : Judging by the speed that it’s flying straight here, it doesn’t seem to be coming in peace

p4bx2 : In that case

p4 sfx : *swish*

p5 letter right : I’ll shoot it

p5 letters left : Down !


page 2

p1 sfx : *bam*

p2bx1 : Eh? Doraim?

p2bx2 : Is he here to help?

p3bx1 : …

p3bx2 : He seems to be losing…

p3b1 : *Roaar*

p3 sfx : *Bam*

p4bx1 : I’ll support him here

p4 sfx : *twitch*


page 3

p2bx1 : Killing intent…!!

p2 sfx : *clench**

p3bx1 : This time is north huh…!

p3 sfx : *bam*

p4 sfx : *swooooosh*

p5 sfx : *swish*


page 4

p1bx1 : Evaded?

p1bx2 : But!

p1 sfx : *papapapa*

p2bx1 : It got disoriented from trying too hard to evade my attack

p2bx2 : This is my chance

p3b1 : Wa… Wait!!

p3b2 : They’re not enemies!!

p3 sfx : *baam*


page 5

p1bx1 : It was Doraim’s servant Gucchi who came to stop me

p1bx2 : And then I met with the 3 dragons

p1b1 : My wife Graffalun and my daughter Lastismun

p1 sfx (right end) : *Huft*

p2bx1a : According to Doraim’s explanation

p2bx1b : The one that flew here first was his daughter Lastismun

p2bx2 : And then the one who came afterward was his wife Graffalun

p3b1a : Although it was unintentional

p3b1b : But still, my apologies

p3bx1a : Seriously now

p3bx1b : I feel guilty for throwing a spear to Doraim’s wife

p4b1 : We… we’re sorry too

p4b2 : For doing something that invited misunderstanding…


page 6

p1b1a : I’m sorry too

p1b1b : For coming without any warning

p1b2a : It’s just that I wanted to protect my husband and daughter…

p1b2b : You may laugh on my foolishness

p2b1a : We both are at fault this time

p2b1b : So let’s just forget about this incident

p2bx1 : I don’t want any trouble

p3bx1a : According to Doraim

p3bx1b : Since he insisted on building a house in the “Taiju Village”

p3bx2 : His daughter thought that he was cheating on his wife

p3 small letters : A separate house for Doraim

p4bx1a : And unfortunately

p4bx1b : The gifts that he prepared for Alfred’s birth

p4bx2 : Were thought of as gifts for his cheating partner

p5bx1 : Doraim denied that but…

p5bx2a : His daughter didn’t believe him and flew here

p5bx2b : And it seems that she was planning to burn down the village


page 7

p1bx1a : I see, let’s mark her as a dangerous person

p1bx1b : Inside my mind

p1b1 : I.. I’m sorry

p1bx2 : Dangerous

p1bx3a : She looks genuinely sorry which is a good thing but…

p1bx3b : She’s way too aggressive

p1 sfx : *plop*

p2b1a : But… Was there any reason for the Oku-san*

p2b1b : To fly here with such a killing intent…?

*TLN : Oku-san is a way to call someone’s wife

p3b1 : It’s love

p3bx1 : Dangerous

p3bx2 : I’ll mark his wife as another dangerous person

p3 sfx : *plop*

p4bx1a : Because of her killing intent, The wolves, the spiders

p4bx1b : The high elves, the Lizardmen, and the Oni maids, everyone was sent into panic

p4bx2 : Although there were no victims, the wolves curve their tail every time they see Doraim’s wife

p4 small letters top : We somehow calmed some of them down

p4 small letters bottom right : Zabuton’s children won’t even get close

p4 small letters bottom middle : Kyuuun

p4 small letters bottom left : hyuuun

p5bx1 : Doraim is always friendly so I tend to forget about it

p5bx2 : That the dragons are actually very strong creatures

p5b1 : ?


page 8

p1bx1 : That aside

p1bx2 : It might be because of his strong mother

p1b1 : ?

p2bx1 : That Alfred was sleeping without any worry

p2bx2 : Doting Father

p2bx3 : I’m sure he’ll grow to be a great person

p2 small letters : *plop*

p2 sfx : *nod*

p3b1 : My daughter, I want you to believe in me a bit more

p3b2 : But…

p3b3a : There’s no way I would cheat when I still have Graffalun

p3b3b : And even in the very small chance that if I cheat…

p4b1 : If you cheat?

p4b2 : I won’t even dare to think about it…

p5b1 : My daughter, listen and remember this

p5b2 : Your father has no courage to cheat!

p5b3 : oh, okay


page 9

p1b1a : And also, didn’t I tell you so many times before

p1b1b : That we’re simply no match against this village, do you really understand that?

p1b2a : Yes

p1b2b : To think that attack broke through all of the barriers that mother made…

p2b1 : And.. that was originally pointed at me, right?

p2b2 : Yes it was

p2 sfx : *gloom*

p3b1 : …That was really dangerous

p3b2 : I’m glad that you’re fine

p3b3 : Father…

p3 sfx : *hug*

p4b1a : It’s good that you both have made up

p4b1b : But aren’t you forgetting about me?

p4b2 : Ri…right

p4b3a : As expected of Graffalun

p4b3b : My heart stopped when I saw that attack launched at you…

p5b1 : It was all thanks to a nice spider

p5b2a : I never thought that my barrier, shield, protection, and guard would be all pierced with one attack

p5b2b : And so I wasn’t thinking of evading at all


page 10

p1b1 : Nice spider?

p1b2a : An old friend

p1b2b : It pulled my body just before that attack hit me

p2b1 : Otherwise I wouldn’t be standing here now

p2b2 : Lasti

p3b1a : It seems that there is a house specially made for Doraim here

p3b1b : You should live there

p3b2 : Mother? what do you mean?

p3b3a : We can’t ignore such a battle prowess

p3b3b : I won’t tell you to stop him from using that, but when he does

p4b1 : Make sure that it won’t be pointed at the dragon tribe ever again

p4b2a : Eh

p4b2b : Ehmm…

p4b3 : Your answer?

p4b4 : Y…Yes, I’ll give my best

p4 sfx : *wobble*

p5bx1 : Without me knowing it

p5bx2 : We got 1 more extra resident

p5 letters right : I…

p5 letters left : I’ll do my best…

p5 letters bottom right : New heroine has arrived…?

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