Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 32

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 32

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka 32


page 1

Title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 32 Lasti

p1bx1 : Doraim’s daughter, Lastismun

p1bx2 : Everyone calls her Lasti

p1 small letters : She has this air of dignity

p2bx1 : She stopped wearing her dress once she started living here

p2bx2 : She completely looks like a village girl now

p2 small letters : It seems that she’s a girl who starts from her appearance

p3b1 : She seems to really enjoy living here

p3b2 : That’s what happens when you provide someone with food, entertainment, and a fulfilling job

p4b1 : Members of the Dragon Tribe are usually free after all

p4b2 : So that’s why Doraim comes here all the time

p4b3 : Yes


page 2

p1bx1a : She has no problem with the food in the village

p1bx1b : Every time she tastes something for the first time

p1b1 : Father, you’re so unfair!!

p1bx2a : She would scream that repeatedly

p1bx2b : I’m glad she likes the foods

p1 letters right : So he’s been eating all these delicious food

p1 letters left : All by himself!!

p2bx1 : She likes the dried persimmons in particular

p2b1 : Is this all we have left…

p2bx2 : That’s enough for all the villagers though

p2 sfx : *Gloom*

p3bx1 : She loves to play chess, othello, and mini bowling together with the boys from the beastmen tribe

p3 sfx : Strike!!!

p4bx1 : Sometime I see her chasing a flying disk around together with the wolves but…

p4 sfx : *catch*

p5bx1 : Since she couldn’t win in her human form, she changed to her dragon form and won proudly

p5bx2 : Well… There’s nothing that I can do about it…

p5 small letters : That’s cheating

p5 sfx : *catch*


page 3

p1bx1a : Originally, I was planning to treat her as a guest

p1bx1b : But her father and mother asked me to give her some work to do so I assigned her some but…

p1b1 : All the prey are too scared that they won’t even come out

p1b2 : She has no experience in doing housework at all

p1bx2 : My conclusion, she’s a lady that can’t take care of herself

p1 letters right : The chickens too

p1 letters middle : And the cows too

p1 letters left : She only increases our workload

p2bx1a : And then not too long after I assigned her on the patrol duty

p2bx1b : Bizel came to buy our harvest

p2b1a : …Ah, do you still have that yellow fruit from before?

p2b1b : We ate all of them during last winter

p2b2a : Mandarin orange, right?

p2b2b : I think we still have some…

p2 letters right : A dragon…

p2 letters left : She’s a dragon, right?

p3b1a : We just entered spring so we might not have that many though

p3b1b : Since it is this spring, how about some strawberries instead?

p3b2 : Strawberry huh?

p4b1a : Yes, it’s sour and sweet

p4b1b : It will taste more delicious if you sprinkle it with sugar or dip it in milk

p4b2 : Of course it tastes quite good without anything too


page 4

p1b1a : That sounds pretty good

p1b1b : Can I get 10 boxes of them?

p1b2 : In that case then how about some milk and sugar too?

p1 sfx : hahaha

p2b1a : I can’t say no to that

p2b1b : I’ll take both of them too

p2b2 : Thank you very much

p2 sfx : *smile*

p3b1 : Now for the price, I’ll add some discount so it should be around this much

p3b2 : Isn’t it suppose to be at least this much if you want to consider it as discount?

p3b3 : Then how about this much?

p3bx1a : Where did her short temper when she was about to burn the village go to?

p3bx1b : And so I decided to let her manage the village’s external relation

p3 sfx : Ahahaha

p4bx1 : Under her management, she uses a 1 meter tall small sized wyvern for relaying message

p4bx2 : And we use these wyverns for keeping contact with Doraim, the Demon king’s castle, and Howling village

p4 small letters : I’ll leave the lizardmen to tend to them

p5b1 : So there are 20 of them huh…

p5b2a : It doesn’t really matter whether it’s 1 or 20

p5b2b : Please leave them to us

p5b3 : I see


page 5

p1b1 : Hello there my daughter, are doing fine?

p1b2 : Tell me if you need anything

p2b1 : I’m fine father

p2b2 : But why do you keep coming here?

p2 small letters : You came here 10 days ago

p3b1a : I have Gucchi there so it’ll be fine

p3b1b : You there, bring me the usual

p3b2a : By the way, I heard that you’ve tried the bath here. How was it?

p3b2b : It was amazing, right?

p4b1a : It’s just like father said

p4b1b : But I don’t really like bathing with so many people

p4b2a : Ahh… That’s the situation for the girls bath

p4b2b : The guys bath is wonderful! Gucchi always takes a bath every time he comes here

p4b3 : That’s so unfair!!


page 6

p1b1 : By the way, can I still not get my servant?

p1b2a : Gucchi is still doing the selection right now

p1b2b : But there’s this one problem

p2b1a : Everyone who knows how good the food here is and are pushing their selection

p2b1b : Even Gucchi said he will go himself once

p2b2a : I understand their feelings but…

p2b2b : It’s quite troublesome for me

p2 letters : I’ll do it!

p3b1 : Yep, I’ll get him to decide soon

p3b2 : I’ll be counting on you father

p3 letters right : That being said

p3 letters middle : This is really tasty

p3 letters left : Yes

p4bx1 : Demon King’s Castle

p4b1a : Where’s Bizel?

p4b1b : He has returned right?

p4b2 : Yes, but he went home immediately

p4b3 : Home? Not his chamber?

p5b1a : Yes, it seems that he’s in a hurry

p5b1b : Ah, but he left the souvenirs here

p5b2a : That’s fine then

p5b2b : But why he was in a hurry? I hope there’s nothing wrong…

p5 small letters : And the reason for Bizel’s absence is…?

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