Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 33

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 33

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 33 : Bizel’s Daughter


page 1

top title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 33 : Bizel’s Daughter

p1bx1a : Bizel’s daughter, Fraurem, came to live in the village

p1bx1b : But she’s not here to keep an eye on the village

p1bx2 : Bizel wants me to think of her as a normal villager

p2bx1a : She’s a from the demon race, but she looks completely human

p2bx1b : The only differences being the sheer amount of magic power she possesses, and a few other things

p2bx2a :  At first, I left her to Lasti since both of them are girls

p2bx2b : I was glad that both of them seemed to get along at night

p2 sfx : *menacing*

p3bx1a : For the first few days, she wore her dress and looked out of place

p3bx1b : Even on the first day alone she changed her clothes a few times. She’s quite fashionable

p3bx2 : I was worried about her fitting in

p3 small letters : I’ve nothing left to show…

p4bx1 : But on the second day, she wore pants and had her hair tied back

p4bx2 : She surprised us with her spirit working on the farm

p4 small letters right : Bring

p4 small letters left : It on!


page 2

p1bx1a : I wonder if it’s really alright for her to get so close to Lasti…

p1bx1b : To be honest, I’m happier with her since Lasti isn’t very good at farming

p1bx2 : They got so close that Lasti started calling her Frau after working together for ten days

p2bx1a : If Lasti is like the student council president, or the head of the disciplinary committee…

p2bx1b : Then Frau is like the school’s top student

p2bx2a : She has good memory and is very athletic

p2bx2b : And she’s always cheerful

p3bx1a : She also gets along with the wolves, high elves, and Zabuton’s children

p3bx1b : And sometimes I’d see her playing with the beastmen girls

p3bx2 : I’m so jealous!!

p3 small letters right : Waaa <3 Fluff Fluff <3

p3 small letters left : That tickles <3

p4bx1 : If I ask them to let me do the same thing thoughtlessly…

p4bx2 : It could be taken as an invitation to accompany me to bed, so I refrain

p4 sfx : *Sigh…*


page 3

p1bx1a : There’s a few things I learnt about food and drinks outside the village talking with Frau and Lasti

p1bx1b : Most foods outside the village are simply grilled or boiled. Basically, there’s few cooking techniques

p1bx2 : Moreover, the government decided on a single crop and gave it special treatment, so people tend to cultivate only that crop

p1bx3 : You might be able to eat something better if you’re from a rich family or own the land, but still…

p2bx1a : And it’s the same with wine. It’s treated just like normal drinking water that doesn’t expire

p2bx1b : It’s made in large amounts at breweries and tastes the same no matter where it’s from

p2bx2a : We once tried some of the good wine but…

p2bx2b : It might be because it’s unprocessed, but ours tasted better

p3bx1 : I see… I get why the villagers really love it now

p3 small letters : So that’s the reason Doraim comes here all the time, huh…

p3 sfx : Ahaha…

p4b1a : But if you only cultivate a single crop

p4b1b : Won’t it be really bad if a disease spreads?

p4b2a : Yes, it is. A few years ago, in the human country of Fulhart to the West…

p4b2b : A pandemic spread from there and resulted in widespread famine


page 4

p1b1a : And they were so desperate for food that they waged war against the surrounding countries…

p1b1b : It even spread to the Demon Kingdom

p1bx1 : They waged war for food, huh…

p2b1 : Did the Demon Kingdom get through the famine fine?

p2b2 : Yes

p3b1 : Since it’s home to many races, our staple food differs

p3b2a : But it wasn’t like there were no victims at all. We also suffered through the famine

p3b2b : But even so, the Fulhart kingdom saw us as a wealthy country…

p4b1a : But wouldn’t a starving army be no problem?

p4b1b : You should be able to beat them easily, right?

p4b2 : Yes, but we couldn’t just carelessly take their territory either…

p4b3 : I see…

p5bx1 : The only thing that I can do as village chief is procuring cheap food, huh…

p5bx2 : Let’s work harder raising the crops, so they can be better known by the outside world…

p5 sfx : Alright…


page 5

p1bx1 : Southward, just over the mountains where Doraim’s nest is

p1bx2 : And through the Iron Forest

p1bx3 : There’s a coastal city run by humans, and it was suggested that we start trading with them

p1 small boxes from top to bottom :

Forest of Death

Doraim’s Nest

Iron Forest

Human Coastal City

p2bx1 : The reason for that is something that I blurted out during a meal

p2bx2 : If only we had some more seafood products… Some different flavours would be nice

p3bx1 : I’d never seen everyone so united

p3bx2 : That city to the South is called Shashaato

p3 small letters right : Chief!! Let’s go!!

p3 small letters left : I know some people there!

p4bx1a : It seems that Frau knows some merchants there

p4bx1b : So we decided to start trading with them

p4bx2a : And because it seemed possible to barter, we decided on what to bring

p4bx2b : I suggested to use the wine to barter, but…

p4 small letters : All dressed up

p5bx1 : It was rejected

p5b1 : That’s very cruel of you to say that

p5b2 : The wine is this village’s treasure!

p5b3 : Let’s keep the wine for ourselves!

p5bx2 : It seems like they won’t budge at all

p5 small letters from right to left :

Let’s just trade

Our produce

For others!

Just use

The leftover produce!


page 6

p1bx1 : We’ve decided the people that will go to Shashaato

p1bx2 : The representative is Frau

p1bx3 : Lasti is responsible for transport

p1bx4a : And then 5 lizardmen

p1bx4b : For escort and labour

p1b1 : We’ll be going then

p1b2 : I’ll do my best transporting them

p1b3 : Leave the heavy lifting to me

p1 small letters : They won’t let me go

p2bx1 : Since the city is quite far from here, and considering the speed that Lasti can fly to ensure everyone’s safety, it will take about half a day to get there

p2bx2 : So they decided to stop halfway at Doraim’s nest

p2bx3a : Then go to the city and back the next day, and return the day after

p2bx3b : All in all it’s a 3 day trip, but I still hope they get back as soon as they can

p3bx1 : …They came back!!

p3b1a : Chief!

p3b1b : I brought Master Michael with me, he’s a merchant from Shashaato

p3 small letters : I’m so tired…

p4b1 : Hello there… nice to meet you

p4b2a : I’m here as the head of the Goroun corporation

p4b2b : My name is Michael Goroun


page 7

p1b1 : I’m Hiraku, the chief of the Taiju Village

p1b2 : It’s a pleasure to meet you

p1bx1 : Ahh this feels so nostalgic

p1 sfx : *bow*

p2b1 : Chief, these two are servants from my place

p2b2 : It doesn’t bother you, right?

p3b1 : I’m Bulga

p3b2 : I’m Stifano

p4bx1a : I thought they were human

p4bx1b : But then bat wings spread from their back

p4bx2 : It looks like they’re from the demon race, and they’re Gucchi’s relatives

p4 sfx right : *Ohhh*

p4 sfx left : *Swish*

p5b1 : I don’t mind the two of them, but…

p5b2 : Why did you bring Michael-san here?


page 8

p1b1a : I was very surprised by the quality of the products that came from here, so I wondered if I could make a favourable deal for both of us

p1b1b : And thus I decided to come here

p1b2 : That’s very nice of you, thank you

p1b3a : Hahaha, I should be thanking you for letting me have such an extraordinary experience

p1b3b : Like riding a dragon, and spending a night in the dragon’s nest…

p2b1a : Please get some rest for today

p2b1b : We can talk about the details tomorrow

p2b2 : I understand, thank you very much, I will excuse myself then…

p3b1 : Thanks for the hard work, how’d it go?

p3b2 : We got a large amount of sea products, just like chief wished for

p3 sfx : *wobble*

p4b1a : We put them in ice to preserve their freshness

p4b1b : The full list is right here

p4b2 : And we also brought some goods that can be used as seasoning

p4b3 : Okay

p4bx1 : It looks like some kind of fish sauce…? Well, I’m happy they brought some unknown condiments

p5bx1a : Besides that, they also brought some accessories and tools

p5bx1b : I distributed them to the villagers who wanted them

p5bx2 : That night, we had a party to celebrate their hard work

p5 small letters : A village where people who love to party gather…!?

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